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Chapter 1643: p.i.s.s Off

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

That abstruse immortal didn’t think Ye Mo was planning to get into the top 50. He answered quite precisely, “Demon beasts are immortal spirit beasts that have mutated from devouring too much demonic chi. Two level one demon beasts can get one contribution point, one level two can get two. Level three demonic beasts can get five, level four demonic beasts can get 30. Level five can get 80, level six can get 200…”

Hearing this, Ye Mo knew that no matter how powerful he was, he wouldn’t be able to get top 50 within a year. The top fifty of heaven immortal was nearly 10 million contribution points. It was impossible for him to kill that many demonic beasts.

“If the demonic beasts stay at a certain place, why don’t the immortal king masters go annihilate them? Ye Mo asked.

The abstruse immortal shook his head. “There are also level seven and above demonic beasts. They usually don’t appear in the settlements. And they have a tacit agreement that as long as status immortals don’t annihilate ordinary demonic beasts, those high level demonic beasts won’t casually slaughter immortals below status immortal.

Ye Mo realised why there was no status immortal ranking now. Both sides were gathering power, the winning factor was still how many status immortals one had.

Ping Piao Plain, this was the first stop Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu came to at Zong Piao Heaven.

The main thing was that there were a lot of demonic beasts here. It was also very close to Blue Lightning Mountain. If he happened to get into top fifty Ye Mo would really like to go cultivate at the immortal well.

He must buy a contribution point jade card before he killed the demonic immortal spirit beast. These jade cards were a small teleportation magic artifact. When an immortal killed a demonic immortal spirit beast, he can dig out the beast core and send it into the jade card. The beast core would immediately be teleported away and after that the jade card would show the contribution points.

This type of jade card was called five colored contribution points card. The highest grade card can not only show the top 100 of the three ranks but also show what rank the jade card’s owner was at. This jade card was purple, it can only be bought by those immortals who have 10 million or more contribution points.

The next was blue jade card, it can show the top 50 of the two ranks. It can be bought after reaching 5 million contribution points. The next jade card is aqua color, it can be bought after reaching 100k points, it will show the ranking of the top 50 of your ranking ladder.

Below blue is green, it can be bought after reaching 50k points. Most immortals use green cards, this card can show your own rank and contribution points.

As for the worst card, it was yellow. It can only show how many points you had, nothing else. Rarely did people buy such jade cards.

After all, a good jade card meant that one had contribution points and status. If people were forming squads and you took out a yellow jade card, then you would be lower than everyone.

Ye Mo didn’t have many immortal crystals and this could only buy the yellow jade card.

If it wasn’t that the Zong Piao Heaven tried to encourage all immortals to hunt for these demonic immortal spirit beasts and lowered the jade card price, Ye Mo wouldn’t even be able to afford the yellow jade card. He bought two yellow jade cards for him and Zhen Bingyu and used up pretty much all his immortal crystals.

In order to avoid trouble, Ye Mo changed his name to Mo Ying when recording the jade card. Now, both of their cards showed zero.

There were a lot of immortals on the Ping Piao Plain, ranging from golden immortal to great eternity immortal. But after coming here, they would pretty much all go to the plain in teams. Even great eternity immortals would form squads.

The great eternity immortals didn’t dare to go into the depths alone to kill high level demonic immortal spirit beasts.

Just like the Black Weed Forest, there was a small town at the outskirts of the plain. There was an extremely simple marketplace and a huge team forming hall. Immortals from everywhere who wanted to go into the plain would form squads here.

Some squads spent a lot of time here and their names were famous.

Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu went into the team forming hall and immediately caught the attention of all the immortals here. Ye Mo was abstruse immortal middle stage, neither high nor low here. Everyone was watching Zhen Bingyu.

Most of the immortals here lived in blood bath and could tell Zhen Bingyu was heavily injured and had no immortal essence.

If Ye Mo was by himself, someone would still want to form a team with him, but no one knew what Ye Mo meant by bringing in this heavily injured female immortal.

Everyone would be willing to team up with an extreme beauty like Zhen Bingyu, but if she was useless, then no one would want to bring this dead weight. It was no joke inside the plain.

Ye Mo didn’t come to form a team, he came to buy a map of the outskirts of the plain. He knew that by bringing Zhen Bingyu with him, no one would be willing to form a team with him. Zhen Bingyu couldn’t protect herself, it was practical to let her stay at the town alone.

If it was some extremely dangerous time, he would rather send Zhen Bingyu into the Flying Snow Orb, but it was a pity, the Flying Snow Orb couldn’t be sent into the Golden Page World nor storage ring when carrying people. With Ye Mo’s forgery capabilities, the Flying Snow Orb’s truth abyssal chi couldn’t be hidden from great eternity immortal and above, so Ye Mo didn’t want to take it out unless necessary.

Ye Mo bought a map and then some info about the demonic immortal spirit beasts here before leaving.

“That abstruse immortal wouldn’t be taking that heavily injured female immortal into the plain right?” someone asked in confusion.

“He’s no idiot, if he goes in alone he wouldn’t live long and he’s carrying a heavily injured person – is he asking to die?”

“Hehe, I think he’s settling his dao partner, perhaps he will be back to find someone to group up.”

One red robed abstruse immortal tertiary stage heard this and left the hall following Ye Mo.

As soon as Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu came in he saw. His eyes were set on Zhen Bingyu, Zhen Bingyu was extremely beautiful but what was more important that such extreme beauty was a virgin. If her spirit root was a single element spirit root, then he might be able to break through to great immortal if he got that female immortal.

He thought Ye Mo would settle Zhen Bingyu and come to form a team but instead Ye Mo carried her on his back and flew into the plain. He immediately rejoiced.

If Ye Mo was really going to settle her in the town, it would be troublesome for him, but this abstruse immortal middle stage dared to bring a heavily injured woman into the plain. This was a G.o.d given opportunity. Plus, he was also interested in Ye Mo’s Blue Moon.

Some people knew this red robed abstruse immortal who left and all shook their heads.

Ye Mo just flew for five minutes and slowed down.

Zhen Bingyu immediately noticed this and her spirit sense scanned the following red robed abstruse immortal.

“Someone followed over?” Zhen Bingyu saw that the abstruse immortal was extremely fast and neared Blue Moon in the blink of an eye.

“That’s right, so we’ll wait for him.” Ye Mo nodded.

Zhen Bingyu frowned. “But we don’t even have a single contribution point, why does that person want to follow us?”

Ye Mo smiled. “Perhaps because he thinks you’re very pretty so he wants to kill me and take you.”

“Then he really chose the right person.” Zhen Bingyu smiled.

Ye Mo sighed, he felt during the two years in the void, Zhen Bingyu seemed to have changed a lot. At least her face wasn’t forever cold. Sometimes, she would smile. Ye Mo suspected this was due to her change in cultivation method.

A red figure appeared before Blue Moon.

Ye Mo didn’t even put away Blue Moon and stared coldly at this red robed abstruse immortal, not even bothering to talk.

“Hehe, I’m Feng Shangjian. Friend, I saw you were going in the plain with only two people so I came to team up with you.” The red robed abstruse immortal scanned Zhen Bingyu and couldn’t control the joy in his heart.

“p.i.s.s off!” Ye Mo yelled, scanning a great unity immortal coming over here quickly.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1643 - Piss Off

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