Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1595 - Lu Zhengqun’s Actions

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Chapter 1595: Lu Zhengqun’s Actions

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

It was him indeed. Ye Mo nodded and saluted with his fists. “Everyone, I will be going to level two. The pill concoction ends now.”

Reluctant voices sounded around. Ye Mo’s pill concoction quality was top notch. Despite knowing he would eventually leave, people still felt reluctant.

“Martial sister Bingyu, why are you here? Are you here to undergo trial too?” A crisp voice sounded and a pretty woman walked over, there was a man next to her who was abstruse immortal primary stage. That woman was only golden immortal peak stage.

“Yes, martial sister Shangwan should be here for the same too, right?” Zhen Bingyu nodded. She didn’t show surprise and joy, but the coldness on her face melted a little.

“Yes, yes, I really didn’t expect to be able to see martial sister Bingyu here. You’re already abstruse immortal now and I’m still golden immortal peak stage. Sigh…” Shangwan said dejectedly.

But soon, the dejection was gone and she said happily, “Martial sister Bingyu, it’s so good to see you! We can trial together. By the way, let me introduce you – this is my martial brother Liao Nanchong. Martial brother, this is martial sister Bingyu I often talk about, she’s from Gong Hua Heaven’s great eternity immortal sect, Extreme Sword Sect. He is? Hmm?”

Shangwan just wanted to ask who Ye Mo was and saw the sign that Ye Mo hadn’t put away yet and asked, “This martial brother is an immortal pill master?”

She called Ye Mo ‘martial brother’ completely due to Zhen Bingyu. Ye Mo’s power was lower than hers and Zhen Bingyu never stayed with male cultivators. Now that she did, there must be something going on.

“Yes, he’s Ye Mo, a solo cultivator and also a level three immortal pill master.” Zhen Bingyu nodded.

“Great, if we trial together we can ask martial brother Ye to help with pill concoction.” Shangwan clearly didn’t have many calculations and said things straightforwardly.

“I’ve long heard of G.o.ddess Bingyu’s fame. Now that I see you, it’s indeed true,” Liao Nanchong greeted her.

Zhen Bingyu was cold but she didn’t ignore people, she greeted back.

But Zhen Bingyu didn’t introduce Shangwan to Ye Mo. Ye Mo didn’t ask as well, it had nothing to do with him.

“Martial sister Bingyu, let’s go to level two together. I will get to abstruse immortal before coming out,” Shangwan repeated.

Hearing this, Ye Mo immediately knew she was simple minded.

She will reach abstruse immortal? Didn’t that mean she had the level three immortal pill Abstruse Will Pill? If she went out alone, just with what she said there would be many golden immortals waiting for her at level two.

Abstruse Will Pill was a pill that could allow golden immortal peak stages to reach abstruse immortal. It was one of the most sought after pills by golden immortals.

Before Zhen Bingyu could reject, Shangwan came up to Ye Mo and said, “Martial brother Ye, I’m Shangwan. I come from Yue Heng Heaven…”

Hearing this, Ye Mo was shook. He was very sensitive to Yue Heng Heaven.

Ye Mo immediately smiled. “I come from Gong Hua Heaven, but I’m just a solo cultivator.”

“My sect is the great extreme immortal sect Cloud River Sect. If you and martial sister Bingyu go to Yue Heng Heaven, you must come.”

“I heard that Yue Heng Heaven is very big and that the heaven lord there is a status immortal.”

“No, who did you hear that from? He’s still great eternity immortal peak stage, but it probably won’t be long for heaven lord Lu to reach status immortal. He’s inviting all the immortals in the heaven domains who are good at fortune telling, it’s said he wants to calculate the fortune of Yue Heng Heaven.”

Hearing this, Ye Mo was shook. Calculate? This guy definitely wanted to find him. Thinking about this, he quickly asked, “What are the results?”

“They’re just starting now, it’s said that this calculation will take decades or even centuries,” Shangwan said.

Zhen Bingyu and Liao Nanchong didn’t expect Ye Mo and Shangwan would talk so much after meeting for the first time.

Zhen Bingyu immediately reacted, Ye Mo had this pa.s.sion, he seemed to like pretty immortal girls. Didn’t he do this at the Extreme Sword Sect? No wonder Feng Chunmo was so reluctant to let him go. Just look at the gentle way he spoke to Shangwan.

