Strongest Abandoned Son 1452 North Far State Disaster

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"w.a.n.g Yue sect martial uncle Shan Di is here." Yue CHan quickly said seeing her master still wasn't recovered from the shock.

Tang Mengrao immediately knew that he probably came here because so many sects were annihilated. She couldn't even nod and quickly ran out.

When Tang Mengrao saw Shan Di, she couldn't even believe the person before her was Shan Di. He was covered in wounds and didn't even have the mood to recover his wounds. He was like a headless fly walking around in the guest hall.

"sect leader Shan, what happened?" Tang Mengrao asked immediately.

"it's nine headed void devouring bug, I saw it with my own eyes. It already has three heads. My w.a.n.g Yue sect is over, over, it was completely devoured by that b.a.s.t.a.r.d…" Shan DI said sadly.

"master, other than w.a.n.g Yue sect, Lian Qing sect, Blue Sea sect, Luo Tan Sword sect…. were all annihilated for no premonition. Gan Yuan city was also devoured…" Yue CHan whispered quietly to Tang Mengrao.

"what?" Tang Mengrao was completely dumbfounded.

Tang Mengrao looked at Shan Di and was confused. He encountered a tough guy called Yin Xu in the Heartless Sea and ran away. now, he encountered the nine headed void devouring bug but could also get away. it seemed he had quite some secrets.

"sect leader Tang, what do we do now? the nine headed void devouring bug has a master too. I don't think we're a match for him." Shan Di said.

Tang Mengrao had completely calmed down now and glanced at Yue CHan "notify everyone in the sect, we'll be sealing sect temporarily…"

"martial sister Tang…" Shan Di looked at Tang Mengrao in confusion and said "evne if you do, that can't stop the nine headed void devouring bug. Plus, I suspect the nine headed void devouring bug master is already truth realisation state peak stage. If I was a little closer to him at the time, I wouldn't even have time to activate my mobility technique. I would've died alrea."

Tang Mengrao nodded "you're right but I didn't seal sect to hide. I have to leave Jade Woman mountain or my sect would be annihilated too. The entire North Far State is in disaster."

"where can we hide…" Shan Di said and then asked "your'e going to Pei Hai city?"

"yes, other than Pei Hai city, there's no where we can hide from the nine headed void devouring bug, plus a truth realisation state peak stage cultivator." Tang Mengrao said without hesitation.

Then she added "hiding there is not a solution, only city lord Ye can deal with the nine headed void devouring bug. No one in North Far State can deal with it."

"you're going to South Peace State to notify city lord Ye?" Shan Di asked.

Tang Mengrao nodded "I must go, luckily the qian bei in South Peace State are prepared and set up a teleportation formation at Pei Hai city. Although there's some problems with it, it should be enough to transport me to South Peace State."

Shan DI fell silent and nodded "okay, I received the heritage of old man Kong Ye. Even if my sect is annihilated, I need to offer my strength for North Far State. go South Peace State, I will try my best to protect Pei Hai city."

Tang Mengrao nodded "Pei Hai city is different. Even if that cultivator is truth realisation state peak stage and has a nine headed void devouring bug he might not be able to break in. Pei Hai has consective level nine defense formation and attack formation. By the time he breaks in, I would be back with Ye Mo from South Peace State."

In the West Extreme State sand b.i.t.c.h, Ye Mo kept spirit controlling Blue Like Morning Sky. The temperature outside it gradually lowered and the blue color dimmed. Eventually, there was only the baked stones outside.

The instant he was about to spirit control Blue Like Morning Sky, the blue color he had spirit controlled suddenly exploded forming a vibrant blue around Ye Mo and this blue shot into the sky.

But Ye Mo was completely mesmerized by the Blue Like Morning Sky in his hands, he didn't notice the blue color at all.

Ye Mo reached out his hand and a flower like yellow flame appeared in his hand. This was the Blue Like Morning Sky, it was like a young girl that was about to married and jumped around happily in his hand.

This trip was too worth, Ye Mo exclaimed. If he didn't come here, this Blue Like Morning Sky definitely wouldn't be his. If one wanted results, one had to go try.

His mist lotus heart fire was powerful but compmared to some more powerful heaven flame, it was a little lacking. Blue Like Morning Sky was different, it was a truly powerful heaven flame.

The instant Ye Mo took control of Blue Like Morning Sky, the blue layer completely shot out but Ye Mo was immersed in his joy that he didn't notice.

All the cultivators in sand river were looking at the blue color in shock. Some experienced cultivators shouted out in shock "Blue Like Morning Sky has come to the world…"

It's said that when Blue Like Morning Sky comes to the world, the entire cultivation realm would be blue. This was a little exaggerated but now, the huge sand river was completely covered in this blue color.

Almost instantly, everyone realized what was going on. There was only one possibility, blue sand ditch.

At that moment, countless cultivators swarmed towards the blue sand ditch. They wouldn't be able to get Blue Like Morning Sky but there was countless blue sand ores around it. that was top grade forgery materials. It was better to collect that than searching for those immortal crystals shards.

"Blue Like Morning Sky…" Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ looked at the direction of the blue sand ditch in shock. He long knew it was Blue Like Morning Sky there but even with his truth realisation state peak stage power he couldn't get near there. Now that the sky was blue, it only meant that someone took Blue Like Morning Sky. Xie Zhengs.h.i.+ charged voer like crazy.

The reason he stayed here and didn't immortal ascension was mostly due to him wanting to take Blue Like Morning Sky.

Ye Mo sat outside the blue sand ditch, he even took the meteor that bore the Blue Like Morning Sky. He felt it was no simple thing.

At this moment, the blue color had receded. Ye Mo was pondering if he should get some more spirit herbs from Jiao Huanzhen when multiple dashling lights came.

Ye Mo immediately realized that him taking Blue Like Morning Sky was known by everyone. Although he didn't fear anyone, he didn't want everyone to know about Blue Like Morning Sky. So he released Blue Moon and disappeared.

As soon as Ye Mo left, a few cultivators came around ehre. They immediately knew Blue Like Morning Sky was taken away otherwise the temperature wouldn't be this normal.

But soon, they put that aside and joined the frenzy collecting blue sand ores.

By the time Xie Zheng s.h.i.+ got here, even the sand stones were taken clean.

At the entrance to demon lands, Li Changtian didn't leave. Quan Lan, Mu Feihuan and Wei Lanfeng didn't leave as well.

They asked the five cultivators and knew Ye Mo came from the demon lands. As the West Extreme State masters, they really want to know what's going on inside there but no one can go in and come back out alive.

Now that Ye Mo came from inside there, they could only ask Ye Mo. They didn't know where to find Ye Mo so they might as well wait for Ye Mo here.

When the blue light shone over the entire sand river, these people immediately knew that Ye Mo came to take Blue Like Morning Sky.

There was a bitter smile on their face, Blue Like Morning Sky belonged to the West Extreme State but Ye Mo took it away. when they saw Ye Mo later, they wouldn't even be able to ask.

Thus, none of them spoke and acted dumb.

Ye Mo's Blue Moon was astoundingly fast. In one day's time he came back to the demon lands entrance.

"what are you guys doing here?" he was confused. Even if they joined forces, he could easily kill them all.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1452 North Far State Disaster

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