Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1594 - Small Pill Concoction Stall in the Star Realm

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Chapter 1594: Small Pill Concoction Stall in the Star Realm

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Use your flying magic artifact, it’s faster,” Ye Mo said.

Zhen Bingyu didn’t reject and nodded, releasing a rainbow stamp.

“Your flying and defense magic artifact are the same?” Ye Mo asked.

“That’s right.” Zhen Bingyu nodded and said, “My master used to use this, now she gave it to me.”

Rainbow stamp was just a level four flying immortal artifact, but it was still a middle grade flying immortal artifact. However, Ye Mo found that it was only a little faster than the upgraded Blue Moon. One and a half month later, they arrived at the entrance to level two.

What shook Ye Mo was that there was a small marketplace here. There were tens of thousands of cultivators coming to and fro.

Looking at the heavenly priced pills and magic artifact, Ye Mo’s fire lit up. He looked apologetically at Zhen Bingyu. “Martial sister Bingyu, sorry. I need to set up a stall for pill concoction here. If you can’t wait you can go to level two first.”

“I’m not in a rush,” Zhen Bingyu replied plainly, clearly planning to follow Ye Mo no matter what.

Ye Mo didn’t know what she thought and even suspected she still was interested in his cultivation method. But he was wary, so thinking about this, Ye Mo nodded. “In that case, help me then.”

Seeing Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu come on a flying magic artifact here, many immortals moved over. Those who could fly in the sky weren’t ordinary people.

Shadowless Vultures weren’t something the simple defense formations on flying magic artifacts could stop. They could easily pierce level one defense immortal formations and high level Shadowless Vultures could penetrate level two and level three defense immortal formations. Most of the flying immortal artifacts were low grade flying immortal artifacts and had at most level nine spirit formations. Even middle grade flying immortal artifacts wouldn’t have a defense formation higher than a level two immortal formation.

This was why good flying immortal artifacts were so scarce. Even the best immortal forgery master couldn’t allow his forgery skills and formation skills to improve at the same time.

Ye Mo wanted to set up a stall to collect level five and level six immortal spirit herbs. He needed immortal spirit herbs for his trial.

Ye Mo released his extreme grade cultivation artifact mansion and set up a sign saying: ‘Pill concoction, can concoct level three and below immortal pills. The quality is definitely top notch. Price is as below: one level four immortal spirit herb for one cauldron of immortal pills, one level five immortal spirit herb for two cauldrons of pills, level six immortal spirit herb price up to negotiation. Will be concocting myself, don’t accept immortal crystals, prepare immortal spirit herb yourselves.’

Even in the immortal city where immortal pill masters were very lacking, one level four immortal spirit herb was enough for more than one cauldron of pills level three and below. The price Ye Mo set was very expensive.

But even so, this still caught everyone’s attention. In the boundless Chaos Star Realm, level four, level five and even level six herbs could often be found, but pills wouldn’t appear out of nowhere.

The immortals in level one were mostly below great immortals. Level three and below pills were very important for them. Instead of putting level four immortal spirit herbs in their storage ring for nothing, they might as well use them for pill concoction.

Plus, this simple market place was set up by pa.s.sing immortals. The stall owners changed frequently as they were all here for trial too. Level three immortal pill masters were very hard to encounter and there were none here. Even if a powerful immortal pill master came occasionally, he could at most concoct level two immortal pills.

“You can really concoct level three immortal pills?” one abstruse immortal primary stage came over and looked at Zhen Bingyu before asking carefully.

“The sign is very clear.”

“You can concoct the Abstruse Essence Pill?”

“Of course…”

Ye Mo’s answer was concise but more convincing. If he could barely concoct level three immortal pills he would use a large amount of words to persuade the customer, but Ye Mo valued each word he said.

“Okay I believe you, you’re probably a level three immortal pill master. You want to collect level four immortal spirit herbs to prepare to reach level four immortal pill great master right?” the abstruse immortal primary stage asked.

Ye Mo smiled. “Good eyes friend.”

Zhen Bingyu shook her head speechlessly, anyone would be able to tell this. She really didn’t know that Ye Mo didn’t even want to take level four immortal spirit herbs, but if he didn’t it would expose that he was a level four immortal pill master. Only an idiot would do such a thing.

A level three immortal pill master was precious, but not many people would take notice. So many more people would take note of a level four immortal pill great master.

“I have a level five Two Leaf Poppy. I want to ask you to concoct two cauldrons of Abstruse Essence Pills,” the abstruse immortal said and took out two sets of materials for the Abstruse Essence Pill, but didn’t take out the Two Leaf Poppy.

Ye Mo knew this guy would give it once he saw the pills, but he didn’t mind. He took the ingredients and went inside the mansion.

In just over five minutes, Ye Mo came out and took out two jade bottles. “The pills are done, have a look. If it’s right then give the Two Leaf Poppy to me.”

The abstruse immortal looked at Ye Mo in confusion, he was done with two cauldrons of Abstruse Essence Pills this quickly? Even an immortal pill great master had at most this speed.

Zhen Bingyu looked at Ye Mo in confusion. She had seen Ye Mo concoct this pill in the match with Gongsun Zhiyu, but he took half an hour. How did he become so fast?

“They are all top grade immortal pills?” the abstruse immortal opened the jade bottle and called out in shock.

He gave the Two Leaf Poppy to Ye Mo without hesitation. “Good capabilities friend, you can concoct top grade immortal pills in such a short time. You’re too good.”

Those immortals waiting for results on the side all took out their immortal spirit herbs, asking Ye Mo for pill concoction. Ye Mo rejoiced, this method always worked. Last time at the Black Weed Forest, he got large sums of immortal spirit herbs and reached level three immortal pill master and then level four immortal pill great master. If he stayed here for a few days, it wouldn’t be hard for him to reach level five immortal pill great master.

Zhen Bingyu completely understood now, her master’s guess was right. Ye Mo definitely wasn’t a level three immortal pill master. He was indeed an immortal pill great master. It was no coincidence that he beat Gongsun Zhiyu with one middle grade immortal pill, it was completely intentional.

Seeing that Ye Mo was too busy, Zhen Bingyu came up to help Ye Mo collect immortal spirit herbs while thinking how she could ask Ye Mo to concoct Great Unity Pills for her. And her 11 Six Winged Purple Radishes needed to be turned into pills as well.

Thinking about this, Zhen Bingyu felt her decision to team up with Ye Mo was very correct.

Two days later, Ye Mo’s pill concoction business was getting better and better. Ye Mo’s speed was getting faster and faster, but he didn’t dare to overdo it. He didn’t dare to concoct a single special grade pill. Otherwise, it would mean that he was a pill concoction great master.

“I haven’t seen such a powerful immortal pill master for so many times. I’ve been here for a few decades, a few years ago, this Yan level three immortal pill master had such a level, but I feel this immortal pill master is much better than that Yan.”

“I know that pill master too, he went to level two. He’s indeed very good, but his pill concoction isn’t as fast as this immortal pill master and his quality isn’t as good either.”

Ye Mo heard these people discussing when he just came out.

He had concocted pills for seven days here, collecting quite some level four and level five immortal spirit herbs. He didn’t collect any level six immortal spirit herbs, but Ye Mo was certain these level five immortal spirit herbs were enough for him to reach level five immortal pill great master. Then he would be able to concoct Snow Wing Pills.

“What’s the full name of that Yan pill master?” Ye Mo suddenly asked.

The two people on the side quickly said, “He seemed to be called Yan Tantao, but he only concocted pills for a few days and went to level two.”

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1594 - Small Pill Concoction Stall in the Star Realm

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