Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1255 Ao Qiandie’S Secre

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Qi Ziyu also remembered and asked the cultivator on the side, "Yeah, where is Yu qian bei?"
The cultivators looked at each other, clearly no one knew where Yu qian bei went. Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out, he had seen that disaster transformation state cultivator when he first arrived but he couldn't see him now. However, he saw that formation repairing cauldron filling state cultivator come over.
Ye Mo quickly went over and greeted him, "Mo Yue's Ye Mo greets you friend, if it wasn't for your help the city would be done for."
The cauldron filling state laughed. "Brother Ye, you're too polite, I've long heard of sect leader Ye's great name. The prodigy who created the Spirit Weaving Pill - I didn't think you'd be such a prodigy in cultivation too. When you left Pei Hai City I heard Ziyu say you were golden core state power but now you're stronger than me. I was shocked when I saw you fight with that truth realisation state beast cultivator. If it was me, I wouldn't even last one move before dying. Plus, brother Ye's formation skills are much higher than mine. From the trap formation you set outside the city, I know your formation skills aren't something I can compare with. Brother Ye, you're indeed the greatest prodigy I've seen."

Qi Ziyu explained, "Sect leader Ye, Li Yifeng is the elder of Formation Forgery Sect. If it wasn't for him and that the mysterious Yu qian bei, Pei Hai City would have long fallen."
Ye Mo quickly said in grat.i.tude, "Ye Mo's family is all in Pei Hai City and brother Li helped Pei Hai City which is the same as helping me. If brother Li needs any help, Ye Mo will do all he can."
"Okay, okay, let's go to the city lord estate and have a good talk first. But Yu Daqian qian bei doesn't like too many people so he already left the city when the spirit beasts retreated. Otherwise, it would be great knowing someone like brother Ye," Elder Li said.
Ye Mo immediately nodded in agreement. He told Ye Ling and them to go back to Mo Yue first and that he would be back in a bit.

In the North Far State's All Herb Mountain ranges, in the innermost part of the place was a cultivation home in a valley. A tall man sighed and got up. He didn't leave the cultivation home but instead went to another room.
There was a very beautiful young girl here. The girl saw the tall man come in and sneered, shutting her eyes.
"Qiandie, why did you do this?" the tall man asked and sighed.
The pretty girl still kept her eyes shut.
The tall man didn't get an answer for a long while and shook his head and turned to leave.
Suddenly, the girl opened her eyes and said coldly, "Lin Zhongtian put away that savior face, don't make it seem like you're the savior of North Far State, you're just a shameless hypocrite."
Lin Zhongtian turned back and said slowly, "Qiandie, I never said I was a savior. I'm just doing what I should be doing. As one of the three strongest people in North Far State, I have the responsibility to protect it."

