Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1433 - Origin Of The Skeleton

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Chapter 1433: Origin of the skeleton

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"hahaha…" the laugh sounded more crazy and didn't even look at Ye Mo "Chu Jiuyu, I, Bug Demon, am still alive, what about you? I don't believe you can still appear before me."

The voice was like leaking wind sounding very ear piercing but Ye Mo heard it clearly.

"bug demon?" Ye Mo looked at the fire eating bugs and asked heavily "you're the fire eating bug demon that dominated Luo Yue continent 10000 years ago? Weren't you killed by Chu Jiuyu qian bei? How are you still alive?"

The fire eating bug demon used mature fire eating bugs and was invincible. He killed countless people. He had no reason to kill, he did so completely based on his mood.

"Chu Jiuyu qian bei? Just because of those words I'm going to kill you today. But before I kill you answer my questions and I can leave you a complete corpse." The laughed stopped from the skeleton.

"wait, how did you get here?" the skeleton seemed to have remembered where this was.

Ye Mo didn't answer him and silently let out shadowless "I broke your seal or you would still be laying in that coffin. I don't expect to repay me with grat.i.tude but before I answer you I want to ask you a few questions."

"hmm, a mere truth realisation state level three small thing, how dare you. Is my name not fearsome enough?" the skeleton saw Ye Mo wasn't shocked at all and was confused. His name was enough to make babies cry at night, there were countless cultivators who died to him. There was a large sum of sects he annihilated. Other than that absurd Chu Jiuyu, who didn't fear him?

Ye Mo asked "you sealed yourself right? You escaped from Chu Jiuyu qian bei and didn't dare to go out so you hid here. You were afraid of your bones being completely eroded by demonic chi so you sealed yourself."

"hmm, I underestimated you. You reached truth realisation state at such a young age and you know I sealed myself." The bug demon studied Ye Mo.

Ye Mo seemed calm on the surface but he was very shocked. He was shocked not because the bug demon was alive but how did he cross the three birth bridge.

Ye Mo said plainly "this means that if I didn't break your seal you wouldn't be able to come out at all."

The bug demon sneered "even if you don't come, I can break the seal in another hundreds. What I'm confused is, how can you cross the three birth bridge with a mere truth realisation state level three power?"

How could ordinary people cross the three birth bridge? He was forced nowhere to go by Chu Jiuyu. Luckily he had a level 12 fire eating bug. He gave up his past life and future life and rested his present life, his essence spirit in the fire eating bug. The fire eating bug died but he barely survived. The reason he was confident in going out was because he had an ancient s.p.a.ce transmission rune.

With this, Ye Mo knew his guess was right.

Seeing Ye Mo's shock, fire eating bug demon said impatiently "answer a few questions and I'll give you a complete corpse. First, has Chu Jiuyu died? Second the entrance to the demon prison forbidden grounds is sealed how did you come in and how did you cross the three birth bridge?"

Ye Mo got what he wanted and no longer had the patience to talk to this bug demon. He released Zi Xu and hacked over.

Seeing that he dind't even attack and this mere truth realisation state level three dared to attack him, the bug demon was furious. The dense clutter of fire eating bugs charged at Ye Mo.


The bug demon used his hand to stop Zi Xu.


Fire eating bug demon took a few steps back. He looked at his bones in disbelief. His hand was hacked off a piece by this truth realisation state insect's kitchen knife.

Were all the cultivators this powerful now? a mere truth realisation state level three was this powerful? What if he encountered truth realisation state tertiary stage and truth realisation state peak stage? He must quickly recover his power.

Fire eating bug demon felt his body shaking and before he could react, he felt the slowness around his body.

"domain…" Fire eating bug demon said in shock. Without hesitation, he ran his cultivation essence like crazy and his spirit sense urged the Fire eating bugs to devour Ye Mo.

The Fire eating bug sped up.

Ye Mo let shadowless bid its time on the side. He released Heaven Flame Nine Suns. He was worried the Heaven Flame Nine Suns wouldn't be able to annihilate the bugs. The bugs devoured fire and his heaven flame was also fire.

Seeing Ye Mo release flames, the Fire eating bug demon sneered but didn't talk. If his Fire eating bug were scared of fire, then they wouldn't be called Fire eating bugs.

Crack, Ye Mo's domain had cracked and the Fire eating bug demon expanded out his own domain. He cursed that his power was greatly diminished. Otherwise, how could he be scared of a truth realisation state level three?

At this moment, a blue sun hung in the air and Fire eating bug demon's wind pipe voice sounded "mist lotus heart fire, Heaven Flame Nine Suns… you got the black yellow five element print. Where did you get old man Hong's mist lotus heart fire…"

His Fire eating bug made popping sounds under the Heaven Flame Nine Suns and soon, they turned to dust.

Ye Mo breathed easy. He felt strange, these Fire eating bugs had lived for so long, why were they so weak? But then, he immediately realized what was going on. No matter how powerful they were, they would be starving to death after all these years without nourishment of fire. His Heaven Flame Nine Suns was blue sun now, how could ordinary Fire eating bugs survive under it.

But what was the black yellow five element print? Was it the basic five elements magic he got before?

Seeing all his fire eating bugs being burned by Ye Mo's heaven flame, the fire eating bug demon was very anxious. He didn't expect a random low level cultivator he encountered would be this insane. Even those his bugs had stared for countless years, he could easily annihilate a truth realisation state peak stage.

These bugs were his lifeline, losing one was unacceptable. If he recovered their power, he wouldn't be afraid of Ye Mo's heaven flame and Heaven Flame Nine Suns.

Thinking about this, the fire eating bug demon wanted to run. He didn't want to fight to death with Ye Mo here. This young truth realisation state level three cultivator was too eerie. His cultivation essence and spirit sense were extremely powerful and more scarily, his domain was on par with his. the fire eating bug demon ran his domain like crazy and used his only remaining cultivation essence to support his bugs while secretly preparing the s.p.a.ce transmission rune.

Ye Mo noticed that the fire eating bug demon seemed to want to run but he was stopped by the fire eating bugs. They didn't last but there were too many of them and with the support of the fire eating bug demon's cultivation essence, they lasted longer. Heaven Flame Nine Suns was too taxing on his spirit sense so he couldn't free himself up to attack the fire eating bug demon. He immediately called out "bug demon, did you hide a gourd and there's a lot of fire eating bugs inside?"

When he killed Infinity Sect Ming Wujian, he used fire eating bugs. Perhaps they belonged to this old guys.

However, as soon as he said this, the fire eating bug demon went crazy and charged at Ye Mo "insect, I'm going to tear you apart."

Ye Mo guessed right, the gourd belonged to the fire eating bug demon. It was his foundation for rising to the top again. However, Ming Wujian found it and used it against Ye Mo. In the end, they were all annihilated by Ye Mo.

Ye Mo wasn't afraid of the fire eating bug demon charging at him. He was afraid of this skeleton running away.

Ye Mo released Zi Xu again despite not having enough spirit sense. this was an opportunity, even if his spirit sense gets injured, he would kill this old guy. Ye Mo sighed, if he didn't waste too much spirit sense on the three birth bridge, things wouldn't be so hard now.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1433 - Origin Of The Skeleton

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