Legend of Ling Tian 662 Returning To Heavenly Star

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Ling Tian walked forward silently without saying a single thing. Shui ManKong could give him a promise but he was unable to give Shui ManKong any promise at the moment and he could not even reveal his true thoughts. For Shui ManKong to be able to make such arrangements even before Ling Tian had united the continent, it was sufficient to show how farsighted he was. Among the many people that Ling Tian knew, there weren't many who had foresight like Shui ManKong. Only individuals like Yu ManTang and Xiao FengHan would be comparable to him!

Since Shui ManKong had such foresight, it would save him a great deal of trouble in the future and he would be able to ensure that the bloodline of the Shui Family wouldn't be extinguished. Furthermore, Ling Tian owed Shui ManKong another huge favor because of this. It was truly a good plan of his.

Seeing that Ling Tian was silent, Shui ManKong chuckled and continued, "Everything I said will be matters for the future. Talking about fighting for hegemony over the world, Yu ManLou truly cannot be underestimated. While the Ling Family has the absolute advantage at this moment, if Yu ManLou wants to fight you to the death, he would definitely be able to give you a heavy blow. Furthermore, it would be very likely for the war to continue if that's the case. With the war dragging on, it wouldn't be good for the world, families, or commoners. I have some advice that I hope little brother will consider. There may be unexpected benefits to it! Since Heavenly Wind isn't a problem, the main battlefield would naturally be back in Heavenly Star. Thus, even if Heavenly Wind is fully united, it is best for the continent to be under the banner of the Sky Alliance. I still have some influence in Heavenly Wind and I will definitely create a stable base for you as your backing. Even if you end up losing in Heavenly Star, you can lead a peaceful life in Heavenly Wind as king. If that's the case, you would be able to advance as you wish and retreat if there is a need. Of course, losing Heavenly Star and retreating to Heavenly Wind is a last resort measure."

Ling Tian's eyes were narrowed to a slit and he listened from the start to the end without giving his opinion. As for what he was thinking about in his heart, n.o.body knew...

Three days later, Ling Tian, Ling Jian, Yu BingYan, Shui QianRou, and the others were on their way back to Heavenly Star.

With the Shui Family being weakened and both the HuangFu and Song Families disappearing, ambitious characters naturally rose up all around and the banners of war were rising all over the continent. However, all of these were developing in a way that was beneficial to the Sky Alliance. The effect of the alliance between the Sky Alliance and Shui Family was far more than 1+1=2. In the Heavenly Wind Continent, this was truly an earth-shattering event. It wouldn't be too long before Heavenly Wind was united!

At this moment, Ling Tian was already drifting in the middle of the ocean. As the spring winds blew harder and harder, Ling Tian's brows also became furrowed. Yu BingYan and Shui QianRou had both returned to their lover's side and were naturally overjoyed. However, they did not know what Ling Tian was frustrated about.

Ling Tian was currently thinking. The bitter winter was already over and colors had returned to the land. This was the time when gra.s.s was abundant and the horses at their peak, ready to enter the battlefield. In the south-east, the Xiao Family that suffered heavy losses would definitely not let matters rest so easily. As the number one financial magnate, the foundations of the Xiao Family were robust and a battle was probably about to erupt!

Ling Tian had his apprehensions about this problem.

First, the att.i.tude of his grandparents. Second, Xiao YanXue who was caught in the middle between him and the Xiao Family. Third, if the Xiao Family unleashed their all-out counterattack, Yu ManLou definitely wouldn't let go of this opportunity. At that time, would he be able to face the pincer attack of two enemies?!

Ling Tian let out a long sigh! He was truly trapped in a dilemma.

The boundless sea surrounded him and whichever direction he looked towards, he could only see the boundless ocean connected to the blue skies. In another half a month, he would be returning to Heavenly Star.

Laughter filled the cabin and a gleeful voice could be heard, "Two young madam's, do you think that advisor Meng will pester young n.o.ble Ling to ascend to the throne again when he returns? I remember that he chased young n.o.ble to the point he had no place to hide the last time. I have never witnessed young n.o.ble being reduced to such a miserable state before and it was truly amusing. However, those old men were also tired to the point they panted heavily with their tongues sticking out. Hahahaha..."

