Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1397 - Domineering female cultivator

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Chapter 1397: Domineering female cultivator

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Before Lan Qirui could speak, that handkerchief smashed down again.

With a rumble, the island formation shook and the formation was about to crack. With a few more attacks, this formation was about to completely cripple.

How could Lan Qirui allow Yu Zizhen to keep attacking? He charged out of the island and released his dual rings, stopping a wave of the black handkerchief.


The two magic artifact clashed together and there was a cracking sound.

Lan Qirui flew back and smashed on the defense formation.

Lan Qirui calmed his cultivation essence and desperately said, “Big sister Yu, you’re a qian bei. What’s the reason for attacking my island like this?”

“What’s the reason?” Yu Zizhen repeated. “You along with Teng Xiong, Jie Feng, and them killed my son. Is it wrong for me to get revenge for my son?”

Lan Qirui dazed, he just realized that her son was killed and this unreasonable woman a.s.sumed that he killed him. Was her son an immortal, needing the combined force of a few truth realisation state cultivators? She was being too absurd.

Lan Qirui was only dazed for a moment and Yu Zizhen grunted. Her cultivation essence splashed out and even with his power, Lan Qirui felt it difficult to breathe.

In his shock, Lan Qirui roared, “Big sister Yu, if I killed your son, I won’t die a good death and will die to the next divine d.a.m.nation….”

He felt extremely oppressed being forced to say an oath, but he had to make it. He knew this woman had a simplistic brain but was very powerful and cruel.

Hearing this, her magic artifact slowed down. She didn’t need long to kill him and he wouldn’t be able to escape from her.

Thinking about this, she sealed all of the s.p.a.ce here with her domain and said coldly, “If you dare to speak any lies I will crush your island.”

So unreasonable; Lan Qirui was furious but there was nothing he could do.

Lan Qirui suppressed his anger and said in an amicable tone, “Big sister Yu, I just came from Lost Soul Ruins and during this time I didn’t see him at all – how could I have killed him? Plus, your son is very handsome, I might be dumb but how can I not recognize him? How would I dare to kill him? Big sister Yu dominates the Heartless Sea, if I killed him, how could you not know?”

Yu Zizhen had always been dominant and would rather kill the wrong people than let one possibility go. Lan Qirui’s words woke her up a bit. She felt that Lan QIrui really didn’t kill her son. Even Gong Zhe was probably innocent.

But even so, she didn’t care about who was wrongly killed.

She calmed down her tone and asked, “Then who killed my son at Lost Soul Ruins?”

Lan Qirui cursed thinking how would I know? But he didn’t dare to say that. He rejoiced about not lying, Yu Zizhen really went to Lost Soul Ruins. It was said that her nose was very sensitive.

He even told her about finding the spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well at the Lost Soul Ruins but said after they all left, only Ye Mo was still there.

He had the same intention as Gong Zhe, wanting Yu Zizhen to fight Ye Mo. He described Ye Mo as someone who would kill anyone who showed him the slightest disrespect.

Lan Qirui didn’t say Ye Mo killed her son but all his words implied that.

“Where is Ye Mo from?” Yu Zizhen’s killing intent rose.

Seeing this, Lan Qirui breathed easy instead. He knew her killing intent wasn’t targeted at him. He quickly said, “That Ye Mo didn’t say where he came from but I guess he’s probably from South Peace State. By the way, he’s close with Jie Feng, perhaps he might be visiting him there.”

“Hand the spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well over,” Yu Zizhen said expressionlessly.

“Huh… big sister Yu…” Lan Qirui dazed. He lost his dragon heart flame and was almost killed by Ye Mo to get this, now it was going to be taken away?

Yu Zizhen sneered and her power rose again. The black handkerchief was crus.h.i.+ng s.p.a.ce itself around here.

Lan Qirui didn’t dare to say anymore and threw a bottle over at Yu Zizhen. “It’s inside.”

Yu Zizhen took it and didn’t even open it before disappearing. She was certain that Lan Qirui didn’t dare to trick her.

Looking at her disappear, Lan Qirui sneered. This old thing was so just because she was powerful condescending to everyone. He just gave her an ordinary bottle of spirit wine, but that old thing didn’t even check it, she was so certain he didn’t dare to trick her.

“I’ll give up Yu Tian Island.” Lan Qirui said hatefully, dispersing his few close people and disappearing on his magic artifact.

If there was someone to help Ye Mo control the flying s.h.i.+p, Ye Mo would go into the Golden Page World to test the spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well.

But he was by himself now so he could only hold up on the thought.

He was truth realisation state power now and so even though this flying s.h.i.+p was weaker than his Blue Moon, Ye Mo brought it to a speed just a bit slower than Blue Moon.

In less than a month, Ye Mo arrived at the coral island Meng Qi left.

Ye Mo was desperate to go back so he didn’t plan to stay here. But when he saw there were two people here he was surprised. This island was deprived of spirit chi, who would stay here?

“Jing Xuecheng?” Ye Mo’s spirit sense scanned one person and almost called out, but then he realized that this person wasn’t Jing Xuecheng. Jing Xuecheng was a male but this was a woman.

She was only hollow spirit state level nine but she looked almost exactly Jing Xuecheng. The only thing was she was darker than Jing Xuecheng. She wasn’t ugly but she wasn’t pretty either.

There was a wrinkly man next to her, he was disaster transformation state level seven.

He knew she must be related to Jing Xuecheng. Jing Xuecheng was very generous and gave him a jade card for protection. He even said that if Yong Lanyi dared to do anything to him, he could go to Cang Hai Palace for protection.

He clearly knew he killed Yong Wuzi and still dared to help him. Clearly he was a true friend.

Ye Mo immediately landed on his island.

The two cultivators were very wary and stood vigilantly, watching Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn’t put away his flying s.h.i.+p and saluted with his fists. “Are you two from the Cang Hai Palace?”

The wrinkly man looked at Ye Mo’s flying s.h.i.+p and was a little shocked, but that shock soon disappeared and he answered carefully, “We don’t seem to have seen this friend before, is there anything you need?”

Ye Mo smiled. “I have a friend at Cang Hai Palace called Jing Xuecheng, do you two know him?”

“You’re my brother’s friend?” the female cultivator asked in surprise so quickly that the man couldn’t even stop her. She was confused – since when did her brother have a friend who could cross the Heartless Sea?

How could she not know the danger of the Heartless Sea? Her uncle Hai had been very careful taking her here, yet this person just overtly flew over in his flying s.h.i.+p.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1397 - Domineering female cultivator

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