Strongest Abandoned Son 1421 Dusk Of Lightning Cloud Mountain

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Ye Mo, Luo Ying and Su Jingwen stood at the top of a mountain outside Mo Yue City watching Mo Yue City from a distance and the two rivers next to it. further beyond was a boundless plain. They enjoyed this precious moment of tranquility.

"the air here is really good." Su Jingwen stood by Ye Mo and looked at the beautiful blue skies and environment. She felt completely relaxed with the light breeze pa.s.sing by.

Ye Mo and Luo Ying smiled but didn't talk. This was the place they lived at now, Ye Mo had been setting this up many years ago. If Ning Qingxue and Song Yangzhu weren't in solitary cultivation, Ye Mo wanted to call them out as well.

Although Su Jingwen started cultivation last, she had the highest cultivation level. Luo Ying also reached hollow spirit state. only Song Yangzhu and Ning Qingxue were still at nascent soul state. Ye Mo was truth realisation state now and might immortal ascension one day. They knew that their talent was a little worse and so they used all time possible to cultivate. They didn't want to be still staying at Mo Yue City when Ye Mo immortal ascended.

Now that Mo Yue lake spirit chi was very dense to an extent that even 9 star sect couldn't hope to compare, no one wanted to stop cultivation.

"this will be our home from now on." Su Jingwen exclaimed once again. She had never lived so well before.

In Ning Hai, she fell in love with Ye Mo and didn't know. When she knew, she didn't dare to say it. when Ye Mo left, she finally realized and crossed countless mountains and rivers just to find Ye Mo and tell him that she really liked him.

Even now, she still remembers the bar where she got drunk after hearing news of Ye Mo getting married. Chi Wanqing took her away that time. Thinking about this, she suddenly wanted to know how was Chi Wanqing, compared to her, she was so much happier.

She found Luo Yue city and the small world, then Luo Yue continent and Jiang CHuan city. Finally she met him on that snowing day.

"don't think that much." Luo Ying saw Su Jingwen's eyes were melancholic and knew what she was thinking as she held her hand.

It was as though every woman who was with him endured countless hards.h.i.+p. Mu Xiaoyun, Song Yangzhu, Ning Qingxue.

Seeing that Luo Ying seemed to be affected by her mood, Su Jingwen suddenly smiled "sister Susu, I actually feel very happy. I'm thinking about happy things. Just like last time, if I wasn't with sister Susu, I would never expect you to be more crazy than me."

Hearing this, Ye Mo blushed. Luo Ying was older than Su Jingwen but couldn't accept such blunt words and also blushed.

Ye Mo suddenly felt a sense of satisfaction. He brought the two into his arms. No one said a thing now, they just enjoyed this moment of tranquility.

The good times after hards.h.i.+p were more precious.

All of them knew that Ye Mo's power kept increasing through battles and seeking fortunes. If Ye Mo stopped to cultivate, he would perhaps be the weakest. So, they all knew that they could stay and cultivate at Mo Yue City but Ye Mo couldn't. Ye Mo was more powerful than them but every step he made, he paid countless times the price they did.

It was because of this that every time Ye Mo came back, even someone like Luo Ying would open herself up.

Mo Yue City wasn't just a city now, it had a new age. It was not only a symbol but also an antic.i.p.ation.

After the formations were set up, all the people in Luo Yue came to the agreement that they'll use the Earthly way of recording time. The first year was Mo Yue 2000.

This way of remembering time changed the chaotic and messy notion of time on Luo Yue continent and was soon adopted throughout the entire South Peace State and eventually the entire Luo Yue continent. Ever since now, Luo Yue's calendar united.

Su Jingwen leaned in Ye Mo's arms and really wanted to ask why he named Luo Yue city the same as Luo Yue continent but she resisted that question. She didn't know if Qingxue asked Ye Mo but she didn't ask because she felt it was hard for Ye Mo to answer.

"Susu, Jingwen, I'm going to leave Mo Yue City for quite a while this time but don't worry I'll be fine." Ye Mo didn't want to say this but he knew he had to go see Silver Moon pill king and Guan Tian pill king. He owed these two former city lords a great deal.

"I know, go." Luo Ying knew Ye Mo too well and she really didn't worry about Ye Mo much now. he had golden page world and even truth realisation state peak stage was no match for him. In the entire Luo Yue continent, there weren't many who could threaten him much less South Peace State.

She also knew that Ye Mo wasn't going to gulp down the hatred of Gu Wenqian and them being killed. Before he went to demon prison forbidden grounds he would definitely annihilate Lightning Cloud Sect and Infinity Sect.

Ye Mo indeed thought so, there was another reason he wanted to annihilate these two sects. He didn't know how long he would go for and although Mo Yue City was very safe but there were only two truth realisation state cultivators.

Even if they didn't dare to come to Mo Yue City, they were still a threat.

In fact, Ye Mo wanted the Pill City to come get revenge, that way, he could annihilate Pill City too but they did nothing about losing 11 truth realisation state cultivators.

Thinking about this, Su Jingwen said in confusion "the Pill City is really strange, they still haven't done anything up until now. Ji qian bei said that the Pill City would come for retribution for sure."

Ye Mo smiled "even if the Pill City came, Mo Yue City does not fear them. With Ji qian bei manning the formations, any of you can use formation to control them."

The dusk sun was b.l.o.o.d.y hanging high above Lightning Cloud mountain seeming pitiful.

Yet under such sun, there was not a single person to be seen outside Lightning Cloud mountain.

Ye Mo dominantly came back to Mo Yue City and killed 11 Pill City truth realisation state cultivators including SHui Ye who had immortal artefact. News of this spread through the entire South Peace State in a day. Even the most distant place cultivators heard of this.

For some low grade cultivators, Ye Mo was level nine pill king didn't shock them too much. After all, it was too far from them. But killing 11 truth realisation state cultivators in a row, everyone knew this.

Outside the Lightning Cloud mountain was dead silent but that didn't mean there were no people at Lightning Cloud Sect. how could they not have heard of the news.

In fact, this wasn't what shocked them the most. It was that after Ye Mo did that, Pill City didn't react at all.

This was the most unbelieveable thing. Pill City was a place where truth realisation state were plenty like dogs and disaster transformation state walked all over the streets. Yet this power didn't even say anything. This was too abnormal.

Plus, Ye Mo said c.o.c.kily that Pill City only had one chance of revenge. But if Pill City went to Mo Yue City, Pill City would be erased from South Peace State.

Because the Pill City was so quiet, Lightning Cloud Sect was more worried because everyone in South Peace State knew that the next place Ye Mo would go was Lightning Cloud Sect and Infinity Sect.

In the meeting hall of Lightning Cloud Sect, the scene was dead silent.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1421 Dusk Of Lightning Cloud Mountain

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