Strongest Abandoned Son 1365 Level Nine Forgery Grand Master

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In just a moment, that ghoul would reach him. Ye Mo didn't dare to hesitate at all. He threw down a few formation flags and charged into that dark red void flame. Before he even got in, the armor and clothes on him completely vaporized.
Ye Mo didn't dare to use octagonal cauldron, he immediately went into the golden page world. he just hoped that the golden page world would be fine in the void flame.
Inside the golden page world, Ye Mo found that even his skin turned hot red. This void flame was so powerful, Ye Mo took a cold breath in. such terrifying heat, even if one reached G.o.d state, it would be hard for the body to not break down.
Ye Mo ate a few pills and started carefully watching the golden page world. after a while, he noticed it was fine so he breathed easy. His golden page world was a primordial artefact birthed along with the universe. If it was so easily burned by the void flame, it wouldn't be deserving of such name.
Then, Ye Mo started watching that ghoul. it's colored turned dimmer after the formation exploded but it was still extremely fast. That ghoul spun outside the void flame a few times. Such terrifying speed.
It spun around a few times and didn't seem to want to give up like this. it tried going into the void flame. Ye Mo was scared, the ghoul wouldn't be this powerful right?
But soon, Ye Mo realized his worry was extraneous. He couldn't hear sound outside but that ghoul probably made a painful scream. Green mist popped out of the ghoul's shadow.
Ye Mo rejoiced, it would be best to burn this guy to death.
The ghoul immediately retreated to a safe area but didn't want to leave like this. it still circulated the void flame.
Knowing that the ghoul didn't dare to go in here, Ye Mo couldn't be bothered watching him. He threw out a few formation disks, it would disappear immediately but it still allowed him to see the situation. He seemed to be inside a whirlpool tunnel of the void flame, there were countless void flame blades spinning and the golden page world kept falling in this whirlpool endlessly.
Was this the only tunnel out? Ye Mo began to suspect old black's words. First of all, coming to this place wasn't 99.9% chance of dying, it was certain death.
Ye Mo sighed, it seemed he could only rely on himself. Suddenly, Ye Mo thought, if Suo Anshan came here nad used hf to set up a barrier, would that be able to stop the void flame?
Thinking about this, Ye Mo even wanted to go out and test with his mist lotus heart fire but what happened to the formation disk made Ye Mo give up the thought. The void flame was too terrifying. If he didn't even have enough time to go into the golden page world, he would be dead for sure?
Ye Mo cleansed himself and changed into a new set of clothes before picking up Suo Anshan's storage ring. His greatest accomplishment in the void was reaching disaster state in body refinement. The second was getting Suo Anshan's storage ring. He had great hopes for this.

The restriction was very complicated on the storage ring but for Ye Mo, it was only a matter of time.
Ye Mo carefully removed the restriction and scanned his spirit sense inside Suo Anshan's storage ring. He was immediately dazed. It wasn't because Suo Anshan's storage ring was much larger than Fang Yizong's but because there were more than 100 extreme grade spirit ranges stacked together like a white dragon.
All sorts of rare ores were stacked in mountains.
What shook Ye Mo the most was that in one corner of the storage ring, there was a stone stool. Ye Mo immediately took it and saw there was the character 'Fire' on it.
Seeing this, Ye Mo was overjoyed. This was one of the 5 element stools he needed. Now, his golden page world only needed one more stone stool.
Clearly, Fang Yizong and Suo Anshan both knew that this stone stool was a rare treasure but didn't know what it was exactly.
Perhaps putting these stone stools in other small worlds could also birth the five elements? Thinking about this, Ye Mo was worried. If that was the case, how could he search for the remaining stone stool? If some cultivator takes it, can he search storage ring by storage ring?
Just how many truth realisation state cultivators' storage ring did Suo Anshan search to find this?
Wait, Suo Anshan has another storage ring. Ye Mo immediately realized he was tricked.
There was no spirit stones nor too many cultivation artefact in this storage ring. There were only a few pills and a few cultivation artefact. Even in Fang Yizong's storage ring, he found 500 million spirit stones. Suo Anshan would only have more. yet, he only found a few spirit stones and a few cultivation artefacts in this.
Little did Ye Mo know that he actually wrong Suo Anshan. With his confidence, why would he have two storage ring? He was just waiting for immortal ascension. Like Ye Mo, only extreme grade spirit ranges had some use to him, in this black rock city, spirit stones were useless.
The reason he didn't have much magic artefact was because they were all in the hands of his son Suo Zhiyue and his wife Xiang Yan's hands. Pity Ye Mo didn't rob Suo Zhiyue's storage ring or he would've gotten more in there.
Although Ye Mo guessed there was more to Suo Anshan's treasure but he didn't care much. He already got a lot.
Ye Mo wanted to check on the ghoul but the formation disk was getting blurry. It was a bit too far away so Ye Mo didn't keep looking.
He had a lot of spirit ranges now so he might as well use 7 to supply power to the time formation disk and start cultivating.
Ye Mo had more materials than spirit herbs. In the west cultivator city, the west cultivator merchant a.s.sociation paid elder Niu Ruyang gave him countless materials to connect with him. Now, he got more from Suo Anshan's storage ring. He had this many extreme grade materials to practice with. No one other than him could be this extravagant.
In the time formation disk, Ye Mo used up level seven, level eight level nine and even extreme grade materials like trash.
With this much practice and blue color mist lotus heart fire, his low grade cultivation artefact was perfected in a month in the time formation disk. Three months later, Ye Mo could easily forge middle grade cultivation artefact. Six months later, Ye Mo was happy with the top grade cultivation artefact he was forging.
A year later, Ye Mo forged his first extremely high quality extreme grade cultivation artefact. Then, he went on a roll. As long as the material grades were enough, all he forged was extreme grade cultivation artefact.
And he used more than half of the material stack.
Looking at the wasted materials, Ye Mo sighed. Using extreme grade spirit ranges to power the time formation disk, using level nine and extreme grade materials for practice. Owning the Three Birth Chant and the mist lotus heart fire, if he still couldn't become a top grade forgery grand master, he can give up.
At this degree, Ye Mo knew there was no point in continuing practice. One grade above would be immortal artefact. Even if he found the materials for it, he wouldn't be able to do it in his golden page world.
There were divine d.a.m.nation for immortal artefact in the cultivation realm. the golden page world was incomplete so there wouldn't be divine d.a.m.nation.
Ye Mo put away the time formation disk and got up. He was pondering, a level nine pill king, level nine formation grand master and level nine forgery grand master, was this something a cultivator could achieve?
"perhaps I should start learning rune making." Ye Mo shook his head. Of course, he wasn't really going to do that. His side cultivation means all reached the peak yet his cultivation level was still truth realisation state primary stage and his body refinement wasn't even at G.o.d state yet.
He had been in the golden page world for a month, Ye Mo threw out a few more formation disks out wanting to know where the golden page world was at.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1365 Level Nine Forgery Grand Master

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