Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1432 - Walking On The Three Birth Bridge

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Chapter 1432: Walking on the Three Birth bridge

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Ye Mo just hesitated a little and the dark red evil spirit disappeared in the bridge.

Ye Mo hesitated for a moment and came to the entrance of the path but the dark red evil spirit was long gone. Ye Mo chased for a few minutes and saw a curved bridge that wasn't big.

It was only about 10 meters long and half a meter wide. With Ye Mo's power, he could cross countless of these bridges in one step. But when Ye Mo saw this bridge, he felt a little dizzy as though something was coming out of the depth of his brain. It was extremely hard to even walk a step forward much less cross the bridge.

So powerful, although the dizziness disappeared after Ye Mo started using the Three Birth Chant, it was still eerie.

Ye Mo paused for a moment and immediately stepped foot on the bridge, he was ready to go in the golden page world at anytime.

The path of cultivation was arduous and if Ye Mo retreated today, then what if he had to go in the bridge next time?

The instant he stepped foot on the bridge, he felt countless dark chi rush into his sea of consciousness. His sea of consciousness rumbled and became very chaotic, Ye Mo actually walked another few steps forward rapidly. The next moment, he felt the bridge crack and countless bones surrounded him.

Ye Mo grunted and his only sliver of conscious left made him immediately go in the golden page world.

The instant he went in, he felt everything around him clear up. The terrifying dark demonic chi and the bones all disappeared.

Ye Mo panted and sat next to the bitter bamboo using the Three Birth Chant to remove the demonic chi in his sea of consciousness. A few seconds later slivers of demonic chi were refined out and floated before his eyes.

Seeing this, Ye Mo was shook. With his cultivation essence and powerful spirit sense, these demonic chi could silently invade his sea of consciousness and almost made him lose himself on this bridge. No wonder Shan BIngfeng said that stepping on this, your three lifetimes would all be gone.

Ye Mo released a ball of flame burning these demonic chi and then threw out a surveillance formation.

Ye Mo saw from it clearly that the bridge was still there, there was no cracks nor endless bones.

Such a powerful illusion and demonic chi, Ye Mo exclaimed. He took a leaf from bitter bamboo and placed it in his mouth before appearing on the bridge again.

Immediately, the countless demonic chi and illusion came over again and the stone bridge beneath him seemed to be cracking again.

This time Ye Mo was prepared, he released mist lotus heart fire while using Three Birth Chant.

As soon as Heaven Flame Nine Suns was released, a blue sun hung in the sky. Instantly, countless shadows appeared under it.

Even Ye Mo had gooseb.u.mps watching this. this was the first time he had seen so many evil spirits gathered together. Some were even near his back but he didn't notice due to the disruptions from the demonic chi and illusion.

Ye Mo took a cold breath in. if all these evil spirits left the three birth bridge and even the demon prison forbidden grounds, then…

Ye Mo didn't dare to keep thinking. If that really happened, South Peace State would be over. He even saw a few dark red shadows amongst the evil spirits and frowned. His Heaven Flame Nine Suns didn't seem to have adequate power against them.

But even so, Ye Mo couldn't care that much. No matter how much Heaven Flame Nine Suns used up his spirit sense Ye Mo kept inserting cultivation essence and spirit sense into the mist lotus heart fire.

With this, the blue sun exploded terrifying blue rays covering the entire bridge. Countless evil spirits made a terrifying sharp scream before being disintegrated.

However, Ye Mo felt strange that despite knowing they would die those evil spirits still came flying to the Heaven Flame Nine Suns. Even the dark red evil spirit didn't dare to run away.

Seeing this, Ye Mo breathed easy and used more cultivation essence and spirit sense.

The dark red evil spirit was powerful and fast but if they didn't run in time, they would still be disintegrated under the Heaven Flame Nine Suns.

Just then, Ye Mo noticed that below the bridge was a river of bones, this river was much much bigger than the bone river before.

Ye Mo scanned with spirit sense and soon found there was another branch upper stream. The bone river he saw before was probably the branch and this river beneath the bridge was the main river.

Seeing countless evil spirits getting purged by the Heaven Flame Nine Suns, Ye Mo felt great. He took out two spirit recovery pills and ate it. in all of his moves, Heaven Flame Nine Suns had the greatest toll on spirit sense. only he could use such cultivation method, other people wouldn't be able to last very long using it. Ye Mo decided to use the spirit nouris.h.i.+ng well to nourish his spirit sense. only when his spirit sense grew more powerful would his power increase too.

As Ye Mo ate the two pills, the Heaven Flame Nine Suns exploded out even deeper blue color.

At this moment, Ye Mo suddenly felt his spirit sense drain up. The Heaven Flame Nine Suns devoured his spirit sense that he just recovered clean and before he could react, he felt the sun emit and glaring blue ray. Moments later, a second sun was born in the blue light.

Ye Mo rejoiced, he didn't cultivate the second sun, Heaven Flame Nine Suns gave birth to it itself. His Heaven Flame Nine Suns upgraded.

According to Ye Mo's understanding, if his mist lotus heart fire didn't reach purple, the power of Heaven Flame Nine Suns won't increase much even if he had two suns. But now that the second sun appeared, he knew he was greatly wrong.

The second sun that appeared itself was much more powerful than the sun he cultivated. Ye Mo quickly ate a few more spirit recovery pills and barely stabilized the two suns with a pale face. One was eye piercing blue and another was dazy red.

When he calmed down, he realized that the countless demonic chi and evil spirits all disappeared. They were completely disintegrated by Heaven Flame Nine Suns.

Ye Mo put away the Heaven Flame Nine Suns sighed. No one dared to step foot on the three birth bridge since antiquity but now, he was standing here unaffected.

The countless bones had disappeared and the evil spirits and demonic chi were also gone.

The three birth bridge was so so.

But other than him, who would have the golden page world, bitter bamboo and Heaven Flame Nine Suns?

The only thing Ye Mo didn't understand was why did these evil spirits not escape and instead came rus.h.i.+ng at the Heaven Flame Nine Suns?

The only explanation was that someone set the bridge, not allowing cultivators to pa.s.s. Or perhaps the powerful being didn't expect there would be someone like Ye Mo in this world.

Ye Mo walked across the bridge, it was just like an ordinary bridge now.

On the other side, Ye Mo saw a hill that was like a grave. The hill was dark and Ye Mo couldn't scan his spirit sense in.

Ye Mo flung out a lightning casually. The seal was clearly weak and was completely destroyed.

After opening, there was a skeleton inside. Who would be this bored, sealing a skeleton?

After looking at this skeleton, Ye Mo felt his skin crawl. It had been dead for countless years but there was still a rotting smell and there were countless insects crawling around.

Ye Mo stared at the bugs and suddenly felt he had seen the bones somewhere before.

Fire eating bugs? Ye Mo just thought of this name and he haeard a laughter.

Ye Mo was shook and retreated a few steps as he found the one laughing was the skeleton.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1432 - Walking On The Three Birth Bridge

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