Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1364 - Hunted By Ghoul

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Chapter 1364: Hunted by ghoul

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Ye Mo sighed, old black flew into the immortal realm. although he was truth realisation state level two, he was still far from immortal ascension. Without adequate resources he could be trapped in the same state for a few hundred years.
But this bitter bamboo, Ye Mo looked over. If it was some spirit plant fed with life force, it wouldn't be far from withering without the life force supply.
Wait, Ye Mo was shook. He thought of Kun, these G.o.d beasts were the most sensitive to these spirit plants, if it really was bitter bamboo, why didn't it take it away? This was impossible.
Ye Mo thought of those few fake items that Xue Youfeng made in the all herb mountain ranges. Was this bitter bamboo fake too?
How could the ten great spirit plants could life force to survive? Doing this was something against nature, how could it happen on the ten great spirit items?
Realizing this, Ye Mo immediately knew that this bitter bamboo was quite possibly fake. He stood outside the crystal ball and studied this bitter bamboo carefully.
After careful perusal, Ye Mo found that this bitter bamboo was similar to his bitter bamboo but it was gave off completely different feels.
The bitter bamboo leaves gave people a very comfortable look. Even if you didn't grab it in your hands, it had this serene feeling. Meanwhile, this bitter bamboo leaves only had a messy life force chi.
Ye Mo frowned, if this wasn't bitter bamboo what was it? Ye Mo suddenly thought of a possibility. Could it essence blood that the truth realisation state cultivators who came to black rock city were specifically arranged to do so and supply life force for this fake bitter bamboo? If this was true, then this person would be too scary.
Ye Mo looked at this bitter bamboo, he couldn't guess what it was but that uncomfortable feeling was still there.
No matter what, he would destroy it first. Thinking about this, Ye Mo released formation flags without hesitation. He still had the formation flags for his s.p.a.ce nine illusion attack formation. It would take him long to set them up into the right place.
After that, he added a simple trap formation outside. He was scared there was something in here.
Then, Ye Mo released the mist lotus heart fire and was about to destroy the bitter bamboo but suddenly, he heard a bleak voice "rat, you're so evil. I thought you were setting up the formation to take the bitter bamboo but you're going to use a blue heaven flame to burn my ghoul's essence spirit."
"who is it?" Ye Mo was shook, he then immediately realized that the voice came from inside the crystal ball.
Then, the bitter bamboo inside the ball disappeared and the crystal ball cracked. A dark bleak figure appeared before Ye Mo, it didn't look like the bitter bamboo at all.
Ye Mo immediately released his octagonal cauldron and looked vigilantly at this bleak shadow "are you a ghoul kept here by someone?"
The dark shadow said hatefully "that's right, I'm a ghoul but I'm not kept by someone. When I was about to succeed, that b.a.s.t.a.r.d broke into the s.p.a.ce here making the entire city's cultivators immortal ascension. Now I don't have life force to feed me. I wanted to devour you but I didn't expect a mere truth realisation state level two cultivator can recognize that I'm not bitter bamboo.
Ye Mo was shook, if it wasn't that the real bitter bamboo was in his hands, he would definitely think this is a bitter bamboo. If he did and tried to take it, wouldn't he fall into the hands of this ghoul?
Ghouls were the clones of powerful cultivators. Ye Mo had never heard of anyone in the cultivation realm being able to separate out a ghoul clone. This ghoul said he wasn't kept by someone, meaning that he was either born naturally or he had already killed his main body and had his own will.
No matter what he didn't want to mess with it.
"but even so do you think you can escape from me?" the ghoul said and turned into a huge shadow sweeping at Ye Mo.
Before it landed on Ye Mo, Ye Mo felt he couldn't move at all. He was shook.
This ghoul was so powerful, he was much more powerful than Suo Anshan. This domain wasn't something he could fend off against. He definitely was no match for his ghoul. Ye Mo burst his cultivation essence like crazy and just when mthe ghoul was about to reach him, he broke free.
At the same time he threw out many formation flags and yelled "explode…"
At the same time, Ye Mo went into the golden page world and controlled the golden page world to flew to the life gate of the formation. Lhe then left the golden page world immediately fearing that it would be exposed.
As the huge explosion sounded, it was more devastating than s.h.i.+ Taa's formation's detonation. Even though this formation was Ye Mo's and he knew where the life gate was, the terrifying power ripped apart all of the armor on his body. His flesh was already messy.
Ye Mo knew that if he didn't reach disaster state body refinement, he wouldn't' be able to live at all.
"argh…" a sharp shriek sounded and Ye Mo immediately knew it was the ghoul. His level nine formation detonation didn't even kill this ghoul, his life force was too powerful.
Ye Mo didn't dare to stay here at all, he charged out without hesitation. He didn't even dare to look back.

Leaving the Black Rock city, he didn't even dare to look back and charged into the void fissure. He brought his speed to maximum.
He had only heard of ghoul's terrifying power. Its attacks were invisible and it's all too easy for them to possess someone. Usually after possession, they would devour the essence blood and life force of that cultivator and then move on to a new one.
Today, he saw a ghoul that was fed by countless life force. If he didn't detonate his level nine formation, he would be in the hands of that ghoul. the ghoul's domain was beyong that of truth realisation state cultivator.
Luckily, Ye Mo had been running for his life in the void fissure quite often and he knew where to go to hide his chi.
Five days later, that faint sense of danger was gone. Only then did Ye Mo breath easy. He knew that only now did he finally escape the threat of the ghoul. he didn't get anything going to the Black Rock city but instead messed with a ghoul.
Ye Mo took out the map old black gave him and immediately changed a direction. No matter what he didn't want to stay in this void fissure anymore. He reached disaster state here and got Suo Anshan's storage ring. What else would he be staying here for?
Ye Mo even suspected that now, there was only him and the ghoul living. That G.o.d beast Kun was probably gone.
After running for six days, even his body was covered in wounds.
On the 7thday, he stopped looking dazily at a dark red void. He couldn't believe that this was the only tunnel.
Old black told him in the jade slip that the tunnel to leaving the void was here. This dark red was the heart of the void flame. Void flame is a type of flame marrow in the void. It has no value and can't be spirit controlled but its temperature could melt anything.
How can he leave? He was still a few kilometers from the void flame but that heat was already unbearable. If he charged in, how could he live?
Ye Mo carefully reached his spirit sense out but before it even neared it, the s.p.a.ce flame blades severed his spirit sense and the spirit sense disappeared.
This flame could even melt spirit sense.
"rumble…" there was suddenly a huge explosion and a void flame whirlpool mixed with countless s.p.a.ce flame blades spun.
Just when Ye Mo didn't know what to do, that ghoul appeared in his spirit sense again.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1364 - Hunted By Ghoul

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