Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1460 - Endless lightning sword

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Chapter 1460: Endless lightning sword

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

He felt s.p.a.ce was missing, Ye Mo knew this was the nine headed void devouring bug’s gift, devouring s.p.a.ce. If it was nine headed, Ye Mo would ran as far away as possible but he wasn’t scared of a mere three head.

When he expanded his domain, he also let out the defensive power of G.o.d state around him.

Crack… the three mouths bit onto Ye Mo’s domain at the same time. However, this time, s.p.a.ce wasn’t devoured, it just rattled.

This was just his natural ability, it didn’t mean he was more powerful than beings who could tear open dimensions. Facing against Ye Mo’s powerful domain, it was immediately limited.

Before Hong Yixing could be shocked with Ye Mo’s domain, he stared at shadowless in shock “shadowless bug…”

More than half of his grey mist had been devoured. Shadowless was like a mist sucking machine.

But at this moment, shadowless stopped and screamed. There was an intense desire to devour from shadowless. It dashed to Ye Mo and stared at the nine headed void devouring bug that was countless times bigger than him.

It seemed very funny that a pea sized thing stared at something ten thousand times bigger than it and wanted to devour it.

But this wasn’t funny at all. Void devouring bug already saw shadowless and released the s.p.a.ce he couldn’t devour. He started to retreat and there was fear in his eyes.

The nine headed void devouring bug was fearful, shadowless hadn’t grown but so wasn’t he. It could devour s.p.a.ce but shadowless could devour it. even if it devoured shadowless first, shadowless could devour it from the inside.

Seeing shadowless about to devour the nine headed void devouring bug, Ye Mo felt disgusted and quickly called “go back to devouring the grey mist. If you eat that disgusting thin you don’t need to stay with me anymore. He had never seen something more disgusting than the nine headed void devouring bug and yet shadowless wanted to devour the nine headed void devouring bug.

( Boxno vel. co m ) There was a sliver of dissatisfaction in shadowless’s eyes and it dind’t want to retreat.

Seeing this, Ye Mo expanded his domain and Zi Xu brought a vibrant purple ray hacking at nine headed void devouring bug.

Instead of letting shadowless eat this bug, he might as well kill it.

Although the nine headed void devouring bug had three heads, it was countless times weaker than nine headed.

Crack, the nine headed void devouring bug reacted a little slow and one of its head was sliced off. Before it could leave, Ye Mo burned with fire.

The head instantly turned to dust and so did the essence spirit on it’s head.

The nine headed void devouring bug screamed and spat a grey blood mist.

“nine nine…” Hong Yixing saw this and called out in shock. He was immediately going to bring nine headed void devouring bug back. The nine headed void devouring bug had his essence spirit shards. Even he felt dizzy after Ye Mo destroyed a head.

“mist lotus heart fire…” Hong Yixing looked hatefully at Ye Mo and said word by word “so you stole the mist lotus heart fire I left at Long Grave hill. I said I’m going to eat you…”

Ye Mo stopped him in contempt “Hong, stop bluffing, I already cut a head off your disgusting bug. I want to see how many more heads I can cut off. By the way, the nine headed void devouring bug soul at South Mountain market also belongs to you right? I killed it too, I’ve cut two heads off your bug already. I want to see how many more I can cut.”

Then, Ye Mo yelled at shadowless “hurry up and finish eating, stop wasting time…”

Hong Yixing only knew now that Ye Mo killed another of his essence spirit shards. He was furious and couldn’t even be bothered talking this time. He slapped himself in the forehead and a crack opened up.

Black rays emitted from his forehead. They were rapid like lightning and instantly covered this entire s.p.a.ce.

Ye Mo had seen this before, when he killed Mo Qianli, he used the evil soul strands.

Hong Yixing’s ones were countless times stronger than Mo Qianli, the strands seemed to have its own soul.

At this moment, shadowless finished devouring the grey mist and even ate the bead. However, it didn’t charge up at the evil soul strands, it couldn’t devour that yet.

Those strands charged at Ye Mo and shadowless.

Xue Youfeng and the other cultivator saw shadowless had finished devouring the mist.

“powerful indeed….” Xue YOufeng said and quietly put away the transmission rune in his hands but as soon as he did, Hong Yixing released the evil soul strands.

“evil soul strands…” the two exclaimed at the same time.

They had never encountered this but they knew its power. Cultivating this needed countless tortured souls. It was an extremely hard demonic cultivation method. The higher the level, the higher the requirement on the soul was. Where could this young cultivator go now?

Xue YOufeng put that transmission back in his hands quietly.

Ye Mo didn’t let shadowless charge up. These old monsters who had lived for countless years were indeed powerful.

Against an opponent of the same level, Ye Mo had no habit of using defensive means. He waved his hand and lightning swords were released.


Thunder cracked in the sky, Hong Yixing heard this and looked up into the distance in shock.

Before he could react, countless lightning swords fell. Ye Mo’s spirit sense was more powerful now and the lightning swords rained densely like rain.

Countless lightning sword struck the evil soul strands.

Terrified screams sounded from the evil soul strands and they twisted and contorted before turning to dust in the black lightning swords.

it was this weak?

Ye Mo dazed and realized, his lightning sword had reached a very high level. Those evil soul strands were formed from tortured souls, they naturally feared lightning.

“lightning element….” Hong Yixing’s face changed. He didn’t expect Ye Mo was lightning spirit root and such absurd attack.

For the first time, Hong Yixing felt a little cold. He had only been out for a few days and didn’t encounter some Chu Xiaoyi but he encountered a young cultivator more absurd than Chu Xiaoyi. At this moment, he wanted to leave. Staying here would only mean he would keep getting countered by Ye Mo. If he didn’t leave quickly, he might even be killed.

“he’s actually a lightning element cultivator…” Xue YOufeng and the cultivator called out in shock.

How could Ye Mo let Hong Yixing run. He knew lightning sword countered the evil sul strands and released even more.

With this, Hong Yixing’s face looked worse. He knew that if he didn’t use his trump card, he wouldn’t get the chance to. He raised his hand and a half grey dagger appeared in his hand. He sliced through the air at Ye Mo with this.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1460 - Endless lightning sword

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