Strongest Abandoned Son 1403 Kill Yong Yuer

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Yong Yuer's face calmed a little seeing her servant attack. There was cruelty and contempt on her face, she was going to let Ye Mo realise that sometimes, death is a rather fortunate thing.

Imagining Ye Mo's pitiful fate, Yong Yuer licked her lips with her vibrant red tongue. Even the two cultivators whom she stopped saw this and exclaimed, she was a natural seductive beauty.

Pity she had such a venomous heart.

The disaster transformation state cultivator saw his net loom over Ye Mo without resistance and breathed easy. It seemed he was too careful before. so what if he had extreme grade cultivation artefact flying s.h.i.+p. He was this young.

Before he could recover his senses, he saw a huge cultivation essence giant hand appear in the air. He was completely dazed.

"truth realisation state cultivator…" the disaster transformation state level five said this in shock. He then felt that he and his net was caught by the cultivation essence giant hand and couldn't move at all.

Splurge, blood splashed everywhere and Ye Mo didn't even want his storage ring. The disaster transformation state level five was crushed into nothing along with his magic artefact.

"truth realisation state cultivator…" the other disaster transformation state level three on the chariot murmured. He reacted and the first thing he did was charge out of the chariot. At the same time, he activated a rune, disregarding Yong Yuer's life.

How could Ye Mo let him activate the transmission rune? He threw over a lightning sword and this disaster transformation state level three was pulverized without even making a sound.

"truth realisation state, you, you're truth realisation state…" Yong Yuer reacted and looked at Ye Mo with worry while murmuring "how is this possible, you were just a body condensation state before…"

After a long while, she remembered to take out a rune and shakily activated yet.

Ye Mo didn't stop it because he knew she was notifying Yong Lanyi. He came to kill Yong Lanhyi it would be best if he could kill him here.

"qian bei, wan bei also ran out from Tong Ling island, Yong Lanyi is a demon…" that male cultivator quickly saluted with his fists and said.

The man and women were both cauldron filling state primary stage and were perhaps a couple. So before the male finished, he waved his hand "go first, when Yong Lanyi is here, you guys might get caught in the cross fire."

"yes, thank you qian bei." The two cultivator bowed and quickly flew away.

"big brother, I, I know I'm wrong..." seeing that her father dind't come in time, Yong Yuer was worried and quickly apologized. She was afraid Ye Mo would kill her immediately.

Ye Mo sneered "you don't need to act pitiful, I know what sort of person you are. Don't worry, before Yong Lanyi is here, I wont' kill you."

Ye Mo was planning to wait for Yong Lanyi to come and kill Yong Yuer in front of him.

"brother Ye I can be your woman. Look, you can look all you want." Then Yong Yuer took off her dress showing her pink inner clothes. As long as she could stay alive she was willing to strip naked.

He must admit Yong Yuer's body was busty to an extreme. If this woman had anything good about her he really wasn't willing to kill her, this was an appreciation for beauty. But for Yong Yuer, Ye Mo was certain on killing her.

She so casually said she was going to burn his soul. If he didn't escape from the Qu 18 disks, he would've been dead already.

Yong Yuer only took off her jacket but even if she striped herself naked it wasn't going to stop Ye Mo from killing her.

Yong Yuer was evil but she knew her attractiveness. But seeing Ye Mo only sneer she was worried.

If her father didn't come and Ye Mo wasn't interested in her, she would be dead. She sent a news and Ye Mo didn't even stop it. Yong Yuer knew that Ye Mo might not even be scared of her father.

Just when Yong Yuer was about to take off her inner clothes, a das.h.i.+ng light came not far from Ye Mo and Yong Yuer.

"Yuer what happened to you?" Yong Lanyi saw Yong Yuer who already took off her jacket and was about to take off her inner clothes and called out in shock.

"Father…." Yong Yuer cried out "Ye Mo wants to rape me, father save me."

"Ye Mo, if I don't let you regret why you're still alive, I will die to divine d.a.m.nation…" Yong Lanyi said.

A cultivator swearing he would die to divine d.a.m.nation was the cruelest oath he could make. One could see how much hate Yong Yuer had for Ye Mo.

Ye Mo said calmly "Yong Lanyi, when I left I said I would be back to see you. Outside the Qu 18 disks, you said in front of the other two powers to me "I'm going to kill you, what are you going to do?"

Yong Lanyi laughed "even now, I'm going to kill you, what are you going to do?"

Ye Mo laughed "then I will kill your daughter first and then kill you, what are you going to do?"

"how dare you…" Yong Lanyi took a step before Ye Mo did anything buthis face changed immediately. Soon, his face was shook as his step didn't bring him to his daughter but only one small step.

"domain…" Yong Lanyi called out in shock "truth realisation state cultivator with great completion domain…"

He immediately realized now wasn't the time to think about it. saving his daughter was more important. Killing his daughter for a truth realisation state was in the matter of waving of hand.

Yong Lanyi's cultivation essence burst out and broke free of Ye Mo's domain quickly. But at this moment, a black lightning arc flashed across his eyes.

Yong Yuer tried to move the chariot closer to her father when Ye Mo was talking. But then, she realized her chariot was moving slow like a snail. Then, a black lightning sword struck down.

"no…" Yong Lanyi could only say this before her perfect body was turned to dust. A dark figure flew out from the dust.

Seeing this, Ye Mo knew it was her essence spirit. The reason her essence spirit could escape was because she had an extremely precious essence protection rune.

Ye Mo waved another lightning sword over.

Seeing Ye Mo not even willing to let his daughter's essence spirit go, Yong Lanyi's eyes were about to crack open. He was very cruel but he loved his daughter a great deal. After breaking free of Ye Mo's domain, he blocked in front of that black lightning sword without hesitation.

He didn't have time to use defense magic artefact and thus there was no other way but blocking it with his body.


The lightning sword instantly tore off one of his arm. Yong Lanyi spat blood and flew out a few hundred meters.

Due to this, Yong Yuer's essence spirit flew out a few kilometers.

"Ye Mo, I'm going to eat you alive." Yong Lanyi roared and released a purple magic artefact.

At this moment, a pink das.h.i.+ng light came. It grabbed Yong Yuer's flying essence spirit and said "hmm, it's the essence spirit of a little girl."

Strongest Abandoned Son 1403 Kill Yong Yuer

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