Strongest Abandoned Son 1408 Honest Feng Is Really Not Hones

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She knew Ye Mo's character too well, he was decisive and tough and never wanted to lose out. If someone did something to him, he would definitely pay them back. But if she told Ye Mo who hit her, there would be conflict and Ye Mo would be in trouble.

She had been in the South Peace State cultivation realm for more than a day or two. She knew the huge difference between cultivators and ancient martial artists. Ye Mo was very powerful on earth, but no matter how powerful he was, could he fight against cultivators? Any golden core state or nascent soul state could easily kill her and Ye Mo.

All these years, if she didn't take everything quietly, she would've been long dead.

The pill shop was very quiet.

The three golden core state couldn't see through Ye Mo's power and thus didn't make a sound. Honest Feng didn't move as he had recognized Ye Mo. He was only a mere golden core state, even if he broke through he was at most nascent soul state.

Ye Mo patted her hand and said, "Sister Yuehua, don't worry."

Then, Ye Mo stared coldly at the three and asked, "Who did it?"

Before the three could reply, another person laughed and walked into the pill shop.

It was a hollow spirit state level nine cultivator, he was tall and had a beard.

"Hmm, Honest Feng, your business is doing quite well today. Why are there so many insects asking you for pill concoction?" this cultivator said casually.

Then he threw out a jade box and said, "Honest Feng I've brought it, give the pill to me. Hehe - how can I, Mo Yu, trick you?"

Honest Feng nodded and opened the box.

He seemed casual but Ye Mo saw Honest Feng's hands were shaking.

"Essence Condensation Fruit…." Xu Yuehua called out in shock. It was a level seven spirit fruit used to concoct Break Spirit pills.

Then, she covered her mouth and her face went pale, she knew she acted out of line just then.

Ye Mo smiled. "Not bad, you recognized it."

Ye Mo knew why Honest Feng's hands were shaking. He was a hollow spirit state level nine cultivator, the Break Spirit Pill would allow him to reach body condensation state.

Xu Yuehua said with a pale face, "I've learned pill concoction before so I know all these spirit herbs…"

Ye Mo already knew what she meant. When she first came here she must've realized that the cultivation resources she earned with her life weren't enough to buy pills so she wanted to concoct them herself.

Many cultivators had such thoughts but most of them were solo cultivators. Those cultivators with sects wouldn't waste time on this. The cost of becoming a high level pill master was hundreds of times more expensive than buying pills.

"That's right, and it seems quite mature," Honest Feng said shakily.

"Honest Feng I've brought the spirit fruit, where is your Break Spirit Pill?" Mo Yu rushed, clearly unhappy with Honest Feng being so slow.

Ye Mo shook his head, if Honest Feng had the Break Spirit Pill he wouldn't be so excited seeing the Essence Condensation Fruit. Ye Mo was certain that Honest Feng didn't have a Break Spirit Pill.

"Okay, I'll let my martial brother send it over immediately." Honest Feng sent out a message.

Mo Yu frowned, he didn't expect the pill wasn't here. He wasn't an idiot, Break Spirit Pill was more precious than any pill for hollow spirit state cultivators. The reason he came here was because he heard the news that Honest Feng had a pill left behind his master.

He even came to ask him and Honest Feng unwillingly confirmed the news. But he wasn't selling it and would only accept Essence Condensation Fruit for trade.

Mo Yu didn't think Honest Feng, a nascent soul state cultivator, would dare to trick him. He was hollow spirit state level nine.

Mo Yu said, "Give me the essence condensation fruit first, we can trade after the pill is here."

Honest Feng laughed. "No rush, the pill is about to be here, why don't you have some patience?"

Mo Yu realized things were wrong and his face went cold as he grabbed at Honest Feng.

Honest Feng sneered and a dark ray shot out, clas.h.i.+ng with Mo Yu's hand. Mo Yu grunted and smashed heavily into the wall. His hand was bloodied.

However, this pill shop was very st.u.r.dy. There were a few formations here.

"You're a hollow spirit state cultivator too!" Mo Yu finally realized Honest Feng was a hollow spirit state cultivator and a little stronger than him.

Honest Feng laughed but didn't talk. At this moment, a fat cultivator came in, a hollow spirit state peak stage.

This cultivator didn't hide his power. Mo Yu could tell things weren't going to settle easily today.

The cultivator saw Honest Feng and laughed. "Third brother, you live a much better life than us. We don't even get to see the living day."

Honest Feng laughed. "Second brother, you can come out now. Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds already think we're dead. After all these years, who would think we're still alive?"

That fat cultivator nodded. "If it wasn't for you, I would almost have been killed by those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds from Infinity Sect. Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d brought that trouble to us brothers?"

The two chatted as though all the other cultivators were nothing.

Ye Mo knew why these two were so, there was a level six peak trap formation here. Once this was activated, even Honest Feng himself could deal with Mo Yu.

Mo Yu was certain now he had been ambushed.

"Why are there a few insects here?" the fat cultivator asked.

Honest Feng laughed and waved his hand. The shop doors closed. "A few unlucky insects, we'll kill them later."

"Qian bei, wan bei is willing…" a golden core state level three quickly begged.

"Noisy!" The fat cultivator frowned and palmed in that direction, turning that cultivator into b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

Xu Yuehua stopped shaking and sighed to Ye Mo. "It's not lonely now that I die with someone I know. Ye Mo, do you know how I have been living? I still don't even believe it now that I think about it."

Ye Mo asked casually, "Don't believe what?"

"I don't believe that I'm still alive. I really don't there were so many times that I thought it would be dead for sure…" Xu Yuehua's tone grew shaky again.

Ye Mo joked. "If I didn't come today, you would've gone out before, but I stopped you from going out."

"No, I'm serious. I'm very satisfied I can die with someone I know. This place isn't for humans to stay. If possible, I would rather still be at Luo Yue City." Xu Yuehua shook her head.

Ye Mo suddenly said, "I actually just came from Luo Yue City…"

"Hmm, two insects who don't fear death. Chatting like we don't exist, haha…" the fat cultivator laughed.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1408 Honest Feng Is Really Not Hones

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