Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1441 - I’m level nine pill king

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Chapter 1441: I’m level nine pill king

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As Ye Mo’s second sun was released, the range of the blue sun instantly increased while the red sun shone at places the blue sun didn’t s.h.i.+ne.

In just a few seconds, the hundreds of cultivators who just came and the countless shadows were all covered by Ye Mo’s suns.

The evil spirits quickly melted and dissipated. Even from afar the cultivators could hear the sizzling sound.

The evil spirits who already possessed cultivators were also melted by Ye Mo’s suns in a short time. Not a single cultivator was harmed by the blue rays.

The countless evil spirits hunting these few hundred cultivators were all completely annihilated by Ye Mo in less than half a minute. Even Shan Bingfeng who knew Ye Mo’s power was quite shaken by this. she had been with Ye Mo since he annihilated Lightning Cloud Sect but she never knew Ye Mo had such means. From this, it was obvious that he had more tricks in his sleeve. Cultivators who experienced annihilation divine d.a.m.nation were indeed immeasurable.

“brother Ye, your sun is too powerful.” Silver moon pill king exclaimed.

The two truth realisation state cultivators were also shook, the rest of the cultivators were more shook. No wonder Ye Mo could annihilate Infinity Sect and Lightning Cloud Sect.

Ye Mo put away the blue sun and just let the red sun hang above their heads. The blue sun was powerful but it was too taxing on spirit sense.

After eating a spirit recovery pill, Ye Mo just wanted to ask silver moon pill king if he found the heaven demon mushroom and he saw Jing Yingmeng run over in surprise and joy “sister, I haven’t seen you for a few years. You’re already hollow spirit state peak stage.”

However, even Ye Mo could see the pride in her eyes. Her cultivation level had always been lower than Jing Yingli but now she finally caught up to her sister and was also hollow spirit state peak stage.

Ye Mo shook his head, Jing Yingmeng’s resources were supplied by the sect while Jing Yingli found all her own cultivation resources. The difference was huge. Seeing a disaster transformation state peak stage protect Jing Yingmeng, Ye Mo knew Jing YIngmeng’s status was much higher than Jing Yingli.

Ye Mo wanted to laugh, in a few years, you will be far behind Jing Yingmeng.

“you’re not bad, you’re also hollow spirit state peak stage too.” Jing Yingmeng said calmly. She didn’t have the join of sisters reuniting. She knew that in a while, her sister would never be able to catch up to her again.

“you always never care about anything…” Jing Yingmeng murmured and suddenly said “sister you should come back with us to Abstruse Sound sect to break through to body condensation state right?”

Jing Yingli looked at Ye Mo and said “no, I’m planning to go visit Mo Yue City and find an opportunity to break through there.”

Jing Yingmeng just seemed to see Ye Mo and quickly came up to him “huh, city lord Ye saved us just then but I didn’t even get to thank you and just talked to my sister. Thank you, city lord Ye.”

Then she paused and said “city lord Ye, welcome to visit our Abstruse Sound sect. if you go, I will take you everywhere there.”

When she spoke, the faint bodily aroma of hers pa.s.sed to Ye Mo’s nose. The tall chest of hers was already below his eyes. Ye Mo suddenly had a strong sense of disgust. This woman really knew how to act. He was clearly in front of her but she made it seem like she put everything aside for her sister.

Jing Yingli smiled and didn’t talk, she knew Ye Mo too well. Jing Yingmeng’s acts would only make Ye Mo disgusted.

“martial brother Ye, thanks for saving us.” Ling Xiaoshuang came up and said. Qing Han and Qing YI also came to greet Ye Mo.

Jing Yingmeng frowned, if Ling Xiaoshuang didn’t come, she would be talking with Ye Mo. Her tactic had caught Ye Mo’s attention.

“wan bei Xiao Fei thank city lord Ye for saving us.” An extremely young hollow spirit state middle stage also saluted with his fists to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo found that this person thanked Ye Mo from his heart, this rendered Ye Mo a good impression of him and he nodded “it’s not big deal.”