Liao Nanchong frowned and looked displeased. He wanted to talk some more to Zhen Bingyu, but she didn’t have the mood to do that and instead looked at Ye Mo as though waiting for Ye Mo to talk to her.

After a long while, she saw they were still talking so she could only interrupt, “Are we going to level two now?”

“Yes of course.” Ye Mo came back to his senses realizing that Zhen Bingyu was getting suspicious.

“Okay, martial sister Bingyu let’s go together. I enjoy talking to martial brother Ye,” Shangwan quickly said.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn’t object, Zhen Bingyu could only nod and the four walked towards level two together.

Ye Mo wasn’t going to actually trial with them together, but they could walk together for a while, he still had some questions to ask Shangwan.

There was a barrier between level one and level two and it was very simple, any golden immortal would be able to tear it open.

After going in, Ye Mo didn’t feel it was much different than level one other than the gravity increasing by quite a bit.

Seeing Ye Mo still ask Shangwan all sorts of questions nonstop, Zhen Bingyu was really speechless. She would’ve already left if she didn’t want to trial with Ye Mo.

Not just Zhen Bingyu and Liao Nanchong, even Shangwan noticed something wasn’t right. Ye Mo seemed to be getting too close to her and clearly finding nonsense questions to ask. For example, which immortal city did Lu Zhengqun live in? How many years has Lu Zhengqun been cultivating? Which were the biggest sects in Yue Heng Heaven, would these sects listen to the heaven lord…

At least to Shangwan, it seemed like Ye Mo was finding ways to talk to her. Shangwan didn’t object against this. Ye Mo was not only an immortal pill master but he also seemed very amicable. He didn’t seem arrogant due to being an immortal pill master at all and knew how to respect people.

So despite knowing that Ye Mo was sucking up to her, she still enjoyed talking.

“Wan, come over.” Liao Nanchong couldn’t take it anymore and didn’t even call her ‘martial sister’.

“What is it martial brother, I’m talking to martial brother Ye.” Shangwan didn’t even look back and kept introducing all the rules of the number one immortal city Feng Gang Immortal City in Yue Heng Heaven and where the heaven lord’s estate was in the city.

“Martial brother Ye, do you really like Yue Heng Heaven?” Shangwan laughed.

Ye Mo was shook, he knew he was being too desperate. If he kept asking, she might notice that he cared about Lu Zhengqun. Ye Mo quickly smiled. “No, I want to know about every heaven domain. By the way, where is your Cloud River Sect? Is there a big immortal city nearby? Can you tell me about it…”

Ye Mo quickly asked some other questions. Just when Ye Mo thought he asked enough, Zhen Bingyu couldn’t take it anymore and asked, “Ye Mo do you still want to go undergo trial?”

“Right, I’m going to other places to trial. Martial sister Shangwan, we’ll meet again,” Ye Mo quickly said.

“Martial sister Bingyu aren’t we going to undergo trial together?” Shangwan looked at Zhen Bingyu in confusion.

Zhen Bingyu frowned. “Martial sister Shangwan, I still have some other business with martial brother Ye, we can’t go with you guys for now. We’ll be off first, we’ll meet again.”

“Oh.” Shangwan looked at Ye Mo reluctantly. She felt she could really get along with martial brother Ye. No matter what she said, martial brother Ye was a very good listener and asked a few questions sometimes for her to explain. This satisfied her pride greatly.

She wanted to undergo trial with Ye Mo, but martial sister Bingyu seemed to be getting jealous. But she thought too much, she at most had a good impression towards martial brother Ye.

Seeing the two leave, Liao Nanchong breathed easy. That pill master Ye was too shameless, he had a G.o.ddess like Zhen Bingyu with him but still tried to chat up his martial sister.

Ye Mo sat on the rainbow stamp with his brows locked tightly. Lu Zhengqun was using immortals to calculate where he was. From this, it was certain that this b.a.s.t.a.r.d was trying to search for Luo Yue continent. What if he went there?

At this moment, Ye Mo felt he was so tiny. He knew where his enemies were but he didn’t have the power to touch them.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1595 - Lu Zhengqun’s Actions

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