Strongest Abandoned Son 1462 Absurd Sapling

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Blue Moon was very fast and in a short while, he was at a barren mountain. He didn't even check where this was and he went into the golden page world to recover.

Despite using the Three Birth Chant, the wound wasn't healing and was instead getting worse.

"so powerful." Ye Mo at a few pills and said in shock. He was truth realisation state and a G.o.d state body refinement, his main cultivation method was the Three Birth Chant and yet his wound couldn't heal.

Ye Mo sat by the bitter bamboo eating pills but he still felt the wound healed very slowly. It was as though if he didn't tend to it, it would worsen again. The pain from the wound was unbearable. It was as though each time it hurt, a part of his soul would be grinded away.

"just what is this?" Ye Mo truly realized the terror of this wound.

He picked up that sword tip but he couldn't scan his spirit sense in.

Ye Mo put the sword tip down again, he had decided to heal his wound first. It was slow but it would eventually heal.

With this, Ye Mo started using the Three Birth Chant to recover but after six days Ye Mo found that his wound only closed a third. It was getting slower and slower as well.

Ye Mo got up anxiously. He felt that even if he forcefully closed the wound, if he didn't understand the cause, this wound would still be a huge problem.

Shadowless seemed to know Ye Mo was annoyed and flew to the side. When Ye Mo was near the bitter bamboo, it flew to the spirit herb herb garden. When Ye Mo walked over there, it flew back to the bitter bamboo. Clearly, it was scared of Ye Mo.

Ye Mo didn't mind and when he walked to the spirit herb garden he suddenly stopped. He felt his wound seemed to be healing here.

What was going on? Was there a certain place in the golden page world that could heal wounds?

Ye Mo closed his eyes and felt that indeed the wound healed faster here. That satisfying feeling, it wasn't as simple as healing wound but even his essence spirit and spirit sense was being nourished. He had this inexplicable sense of enlightenment.

Ye Mo started to move slowly, he wanted to know which position in his golden page world was the best for healing.

15 minutes later, Ye Mo saw the wound that easily healed by half and exclaimed. It was here, there seemed to be a life force here that rapidly closed his wound.

Just when Ye Mo was planning to heal his wounds altogether. He saw the small sapling underneath him. It was just 10 cms tall but there was this indescribable life force emitting from it. Ye Mo felt he didn't need to do anything and his wounds were closing rapidly.

Ye Mo realized that his wounds were healing because of this small sapling.

It was the sapling with chaos chi he got from the Abyssal river. In just half an hour, his wounds completely healed and a black chi was dispelled from the wound.

Ye Mo didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Ye Mo touched the spot and it was extremely smooth.

"this is good." Ye Mo looked at the sapling with great bliss. Chaos items were indeed not simple. He completely forgot about it after throwing it next to the spirit herb garden.

This wasn't where it should stay, there was about tens of thousands of km of area in the golden page world. he found a special place for the sapling and moved it over. He buried ten extreme grade spirit range below it. if it wasn't that immortal crystals were too valuable Ye Mo even wanted to bury some there.

This was only a sapling now and it was this powerful, what if it grew into a tree?

But Ye Mo didn't know what this tree was. Thing had a complete guide to things but there was no guide to this tree.

Ye Mo was in a good mood. He sat down and started to study the sword tip.

Ye Mo removed the restriction and the sword tip jumped around in his hands although wanting to leave.

Ye Mo tried to spirit control this sword tip but found it was very hard. His spirit sense couldn't extend into this sword tip.

When Ye Mo forcefully sent his spirit sense into the sword tip, an ancient chi came. Before Ye Mo could look at it closely, a chaotic slaughtering chi came. The two chi mixed together made Ye Mo's head ache.

Especially that slaughtering chi, it was as though this sword tip killed countless cultivators and devoured countless cultivator soul and blood. It still had a strong blood l.u.s.t and was sending murderous thoughts into Ye Mo's brain.

Ye Mo quickly took back his spirit sense and forced these thoughts out. He was shook. Just what was this?

Another three days later, Ye Mo finally found out how Hong Yixing controlled this sword tip. He placed a shard of his essence spirit in there. It was hard for other cultivators but very easy for Hong Yixing who often does this.

Ye Mo didn't use that way, he felt it wasn't safe. This sword tip was like a time bomb. Perhaps Hong Yixing's desire for slaughter was due to this sword tip.

But Ye Mo felt it was a waste to not use such a powerful weapon. Luckily Ye Mo had his own way. He had purple eye soul sever. He didn't sever his essence spirit but he placed some spirit sense on the sword tip. If necessary he could use it to attack someone like Hong Yixing but it would be much more powerful in his hands as his spirit sense was far stronger than Hong Yixing.

Ye Mo left the golden page world and realized this was Mu mountain, when he first came to Luo Yue continent he came here.

Now, he had established his own city in South Peace State, been to North Far State countless times. He even went to West Extreme State twice but only his birth place, East Black State he still haven't been there.

Thinking about the places he had been there and his master Luo Ying and how she was his wife now, there was a grin on Ye Mo's mouth. Then, he thought of Jing Kun he still hadn't killed.

"perhaps I should take Susu back to East Black State." Ye Mo murmured.

Ye Mo didn't leave as he saw a familiar person running over. It was Cheng Yejun, the only pill king who was golden core state.

His pill concoction talent was absurdly strong but his power was too weak. When he was foundation establishment state, Cheng Yejun was golden core state. now that he was truth realisation state, Cheng Yejun stayed the same.

He was a good person. After the pill concoction hall of fame tournament, he even came up to him to discuss pill concoction experience. But Ye Mo knew that Cheng Yejun came with the intent to teach him things.

"hmm, Ye Mo why are you here?" Cheng Yejun then immediately said "great that you're here."

"what happened?" Ye Mo asked in confusion, he didn't see anyone hunting Cheng Yejun.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1462 Absurd Sapling

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