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The reason Qing Mo Immortal City could become one of the top ten immortal city of Zong Piao heaven was not because it was big nor popular but because of blue lightning mountain.

It was just a mountain but no one could go in usually. Only when the Blue Lightning Immortal Well was open would the city open teleportation formation to the mountain. The Blue Lightning Immortal Well was only an ordinary top grade immortal but its quality was very good. It was much better than other things for cultivation and breakthroughs.

The only pity was that it only opened every thousand years and only invited 100 people in each time.

Many immortals went to where demonic immortal spirit beasts were gathered and slaughtered them just for a chance to cultivate in the well.

But contribution points were very hard to gather. If you never used them then it wouldn't be hard to gather 10 million after a thousand years, but immortals needed to cultivate. Each time they went to adventure they would buy pills, magic artifacts, and runes.

If they weren't lucky, the contribution points they gathered wouldn't even be used and they would die. Some powerful immortals would improve their power with contribution points. Only then would they get more contribution points.

Now, the Blue Lightning Mountain was about to open, many immortals were gathered at the city. Other than the one hundred who could cultivate in the immortal well, the top 1000 on each leaderboard would be able to go in the mountain too. However, they could only search for immortal spirit herbs there.

In an immortal rest tower, a few immortals were congratulating a white faced abstruse immortal.

"Zheng Hong brother, congratulations, you reached the top fifty. This time you can definitely reach great unity immortal after going in the immortal well. We'll need your help in the future." An extremely seductive female immortal got up and drank.

Then, the other few immortals also drank.

The white faced abstruse immortal laughed and said, "If I can really go in and reach great unity immortal, I, Ji Zhenghong, definitely won't forget you all. But there's still a month till the place opens, I don't know if people can surpa.s.s me."

"Haha, impossible. Brother Zhenghong, you know that the city made the rule three months before the opening of the mountain, only those contribution points from killing demonic immortal spirit beasts will be counted. If it's obtained from some other method it would be ineffective. It can only be used to buy things and not go into the immortal well. There's only one month now, the top fifty is pretty much decided." A long bearded abstruse immortal smiled.

Ji Zhenghong clearly knew this. In order to ensure fairness, this three month rule was made.

There were other ways around this but there was only so much the immortal city could do. Those who could cheat would have large sums of immortal crystals and might not even be interested in ordinary immortal wells.

Ji Zhenghong nodded. "Yes, but it's still better to be careful."

The female immortal laughed. "Brother Zhenghong is too careful. You have 9.46 million now. The 51st is at 8.08 million. Even a great eternity immortal wouldn't be able to kill one million worth of beast cores in a month right?"

"I feel like brother Zhenghong is right, there are beast cores for sale in the city. If people buy it there's still danger, but then again, even if someone buys them and beats brother Zhenghong temporarily it would be pointless. Brother Zhenghong is a master who almost reached the abstruse ranks. He only needs to go kill a few demonic immortal spirit beasts and it would be enough," another dark skinned abstruse immortal said.

The female immortal shook her head. "Yes but there isn't enough time to kill demonic immortal spirit beasts now, it has nothing to do with ability."

The long bearded abstruse immortal smiled. "Those who have the ability to buy beast cores would've already done so already. The price of beast cores now are many times more than usual. No one would use that many immortal crystals to buy beast cores…"

Suddenly, Ji Zhenghong's face changed.

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"The leaderboard is changing. Look, that Mo Ying guy…" the dark skinned abstruse immortal called out.

The female immortal also stared at the leaderboard in shock, an immortal called Mo Ying's contribution points keep rising. It went up from 4 million to 6 million. It still hadn't stopped - at the rate, it would only be a matter of time before it broke through 10 million. If that happened, Ji Zhenghong would be squeezed below top fifty.

"What happened?" Ji Zhenghong's face looked bad.

Everyone stared at the leaderboard nervously, in just a short while, Mo Ying's contribution points were 9 million or so. In just half a minute, Mo Ying would become the 50thof heaven immortal leaderboard.

"Hmm, interesting." An abstruse immortal peak stage saw the rising Mo Ying too.

"That guy is cheating right? He bought this many beast cores?" one extremely beautiful woman next to him asked.

The abstruse immortal peak stage was dressed in blue robes and looked very handsome. A long sword hung in the air behind his back.

"Cheating… even if he is cheating, he's not simply to be able to get so many beast cores at this time." The abstruse immortal laughed.

"Martial brother Xu, if he continues like this, would he reach first and be even above you?" the beautiful female immortal asked worriedly.

Xu Ji smiled in contempt. "So what if he's first? Using such means, he's no match for me."

The female immortal nodded and smiled sweetly. "Of course, martial brother is top ten in the abstruse rank of Zong Piao Heaven. If it wasn't for the Blue Lightning Well, martial brother would've already reached great unity immortal."

However, Xu Ji looked regretful. "Only those with weaker foundations would fight over this. Those with more wealth wouldn't even want to come."

"Martial brother, don't worry. Once you reach great unity immortal in the well, you can go to a wider world. I believe with martial brother's power, you definitely won't stop at the middle heaven domain. One day, you will be able to cross the void and charge into the grand 11 heaven domains," that extremely beautiful woman said with confidence.

There was certainty in Xu Ji's eyes, he nodded to that female immortal. "Thank you martial sister Yan Er, top ten of abstruse rank in Zong Piao Heaven is nothing. Only once you enter a greater world would you be able to find what you want."

There was a sliver of sadness in the female immortal's eyes but she immediately said happily, "Martial brother, you can do it."

Ji Zhenghong looked at Mo Ying surpa.s.s him without stopping at all and clenched his fists tightly. He saved up for a few centuries and now at the last moment, his opportunity was taken.

"He's still rising…" the female immortal stared at 43rd ranked Mo Ying and said in shock.

The long bearded abstruse immortal frowned. "Where did this guy come from? To buy this much beast cores at this time, how much immortal crystals would be needed?"

"I want to see which G.o.d this Mo Ying is." Ji Zhenghong's face was green and his jade cup was crushed.

Zhen Bingyu didn't know her actions would make people so angry.

Ye Mo had been in solitary cultivation for a few months. She just now remembered to send the beast cores into Ye Mo's card.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1658 Sky Rocketing Name

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