Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1440 - Ice God palace

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Chapter 1440: Ice G.o.d palace

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

No matter what power they were from, Ye Mo didn’t intend to ask who they were for killing Cheng Nana and them for no reason.

Suddenly the blue sun emitted a piercing blue ray. The hollow spirit state couldn’t even talk and melted under the sun.

Seeing the hollow spirit state cultivator melt and his body unable to take the searing heat, the disaster transformation state yelled in terror “city lord Ye stop, we’re from Heartless Sea Ice G.o.d palace…”

Hearing this, Ye Mo really stopped. The hollow spirit state already disappeared butu the disaster transformation state was very withered.

The cultivators under the sun just realised that the blue sun was like Ye Mo’s domain, he could kill whomever he wanted. In that instant, the scene fell silent. A few cultivators quickly retreated from below the sun and fled out with their magic artefact. The two truth realisation state cultivators saw this and left the range of the blue sun immediately.

But Ye Mo didn’t seem to see this, they can leave if they want.

Only some cultivators left most didn’t leave. They knew that if Ye Mo wanted to kill them, he wouldn’t wait till this moment.

Then, the disaster transformation state called out “you killed young master Lang Yue…”

Ye Mo was contemptuous and said “where is the Ice G.o.d palace?”

“you killed young master Lang Yue, you’re dead for sure, you’re dead for sure… I can’t live anyways…” then, the disaster transformation state rose his chi and was about to self destruct.

How could Ye Mo let a disaster transformation state primary stage do that in front of him. His cultivation essence giant hand patted over and that disaster transformation state was carried over like a chicken. The hand covered the cultivator’s head and searched his soul.

It was absurd for a truth realisation state cultivator to soul search a disaster transformation state primary stage cultivator. The memories of the disaster transformation state cultivator flowing into the truth realisation state sea of consciousness would be enough for the truth realisation state to go crazy. Even soul searching a hollow spirit state would be quite tough.

So seeing this, all the cultivators looked on in disbelief. They weren’t at truth realisation state but it didn’t mean they knew nothing.

Ye Mo wasn’t afraid of that of course. It was a little troublesome for him but it wouldn’t injure him. He cultivated next to the bitter bamboo and had spirit sense blades, even if some chaotic things got in his brain he could sever them.

But normally, Ye Mo wouldn’t soul search. It wasn’t a bright mean and it wasn’t good for oneself if used too much.

Tens of seconds later, Ye Mo turned this disaster transformation state to dust and severed out the useless information from his brain before breathing.

As he expected, the Ice G.o.d palace he couldn’t find was really related to this Ice G.o.d palace. The hollow spirit state cultivator he killed was Lang Yue, the disaster transformation state was Lang Wei. Lang Wei was Lang Yue’s bodyguard and was a family servant of Lang Yue.

Ice G.o.d palace was in the depth of the Heartless Sea, it was a sect that never showed itself. It was sort of like the hidden sects on earth. However it was powerful. 8 truth realisation state cultivators, three were truth realisation state level nine and the palace lord Lang Yin was immeasurably powerful.

The palace lord have always been women and must be extremely beautiful and talented. But the palace lord wouldn’t be the daughter of the previous palace lord, they would be carefully selected and cultivated to be palace lord.

There would be about ten girls and one would be picked amongst them.

This palace lord Lang Yin chose a woman called Dai Yun very early. Her talent and looks were all extreme level. According to the rules of the Ice G.o.d palace, the husband of the present palace lord would be the son of the previous palace lord.

That was fine but the current palace Lang Yin has three sons. Lang Yue was the second son but all three sons wanted Dai Yun, or they all wanted to be palace lord husband. This was a sticky situation.

So, the current palace lord told her three sons that she would give everyone ten year’s time. If anyone could accomplish something that pleased her, he would be the husband of the next palace lord.

Because of this, the three sons tried all sorts of means. Lang Yue came to South Peace State due to this. he just came to South Peace State and heard about the immortal demon crystals here and lost his life.

In the ancient times of South Peace State, there was an extremely big sect called Ice G.o.d palace. They were very powerful but they offended a more powerful sect. the two sects clashed and Ice G.o.d palace dissipated. The remaining people fled to the Heartless Sea and rebuilt the sect.

After countless years, the Ice G.o.d formed the habit of not going out.

Lang Yue came to find the ruins of the past Ice G.o.d palace and thus he came to South Peace State. if he could find it or get a few relics, he would have overwhelming advantage over his two brothers.

When he saw there was even chi gathering cultivators going into demon prison forbidden grounds, he immediately felt contemptuous towards South Peace State thinking South Peace State cultivation level was far weaker than ice G.o.d palace.

It was because of this that he said what was Mo Yue City and was burned by Ye Mo’s heaven flame.

While Ye Mo was digesting this information, Yu Erhu and Lu Xioazhen were shook. They didn’t expect Ye Mo was powerful to this extent. A cultivator more powerful than Nana can’t even last a second in his hands. Ye Mo told two truth realisation states to p.i.s.s off and they really didn’t dare to say anything.

Thinking that he would have cultivation method for higher states, Erhu was very excited. No matter what he wanted to cultivate to a degree like master. Lu Xiaozhen knew what Yu Erhu thought and grabbed his hand. She knew that the reason Erhu couldn’t keep cultivating wasn’t because his talent was bad. It was because he didn’t want to change his cultivation method. He said that his master taught him his cultivation method so he couldn’t change no matter what.

If it was Ye Mo, he wouldn’t think like Yu Erhu, he would definitely change a cultivation method to continue cultivation.

But even if he did he might not be able to reach golden core state. it wasn’t easy for an solo cultivator to reach golden core state without good fortune.

Ye Mo saluted with his fists to the cultivators who haven’t left yet “I just came here, I want to ask where did Mo Yue City silver moon pill king go?”

“I know, I saw silver moon pill king go west with Guan Tian pill king…” a cultivator said.

Suddenly, the two truth realisation state cultivators who left rushed back ehre.

Ye Mo didn’t need to ask, he saw silver moon pill king with a few hundred cultivators rus.h.i.+ng over here.

“Ye Mo quickly run it’s not demonic spirits here, it’s evil spirits…” Silver Moon pill king saw Ye Mo and called out.

Shan Bingfeng and them also flew over with magic artefact. Since Silver Moon pill king knows about evil spirits, he clearly knows to use rare flames against them.

Ye Mo wanted to ask why they were running but when he saw the countless black figures chase over, he knew this was too many for them. Plus they couldn’t see them with their spirit sense at all.

At the same time, Ye Mo released the second sun of Heaven Flame Nine Suns. His red sun wasn’t that powerful but he didn’t dare to ease up against this many evil spirits.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1440 - Ice God palace

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