Strongest Abandoned Son 1391 Spirit Nourishing Well, Spirit Refining Pearl

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Ye Mo took the jade box and opened it. He immediately found a rare flame inside. It was earth flame, the 16th ranked in the cultivation realm Dragon Heart Flame. It was ranked 16th, but it was very rare as it was from a dragon core. For dragon related spirit beasts, it was better than heaven flame.

Ye Mo was very happy seeing the Dragon Heart Flame. Even if he didn't need it, there would be people around him who would need it.

Seeing Ye Mo take it, Lan Qirui finally breathed easy and ached in his heart. This was a very hard to get rare flame and now he lost it for no reason.

Lan Qirui didn't want to stay here for a minute so he smiled awkwardly and saluted with his fists. "Pill king Ye, in that case, I won't stay here anymore."

Ye Mo immediately nodded and just wanted to agree when Miao Huizhen suddenly said, "Wait!"

Lan Qirui didn't think much of Miao Huizhen but he had to look at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked at Miao Huizhen in confusion.

She said to Ye Mo, "The reason he had that Huang Qi wanted to kill me was because I found a big secret and they wanted to seal my mouth."

Lan Qirui's face changed drastically but he quickly said, "It's no secret, just a few sealed spirit ranges were found under the Lost Soul Ruins."

Ye Mo heard this and lost interest, he still had tens of extreme grade spirit ranges in his Golden Page World. If it was some other time, he might be willing to spend some time to get it, but not now.

Miao Huizhen sneered. "It's definitely not a few spirit ranges, it's a spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well with those few spirit ranges there just to preserve it."

Hearing this, Ye Mo's heart shook. How could he not know what a spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well was.

The hardest thing to improve for a cultivator was spirit sense. Spirit sense usually improved slower than your cultivation level. Spirit sense was even more important to cultivators than cultivation essence, so all cultivators would try to improve their spirit sense.

There were very few spirit items that could improve one's spirit sense power. Even the Spirit Recovery Pill was just to repair the spirit sense, not improve it.

But the spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well was something that could increase spirit sense and it was very rare. If you drank from this well or cultivated next to it, your spirit sense would grow faster than ordinary cultivators, even with a spirit sense cultivation method.

What shook Ye Mo was that he knew from Thing there were two types of spirit nouris.h.i.+ng wells. One was natural, formed by extreme grade spirit items or spirit chi. Once it was used up, it would completely disappear. Another was formed by the spirit refining pearl, and the value of it was immeasurable.

Spirit refining pearls were formed after billions of years with a unique essence spirit chi in the world. Once it had formed, the pearl would form a spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well around it with adequate spirit supply.

Usually, if someone found a spirit refining pearl, he wouldn't take it away. Instead, he would provide spirit chi to it so it could form the spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well.

Ye Mo also saw from Thing that once in the immortal realm, the spirit refining pearl could evolve to form higher level spirit nouris.h.i.+ng wells. Ye Mo hadn't seen, it but that evolution was formed through countless years, much longer than the lifespan of a cultivator.

Ye Mo suppressed his urge for the spirit refining pearl and looked at Lan Qirui calmly. "I was genuine to island lord Lan, but you don't seem to be genuine to me."

Hearing about the spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well, Lan Qirui was also shook. He really didn't know there was that.

But hearing Ye Mo's words, he cursed in his heart, 'You weren't genuine to me at all!' However he didn't dare to say that and could only say, "I really don't know, a few friends and me saw the sealed spirit ranges. We weren't sure if there was a spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well. If brother Ye is interested, we can go look at it together."

Ye Mo nodded. "Since brother Lan invited me, I'll come with you. After all, more people more power."

Miao Huizhen quickly said, "I found the spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well, I have been in the Lost Soul Ruins for countless years and I know every corner of it. A long time ago, I felt Lost Soul Ruins was extraordinary, but when I left it I was heavily injured. Now that I have recovered a little, I came back here to find the spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well, but as soon as I found the approximate location these people found it too."

Miao Huizhen was very unhappy. If she didn't see Ye Mo today, she might've been annihilated.

"So they were going to annihilate you?" Ye Mo looked coldly at Lan Qirui and asked.

"Since brother Ye wants to go, then let's hurry." Lan Qirui was more desperate than Ye Mo. If he came to annihilate this woman and the spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well was taken by someone else first, then that would be a tragedy.

"Then let's go." Ye Mo was also worried that the spirit refining pearl would fall into someone else's hands.

Seeing the black flying s.h.i.+p Ye Mo released, Lan Qirui's eyelids fluttered. Luckily he didn't plan to run, he was certain this flying s.h.i.+p was beyond an extreme grade cultivation artifact. Even though it wasn't a half immortal artifact yet, it wasn't far from it.

Miao Huizhen immediately came up to thank Ye Mo. Ye Mo nodded and didn't say much. He didn't know her that well, but he knew she was a cruel woman.

They flew for half a day and their spirit sense could scan to Lost Soul Ruins. Ye Mo was familiar with the path here, and could find a way back to Mo Yue City even without a compa.s.s.

Compared to before, the Lost Soul Ruins was more shabby. It was in complete ruins instead of the vague outline of the city he saw before.

Once here, Ye Mo's spirit sense scanned to the other three people. Ye Mo was speechless, he knew all three again. It was Teng Yi's father Teng Xiong, Zhuyin island lord Jie Feng, and another truth realisation state level seven he saw at the Dragon Teng Palace.

The three stood at a plain grey stone block as though waiting for Lan Qirui and Huang Qi to come back.

Seeing this tablet, Ye Mo knew there was a level nine stealth formation that was broken in not long ago. With the dense spirit chi emitting out, Ye Mo could guess there were a few extreme grade spirit ranges.

"Hmm, island lord Lan, you actually found Ye Mo…" Teng Xiong and the other truth realisation state level seven saw Ye Mo and also looked very happy. They didn't know why Lan Qirui would bring Ye Mo back, but since he appeared they weren't going to let Lan Qirui keep Ye Mo to himself.

How could Lan Qirui not know what they meant? There was a sneer on his mouth, but he didn't speak.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1391 Spirit Nourishing Well, Spirit Refining Pearl

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