Strongest Abandoned Son 1525 Favor Of Ge Yan Goddess

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The two city guards at the gates were actually golden immortal tertiary stage. But they seemed really amicable and looked at Li Heng and them's jade card and let them in.

Ye Mo just realized he didn't have a jade card so he couldn't go in.

Gao Yuan realized that Ye Mo didn't have one so she quickly said " Ye Mo it's your first time here. You need to apply for a jade card. You can do it with the immortal guards. It's 500 low grade immortal crystals for one year and 2000 for ten years. If you have immortal crystals ten years is rather reasonable."

Ye Mo dazed and after a moment he said "but I only have 21 immortal crystals…"

They were the ones he dind't use in his golden page world.

Hearing this, the three glanced at each other. They really didn't expect Ye Mo was this poor. Even the worst hollow immortal would have more than 21 immortal crystals after ascending for more than ten years. Even the two immortal guards were speechless.

21 immortal crystals wasn't much but 500 wasn't small. Even Li Heng and them were troubled. They saw Ye Mo for the first time and had quite a good convo but it was hard for them to lend 500 low grade immortal crystals to someone they met for the firs ttime.

Ye Mo instantly realized this and didn't like to trouble others. He saluted with his fists "I know the position of Bi Yi immortal city so I won't go in for now. I'll come meet up with you guys once I have enough immortal crystals."

Gao Yuan just wanted to lend Ye Mo 500 low grade immortal crystals when they saw a vibrant rainbow das.h.i.+ng light land at the city gates.

Ye Mo could tell that this was at least a top grade immortal artefact.

That top grade flying immortal artefact just landed and two female cultivator walked out of it. they were both extremely pretty. The one walking ahead weaved her hair into a b.u.t.terfly shape. She wore a yellow flowery dress show casing her extremely slim figure with a royal look. The female cultivator next to her wore a pink dress and was extremely aesthetically pleasing but her status was probably lower.

The pink dressed girl was already golden immortal power and Ye Mo guessed that the flowery dressed female cultivator was beyond golden immortal.

The two city guards immediately saw the two and came up to bow "greet Ge Yan G.o.ddess."

Ge Yan G.o.ddess nodded and then another two flying magic artefact landed. Ye Mo couldn't see their power level at all.

Ye Mo knew this wasn't because he wasn't able to but he didn't completely understand the cultivation system of the immortal realm. but he guessed they were probably her bodyguards.

Li Heng and them were clearly worried. Gao Yuan pulled Ye Mo and said "I'll lend you 500 low grade immortal crystals, get a jade card and let's quickly go…"

"Yuan Yuan wait, the two immortal guards haven't come over yet." Gao Hu was scared his sister would offend the city guards.

"what's going on?" the pink dressed female cultivator looked at the four in confusion. usually people would move aside to let Ge Yan G.o.ddess go in.

The two immortal guards were a little worried. Then, they saw a few cultivators come out from the city, they were clearly here to greet Ge Yan G.o.ddess. If they messed things up they would lose their jobs.

One immortal guard said desperately "one of the four can't go in because he doesn't have jade card. He only has 21 low grade immortal crystals so he can't afford a jade card. He was about to leave but Ge Yan G.o.ddess arrived, we'll lead them away immediately."

Ge Yan nodded and looked at Ye Mo. Clearly he was a newly ascended cultivator. His cultivation essence wasn't even completely converted yet. She smiled and took out five top grade immortal crystals and gave it to the guards "I'll pay for his jade card for him."

Before Ye Mo could thank her, Ge Yan took her two guards and red dressed female cultivator into the city. The two guards stood there dazily uncertain as to why Ge Yan G.o.ddess would help a newly ascended cultivator pay.

"Bi Yi immortal city Xiang Xingxian greet Ge Yan G.o.ddess.."

"He Congyin greet…"

As Ge Yan G.o.ddess went into the immortal city, the immortals who came to greet her had come to the city door.

Tens of Bi Yi immortal city powerful figures hustled around Ge Yan G.o.ddess as she went into the city. Ye Mo didn't even get an opportunity to thank her.

"you're really lucky you could get Ge Yan G.o.ddess to help you…" the immortal guard took out a jade card and asked "what's your name?"

"Ye Mo." Ye Mo knew he was really lucky indeed.

The immortal guard soon gave the inscribed jade card to Ye Mo "go inside, remember to thank her."

Ye Mo took the jade card speechlessly. To be honest, he really didn't want to owe her a favor. He would rather ask Gao Yuan to borrow 500. But this was nothing to Ge Yan G.o.ddess. Ye Mo felt this favor was hard to return. It would be a miracle he would be able to see Ge Yan G.o.ddess for 500 low grade immortal crystals.

The group went inside the city and Ye Mo cast those thoughts aside. The immortal spirit chi here was more than ten times better than outside the city. He felt that with the immortal spirit chi here 500 immortal crystals a year really wasn't much.

"Ye Mo you're really lucky. Even Ge Yan G.o.ddess helped you pay. If there was a lot of people at the city gates, you would be famous." Gao Yuan joked.

Ye Mo culd only laugh.

Bi Yi immortal city was enormous. Even the largest cultivation city in the South Peace State South Peace City was a far cry from here.

As they walked more towards the border, the immortal spirit chi lessened. Ye Mo just realized now that there were only certain places with good immortal spirit chi.

Half an hour later they came to a place with even less immortal spirit chi. Li heng pointed at the row of short cultivation homes and said "you can rent the cultivation home here. D 23 to 27 is where we rent. It's Mi Qin who lived at 23 but he died two months ago in the Lao Xi swamp. You can stay in his place for now."

Li Heng took out a jade card and gave it to Ye Mo "this is the jade card to open the cultivation home. We're going to rest first you should too. There's still a few days before she would invite the cultivators of the entire city. We'll come tell you."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

'thank you brother Li." Ye Mo thanked. He knew that he didn't have to pay immortal crystals for the palce he stayed but he should still give some immortal crystals to them later. Plus Li Heng didn't say he could live for free as well.

Ye Mo realized that although the city looked very grand on the outside, there were still slums here too.

The room Ye Mo had only had slightly better immortal spirit chi than outside. The cultivation home was very simple too, there was only a main cultivation room and a side room. this room was probably for pill concoction and feeding spirit beasts.

Ye Mo didn't cultivate here, cultivating here was a torture. He was just a hollow immortal but the immortal spirit chi he needed was on a different level.

Ye Mo didn't know the later cultivation states too so he left the cultivation home and went out around.

Although his Three Birth Chant would automatically create the next level of cultivation method for him after he reaches hollow immortal peak stage, he still wanted to know.

He needed to know that at what power level would cultivators have some specific traits or immortal essence signatures. Otherwise the next time he encounters an opponent he wouldn't even know their cultivation state.

Little did Ye Mo knew that a normal immortal ascension cultivator would automatically know the cultivation states of the immortal realm after ascending to the immortal realm but Ye Mo didn't have that imprinted in his brain.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1525 Favor Of Ge Yan Goddess

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