Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1416 - I’m more reasonable than you

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Chapter 1416: I’m more reasonable than you

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The two truth realisation state cultivators were lost for words, if Ye Mo was an ordinary cultivator, they would’ve slapped over already but Ye Mo was unimaginable strong.

Yea, he killed Guo Wuping but what could the Pill City do?

“city lord Ye, are you this unreasonable? Plus, we came to Mo Yue City as guests, is this how Mo Yue City treats guests? Plus, we Pill City is a 10 star sect. you can’t treat us like this.” the truth realisation state level five said.

Ye Mo said coldly “guest? Since when could guests intervene with the host’s family business? Pill City, hehe, to be honest, you’re really nothing to me. I’ve seen places ten thousand times stronger than Pill City but it’s only so so.”

No one would believe Ye Mo was telling the truth, 10000 times stronger than Pill City, unless it was the immortal realm otherwise it was impossible.

The Pill City cultivators faces grew very bad but they didn’t dare to argue with Ye Mo. They saw how dominant Ye Mo was, Guo Wuping was just a little and was crushed to nothing. Ye Mo’s power was beyond their understanding.

Even a truth realisation state peak stage cultivator who was about to immortal ascend couldn’t crush a truth realisation state level one with cultivation essence giant hand unless this cultivator’s understanding of domain was extremely powerful. To the Pill City cultivators, the reason Ye Mo could crush Guo Wuping was not because Ye Mo was truth realisation state peak stage but his domain was in great completion. This meant that if there was a truth realisation state peak stage or truth realisation state level nine here, Ye Mo might not have an advantage.

But those who came to the conference were all truth realisation state level seven or below. What could they do to Ye Mo?

Amongst the Pill City truth realisation state cultivators? One truth realisation state level three secretly let out a message. Ye Mo’s spirit sense was powerful and this was in his formation, but Ye Mo sneered and didn’t stop it.

Wuming 6 strikes knew he had to stand out otherwise if the Pill City truth realisation state cultivators fought with Ye Mo, that would be insurmountable disaster.

Wuming 6 strikes saluted with his fists “city lord Ye, from beginning to now, no one can take your city lord position. The reason Oulan could be city lord was because he had some experience in cituy management. Also, he was approved by Silver Moon pill king and a few elders. If you don’t believe me you can ask your wife.”

Ning Qingxue said “Liu Oulan being vice city lord was approved by Silver Moon pill king qian bei indeed but after the demonic prison incident, Mo Yue City needed people to go out and discuss things. Silver Moon pill king knew I don’t like to go out and Mo Yue City was an influential city so he had an elder meeting approving Liu Oulan to be vice city lord.”

Tang Beiwei added “however that Liu Oulan over stepped his boundaries and first abolished our ident.i.ty system saying it would hinder the city’s development. Then he started taking fees for entering the city. Eventually he removed the vice and declared himself city lord. If Silver Moon pill king was here, he definitely wouldn’t agree.”

Wuming 6 strikes heard this and his face looked bad but he still said “I was invited here to be elder by Silver Moon pill king. Liu Oulan is my disciple, there might be some things he didn’t do well but it’s definitely for Mo Yue City. In order to respect city lord Ye, Liu OUlan never intervened with Mo Yue lake.”

Ye Mo sneered “that’s where my family is, if someone intervened there, do you think you can still talk in front of me.”

Wuming 6 strikes’ face looked bad and he said seriously “I’m really good friends with Silver Moon pill king thus I came to be elder here. Liu Oulan started the alliance conference to ease up the tension between the two ciites. If city lord Ye thinks it’s inappropriate, I Wuming 6 strikes will leave Mo Yue City immediately.”

Ye Mo sneered “Mo Yue City is Mo Yue City, Pill City is Pill City. There’s nothing between us. As for alliance, it will end now. if someone dares to bring this up again p.i.s.s off immediately. Mo Yue City won’t accept disloyal trash.”

Wuming 6 strikes was furious and he looked at the few truth realisation state next to him but Ye Mo said “if elder Wuming wants to leave Mo Yue City then do as you please.”

Then he said “Wuming 6 strikes, if it wasn’t on Silver Moon pill king’s account I won’t be so easy to talk to.”

Hearing this, Wuming 6 strikes calmed down instead. Ye Mo was right, with Ye Mo’s power he had no chance of victory no matter how many he had on his side. Plus, if it wasn’t that his disciple wanted to be city lord no matter what he wouldn’t’ bring up this suggestion to Silver Moon pill king.

“since city lord Ye don’t welcome me, then I will leave now.” then Wuming 6 strikes looked at Liu Oulan “let’s go.”

Liu Oulan dazed and looked at his master in disbelief. He had only been at Mo Yue City for two years but he spent a lot of effort here. They were earning a huge amount daily but now they were going to go.

The other truth realisation state cultivators of Pill City looked disappointed. If Wuming 6 strikes led the charge it would be much easier for them to talk but now that he was gone, there was no point for them to stay here.

They’ve always been at the top in Pill City and now they had to be so scared and careful not to be killed.

This was face slapping to the extreme. From now on, Pill City can’t even call itself ten star city. More than ten truth realisation state cultivators were scared to even talk to a young pill king.

Liu Oulan was reluctant to leave but his master said to go so he couldn’t keep staying here.

All the cultivators watching the show exclaimed. Due to the reform, all sorts of cultivators could come into Mo Yue City and they were mercenaries. They loved to see truth realisation state cultivators fight.

The truth realisation state level three who let out the news soon showed joy.

A powerful force came, some low grade cultivators spat blood due to this.

Xin Zhida took a few steps back and Ye Mo’s domain soon protected her.

Truth realisation state peak stage was here.

Everyone knew this was definitely truth realisation state peak stage, one that was very powerful.

Ye Mo was furious, a mere truth realisation state peak stage dared to be this He had killed more than one truth realisation state peak stage.

“who dares to kill my Pill City truth realisation state elder? I want to see.”

A cold voice sounded and a grey robed cultivator landed. When his force and voice sounded, he was still outside the city but instantly he appeared before everyone.

“paid elder…” all Pill City cultivators bowed.

The truth realisation state level three said “our Pill City elder Guo Wuping was killed by Ye Mo for no reason.”

‘that’s right.” The other few truth realisation state cultivators said.

Wuming 6 strikes saw this man and said in shame “elder Shuiye, Wuming is embarra.s.sed, I’m too weak and wasn’t able to protect elder Guo.”

“move to the side.” The truth realisation state peak stage waved his hand to Wuming 6 strikes and Wuming 6 strikes quickly pulled Liu Oulan to the side.

“rat, killing my Pill City elder without reason, how dare you.” SHui Ye yelled coldly “today I’ll let you know why Pill City is ten star city and why no one dares to mess with us.”

Ye Mo said calmly “you’re wrong, I have a reason to fight.”

“even if you have a reason, I’m going to kill you. What I’m going to tell you is, I never need a reason to kill.” Shui Ye said in contempt.

“you don’t but I do, because I’m more reasonable than you.” Then Ye Mo said to the surroundings cultivators “whoever dares to say the reason I killed Guo Wuping, I’ll give him a top grade flying cultivation artefact.”

“I know, city lord Ye wants elder Guo to know what is true arrogance.” There were always people who didn’t fear death for top grade flying cultivation artefact.

Everyone knew Ye Mo did this purposely.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1416 - I’m more reasonable than you

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