"Bulls.h.i.+t!" Ao Qianddie got up suddenly and pointed at Lin Zhongtian cursing, "Lin Zhongtian, don't make yourself sound so great. Who raped a young girl? Who made that girl pregnant? Who cast aside that pregnant girl? Do you know how hard it is for an unmarried girl to bring up a child? Did you know how hard it was for the mother when the child was about to die but there was nothing she could do? Lin Zhongtian, how do you have the face to talk about responsibility and protection?"
Ao Qiandie was so agitated that her body was shaking. "Lin Zhongtian - in order to find you, I cultivated like crazy. But when I was struggling for cultivation resources, where we you? When I was hunted by enemies, where were you? If my essence spirit didn't find that pregnant woman within 45 minutes and stayed on her, managing to survive, there would be no Le Qiandie in this world. I would just be a dead soul, an extra person."
Lin Zhongtian's face looked more and more guilty. His body even became wobbly. He said dejectedly, "Qiandie, the person I owe the most to in my life is you. I was young at the time and I didn't understand a lot of things. I thought pursuing the immortal dao meant to sever your mortal ties. Later, I realized I was wrong and I went to find you but you had already left your home. I know I owe you…"
Lin Zhongtian continued, "But Qiandie, no matter how much you hate me, you can't start the beast tide and set up us three to be injured. You can't let the Ao Cheng Merchant a.s.sociation deal with spirit beasts, feeding cultivator golden core and essence blood to them…"
The pretty girl who calmed down a little heard this and exploded again, "Lin Zhongtian, you think I don't know what you're thinking? You like that Tang Mengrao, did I make you lose face in front of her when I said you f.u.c.ked me? If you have the b.a.l.l.s, say you didn't f.u.c.k me! Say it!"
Lin Zhongtian's face burst red but he still replied, "Qiandie don't say that. Tang Mengrao is your master after all, how can you treat her like that?"
"She deserves to be my master?" Ao Qiandie looked at Lin Zhongtian coldly. "I set up you three to fight each other? If you weren't jealous of Shan Di and Tang Mengrao's relations.h.i.+p would you fight with your full power when they joined up against you? And that Shan Di, you think he can't tell that I'm still a virgin? How many women has he been with, it's possible Tang Mengrao can't tell but you think he can't? Bulls.h.i.+t!"
Lin Zhongtian frowned, he was indeed jealous of Shan Di, but just a little. He didn't think of fighting against Shan Di with his life, but Shan Di was fighting with his life. If he went a little easy he would die. So, he had to fight with his full life.
Ao Qiandie continued, "I think you're not sad because Shan Di attacked you with full power but that Tang Mengrao blocked your killing blow for Shan Di. That's your greatest disappointment.
Lin Zhongtian suddenly looked a lot older. He looked at Ao Qiandie and said, "Qiandie, go, I don't want to see you conspire with spirit beasts again."
"Leave? Lin Zhongtian, you are actually letting me leave? After you abandoned me once you want to abandon me again?" The beautiful girl started to cry.
"Qiandie, you…." Lin Zhongtian looked at this young girl and knew her soul was the woman he abandoned at home. But she was only 30 years old now while he was nearly 1000 years old. No matter what, the two couldn't get back together again.
Ao Qiandie suddenly cried into Lin Zhongtian's arms, "Zhongtian, I hate you, how am I not better than that Tang Mengrao, why do you like her that much? Why don't you like me, I had your child before, and you still treat me like this…"
Feeling the faint aroma of the young and pretty Ao Qiandie, he suddenly didn't know what to do and murmured, "But, but…"
Ao Qiandie no longer had the hatred she had before and just sobbed, "Zhongtian, I miss our child, I owe him…."
"Sorry, Qiandie, I, I…." Lin Zhongtian patted the girl in his arms and wanted to comfort her.
"Zhongtian, let's have a child again, like many years ago, and we can live together…" Ao Qiandie looked up with a miserable face that was soft enough to melt the hardest iron.
"Huh…." Lin Zhongtian was dazed, but before he spoke, his face changed suddenly. He waved his hand and Ao Qiandie flew out, cras.h.i.+ng onto the wall and spitting blood.
Lin Zhongtian also spat a few mouthfuls of blood. He looked coldly at Ao Qiandie and said, "You're not Qiandie - you're not Le Qiandie nor Ao Qiandie, who are you?"
Ao Qiandie sneered and wiped the blood from her mouth looking coldly at Lin Zhongtian. "It's not important who I am - what's important is that there will never be a Lin Zhongtian in this world again. Oh, perhaps one Lin Zhongtian, but he'll be my dog."
Lin Zhongtian laughed. "There's only a living Lin Zhongtian or a dead Lin Zhongtian in this world, no Lin Zhongtian that's a dog. b.i.t.c.h, I was blind to think that the person I loved the most would become as cruel as you. I just realized today you're a cauldron filling state cultivator, but Tang Mengrao didn't know her disciple was a venomous snake hiding in the Jade Woman Sect for many years…"
He looked at her and said word by word, "You - what do you want to do?"
Ao Qiandie looked at Lin Zhongtian in contempt. "What I want to do? Pity you won't know. I won't let you know, you need to have the resolve of being a dog."
Lin Zhongtian released his magic artifact and looked coldly at her. "You think destroying my dan tian will let you kill me for sure? I just want to ask you one thing: where is Qiandie - how do you know everytihing in her heart?"

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1255 Ao Qiandie’S Secre

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