Strongest Abandoned Son 1353 Reaching Three God States

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Then, Di Xueming looked at the jade bottle that suddenly appeared in Ye Mo's hands. "don't tell me you have G.o.d Beast blood in the jade bottle."
Ye Mo smiled and took out a smaller bottle dripping one drop inside and gave it to Di Xueming "you guessed it, this is G.o.d Beast Kun's blood I'll give you one drop for you to reach disaster state."
After dazing for a long time, Di Xueming took the bottle and sniffed it. then, he looked at Ye Mo in shock "It really is G.o.d Beast Kun'sblood. You, how can you get the blood of such a royal G.o.d beast?"
Ye Mo smiled "I'll be honest with you, that G.o.d beast Kun is inside here too. Even Suo Anshan is probably not enough for a few casual claws from him. You need to be careful using its blood for body refinement."
Di Xueming took a cold breath in "I find that the longer I stay with you the more I don't get you. You can even get G.o.d beast Kun's blood and steal 12 lightning orbs from Suo Anshan. I really don't know what you don't dare to do."
Ye Mo smiled "go practice body refinement, I will do so as well. We'll talk later, then you take me to the tunnel that can leave this place."
Ye Mo threw Di Xueming a communication bead.
Di Xueming took it and nodded seriously "okay, after you reach three G.o.d states I will take you over."
He knew that Ye Mo wasn't going to give up no matter what so he might spirit artefact well go help him.
Then he said "the G.o.d Beast blood should be used based on power. With our power we should only use half a drop, using more is a waste. But if you digest the blood, there won't be any marks. Even if G.o.d Beast Kun stood before you, he wouldn't know."
"okay, thank you." Ye Mo saluted with his fists and turned into the endless s.p.a.ce lines.
Seeing this, Di Xueming murmured "there's actually such person in the word, he can even get Kun's blood but give it out casually."
Di Xueming changed a direction and disappeared. He wanted to break through into disaster state immediately.

Ye Mo was very fast and left this place. he came next to a s.p.a.ce wind blade whirlpool. He didn't jump in immediately.
He came here not to body refinement but to spirit control the 12 lightning orbs. He needed to go into the golden page world to do that and it wasn't convenient to stay with Di Xueming.
Ye Mo just into the s.p.a.ce wind blade whirlpool and went straight into the golden page world. in the golden page world, Ye Mo picked up the 12 lightning beads.
The 12 lightning orbs were quickly thrown into the golden page world and they still had lightning circulating around them.
In order to quickly spirit control these 12 orbs, Ye Mo spat out essence blood. After the orbs were immersed in Ye Mo's essence blood, they were quickly spirit controlled.
As Ye Mo kept spirit controlling more lightning orbs, the lightning arcs gradually disappeared from the surface of the lightning orbs. The 12 lightning orbs returned to longan sized and their colour went from a dull blue to an aqua color. The 12 beads were very pretty.

After spirit controlling them, Ye Mo realised that they weren't called lightning orbs but Lightning Sea Magical Orbs. There were supposed to be 36 orbs all together and Suo Anshan only got 12. If there were 24 orbs, its power would increase countless folds and when all 36 were gathered, there would be heaven shattering power.
"this is a good thing indeed." Ye Mo sighed after spirit controlling these 12 orbs. He put the Lightning Sea Magical Orbs away. No matter if he could find the remaining 24, he was planning to give these 12 to Yimo as a present.
As soon as Ye Mo was done, Suo Anshan who was still searching for Ye Mo and Di Xueming sapt blood in the air.
This was because he was so angry that Ye Mo actually spirit controlled his 12 lsm. How could he tolerate such insult but he had to.
Ye Mo wasn't going to care about what Suo Anshan felt. That had nothing to do with him. He came out of the golden page world now and left this windblade whirlpool.
It could help him reach king state but it wasn't enough for him to reach monarch state. Ye Mo wanted to go to the center of the s.p.a.ce storm, he wanted to test if the Kun blood really had that much benefit for body refinement.
In the void fissure, there were countless s.p.a.ce storms. The smaller ones were s.p.a.ce string whirlpools, the larger ones were s.p.a.ce sand and line whirlpools mixed together. There were some s.p.a.ce sand, wind blades, chaos flow and fissures mixed together. Ordinary cultivators wouldn't even be able to last long even if they were truth realisation state peak stage there.
Ye Mo found a middle grade s.p.a.ce storm and took out a drop of Kun blade and ate it. he had a lot of it so he didn't need to listen to Di Xueming. He. Just ate one and had decided that he would go into this golden page world immediately if there was any danger.
As soon as he drank it, Ye Mo felt his organs were going to be torn apart. Moments later, his skin went red. Ye Mo wanted to cut himself with a sword right now.
Ye Mo was shook and jump into the storm. He finally realised why Di Xueming told him to use half. This terrifying explosive power would've torn his organs apart if he wasn't king state body refinement.
One could see that the Kun beast would be fine as long as he didn't get caught in the scariest s.p.a.ce disposition.
Ye Mo's armor and clothes were instantly torn apart when he came into. The storm. The countless wind blades, sand and lines ravaged on his body. Ye Mo felt that the instant his skin was torn, they grew back out again rapidly.
Ye Mo finally understood the use of the Kun blood and didn't dare to waste time at all. He used the Three Birth Chant and three G.o.d body refinement chant together. In a short while, he reached a state of self unawareness.
With the help of the Kun blood, his skin and every part of his bone and muscle were being reorganised.
Three days later, there was gurgling sounds when his cultivation essence flowed. A week later, Ye Mo's cultivation essence stored to a breaking point and finally exploded in his body.
Then in a heavy thud, the rustling sound broke the stopping barrier and cultivation essence flowed freely. Ye Mo felt easy and that instant the scorching and tearing sensation disappeared. The s.p.a.ce storm was like a tickle to him now.
Ye Mo howled. He knew that he not only reached the monarch state of the three G.o.d states and he also break through to truth realisation state level two.
This was the first time he broke through without using time formation disk.
Truth realisation state level two and monarch state body refinement. Ye Mo knew that even in the Black Rock city, his power was ranked ahead.
After changing a set of clothes, Ye Mo casually walked around the center of the s.p.a.ce storm. In a short time, he walked everywhere in this storm that would've easily killed him before. now, Ye Mo felt his power. He exclaimed, this void fissure was indeed an extremely good place for body refinement.
Ye Mo was still in disbelief at the power of the Kun blood. Making him reach monach state in ten days.
Ye Mo didn't contact Di Xueming, he dind't know if he reached disaster state now but he needed to reach that state. the tunnel of escape Di Xueming told him about was extremely dangerous, he had to bring his body refinement to the extreme.
Black Rock city.
There were tens of truth realisation state peak stage cultivators at the door. Suo Anshan's face was sullen. The two beautiful women next to him were sobbing. Clearly the void life force marro wasn't high level enough and thus was useless.
"where is vice city lord s.h.i.+?" Suo Anshan asked coldly.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1353 Reaching Three God States

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