Ling Tian's face immediately turned bitter. Why did I forget about this matter? His brows were furrowed even tighter and he let out another long sigh...

Yu BingYan's gentle voice could be heard laughing, "However, this grandfather, father and son trio are truly odd. All other aristocratic families would fight for the throne to the point where they do not recognize familial ties but this trio avoids the throne like it is the plaque. They are truly an odd bunch, hehe..."

Shui QianRou's voice was heard, "This isn't a bad thing actually. If Tian'ge becomes the emperor, I once heard someone say that he wants to have three palaces, six yards, 72 concubines and 3000 beauties..."

"He dares!" Yu BingYan immediately revealed her ferocious side, "With elder sister Ling Chen and elder sister Li Xue, as long as he dares to do that, they will let him attend his morning court session naked..."


On the outside, Ling Tian's face was bitter to the point it was almost dripping with juice. Why would the usually gentle and sweet Yan'er become such a ferocious lioness the moment she became my wife? Haiz, others would have a single lioness at home but I... As Ling Tian counted, his face turned sour. I have five lionesses in my family. Furthermore, they are the exceptionally ferocious breed. The two in front of me can already be considered the gentle ones...

On top of enjoying the fortune and bliss of so many women, he also had his share of unspeakable bitterness...

At the same time, the various powers in Heavenly Star had also begun their preparations after the bitter winter. The Ling Family Courtyard was naturally not an exception. Their preparatory work had already begun when the spring winds were blowing.

During the bitter winter, even the wealthy Ling Family that had a great stash of grain and weapons was still acc.u.mulating grain. Under Meng LiGe's arrangements, the grain that they collected was directed in an orderly fas.h.i.+on towards the south-east, north, and north-west battle lines. The information net that Ling Tian had set up had also speedily begun their infiltration of the various locations. There was also the Crystal Pavilion that Ling Tian had set up in secret to aid Ling Tian in collecting information. The Crystal Pavilion not only provided information to Ling Tian but also provided seemingly accurate information to the Yu and Xiao Families.

All of this information which had falsehoods mixed within the truths and truths mixed within the falsehoods had created a huge disturbance for the Xiao and Yu Family! Almost every day, a large number of a.n.a.lysts would gather together to a.n.a.lyze and break down the information that they received. In truth, only 80% of the information that they gathered was accurate and only such information was worth the Yu and Xiao Family spending large amounts of gold to purchase. However, the 80% truth being mixed with 20% falsehoods truly gave the a.n.a.lysts a huge headache.

Ling Chen and Li Xue were leading extremely casual lives. At times, they would go out for a stroll or go fis.h.i.+ng by the lake. Their casual lifestyle truly incited the envy of Xiao YanXue. After she pa.s.sed down instructions to the more than a thousand staff in the accounting department, she openly joined the two other girls. Ling Tian's grandparents were even more outrageous. By making use of Ling Tian's absence, they sent princess JiaoYue to the Ling Family Courtyard with the intention of letting her build relations.h.i.+ps with Ling Tian's other ladies. As such, the four ladies had just enough players for a game of mahjong.

However, their leisurely lifestyle had finally incited Meng LiGe's protest.

Meng LiGe and all the other ministers of the court had also backed Meng LiGe's protest. During this time, the matter of the imperial throne became even more impossible to solve. Duke Ling and Ling Xiao had each said 'wait for Tian'er to come back before making a decision' before disappearing without a trace.

All the ministers felt as though they had strength but nowhere to exert it and were extremely depressed.

Until one day when the spring winds blew and greens could be seen growing on the trees, Li Xue and Ling Chen ordered hundreds of information gathering elites towards the south-east. Among them were seven elite a.s.sa.s.sins that Ling Tian had trained.

From that day on, the Ling Family Courtyard had meetings day and night. Be it day or night, commotion and chattering could be heard all over the Courtyard. The Ling Family Courtyard had once again entered into a state of full alert.

During this period, Duke Ling and Xiao FengHan had also exchanged a couple of letters. While the exact details of the letters were unknown, by the frustrated appearances of Duke Ling, the letters probably weren't too optimistic.

In this short month, the Ling Family Courtyard and Ling Residence would capture a.s.sa.s.sins or scouts almost every day. The sheer quant.i.ty of these scouts and a.s.sa.s.sins had made even Li Xue and Ling Chi speechless.

