Strongest Abandoned Son 1357 The Threat Shi Taa

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s.h.i.+ Taa didn't move and neither did Ye Mo. Suo Anshan calmed down after killing the two and waved his hand. He held the snake in his hand. Only now did Ye Mo see clearly that it wasn't some black snake but a magic artefact. A snake headed wand.
This was the first time Ye Mo saw a magic artefact that could devour people.
Suo Anshan looked coldly at s.h.i.+ Taa and didn't move nor talk.
Ye Mo was feeling threatended, not by Suo Anshan but s.h.i.+ Taa. This person was too scary. Without hesitation, Huo Cong and Wu Tian could find here because s.h.i.+ Taa told Wu Tian.
It wasn't hard to put a traitor next to Suo Anshan nor make the traitor willing to die for him. The hardest was that he could predict Suo Anshan would keep Wu Tian. What calculations and means was this. Ye Mo's heart was cold, what would happen if he offended s.h.i.+ Taa?
Ye Mo soon got the answer, he would kill s.h.i.+ Taa at all costs or he wouldn't be able to sleep.
"you set up the coup in the city?" Suo Anshan asked calmly.
"yes." s.h.i.+ Taa didn't seem satisfied at all.
"you know Xu Qingfei has been sleeping with me? did you not have the ability to stop it or not dare to?" Suo Anshan asked calmly.
s.h.i.+ Taa shook his head this time "I won't answer that now, I will have to wait a bit first."
Suo Anshan looked coldly at s.h.i.+ Taa and said calmly "you think these arrangements can kill me for sure?"
s.h.i.+ Taa smiled and threw out two more formation flags. Suddenly, the surroundings changed and they were completely secluded from the outside.
s.h.i.+ Taa then released a dark grey magic artefact and said "with these yes."
"level nine trap formation…" Suo Anshan frowned.
s.h.i.+ Taa added "you're not completely correct because there's also another level nine attack formation."
Suo Anshan's face changed, he finally understood why s.h.i.+ Taa was so certain he would kill him.
Ye Mo noticed the spear in s.h.i.+ Taa's hand. He had seen this before, Yin Xu used this one. It had the same chi and style.
The only difference was the color, one was flaming red and one was dull grey.
"even if you trap me with formation what can you do to me?" Suo Anshan said and his wand turned into a 50 meter long snake charging towards s.h.i.+ Taa. At the same time, he waved his hand and a palm sized mountain appeared above them.
Moments later, it turned into a 300 meter tall mountain.
This was the first time Ye Mo saw someone turn a magic artefact into 300 meter sized. That snake and mountain wasn't targeting him but he was finding it difficult to breathe.
Almost instantly, Ye Mo felt the clashed between the two's domains. He was like a wavy boat amidst huge waves. When Ye Mo extended his domain, he knew that s.h.i.+ Taa didn't lie, he really had the power to fight Suo Anshan head on.
s.h.i.+ Taa looked at Ye Mo in surprise seeing that Ye Mo didn't need him to take care of to survive. But then he took his eyes back and threw out a few formation flags. Meanwhile, his long speared pierced over like a comet.

A huge explosion sounded that included the subtle whimpering of animals when the two magic artefact clashed together. Grey cultivation essence and black shadows splashed everywhere.
Even though Ye Mo was disaster state, he felt pain when the cultivation essence splashed on his body. Even so, Ye Mo didn't completely use his domain to block the splas.h.i.+ng cultivation essences.
At this moment, Suo Anshan's mountain smashed down and had sealed the s.p.a.ce around Ye Mo and s.h.i.+ Taa before it even landed. Ye Mo couldn't even turn his body and his domain shattered under such terrifying weight immediately.
Ye Mo sneered and with the use of his cultivation essence, his domain expanded out again. It seemed a little stronger than before and Ye Mo regained freedom.
Suo Anshan didn't say anything, he had seen Ye Mo's domain and knew he was preserving power. He attacked s.h.i.+ Taa without hesitation.
Of course Ye Mo was hiding his strength, this s.h.i.+ Taa was too scary. He would rather fighter Suo Anshan than join up with s.h.i.+ Taa in this situation.
s.h.i.+ Taa didn't mind. He didn't urge Ye Mo to attack, Ye Mo was only truth realisation state level two and being able to hold on under Suo Anshan's terrifying domain was quite substantial.
Although he had seen Ye Mo's power, he wouldn't think that Ye Mo could fight with Suo Anshan.
He even set the time he wanted Ye Mo to help. He just needed Ye Mo to help him for half a minute and he can heavily injure Suo Anshan. Even if Ye Mo didn't help he wasn't afraid of Suo Anshan. If he used all his means, LI Ming fire was a joke to him.
s.h.i.+ Taa raised his two hands and countless vines birthed out of nowhere. They had all sorts of colors and thorns. When they first grew out, they were only the size of a thumb but by the time the mountain collapsed these vines were already the size of garbage bins.
Seeing this, Ye Mo took a cold breath in. he was certain he was no match for Suo Anshan, even if he reached truth realisation state level four, he would at most be able to escape from Suo Anshan. Yet, s.h.i.+ Merchant a.s.sociation was evenly matched with him but still forbore to this day before making his move.
Ye Mo knew he didn't have this forbearance of s.h.i.+ Taa. He even suspected that the reason s.h.i.+ Taa waited till this day wasn't due to the Li Ming flame but something else.
Suo Anshan dazed and sneered "Yang Feijing you're really good at forbearance, you have such means but you've waited till this day."
Then, Suo Anshan spat out a blue light. When it ireached to the peak of the mountain, it turned into an acre sized blue fire cloud. When the fire reached the vines there was a sizzling sound.
There was a putrid smell and the countless vines melted rapidly.
"Ye Mo hurry up and attack." s.h.i.+ Taa yelled. He didn't know why Ye Mo took so long. He thought Ye Mo would use heaven flame as soon as Suo Anshan used Li Ming flame. But now, his vines were about to be burned out and Ye Mo still didn't use heaven flame.
"huh, okay." Ye Mo agreed and releasd mist lotus heart fire. It turned into a blue fire cloud and clashed with the Li Ming flame releasing a heavenly shattering sound.
Suo Anshan's face changed, when the mist lotus heart fire really stopped his fire he was shook. When Ye Mo ran before, he only used the mist lotus heart fire to burn a crack in the Li Ming flame. He thought Ye Mo's spirit sense wasn't enough to take on Li Ming flame.
The mountain was still falling but it slowed down and the vines regrew rapidly.
Seeing the power of the mist lotus heart fire, s.h.i.+ Taa was shook and annoyed that Ye Mo reacted so slow. Otherwise, he didn't need to waste so much cultivation essence to grow more vines.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1357 The Threat Shi Taa

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