Strongest Abandoned Son 1359 Alliance Becomes Enemies

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Hearing this, Ye Mo was confused. Was the anger and excitement s.h.i.+ Taa showing before fake? Now, he realized why s.h.i.+ Taa didn't answer Suo Anshan's question because if he did, then he would be suspicious of s.h.i.+ Taa's emotions before. if he was suspicious of s.h.i.+ Taa, he wouldn't help him fight Suo Anshan.
"who is it?" s.h.i.+ Taa suddenly looked at Ye Mo's direction.
Ye Mo was shook, he just showed a little emotions and s.h.i.+ Taa noticed it.
"who can it be? It's me of course vice city lord s.h.i.+." Ye Mo didn't need to hide himself anymore.
At the same time, Ye Mo threw out shadowless just in case.
"you're fine?" s.h.i.+ Taa looked at Ye Mo in shock stating the obvious. Ye Mo knew this was because this was too shocking too s.h.i.+ Taa that he was completely fine.
Ye Mo looked at s.h.i.+ Taa in surprise "did vice city lord s.h.i.+ want something to happen to me?"
Then, Ye Mo blamed "vice city lord s.h.i.+, you're really not nice. I at least helped you quite a bit but you didn't even notice me when you let the fireworks out. I was so scared I almost forgot to block my ears."
s.h.i.+ Taa looked at Ye Mo for a long time with uncertainty but didn't answer anything. How could he not know that Ye Mo was being sardonic to him. He wasn't afraid of Ye Mo but Suo Anshan wasn't dead and if he fought with Ye Mo even for a few seconds who knows what would happen?
Now, he no longer dared to underestimate Ye Mo. He was only truth realisation state level two but he was a disaster state body refinement master. He could not only escape from Suo Anshan's trap but also from his level nine formation self destruction.
"that was in a rush and I didn't get to notify brother Ye. Luckily brother Ye is powerful and fine." s.h.i.+ Taa realized Ye Mo's threat and immediately said politely as though it was really all just an accident.
Suo Anshan also looked at Ye Mo with surprise. He suddenly ssaid "Ye, if you trust s.h.i.+ Taa what happens to me will happen to you. I'm exhausted of cultivation essence now and all my meridians are broken. That s.h.i.+ Taa didn't have it easy too, if I were you I would attack him."
"brother Ye I'm injured but it's not serious. Brother Ye don't listen to him, you killed his daughter and son how can he let that go? Plus, we were in an alliance before." s.h.i.+ Taa said slowly.
Ye Mo smiled, of course he knew that s.h.i.+ Taa really wasn't seriously injured. So before he fought with s.h.i.+ Taa he had to get his payment.
He then looked at Suo Anshan and nodded "Suo, you're right. I was invited by s.h.i.+ Taa to fight you not completely because you were hunting me. Hehe, I'm not scared of being hunted because I'm used to it. I came to find you because I heard you have a lot of good things in your storage ring. I think if you give your storage ring to me I won't attack you."
What Ye Mo didn't expect was that as soon as he said this Suo Anshan took off his storage ring and gave it to Ye Mo "Ye, although you killed me son I trust you more. if a trash can give his own woman to someone else to sleep that trash does not deserve to talk to me nor does he deserve to own my things. Even if you kill me, I will let s.h.i.+ Taa this b.a.s.t.a.r.d die before me."

Ye Mo took it and laughed "Suo, you've been talking bull s.h.i.+t the entire time but you've finally said something noteworthy. You're right, if a trash can give his own woman to someone else, then working with that trash is asking for trouble."
Then, Ye Mo released octagonal cauldron and Zi Xu.
s.h.i.+ Taa said calmly to Ye Mo "brother Ye, we agreed that we would have half each. How come I don't see you taking out that other half. Do you want to have it all to yourself? Or do you think just because I'm injured you can do whatever you want?"
Ye Mo looked at s.h.i.+ Taa speechlessly. This guy also had such a thick face. Ye Mo sighed after a long while "sigh, vice city lord s.h.i.+, although I don't want to admit it but I must say you guessed it. I like to abuse the injured and weak, I saw that you're injured so I want to have it all to myself…"
Before Ye Mo finished, he expanded out his domain and Zi Xu brought out a purple sword rays.
Illusion Cloud formation kill strike.
s.h.i.+ Taa had seen Ye Mo in action before and he knew that this strike was completely different to the domain shattering strike he saw before. the previous strike was the combination of cultivation essence and spirit sense but this strike seemed to be alive.
He had never seen someone who can control every sword ray he released and use it to form a formation to trap the opponent.
s.h.i.+ Taa regained his composure moments later. He didn't even need to wave his hand and countless vines birthed out of the void. They looked very disgusting.
But these vines also seemed to have their own will just like Ye Mo's sword rays. It formed a huge net shape enclosing all of Ye Mo's purple sword rays.
s.h.i.+ Taa thought that even though he was heavily injure, his vines would be able to deplete Ye Mo's purple sword rays quickly and then trap him.
But when the two clashed together, he immediately knew he was wrong.
Crack, s.h.i.+ Taa found that if he didn't keep inserting cultivation essence and spirit sense into the vines, they would be no match for Ye Mo's purple sword rays. Thining that Ye Mo didn't even use his heaven flame yet, s.h.i.+ Taa felt htings weren't good. He began to sweat cold. Ye Mo's cultivation essence and spirit sense were far beyond his expectations. He did have other trump cards but it wasn't time to use it yet.
Another wave of cracks sounded and s.h.i.+ Taa's face finally changed. He realized that his domain couldn't match with Ye Mo's domain. This meant that Ye Mo was only truth realisation state level two but his domain was more powerful and perfect than his. Although this was due to him being injured but he really didn't want to believe that.
"you hid your power before? you intentionally let Suo Anshan's flame burn my vines and then use your heaven flame right? Then you intentionally left holes in your flames too?" s.h.i.+ Taa couldn't resist reproaching.
Ye Mo looked at s.h.i.+ Taa in shock "I heard vice city lord s.h.i.+ say you didn't fear Suo Anshan so I didn't dare to use full power. Aren't powerful people usually very prideful? If I used my full power and then that wouldn't showcase vice city lord s.h.i.+'s power, that would be a great offense. I didn't expect vice city lord s.h.i.+ was smart enough to see it."
"great, great…." s.h.i.+ Taa calmed down again "a mere truth realisation state level two dare to trick me."
Then, he waved his hand and the ruin spirit spear immediately brought about endless void killing intent piercing over.
Half way, it separated into 9 black spears. They were like a huge 9 fingered claw looing over Ye Mo.
The purple sword rays also sizzled and disappeared in the wake of the 9 spears.
Hearing this, Ye Mo's heart sunk. He knew his domain had shattered. Before he could react, the 9 spears were in front of him.
There was a putrid smell. Ye Mo knew these 9 shadows were no ordinary things. Before he could think, he inserted all of his cultivation essence into the octagonal cauldron and the octagonal cauldron spun rapidly.
There was a huge clash and Ye Mo felt his meridians going chaotic. He spat blood out as he was sent flying with his octagonal cauldron. He didn't even have time to use his heaven flame.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1359 Alliance Becomes Enemies

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