News finally arrived and 1,500,000 soldiers of the Xiao Family killed their way towards the Heavenly Water Ravine Pa.s.s! The flags fluttered proudly in the winds and their forces were like an endless stream. It seemed like this battle was one that they would not be able to avoid.

Right at this moment, news arrived at the Ling Family. The generational battle between the Yu and Shui Family was over. Family Head Yu ManLou had already returned to Bright Jade City. This news immediately energized everyone in the Ling Family: Ling Tian was about to return!

The most unexpected event was that five days after Yu ManLou's return, he immediately announced to the world that he was about to ascend to the throne and establish the 'Divine Jade Empire' and crowned himself as 'Heaven Destroying Emperor'. Being clad in yellow robes, he ruled over the north.

Following which, the Yu Family appointed Second Master Yu ManTang as the 'Moon Plucking Marshal' and led 200,000 soldiers to the Moon Deity Empire! The genius commander of the younger generation, XiMen Sa, led 100,000 soldiers to stabilize the continent. Western Han and the Wu Empire also gradually regained its peace and became part of the Divine Jade Empire.

The army of the Yu Family marched their way down south and established their camp in the Swallow County and Mourning Soul Mountain. Their weapons were pointed directly at Sky Bearing!

All of a sudden, the east, west, and north sent out an emergency signal!

The situation was extremely intense and war could break out at any moment!

With regards to how they would deal with the Xiao Family in future was already an outcome that was determined. The only thing they did not understand was the 1,500,000 men army of the Xiao Family. If the Xiao Family insists on battling them, while the Ling Family would have the confidence and strength to emerge victorious, the Ling Family would definitely have to pay a huge price. But at that time, the Xiao Family would definitely be facing the b.l.o.o.d.y revenge of the Ling army. The Xiao Family's ending would be the destruction of their family and the loss of their lineage. There wouldn't be another path for them! Even if the upper echelons wanted to spare the Xiao Family, they wouldn't be able to give an explanation to the warriors on the battlefield!

Because of this, not only was Xiao YanXue extremely frustrated, even Ling Chen and Li Xue were trapped in a dilemma. Regardless of how well he acted, from the way he wasn't willing to exterminate the Xiao Family from beginning to the end, it was enough to show how much he cared about the relations.h.i.+p between his grandparents and the Xiao Family.

Thus, even if the Ling Family Courtyard had absolute confidence of victory, they were still unable to come up with a plan. It wasn't because they weren't confident of their victory but because they were worried about what they should do after victory!

The only way to achieve a happy ending would be for the Xiao Family to surrender.


Was it possible?!

Tonight, Ling Chen hurriedly rushed into Li Xue's room and after having a secret conversation, Li Xue slapped the table in praise. Following that, Li Xue and Ling Chen rushed over to Xiao YanXue's room to repeat what they had discussed. After Xiao YanXue, who was brooding over her family being enemies with the Ling Family, heard what they said, her eyes lit up and her mood immediately became better. The moody clouds all over her face had also disappeared.

Second Master Xiao FengYang had already been locked up in the Ling Family Courtyard for half a year and had recovered from all his previous injuries. With the tight security of the Ling Family Courtyard, Xiao FengYang knew that it was impossible for him to escape and thus did not even bother trying. Over time, Xiao FengYang gradually settled down and began spending his time reading, drinking tea, or cultivating. With his heart being calmed down, not only did his cultivation take a step forward, but his mental state also took a huge step forward.

It was in the night and the guards by the door also began yawning. Placing the book in his hands down, Xiao FengYang let out a sigh and stretched lazily. I wonder how are things on the outside. The sky is already becoming warm and the war is probably going to begin right? Big brother will probably be the one leading the soldiers personally this time! I wonder what are the chances of victory?

After pondering for a moment, he shook his head with a smile. It was probably best for him to remain ignorant. With him being held captive, he no longer had his freedom. What was the point of him knowing so much? Letting out a bitter laugh, he walked over to the bedside and prepared to go to bed.

All of a sudden, the sound of light footsteps could be heard from the outside. Following that, a light thud could be heard at the door as though someone fell down. Following that, someone knocked on the stone door twice.

