Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1642 - Zong Piao Contribution Points

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Chapter 1642: Zong Piao Contribution Points

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Middle heaven domain? There’s about half a year journey till middle heaven domain,” the abstruse immortal studied Ye Mo’s flying magic artifact and answered.

“This is in the void?” Ye Mo asked in shock. He didn’t understand why these people dared to collect materials in the void. But seeing they weren’t interested in talking, Ye Mo could only send some immortal crystals over.

After getting the immortal crystals, they clearly was more proactive in answering. Ye Mo soon knew that this was still the void, but the realm domain void rather than heaven domain void.

There was very little Void Flying Snow in here. It was lucky that Ye Mo’s Void Flying Snow could fly to here.

Void Star Continent was just an outpost star in the middle heaven domain. It moved very slowly and had its own atmosphere. Some outpost stars can stay in the void for hundreds of thousands or even millions of years.

The Void Star Continent was this place. Many immortals from the middle heaven domain came here and go into the void to capture Void Flying Snow or some forgery materials.

Because Void Star Continent was not far from both the heaven domain void and the realm domain void, so some heaven domain immortal s.h.i.+ps would choose this place as a stop over.

There were many immortal s.h.i.+ps stopped on this star. These s.h.i.+ps would drop off some immortals and take away some. Ye Mo also knew that the nearest heaven domain here was called Zong Piao Heaven. It would take less than half a year by immortal s.h.i.+p to get over.

Hearing this, Ye Mo couldn’t help exclaiming that the Void Flying Snow was too fast. It just used two years to come here. Even that immortal s.h.i.+p he was on before wasn’t this fast.

Ten days later, Ye Mo easily found Void Star Continent with the jade slip the two gave him.

This place wasn’t small indeed, Ye Mo’s spirit sense couldn’t even scan to the ends of it. There were marketplaces and immortal residential areas.

But Ye Mo really didn’t like this dull grey place. He didn’t need to ask other people and immediately dragged Zhen Bingyu over to the immortal s.h.i.+p station.

The immortal s.h.i.+ps here could go to a few heaven domains but Ye Mo chose the nearest heaven domain without hesitation. Luckily he still had about 1.3 million immortal crystals. After buying two tickets and spending 1.2 million, he was in poverty again and only had a hundred thousand immortal crystals.

Aboard this s.h.i.+p, Ye Mo finally breathed easy. This s.h.i.+p was much better than that Tang Feng Heaven Domain s.h.i.+p. At least after paying a ticket, there was free room. Even if you went to other places, you didn’t have to pay immortal crystals.

In the extremely large Piao Yi immortal s.h.i.+p station of Zong Piao Heaven, there would be tens of immortal s.h.i.+ps pa.s.sing here everyday.

Today, an immortal s.h.i.+p stopped here. Tens of thousands of immortals got off, some soon released their magic artifacts and disappeared off into the distance, some stayed at the station and didn’t leave.

At this moment, one man and woman got off too and left the station.

The male immortal was abstruse immortal middle stage, he was only average compared to the countless handsome male immortals in Zong Piao Heaven.

However, the female immortal next to him was extremely beautiful. Even the ordinary blue dress she wore couldn’t cover her extreme beauty. It was as though even the most beautiful G.o.ddess in Zong Piao Heaven couldn’t compare with her. With her soft steps, the immortals nearby all had an urge to go protect her.

“Such a pretty G.o.ddess!” all the immortals who saw her praised.

“Martial brother, where do we go?” the female immortal asked the male immortal next to her.

Hearing Zhen Bingyu’s question, Ye Mo didn’t answer. He looked at the s.h.i.+ning sun and said, “Finally, we can see sunlight again.”

Then he said, “Let’s find a place to ask around, this is our first time here.”

Ye Mo saw there were mostly abstruse immortal or above around him and knew the immortal levels of Zong Piao Heaven were much higher than a low heaven domain.

“Mhm, the immortal spirit chi here is much better than Gong Hua Heaven. If I can recover, it’s quite good to cultivate here.” Zhen Bingyu sighed.

The immortal spirit chi here was indeed much better than low heaven domain but to Ye Mo, just having a little more immortal spirit chi wasn’t enough.

At the square in the station there was a huge display screen in the centre. Many immortals were watching the information on it.

There were big and small things: secret realms opening, void adventure teaming, auctions, and level seven immortal spirit herb information.

“Martial brother look, Zong Piao Heaven’s Blue Lightning Mountain’s blue lightning immortal well is opening up. Inviting all immortals there for body refinement, we can go check it out too?” Zhen Bingyu asked.

To Zhen Bingyu, it seemed that Ye Mo cared about immortal wells a lot. Ye Mo stayed at that low grade immortal well for half a year in the Chaos Star Realm and he knew lightning element cultivation method.

Ye Mo was looking at this news too, it was very hard for his cultivation to progress now. Ut wasn’t that his talent was bad but his cultivation resources couldn’t keep up. Ye Mo knew the benefits of immortal wells, it was the fastest he had seen ever since reaching hollow immortal.

But he saw the conditions below it. It seemed very generous inviting everyone, but in order to be invited, one needed to satisfy some criterias. Those to go in must be top 50 on the Zong Piao contribution points leaderboard. He didn’t even know what Zong Piao contribution points were.

“Two friends, are you not from Zong Piao Heaven?” one abstruse immortal tertiary stage heard Zhen Bingyu’s words and asked.

“No,” Ye Mo answered.

The abstruse immortal tertiary stage said, “No wonder, in the 11 middle heaven domains, Zong Piao Heaven is the one invaded by demons and beasts the most. Places like the Lan Yu Forest and Ping Piao Plains have completely become the domain of beasts and demons. Some sects there were forced to migrate too. If it wasn’t for a few immortal king masters guarding Zong Piao Heaven, perhaps it would completely turn into the lands of beasts and demons.

“Zong Piao contribution points are calculated based on the amount of beasts immortals killed. It’s useful anywhere in Zong Piao Heaven, it’s even more useful than immortal crystals. You can exchange them for immortal crystals even at other heaven domains. If you’ve just come then you don’t need to go to blue lightning immortal well. There are only 100 spots, 50 for great immortals and 50 for heaven immortals. The spots have been set already, just look at the huge tablet and you will know.”

Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu’s glances focused on a huge tablet next to the display formation. There were three rankings, one was heaven immortal Zong Piao contribution points. There was 1000 rankings.

The second was great immortal Zong Piao contribution points ranking, 1000 ranks too. The third was total 1000 rank. Most of the names on the total ranking was great immortals.

Ye Mo saw that the number one on the heaven immortal ranking was called Xu Ji with 12.37 million points. The number one of the great immortal ranking was more than 100 million.

“So this news is useless then?” Zhen Bingyu asked.

The abstruse immortal shook his head. “Not completely useless, there’s still a year until the well opens. Many people would hunt beasts like crazy for it or use immortal crystals to buy the heaven domain contribution points.”

Ye Mo asked in confusion, “Heaven domain contribution points can be bought?”

“Of course, one contribution point for 20 top grade immortal crystals. This is a public price but because it’s so favoured, it’s often sold for 30 to even 50 immortal crystals for one,” the abstruse immortal said.

“Then what about the demon beasts? How much contribution points for killing one?” Ye Mo asked.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1642 - Zong Piao Contribution Points

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