Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1411 - The huge benefit of god state

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Chapter 1411: The huge benefit of G.o.d state

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The teleportation formation of Mo Hai city were always taken by wealthy cultivators. Ordinary cultivators came here to seek cultivation resource, how can they waste large sums of spirit stones on teleportation formation? So when Ye Mo and Xu Yuehua came there weren’t a lot of people.

“are we going to take teleportation formation?” Xu Yuehua still wasn’t used to the fact that Ye Mo was truth realisation state cultivator.

Ye Mo nodded “that way we can get to Mo Yue City faster.”

Xu Yuehua sighed “I really don’t believe that I met you in Mo Hai city, I’ve never taken the teleportation formation, I don’t’ even know what it feels like.”

Ye Mo smiled “the teleportation formation you took from Duan Heng to small world and then Xing Jia mountain to South Peace State is a teleportation formation.”

Xu Yuehua nodded “I know but I was dazed at the time.”

Ye Mo sighed and didn’t say anything. There were too many cultivators like Xu Yuehua who used all their resources for cultivation, how can they afford teleportation formation? Even for him, if he didn’t have the golden page world he wouldn’t know where he would be at.

Seeing Ye Mo take out 80k top grade spirit stones to the teleportation formation guard, Xu Yuehua opened her mouth in shock “Ye Mo we need this much top grade spirit stones?”

Just when Ye Mo wanted to tlak, there was a clear crisp voice of contempt “hill billy.”

Ye Mo frowned and turned back. It was one male and female cultivator, the male was body condensation state level four while the female cultivator was only golden core state level seven.

Seeing Ye Mo about to talk, Xu Yuehua quickly pulled him “it’s fine, I’m a bit hill billy. When I came to Mo Hai city I saved up 2000 spirit stones and bought the cheapest ticket to here.”

The body condensation state male cultivator saw Ye Mo look over and he couldn’t see Ye Mo’s power, he quickly saluted with his fists “friend sorry, my martial sister is naïve please forgive her.”

Ye Mo nodded and didn’t fuss with this little girl, he said to Xu Yuehua “when I left Mo Hai city I took the boat too but I spent 20k spirit stones. That boat was too slow, the price difference between the bottom and top was huge. Teleportation formation is faster, the teleportation formation here only opens for four hours each day but now it doesn’t seem to have such restriction. Otherwise, if we take flying s.h.i.+p back we would spend an extra day to arrive.”

The girl was unhappy being told off by her martial brother and hearing what Ye Mo said, she added in contempt “bull s.h.i.+t.”

The body condensation state gave Ye Mo an apologetic look and then reproached the girl seriously “martial sister Xiuer, if you act like that again I’m never bringing you out. Our Heaven Fountain sect is only a 7 star sect, so what if we’re 8 star and 9 star. 9 star sect Lightning Cloud Sect core disciple Tian Aofeng acted and then he offended someone and was killed in the Heartless Sea. that Tian Aofeng was killed on the way to South Peace city from Mo hai city. I’ve told you many times, there’s always people stronger outside, if you don’t behave yourself not only will you suffer but you will also bring trouble to our sect.”

Hearing this, Ye Mo couldn’t help lauhghing as he was reminded of Yu Ruyu and his fiancé. These two were too similar.

The female cultivator clearly didn’t get the message and murmured “martial brother Shen don’t make everything sound so serious. At most I would bring trouble to myself. How can I bring trouble to the sect?”

Seeing this, the body condensation state cultivator frowned “Tian Aofeng died and what of the Lightning Cloud Sect? 9 star sect but was also forced to seal sect by Mo Yue City?”

“martial brother don’t trick me, there were people coming out of Lightning Cloud Sect a while ago how can they seal sect?” the girl said unhappily.

The male cultivator sighed “the reason they unsealed sect so quickly is because Mo Yue City city lord Ye Mo disappeared in the Heartless Sea. otherwise, they would still be sealing sect, why don’t’ you believe me?”

The young girl grunted and said after a while “how many of the caliber of Mo Yue City Lord would there be on Luo Yue continent? You always try to scare me. plus, I know that Lightning Cloud Sect unsealed sect because of demon prison forbidden grounds.”

Ye Mo frowned, the Lightning Cloud Sect dared to open sect again when he wasn’t at Mo Yue City. It was clear that Lightning Cloud Sect didn’t really seal sect or how would they know he left? Plus what was going on with the demon prison forbidden grounds?

Seeing this, the male cultivator sighed and said nothing. But the girl saw this and knew her martial brother was disappointed in her. She quickly hugged his arm and sulked “martial brother don’t be like that, I’ll let you kiss me.”

Hearing this, the male cultivator quickly said “martial sister Xiuer don’t say this outside.”

“okay I won’t what’s so good about Mo Yue City. Master and them are going there and told us to meet them there? ” Xiu Er asked again.

The male cultivator said seriously “this time Mo Yue City and Pill City are joining forces. They might combine into one big city. Many of the pill kings from Mo Yue City came from Pill City. With the pill kings of Pill City, the pills in the city would be hugely abundant. The price would be unimaginably cheap. Our sect went there to buy pills of course.”

Hearing this, Ye Mo couldn’t resist anymore. Mo Yue City and Pill City were on opposite sides how can they join forces? And Yue Qichao and Shen Guanqing would never agree to this.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to ask, the teleportation formation guard said “four friends quickly get on, the teleportation formation is about to activate.”

Ye Mo resisted the urge to ask thinking he would be flying back to Mo Yue City soon and took Xu Yuehua into the teleportation formation.

With Ye Mo’s G.o.d sate body refinement, he only felt a little dizzy. He could even feel the s.p.a.ce ripples during the teleportation.

Ye Mo rejoiced, with this he might learn the true means of tearing open s.p.a.ce.

G.o.d state was indeed a huge benefit.

The teleportation formation was different to s.p.a.ce transmission runes. A rune master must have a certain understanding of s.p.a.ce and void to be able to inscribe such runes.

Meanwhile, formation grand master didn’t need that to set up teleportation formation. But of course if he knew of it, his teleportation formation would far surpa.s.s ordinary ones.

At this moment, Ye Mo realized why Chu Jiuyu could set up realm breaking teleportation formations.

When Ye Mo and Xu Yuehua came out of the teleportation formation and to the city gates. The male and female cultivator had left the city gates. The male cultivator saw Ye Mo and Xu Yuehua and nodded to Ye Mo. Meanwhile that little girl stared at Ye Mo wanting to see what flying magic artefact Ye Mo would be using.

“how long do we have to reach Mo Yue City?” Xu Yuehua subconsciously asked.

Ye Mo said “not long, at most half a day possibly even less.”

Ye Mo said casually but the two were dazed. Reaching Mo Yue City from South Peace city in half a day, what flying magic artefact was this?

Hearing this, the male cultivator was more shocked. If what Ye Mo said was true, then Ye Mo must be immeasurably powerful.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1411 - The huge benefit of god state

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