Strongest Abandoned Son 1531 Entrance To The Ruin

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This was the firs ttime Ye Mo used Heaven Flame Nine Suns from inside to outside but this was still very good. The red mist was instantly burned away.

Ye Mo didn't know what the red mist was but he estimated that even if he didn't use Heaven Flame Nine Suns it wouldn't be able to do anything to him with his G.o.d state body refinement. But Ye Mo didn't dare to bet against it. there were too many uncontrollable things in the immortal realm and his G.o.d state was only a cultivation realm state. he didn't know the body refinement states of the immortal realm. who's to say his body refinement can stop that red mist?

After taking Yan Zhuo's storage ring, Ye Mo saw that Gao Yuan was in danger. She had blood everywhere on her body and her hair was messy. She could be killed at anytime.

Ye Mo released Zi Xu without hesitation and charged at the cultivator the siblings were fighting.

The instant that cultivator saw Ye Mo kill Yan Zhuo, he knew things weren't good. Yan ZHuo could take on a few of them and now Ye Mo could even kill Yan Zhuo, if they fought Ye Mo they would be killed. The moment Ye Mo took Yan Zhou's storage ring, that cultivator wanted to run.

But he was too slow, Ye Mo took less than a second to take Yan Zhuo's storage ring and before his das.h.i.+ng light had formed, Zi Xu had completely bound him.

"so powerful…" this hollow immortal spat in despair. He knew that even if he stayed to fight with Ye Mo he could only block a few moves.

Splurge. Blood light flashed as soon as his essence spirit seeped out, it was gulped by shadowless.

The other middle aged man cultivator saw Yan ZHuo and his partner get killed so quickly and was scared soulless. Li Heng was also shook at Ye Mo's terrifying means but Ye Mo was on their side. His opponent tried to run and he took the opportunity to heavily injure him.

Even so, the cultivator still got away. just when Li Heng wanted to chase up he found that cultivator was killed by Ye Mo's strike before even running out by 10 meters.

In less than half a minute Ye Mo killed three of them.

Li Heng and the Gao siblings looked at Ye Mo in shock. They had never expected an ordinary cultivator who just ascended would be this powerful? Yan Zhuo was a dominant overlord in the Lao Xi swamp.

Although no one had seen Yan Zhuo kill a golden immortal but there was such news. If Ye Mo could kill Yan Zhuo didn't meant that his power was on par with ordinary golden immortal primary stage.

"brother Ye I didn't expect you to be this powerful. This time you saved us…" Li Heng said bitterly. To be honest, the reason he took Ye Mo was out of pity but mainly because he looked harmless. But now, it seemed Ye Mo could kill him easily.

He didn't even know he changed his way of calling Ye Mo. If he knew Ye Mo was this powerful, he would be willing to give his 10000 immortal crystals all to Ye Mo at the city gates. With Ye Mo's means no one would dare to mess with them here.

There were many good things in the swamp but they could only go distant places as the places with rich cultivation resource had been taken over by powerful people.

"brother Li you're too polite we're all on the same team we should be helping each other." Ye Mo smiled.

"Ye Mo, I've never seen a hollow immortal cultivator more powerful than you, you really hid a lot of power." Gao Yuan said.

Ye Mo was speechless.

Gao Hu quickly said "sister, don't say that."

He was afraid his sister would anger Ye Mo.

Then, he saluted with his fists "thank you for saving us brother Ye."

Gao Yuan also reacted and quickly said "Ye Mo, thank you for saving our lives. Yan Zhuo has enmity with us, once he robbed 9 leafless floating Jiao from us. If it wasn't that there was a lot of people there, we might've been killed already."

Ye Mo sighed, such things were everywhere.

He took out a bottle of pill and said "Sister Yuan, your injuries are heavy. Eat this first, I don't have anything good it's all some heaven grade level nine pills from the cultivation realm."

"thank you." Gao Yuan took the pill "heaven grade level nine pills are already very extravagant to us. "

Ye Mo clearly felt the distance between them now that he killed Yan Zhuo. Gao Yuan was rather fine but Li Heng and Gao Hu clearly felt uneasy.

Ye Mo knew this was unavoidable so he could only say "brother Li it's not good to stay here let's go see that ruin first. If there's nothing good we need to quickly leave."

"okay." Li heng said without hesitation he knew that if Ye Mo wanted to kill him he wouldn't be able to run.

"I'll go in first." Li Heng said and charged into the swamp.

Gao Yuan used the pill and stopped her wounds. She nodded to Ye Mo and went in as well.

Both of them went in but Ye Mo didn't see any changes to the swamp. He immediately knew that this was indeed a high level stealth formation. Otherwise, he would be able to see through it.

Gao Hu saluted with his fists and went in, Ye Mo followed without hesitation.

As soon as Ye Mo went here, the view changed. He really entered an encaved land.

"brother Ye look, this is it." Li Heng said.

Ye Mo sighed, why didn't the guy who set up the formation set up a defense formation? That way Li Heng would never be able to find this place.

This area was only about a few hundred square meters, there was a dried up pond in the center with grey huge stones on the left side. There was clearly an attack formation and trap formation in front of it.

They were just ordinary level two immortal formation and it should be fine for Ye Mo to break such simple ones.

Ye Mo frowned and didn't move. The stealth formation outside was at least above level five but the formation here was only level two immortal formation. The means were very rough too.

"brother Ye is there something wrong with this formation?" Li Heng asked worriedly.

Ye Mo shook his head "I can break this formation but the difference in level between the formation here and outside is too great. I don't know why the person would do this."

Gao Yuan said "would it be that they were set up by different people?"

Ye Mo thought and agreed. Just because this was the same place didn't mean they were set up by the same person. Ye Mo patted his head.

Seeing this, Gao Yuan's vigilance towards Ye Mo disappeared. She felt that even if there was something really good here Ye Mo wouldn't take it all for himself.

Ye Mo didn't even make formation flags and just used his already made ones. He didn't have the ability to set up level two formation but it didn't mean he couldn't break this coa.r.s.e level two immortal formation.

As Ye Mo sprayed down formation flags, a light piercing sound occurred. That grey stone opened up.

"this huge stone is the door?" Gao Yuan asked in shock.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"yes." Ye Mo answered and as he threw down the last formation flag, a black cave appeared before them. Their spirit sense couldn't even scan inside.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1531 Entrance To The Ruin

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