Xiao FengYang felt his heart palpitate. Could it be that the family has sent experts to save me? However, with this place being so heavily guarded, how were they be able to infiltrate their way here? Could it be a scheme by Ling Tian?

In truth, the Xiao Family had sent many experts to save Xiao FengYang over the past three months. It was a pity that under the arrangements of Ling Tian and Li Xue, any experts who came would not be able to return alive. The Xiao Family had even sent out two waves of experts from Outside Heavens but they returned in failure... No, not a single one of them returned!

Just as he was pondering over the matter, two knocks could be heard on the door. Xiao FengYang hesitated for a moment before walking forward to open the door. A skinny black-robed figure entered the room with a wisp of fragrance.

"Second grandfather, hurry up and leave with me." This was Xiao YanXue's voice.

"Xue'er? What are you doing here? What are you playing?!" Xiao FengYang's eyes were filled with doubt. Xiao YanXue's presence in the Ling Family Courtyard was something that Xiao FengYang was aware of and he had even met her a few times. With regards to his granddaughter, Xiao FengYang was completely helpless. Furthermore, for Xiao YanXue to remain here without a proper status, it truly threw the face of their Xiao Family. Thus, he never showed Xiao YanXue a good att.i.tude.

"We can talk after leaving." Xiao YanXue sounded very anxious.

"No!" Xiao FengYang was immediately filled with suspicion. "Make yourself clear first before we leave! At the very most, I just wouldn't leave. It won't matter even if you are found, right?!" Xiao FengYang would never believe that Xiao YanXue would risk Ling Tian's anger and allow him to leave secretly.

Xiao YanXue stomped her feet and said, "Second grandfather, are you becoming muddled? Do you think that I will harm you? Besides, you have been trapped here for such a long time and there isn't any reason for you to ask anything right now. The only reason why Xue'er will take such a huge risk to save you is because of a stunning change in the Xiao Family. Regardless of how dissatisfied I am with the family, I am still a daughter of the Xiao Family. Could it be that I will harm my very own family?"

Xiao FengYang snorted, "Women will always be on the side of their beloved man." At the same time, he also felt that it wasn't too bad of an idea for him to leave the place first. At the very most, he would just be recaptured. I just need to ignore any question that she asks me. Besides, even if I answer her, would Ling Tian dare to believe me?!

Changing into the set of black robes that Xiao YanXue brought for him, Xiao FengYang did not have much hope of escaping. He only treated it as taking a calm stroll on the outside and followed Xiao YanXue out.

Just when he walked out of the hills, a cool breeze blew past. Xiao FengYang took in a deep breath of air as the cool winds blew past his face. It had truly been a long time since he enjoyed such a cool breeze.

"Stop there! Who are you?" A cold voice sounded. Following this, a black figure appeared like a spirit with a sword gleaming in his hands. He was the expert under Ling Tian, Ling Chi.

"Me." Xiao YanXue replied with a calm voice.

"So it is Miss Xiao." Ling Chi's voice became respectful, "I wonder where Miss Xiao is going so late in the night? Why are you dressed in black all over, are you practicing your movement techniques?!"

"I can't sleep. With the two families about to go to war, my heart is in a mess and I am here to take a walk. Should I wear white and so scare people in the night? Are you the one on duty today? Yesterday Ling Wu was on duty." Xiao YanXue let out a sigh.

Ling Chi chuckled, "This subordinate is the one on duty today. Young n.o.ble always says that there will always be a way out, there is no need for Miss to be so anxious."

Xiao YanXue smiled and said, "Just go and do what you have to. I will just walk around to walk my troubles away."

Ling Chi acknowledged her words before looking at Xiao FengYang in black robes, "This is?"

Xiao YanXue chuckled and said, "He? He is the spy that the Xiao Family sent to contact me." As he heard those words, Xiao YanXue burst out into a cold sweat. While Xiao FengYang truly did not believe that Xiao YanXue was here to save him, he did have a trace of hope in his heart. Hearing Xiao YanXue saying such words suddenly, how could he not be startled!

However, Ling Chi burst out laughing in response, "Miss Xiao really knows how to joke. It is getting late already, please take care Miss." He then cupped his fists and drifted away in the winds without bothering to continue questioning Xiao YanXue.

Legend of Ling Tian 662 Returning To Heavenly Star

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