Strongest Abandoned Son 1572 How To Be Immortal Without Competing?

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In a short time, there were only a few cultivators waiting to form a team and there were the stall cultivators. These cultivators waiting were all higher cultivation level than Ye Mo, so Ye Mo clearly couldn't team up with him.

Seeing Ye Mo frown, a stall keeping golden immortal sighed. "Friend, your power is currently too low. Even if someone takes you on a team, it might not be good for you to go in."

Ye Mo saluted with his fists to that cultivator. "Thank you."

Then, he walked into the mist without hesitation.

Everyone was dazed, they didn't expect this ordinary golden immortal primary stage was this persistent. No one took him on a team so he was going in alone. He already knew the danger and yet he was still going in - did he not fear death?

There were many cultivators who didn't fear death in the immortal realm, but there wasn't a cultivator who knew certain death and still went its way.

Those few great immortals were shook too. When they learned of the situation, they all shook their heads.

"Pity…" one great extreme immortal looked at Ye Mo's figure disappearing into the mist.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"He has a heart of cultivation that dares to compete, but not a calm brain. Even if he doesn't die in there, he will die somewhere else. Nothing to feel pity about." That great eternity immortal shook his head.

If it was before he saw the Freedom King, Ye Mo might hesitate, but now he knew that if he couldn't improve his power rapidly, he was meat on the chopping block that anyone could cut.

He didn't even have the right to form a squad with people here. Ye Mo looked calm, but he wasn't on the inside. He needed power, he was going to tell everyone that he, Ye Mo, could still go in the Chaos Star Realm even if he didn't have a team. Plus, if he was scared of everything and didn't dare to fight for it, how could he be an immortal?

After going into the mist, the Far Star Castle immediately disappeared, even his spirit sense couldn't see it. He was in a dull grey void, there were asteroid lights that colored the sky a little.

Ye Mo released Blue Moon and carefully charged into the void. He was very careful but not scared. He had been to the Void Fissure alone, ran amongst void wind blades, took a shower in void flame, and practiced body refinement in void sand whirlpools…

Even though the void here was countless times stronger than the cultivation realm's void, his power was also countless times stronger.

Half a day later, Ye Mo saw no danger. There were just an occasional few void wind blades and a few meteors, but they didn't harm him at all.

Ye Mo wasn't scared of these, he was scared of void disposition the most. It would be certain death for him. Ye Mo believed there was no void disposition, as if there was, there wouldn't be so many void immortal beasts here. 

Two days later Ye Mo didn't loosen up at all. He just dodged tens of meteors today and saw countless flas.h.i.+ng red lights.

Those red lights could blink and a foul stench came over.

Ye Mo knew these were the void immortal beasts. There were countless blinking red lights, they were probably the Three Footed Wolves.

They lived in the void in large groups. They could cultivate in the void and loved eating cultivator flesh. They would be able to find cultivators who went into the void quickly and surround them.

Just when Ye Mo thought of this, countless Three Footed Wolves surrounded him. His spirit sense couldn't extend very far here, but he could sense up to a few hundred kilometers away.

They were everywhere; other than a few that were at level one, most were level two and a few were level three.

Seeing this, Ye Mo breathed easy. At least there were no level four wolves. If there were, he would have to run.

Level four was equivalent to great immortal power. Fighting against a great immortal wolf with his little golden immortal power was suicide.

Even though their offensive power was weak and they only knew a type of wind blade, once it was a high enough level, wind blades could be lethal too.

"Howl…." Countless wolves howled. Ye Mo released Zi Xu, he wasn't afraid of group battles. His Lightning Sword, Illusion Cloud Domain Kill Strike and Heaven Flame Nine Suns were abilities of ma.s.s slaughter. He even annihilated the few hundred million sand soul beasts. There were only tens of thousands of wolves here.

Seeing Ye Mo released Zi Xu, the wolves rustled and attacked at the same time. The circle closed in.

Ye Mo didn't dare to use Heaven Flame Nine Suns, it was too taxing on his spirit sense and too much of a waste to use it on wolves. Heaven Flame Nine Suns was best for those spirit bugs or those immortal beast that feared fire. Of course, when his Heaven Flame Nine Suns reached great completion, he could use it against any immortal beast.

Zi Xu was released, bringing out a faint purple sword ray.

The sword ray was pale, but in this dull gray void, it immediately lit up the countless wolves. Those wolves seemed extra snarly under the purple beams.

In order to maximise his Illusion Cloud Domain Kill Strike, he didn't even release his octagonal cauldron.

The purple sword chi divided into tens of hundred meters wide, few hundred meter long sword veils and sliced out.

Blood and flesh flew everywhere.

Level two and level one wolves weren't able to survive under Ye Mo's sword domain at all. Just that strike and Ye Mo killed 200 wolves.

But Ye Mo's heart sunk, he found that it was only effective against level one and level two wolves, the level three wolves at most received a wound. But luckily, there were only tens of them.

Before Ye Mo could release Zi Xu again, the countless wind blades tore his barrier and sword domain and struck on his body.

*Splurge…* As soon as they touched Ye Mo, they drew blood.

The level one wind blades didn't affect Ye Mo at all, the level two wind blades only could create some marks but the level three wind blades made a few b.l.o.o.d.y marks and a spray of blood.

Ye Mo knew he couldn't defend now at all, defending was only stalling. The longer it stalled the worse it was for him. Who knew if there would be more to come, if he kept defending he would eventually die.

He could hide in his Golden Page World, but the level three wolves were conscious, and if they spilled this news, it would spell huge trouble.

Realizing this, Ye Mo used his G.o.d state body refinement to the fullest extent and hacked out with Illusion Cloud Domain Kill Strike again and again.

In a short time, the surroundings were filled by Ye Mo's Illusion Cloud Domain Kill Strike's strikes. There were purple whirlpools in the void s.p.a.ce.

Wolves were killed nonstop, but Ye Mo's wounds slowly started to pile up.

Ye Mo kept eating pills and releasing the Illusion Cloud Domain Kill Strike. He was a bloodied man right now, some of the blood was his, some belonged to the wolves. If he didn't have pills, he would've long collapsed already. As he killed more and more level three wolves, Ye Mo knew that the scale of victory was leaning towards him.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1572 How To Be Immortal Without Competing?

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