Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1580 - Lust in the Eyes of the Ice Girl

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Chapter 1580: l.u.s.t in the Eyes of the Ice Girl

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“I want it,” Zhen Bingyu said without hesitation. Clearly Ye Mo’s body refinement cultivation method was not ordinary. Cultivating to immortal spirit body primary stage was enough for Zhen Bingyu. How many in the immortal realm could reach immortal spirit body?

Ye Mo nodded and took out a blank jade slip writing down all his body refinement cultivation method.

As for the body refinement cultivation method after immortal spirit body, it wasn’t that Ye Mo couldn’t calculate it but he wanted to do it after he reached immortal spirit body. That way, the cultivation method would be more perfect.

“Pill master Ye, thank you. How many immortal crystals for this cultivation method?” Zhen Bingyu just scanned it casually and rejoiced. She came from a big sect, she knew Ye Mo’s body refinement cultivation method wasn’t ordinary.

Ye Mo waved his hand. “I’ve said that this body refinement cultivation method is for saving my life. Don’t worry about the immortal crystals, I will take it the next time we have a deal.”

Zhen Bingyu carefully put the jade slip away and bowed to Ye Mo. “Martial brother Ye, thank you.”

This was the first time she called Ye Mo ‘martial brother’. Clearly she was very grateful to Ye Mo for giving her the cultivation method. Seeing that Ye Mo had no intention to speak, she said, “Martial brother Ye, Nianmei and Chunmo are both kind hearted girls. Dao partner dual cultivation is the cultivation of life, one is enough, more would only be harmful.”

Ye Mo patted his head speechlessly. “You’ve said it once already, I know.”

Seeing that Ye Mo was annoyed, Zhen Bingyu sighed. “Martial brother Ye, you’re not old but your power is absurd and you’re an immortal pill master and a body refinement cultivator. From this it can be seen that your future is limitless. Other than competing, cultivation is also about self discipline. l.u.s.t is just temporary satisfaction. If you hinder your great dao due to this, you will regret greatly when you wake up.

Ye Mo stared dazedly at this extremely beautiful cold woman. He didn’t expect her to be so straightforward. This would be embarra.s.sing for most female cultivators but she said it so naturally.

“Did your master teach you?” Ye Mo suddenly asked after being dazed for a while.

“Yes, because you don’t have a master I am saying this to you,” Zhen Bingyu said with her never changing cold face.

Ye Mo waved his hand. “Thank you.” He no longer had the will to talk. This woman only had good looks but other than that she was cold inside and outside. One could imagine her master must be like her too.

This time, she said no more and saluted with her fists before quickly leaving. Soon, she disappeared.

Seeing her leave, Ye Mo finally breathed easy. He immediately came back to the well and started setting up formations.

First was a stealth formation, second was a defense formation, third was a spirit sense barrier formation and an attack formation.

There probably wouldn’t be any great immortals here. Even if there were, they wouldn’t so coincidentally see this pond.

Three days later, Ye Mo finished with the formations and set up another touch activation restriction before taking out the time formation disk.

Ye Mo set up the time formation disk and sat on the Hidden Ice Immortal Well to start cultivation.

Ye Mo devoured the dense immortal spirit chi, that extremely pure immortal spirit chi rapidly washed Ye Mo’s meridians, purifying his immortal essence and condensing his essence spirit.

Now, Ye Mo truly felt the power of Three Birth Chant. It could digest any element immortal spirit chi to increase his power, from the pure lightning source to the Hidden Ice Immortal Well.

At the same time, a blue figure pa.s.sed the rock forest rapidly.

This stone forest was the famous Wind Blade Stone Forest in the Chaos Star Realm, it was one of the best body refinement places here. The wind blades were weaker at the border, but the deeper you went it would be filled with more s.p.a.ce wind blades and even s.p.a.ce blade tornadoes.

This blue figure was Zhen Bingyu. There weren’t many great eternity immortal sects with a body refinement cultivation method until immortal spirit body. Even some status immortal sects wouldn’t have such things and yet Ye Mo just threw one to her.

Most body refinement cultivation methods were hard to start and many cultivators couldn’t make the first step in their entire life time. So before body refinement, Zhen Bingyu was prepared for failure.

Zhen Bingyu chose a place with s.p.a.ce wind blades that weren’t very powerful and let the s.p.a.ce wind blades. .h.i.t her body. She didn’t stop them and instead used the cultivation method for the first state, bone state.

Immediately, she was shook. She ran her immortal essence along the routes and there wasn’t any blockage. In less than two minute, she reached bone state.

This body refinement cultivation method is fake? Zhen Bingyu frowned, but thinking of Ye Mo, it didn’t seem like he gave her a fake.

She didn’t stop cultivation and continued to practice the cultivation method. 15 minutes later, she found in shock that she was bone state peak stage.

How was this possible? Zhen Bingyu was almost about to curse, reaching bone state peak stage in 15 minutes? Even the best cultivation method and best talent wouldn’t be able to do this.

Zhen Bingyu looked at her torn clothes, in a moment she only had a very thin layer of armor, but she wasn’t embarra.s.sed at all. She let herself stand naked in the wind blades. That curvaceous body would make anyone admire it, but the blood gashes brought upon by such silky smooth body just seemed more shocking. However, Zhen Bingyu was frowning and thinking why Ye Mo gave her a fake body refinement cultivation method.

She shook her head and was about to leave, but she found that her body formed a light golden wave as she used the body refinement cultivation method. The injuries instantly recovered.

She knew that there would be a golden ripple when one reached bone state peak stage. This situation clearly told her that she reached bone state peak stage.

“It’s real?” Zhen Bingyu looked at the golden ripple and was completely dumbfounded. The golden ripple couldn’t completely stop the s.p.a.ce wind blades, but it could stop them from cutting open her skin.

Zhen Bingyu couldn’t control her excitement anymore. She shakily took out the jade slip Ye Mo gave her. No wonder Ye Mo’s cultivation was so rapid, his body refinement cultivation method was definitely a treasure of this world. Since he could get this, it meant that he got other things such as his pill concoction skills.

Reaching bone state peak stage in 15 minutes, if this cultivation method was spilled the entire immortal realm would go crazy. Zhen Bingyu subconsciously s.h.i.+vered and quickly destroyed the jade slip after memorizing it.

She had decided to tell Ye Mo that he must not spill this body refinement cultivation method or he would die.

Then, Zhen Bingyu decided to focus completely on body refinement.

Six days later, Zhen Bingyu successfully reached force state and she realized that the reason she cultivated so fast was not only due to Ye Mo’s body refinement cultivation method but also because of her abstruse immortal power.

After all, her abstruse immortal power meant that her body was far stronger than the three master states of body refinement. But even so, she knew this body refinement cultivation method was definitely a treasure.

Two months later, she successfully reached hollow state of the three king states.

Half a year later, Zhen Bingyu reached king state peak stage before her cultivation speed slowed down.

She knew that it was impossible to reach G.o.d state here. She just walked out of the stone forest naked and cleansed her body before putting on clothes.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1580 - Lust in the Eyes of the Ice Girl

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