Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1147 What Thing Are You?

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"Wait, city lord Ye, I think there's a misunderstanding. Black Ice Sect is a 9-star sect, how can we force Susu to do something that she doesn't want? We'll call Susu up later and let her choose herself. Elder Fan's just saying angry words, don't think too much of it city lord Ye."
Yan Guan then looked at Susu's master. "Elder Fan, why don't you call Luo Susu here, we can use this opportunity to find a good home for her."
Yan Guan was a bit scared. If Yue Qichao was brought here too, then things wouldn't be so easy.
To be honest, if Fan Lianzhu wasn't domineeringly fighting against Ye Mo, he didn't want to have conflicts with Ye Mo. Ye Mo was such a young level seven pill king and the vice city lord of Pill City. His future was limitless. Why would he have conflict with such a person?
Although the Infinity Sect's proposal gift was enticing, Ye Mo's origin was big too. Ye Mo wasn't simple himself, it was good if Susu could marry Ye Mo. But Fan Lianzhu's personality was too straightforward and created this awkward situation.
Fan Lianzhu also seemed to know that her words weren't appropriate before. Ye Mo was young and weak, but his background was too strong. The Black Ice Sect indeed couldn't offend him, she didn't like Ye Mo but didn't say anything.
Now that Yan Guan asked about Luo Susu, she could only say, "Susu is still in solitary cultivation, she hasn't finished yet."
Yan Guan breathed easy and laughed, "In that case, let's put this thing aside and watch the battle of the young prodigies of our sect. Our sect members can also get a chance of receiving a few pointers from the many qian beis here. "
Wen Caiyi looked at Ye Mo and flames almost spewed out of her eyes. There was no way she wasn't jealous of Susu having such a genius husband, but Ye Mo talking about her marrying a dog made her angry and embarra.s.sed. She wanted to kill Ye Mo.
Yang Feicheng knew that in this situation, it was impossible to forcefully take away Luo Susu so he could only say coldly, "City lord Ye is right and we should indeed consider Luo Susu's opinion, but we've already brought our proposal gift, how come I don't see city lord Ye's proposal gift? Plus, even if you took out your proposal gift now - we, Infinity Sect, brought it up first. Are you trying to go against the Infinity Sect intentionally?"
"Yeah, he's already vice city lord of Pill City, of course he needs to fight with us 9-star sects! Otherwise, how come you just mentioned this, sect leader Yang, and then pill king Ye mentioned it too?" Lightning Cloud Sect's sect leader w.a.n.g Chuanhe said.
"Haha…." Ye Mo laughed. "Sect leader Yang, you're right. How come I just mentioned to sect leader Yan of Black Ice Sect about Susu and you intervened? Oh, if you don't believe me, you can asked sect leader Yan who asked about Susu first."
Seeing everyone look at him, Yan Guan was annoyed at Yang Feicheng looking for trouble, but he couldn't lie so he could only nod. "When city lord Ye first saw me, he indeed mentioned Susu."
Hearing this, everyone looked at Yang Feicheng. Many people realized that it wasn't Ye Mo looking for trouble but Yang Feicheng. Many people knew about the conflict between Ye Mo and Lightning Cloud Sect and now they wondered since when did Ye Mo become enemies with the Infinity Sect? This city lord Ye's trouble causing capabilities were on par with his pill concoction abilities.
Yang Feicheng's face sunk. "What is city lord Ye's proposal gift?"
Ye Mo smiled calmly. "I've only been in pill concoction for ten years and I'm already a level seven pill king. If I say I will become level nine pill king in ten years, I don't think anyone would doubt me."
Everyone was silent at these words as they all knew Ye Mo wasn't lying.
The hardest breakthrough wasn't level seven to level nine but level three to level four and level six to level seven. Ye Mo was a level seven pill king now, so reaching level nine was just a matter of time.
Other people may take thousands of years to do this but Ye Mo was an anomaly.
"So what? At least you're not a level nine pill king now," an Earth Demon Sect sect elder stood up and said.
Ye Mo sneered, "What thing are you, do you have the right to talk when I'm speak? p.i.s.s off!"
"You…" the elder's face was green, but he really couldn't say anything. Although they were just a 6-star sect, they were invited here by Infinity Sect. This place wans't Pill City, yet Ye Mo was being so, even telling him to p.i.s.s off.
Even Yan Guan's face changed. This wasn't just slapping Earth Demon sect's face but also Black Ice Sect's face. This was on their land.
Ye Mo saw that Yan Guan was going to speak but he immediately said to Lu Wuhu, "Brother Lu, another fly here, throw him out please. We can drink again."
Lu Wuhu was hoping for this. After this, it would mean he only needed to help Ye Mo attack one more time. Then he only owed Ye Mo one favor.
Lu Wuhu reached out a cultivation essence giant hand and grabbed that elder, throwing him off Black Ice Peak.
Yan Guan ate the words he was going to say. His face was red with anger but he could only hold it in.
But Ye Mo saluted with his fists to Yan Guan. "Sorry sect leader Yan, I was too impulsive just then. Please forgive me, after this, I will apologize to sect leader Yan."
Yan Guan waved his hand and said, "You're being too polite, city lord Ye."
Yan Guan could only suck it up, and Ye Mo apologized too.
"City lord Ye is so domineering, he just said one thing and you threw him out. This is indeed the character of the Pill City." Yang Feicheng was shaking with anger, but there was nothing he could do.
Ye Mo looked at him and smiled. "Does sect leader Yang feel the air is too stuffy here as well?"
Lu Wuhu's eyes lit up immediately hearing this. He hope Ye Mo would say to throw Yang Feicheng out as well.
Yang Feicheng was disaster transformation state power, but facing truth realisation state middle stage peak Lu Wuhu, he could put up no resistance. Lu Wuhu was a madman, no one dared to mess with him - but this madman was currently Ye Mo's henchman.
If he really got thrown out, he would be done for. Infinity Sect would decline from this and he might as well die.
He just sneered and didn't say anything.
Ye Mo smiled and continued, "By the way, where were we? I forgot, a fly just flew out."
He was just threatening Yang Feicheng. He didn't dare to really throw him out. Lu Wuhu only had one more time of attacking for him, but even if there were countless times, he couldn't force Infinity Sect to the edge of the cliff right now.
If he really p.i.s.sed off a 9-star sect, and they killed him now, would the Pill City get revenge for a dead pill king? They would at most just kill the main culprit. They wouldn't fight a 9-star sect to the death.
"You said just then you would become a level nine pill king 10 years later?" that Heaven Demon Sect's woman smiled and reminded Ye Mo.
Ye Mo smiled and saluted with his fists. "Thanks for your reminder sister, next time I will concoct pills for you for free."
The woman just didn't like the Infinity Sect and Lightning Cloud Sect forming the South alliance. Ye Mo said the words she wanted to say and she was grateful to Ye Mo. Thus, she helped Ye Mo too, but because of that, she got such a huge reward. She was overjoyed. She immediately got up and said to Ye Mo, "Le Yao thanks city lord Ye, please come be a guest at our sect when you have time. We will pour flowers to welcome you."

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1147 What Thing Are You?

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