Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1539 - Can only stay in the corner

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Chapter 1539: Can only stay in the corner

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Hearing this Yi Teng dazed and smiled “pill master Ye you must’ve been tricked by that fat man. There’s no immortal s.h.i.+p direct to the Black Weed forest you can only go to Wan Jiao town and then take another immortal s.h.i.+p to Black Weed forest.”

“but even so the immortal crystals price wouldn’t be too low right?” Ye Mo asked in confusion.

Yi Teng said “the price the fatty is talking about is the low grade seatings…”

Ye Mo was shook, low grade seating was this expensive then what about middle grade and top grade?

Yi Teng continued “there are some random small s.p.a.ces on the immortal s.h.i.+p. You can’t enjoy the view outside and there are no immortal spirit chi there. Those forgery grand master would leave some empty s.p.a.ce to put formation flags and other things. These places are also for putting public materials used by the boat. Thus the price is very cheap but you need connections to get it. these seatings are called corner seats.”

“I came by corner seats too.” The black skinny female cultivator nodded.

“then how many immortal crystals?” Ye Mo asked immediately.

Yi Teng replied “500 to 1000 top grade immortal crystals but you don’t use that buy the ticket you just subtly give it to the people at the immortal station. These corner spots aren’t allowed to be sold but it has always been sold.”

Ye Mo nodded, it seemed these things were everywhere.

Yi Teng added “but if there are large scale feasts or auctions and socials, the people are the corner seats need to go help out for free.”

Ye Mo fell silent this price wasn’t high but he didn’t even have 500 top grade immortal crystals. As for the pills he dind’t want to sell it as he needed to cultivate.

He had a few immortal artefact but he didn’t dare to sell a single one. Ye Mo definitely didn’t dare to sell the green flame spear he took from the demon prison forbidden grounds. Ye Mo didn’t dare to sell the magic artefact he got form Yan Zhuo and them. Otherwise just that flying s.h.i.+p was more than 1000 top grade immortal crystals.

Seeing Ye Mo remaining silent Yi Teng was desperate with anxiety. If Ye Mo went to Black Weed forest, it would be pure benefit for them. If Ye Mo left then he would need to come back to that scrooge Feng.

Thinking about this he added “pill master Ye, the forest is near Bing Qiong immortal city and that city is near He Tong heaven domain. if pill master Ye wants to leave Wen Ju heaven one day to He Tong heaven domain it’s not very far. There are less immortal pill master in He Tong than Wen Ju.”

Hearing this, Ye Mo had immediately decided to go. He wanted to leave Wen Ju heaven.

“okay I that case I’ll go to Blakc Weed forest but I don’t have enough immortal crystals now. I’ll use pills to make up for it.” Ye Mo got up and said.

Hearing this both Yi Teng and the skinny female cultivator was overjoyed.

“pill master Ye it’s not easy to get 500 to 1000 top grade immortal crystals for us hollow immortal cultivators. I came to help everyone get pills so the price is paid by everyone together. But I still have some extras I’m willing to lend 500 immortal crystals to you.” Yi Teng quickly said.

Hearing this, Ye Mo had a different view of Yi Teng. Yi Teng and Li Heng were both hollow immortal tertiary stage but when he went to Bi Yi immortal city Li Heng didn’t even want to lend him 500 low grade immortal crystals. Yet this Yi Teng lent him 500 top grade immortal crystals without hesitation. The difference was huge.

Despite knowing that Yi Teng was willing to do this mainly to convenience their pill concoction Ye Mo’s views of him still changed.

Yi Teng really had his way. A day later, the three were sitting on the immortal s.h.i.+p to Wan Jiao town. The three of them were in the corner seats. Ye Mo didn’t mind, the s.h.i.+p only flew for 20 or so days.

After getting familiar Ye Mo knew the female cultivator was called Tong Zhu. She was looking for things to do in the forest. She was in a squad with her sister in law but because both of them were only hollow immortal middle stage they didn’t get a lot of cultivation resources. Even this 5 sets of up hollow pills took a long time to gather. Luckily she brought some materials for pill concoction for others so she didn’t have to pay the way here herself.

After discussion Ye Mo felt both of them were nice people and concocted the rest of the level one immortal pills for free. Due to this, they didn’t have any immortal spirit herb left.

The two were very grateful for Ye Mo’s generosity. They answer almost anything Ye Mo asked. Ye Mo mainly wanted to know about the forest. He estimated that he would be staying there for a long time.

There was not only Wen JU heaven cultivators at the forest but also He Tong cultivators. The forest was boundless and there were all sorts of immortal spirit herbs there. It was possible to even find level nine immortal spirit herbs there.

But the black weed forest was a rather famous dangerous land. Low level cultivators usually wouldn’t go deep. They would only look for low level immortal spirit herb at the outside. There were not only powerful immortal beasts but also all sorts of natural attack formations.

Other than this squads often had conflicts with each other. If good things were found two squads would immediately fight. It was completely the law of the jungle there. Yi Teng’s squad was stronger so they could go deeper but Tong Zhu and her sister in law were weak so they only stayed at the outskirts.

Ye Mo thought that although many spirit beasts couldn’t transform in the cultivation realm but would all morph into beast cultivators in the immortal realm but from Yi Teng he knew that there were countless immortal beast that would never morph. These immortal beast were more powerful they higher they cultivated. Same level beast cultivators were not necessarily a match for them.

The two just treated Ye Mo as an immortal pill master but as they discussed cultivation method they found in shock that Ye Mo’s understanding was much better than theirs.

No matter what they didn’t understand they would easily find an answer from Ye Mo. They even felt that their bottleneck loosened up due to this.

They two didn’t know why Ye Mo was so weak but had such an understanding. However they knew that it was only a matter of time before Ye Mo reached higher.

Ten days pa.s.sed quickly. At this moment Yi Teng suddenly received a message and got up “pill master Ye, there’s going to be a social on the s.h.i.+p we need to go help.”

“we usually carry some spirit fruit or pa.s.s items between cultivators. Afterwards, the s.h.i.+p would also give us some reward.”

Tong Zhu hesitated before saying “brother Yi how about just us two go. Pill master Ye qian bei has a different ident.i.ty…”

Ye Mo got up and smiled “it’s fine I want to see those masters exchanging treasures. Plus, I have no special ident.i.ty.”

Ye Mo really dind’t mind. He knew that most of the immortals here were golden immortal and some abstruse immortal.

When they came to the top deck Ye Mo just realized that this s.h.i.+p was an extremely large middle grade flying immortal artefact. There were many cultivators chatting there.

“Yi Teng you three follow me.” a hollow immortal tertiary stage cultivator waved to them.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1539 - Can only stay in the corner

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