Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1533 - Strange young girl

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Chapter 1533: Strange young girl

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

They didn’t mind Ye Mo taking the pill concoction jade slips.

Li Heng even said generously “since brother Ye likes pill concoction you can have this middle grade immortal artefact pill cauldron.”

Ye Mo took it without hesitation and then took another 5k top grade immortal crystals before saying “this enough for me you guys can have the rest.”

Ye Mo took this much to a.s.sure them. If he took too little they would feel scared. Most importantly, Ye Mo felt he needed top grade immortal crystals for cultivation. The time formation disk needed it too.

Li heng didn’t think Ye Mo took much and instead really breathed easy. After all, there were three immortal artefacts here and Ye Mo didn’t touch a single one. Ye Mo at most took a quarter of the total value here.

The rest were very happy with what they got. Ye Mo’s generosity made Li Heng and them approve of him greatly. The two storage ring were low grade immortal artefact but Ye Mo didn’t take it as well.

“brother Ye we’re planning to go back to the city for solitary cultivation are you going back too?” Li Heng didn’t have any vigilance towards Ye Mo now. if Ye Mo was going to kill them he wouldn’t let them come out of the ruin.

If Ye Mo could go back with them and form squad to come here again they wouldn’t be afraid of other hollow immortal cultivators.

Ye Mo saluted with his fists “thanks for your help, I don’t plan to go back for now. we can meet again in the future.”

Seeing Ye Mo disappear into the depth of the swamp on Blue Moon, Li Heng sighed “this brother Ye is really a legend, I’ve never seen someone with such a righteous heart. Brother Ye would definitely become someone we look up to in the future. Yet I cared about a mere 500 low grade immortal crystals…”

Gao Yuan comforted “Li Heng brother you’re a righteous person too. I trust your future wouldn’t be far from Ye Mo.”

“haha…” LI Heng laughed “that’s right as long as we keep working hard who knows what level we can reach. Let’s go back to the Bi Yi immortal city for solitary cultivation.”

Gao siblings knew that Li Heng was going to try to break through to golden immortal. They were going for hollow immortal tertiary stage too.

Moments later the three disappeared here too.

Five days later, Ye Mo had changed a direction and left the swamp. He felt that place wasn’t a place to stay. He needed to find a safe place to convert all of his cultivation essence to immortal essence but his power was too low and his flying magic artefact was so so. Otherwise, he would’ve even wanted to leave Wen Ju heaven.

Putting Blue Moon at max speed, Ye Mo was far from Bi Yi immortal city now. only then did he slow down Blue Moon.

He got out of Blue Moon and stopped as he saw a market place. it was very busy and there were all sorts of spirit herb. there were no restriction and not even a sign outside. Clearly this hadn’t been around for long.

Ye Mo didn’t plan to stay here but when he saw a few soul return fruits he came in without hesitation.

“how much for these soul return fruits?” Ye Mo asked desperately. He had searched countless places for this but had never seen it.

They were the main ingredients for soul nurturing pill. Ye Mo planned to use it to save Nie Shuangshuang.

“500 low grade immortal crystals, you can have it all…” the stall owner knew Ye Mo was desperate and made an exorbitant offer.

Ye Mo knew he was too desperate. He had some immortal crystals but he didn’t want to waste it like that. He frowned “it’s just a few spirit herbs, why is it so expensive?”

The stall owner looked at Ye Mo in contempt “spirit herb? that would depend what spirit herb it is. If you can give me a 9 color lotus or Immortal Curl Flower I would give you 1000 immortal crystals. Plus soul return fruit can be used to concoct soul nurturing pill and might save a dying life. is a life worth money?”

Ye Mo knew these three fruits wasn’t worth this price but he had no choice as this guy had seen his desperate look.

Sighing, Ye Mo took out 300 immortal crystals and said “deal or no deal?”

“of course deal.” The cultivator took 300 immortal crystals and gave the fruits to Ye Mo in a jade box.

Ye Mo rubbed his nose. He knew he was scammed but even if the guy held the price of 500 immortal crystals he would still probably buy it.

“idiot, you lost big. These fruits are at most worth tens of low grade immortal crystals but you gave him a few hundred.” A crisp voice said behind Ye Mo.

Ye Mo turned back and saw a 16 year old young girl. She had a horse tail braid and seemed very youthful. Her face was rudy and the two buns in front of her chest didn’t seem to be small.

What shook him was that this young girl was stronger than him, hollow immortal tertiary stage.

Ye Mo smiled “thank you martial sister, I’ll know for next time.”

Ye Mo was about to leave but the young girl stopped him “don’t go yet, did you buy them to concoct the soul nurturing pill?”

Ye Mo nodded “yea a friend died for a few decades trying to save me.”

The girl sneered “idiot, if the soul nurturing pill could save someone who had been dead for a few decades then even if you sold your life you wouldn’t be able to afford it.”

Ye Mo dazed and agreed. If it had such effect why was it worth so little?

Seeing Ye Mo in a daze, the girl shook her head “let me tell you. The main effect of the soul nurturing pill is for cultivators who just died and their essence spirit hadn’t dissipated. It can strengthen a cultivator’s essence spirit and revive them. In the cultivation realm this is indeed very powerful but it can only be useful for cultivators below hollow I’m saying you got tricked.”

Ye Mo dazed for a while before sighing “thank you for enlightening me martial sister, my friend’s power is low I still want to try.”

The girl put her hands on her waist and said “are you calling me martial sister because I seem very old? ”

Ye Mo was lost for words. He thought who knows how old you are? I can’t tell but I feel you’re not young.

Seeing this the girl said happily “I’ll tell you, if you really have such friend don’t even think about saving him with the soul nurturing pill. but my martial sister can save her, she’s already status immortal.”

Ye Mo shook his head. Of course he wouldn’t believe her words, this young girl was hollow immortal how could her martial sister be status immortal?

Seeing Ye Mo seemingly annoyed she was blocking his way, she suddenly laughed “you can tell my power is much much higher than yours right? Even with my power I’m still weaker than my martial sister so I wouldn’t lie to you.”

Ye Mo smiled, a mere hollow immortal tertiary stage and she thinks she’s much stronger than him? If they fought he would be able to instantly kill her.

Ye Mo ignored the girl and was about to leave on Blue Moon but when his spirit sense scanned this girl again, his eyelids jumped. Her power jumped to great eternity immortal level.

“no way, you can really see my power level?” the girl stared at Ye Mo like he was a ghost.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1533 - Strange young girl

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