Strongest Abandoned Son 1459 Encounter Hong Yixing

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Ye Mo asked directly "do you know where Hong Yixing took that disgusting bug to?"

Xue Youfeng quickly answered "I know he went to Long Grave hill and roared for a while and then annihilated w.a.n.g Yue sect before heading south."

"w.a.n.g Yue sect is annihilated too?" Ye Mo was shook and immediately thought of Pei Hai city. This guy didn't go there right.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to leave, Xue Youfeng said "yes, I'm been keeping watch of him. He said at Long Grave hill, he was going to eat alive whoever dared to take his mist lotus heart fire…"

"Hong Yixing put the mist lotus heart fire there?" Ye Mo asked in surprise. When he took the mist lotus heart fire, he guessed someone had put it there. He realized what the fire eating bug demon meant when he said old man Hong, it was Hong Yixing.

With this, Xue Youfeng immediately knew that Ye Mo took it.

Ye Mo was very desperate thinking about Pei Hai city. He released Blue Moon and just wanted to head there when he suddenly asked "is Hong Yixing a guy who wears a grey rob and has a pale face?"

Xue Youfeng's spirit sense also scanned Hong Yixing who was a few thousand km away and immediately said "that's right, it's him."

Hong Yixing seemed to be hunting a cultivator. That cultivator's speed was on par with Hong Yixing. Ye Mo released Blue Moon and headed over without hesitation. He also felt strange, there was actually someone who could escape from Hong Yixing in North Far State.

Seeing Ye Mo chase over, Xue Youfeng licked his lips "there's a good show to watch…"

After Ye Mo refined Blue Moon again, it's speed had surpa.s.sed half immortal artefact. Ye Mo quickly pulled close to them.

Both Hong Yixing and the one being chased felt Ye Mo's presence and scanned their spirit sense over.

Hong Yixing was furious. It had always been him who chased people who dared to chase him. He didn't believe Ye Mo was a friend, he never had friends, only enemies.

If it was some ordinary person, he would've sent his nine headed void devouring bug to finish things up but Ye Mo's speed was extremely fast and he was truth realisation state tertiary stage. He didn't want his nine headed void devouring bug to risk it.

But seeing Ye Mo's magic artefact to be beyond half immortal artefact, he was immediately touched.

He gave up chasing that cultivator and stopped to wait for Ye Mo. Seeing this, the cultivator didn't keep running and watched here too.

Not running from this cruel Hong Yixing, Ye Mo approved of this cultivator. However, this cultivator saw he was standing off with Hong Yixing and came closer instead.

Xue Youfeng who followed also came here. He called out from a distance "old demon Hong, long time nos ee."

"Xue Youfeng, I was troubled not being able to find you. You've got b.a.l.l.s to appear before me. do you think Chu Xiaoyi would still be here?" Hong Yixing said furiously.

He really wasn't afraid of Chu Xiaoyi appearing here. He was only sealed because he was not careful before.

Xue Youfeng sneered "I sealed you for 10000 years, how can I be scared of a guy who relies on his bug pft!"

"haha, so you sealed this b.a.s.t.a.r.d, satisfying." The cultivator who was chased before sneered too.

Hong Yixing was extremely furious "sealed by you? Do you have a face or not? A petty b.a.s.t.a.r.d barely surviving with his essence spirit for countless years in a small temple has the face to say he sealed me. I'll let you be pet food for nine nine…"

Then, Hong Yixing waved and a three headed nine headed void devouring bug instantly appeared by his side.

Xue Youfeng knew he was a far cry from Hong Yixing so he retreated again now that Hong Yixing attacked.

"die…" Hong Yixing punched his fist at Ye Mo, he didn't even use his nine headed void devouring bug.

This was the first time Ye Mo had seen someone attack him with a fist. It was normal sized when Hong Yixing first punched but in the blink of an eye, it was the size of a bucket. When it was above Ye Mo's head, it was a huge metal hammer that was 10 meters wide.

Xue Youfeng and that cultivator retreated quickly.

Hong Yixing was on par with Chu Xiaoyi, Ye Mo wasn't scared of him but wouldn't underestimate him. His cultivation essence burst out into Zi Xu forming a purple ray hacking at Hong Yixing's fist.

Crack, this sound made Ye Mo think Zi Xu didn't hack a fist but a magic artefact tougher than his Zi Xu.

Hong Yixing and Ye Mo flew back at the same time. Ye Mo's cultivation essence rustled, he was shook, Hong Yixing's cultivation essence was on par with him.

But Hong Yixing was more shocked than Ye Mo. With his dense cultivation essence, he wasn't even scared of a hollow immortal. The only thing was that his cultivation essence couldn't compare with immortal essence. he didn't expect the invincible cultivation essence he had from a lucky fortune didn't get any advantage with Ye Mo. He even suffered a little.

Hong Yixing looked at the blood gash on his fist and suddenly released a grey bead. He used multiple spells and this bead like his fist instantly expanded.


Countless grey mist spurred out instantly covering the surround area.

Xue YOufeng and the other cultivator retreated quickly. Even a truth realisation state cultivator was dead for certain against such terrifying corrosive mist. The two looked at each other and clearly were ready to run. They would run as soon as Hong Yixing killed Ye Mo.

"who is this guy, he seems very powerful but why did he get devoured by that grey mist immediately? Even I can't get away from that mist, he's dead for sure." The running cultivator asked Xue Youfeng.

Xue Youfeng sighed "a guy, I thought he was powerful and scared me quite a lot. But he doesn't seem to be able to withstand a hit."

Then, he looked at the cultivator and said "brother you're not bad too, you were hunted by old demon Hong for so long and yet you decided to stay and watch the show like me."

Seeing Xue Youfeng patronize him, the cultivator sneered "if it wasn't for that b.a.s.t.a.r.d's nine headed void devouring bug how can I be afraid of him?"

"don't bull s.h.i.+t." Xue Youfeng said in contempt "can you stop his bead? Lil brother, get ready to run."

XUe Youfeng took out a transmission rune.

There were the subtle screams of countless souls in the grey mist. These grey mists not only had the powerful effect of devouring essence spirit but had a greater corrosive effect.

But Ye Mo wasn't scared, his essence spirit was very stable, he didn't even fear the demon prison three birth bridge, how could he be scared of this? as for the corrosion, he had already s.h.i.+elded himself with his powerful domain. even if he didn't, it wouldn't be able to do anything to him.

He was a G.o.d state body refinement cultivator. Ye Mo called out shadowless without hesitation.

These things were top grade nourishment for shadowless, he couldn't waste it.

Seeing Ye Mo get devoured by the mist, Hong Yixing sneered " wan bei, letting you die like that is too easy on you, devour…."

Nine headed void devouring bug was tired of waiting and charged at Ye Mo like crazy with Hong Yixing's order.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1459 Encounter Hong Yixing

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