Xiao Fei was a familiar name but Ye Mo couldn’t remember it.

At this moment, a beautiful woman on par with Jing Yingmeng came over and greeted “Xiao s.h.i.+yin greet city lord Ye, thank you city lord Ye for saving us. Xiao Fei is my brother, we’re all sect members of Golden Sword sect.”

Ye Mo remembered and blurted out “I know, you’re ranked fifth of South Peace State ten beauties, Xiao s.h.i.+yin, oh your bother is Xiao Fei…”

The surrounding quietened down immediately, Xiao s.h.i.+yin’s face burst red. Her brother was more famous than her yet Ye Mo remembered her first. This meant that Ye Mo was very l.u.s.tful and like studying pretty female cultivator. No wonder his two wives were South Peace State ten beauties.

Ling Xiaoshuang looked strangely at Ye Mo. She used to think Ye Mo was l.u.s.tful but after the misunderstanding was revealed, she knew Ye Mo wasn’t l.u.s.tful.

Ye Mo looked around and knew he said the wrong thing. Xiao Fei was a prodigy too, he was ranked 1ston the golden core state trial tablets until someone else overtook him.

Xiao Fei didn’t mind, if Ye Mo didn’t know his sister was 5thof South Peace State ten beauties then it would be strange. He thanked Ye Mo and saluted with his fists to Jing Yingli “martial sister Yingli, long time no see.”

Jing Yingli nodded and didn’t say anything.

Jing Yingmeng quickly came up and said “sister, martial brother Xiao Fei never forgot about you, he always comes to our sect to ask about you.”

Xiao Fei blushed and wanted to find an explanation but he couldn’t. he proposed to Abstruse Sound Sect many years ago but Jing Yingli said you don’t deserve me and he left in shame. He felt he didn’t deserve her indeed.

Jing Yingli smiled “mhm, thank you sister, I know and martial brother Xiao is here.”

Jing Yingmeng felt boring and wanted to talk to Ye Mo when she saw Ye Mo only nod to Shan Bingfeng and then walk towards Silver Moon pill king so she could only stop there.

Ye Mo’s spirit sense noticed Guan Tian pill king’s situation. It wasn’t good, his essence chi and spirit were all depleted. He instantly sealed his soul when the demonic chi invaded so he was like a living dead now.

“silver moon qian bei, how is Guan Tian pill king?” Ye Mo was worried. Shen Guanqing helped him very much and plus, the use of a level seven pill king was immeasurable to Mo Yue City.

“demonic chi invasion, soul seal, sea of consciousness seal, luckily I found heaven demon mushroom…”

Ye Mo interrupted in surprise and joy “silver moon qian bei, you already found heaven demon mushroom?”

Ye Mo knew that this meant Shen Guanqing was pretty much healed. It could awaken Shen Guanqing and remedy the demonic chi in his soul.

Yue Qichao sighed “although I’m level eight pill king, mushroom dissolve pill is heaven grade level nine pill. I only found one heaven demon mushroom, I’m not sure if I can concoct the pill.”

Hearing this, Ye Mo laughed “silver moon qian bei don’t worry, I’m level nine pill king already. It’s not problem for me.”

“you’re already level nine pill king?” Silver Moon pill king got up abruptly and asked desperately. His voice instantly spread everywhere. At this moment, everyone knew Ye Mo was level nine pill king.

Even those cultivator who heard it already were shocked again. How long has it been since Luo Yue continent had a level nine pill king. Didn’t this mean there would only be more and more truth realisation state cultivators from now on?

At this moment, almost every cultivator was full of respect towards Ye Mo. Ye Mo saved them and now being a level nine pill king, he gave them hope. Many cultivators even dreamed of buying a truth spirit pill at Mo Yue City after reaching disaster transformation state peak stage.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1441 - I’m level nine pill king

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