Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1667 - Dao Seeking Tournament

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Chapter 1667: Dao Seeking Tournament

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Mo felt his Lightning Sword could slaughter large amounts of low level enemies, but against people who were stronger than him in cultivation level, it couldn’t settle the score. He felt it last time when he fought that great extreme immortal. He wanted to go into solitary cultivation to refine his Lightning Sword, this dao seeking tower was perfect for him.

Other than his Lightning Sword, his Illusion Cloud sword technique was the same. Although he lacked the ninth strike, Ye Mo knew it was because he was at a bottleneck and didn’t want to create a ninth strike. His Illusion Cloud sword technique also needed to form into a G.o.d art. Otherwise, he would have some difference between top masters. That Yan Jiutian gave Ye Mo a strong warning bell.

As for the world rock, it was worse. He just used his immortal essence and spirit sense to smash.

Ye Mo also realized later that the reason his world rock wasn’t as strong as Yan Jiutian’s black mist wasn’t because his world rock was weak but that his world rock didn’t have its own G.o.d art while Yan Jiutian’s mist was a G.o.d art.

Ye Mo had made up his mind that he must go to the dao seeking tower.

As more and more immortals came to the blue lightning square, the immortals sitting in the spirit rest tower also rushed down.

From others’ discussion, Ye Mo just realized that the tournament for going into the Blue Lightning Immortal Well had begun. Ye Mo left the immortal rest tower as well and put all his beast cores into the contribution jade card. He didn’t need to save beast cores now. If he was squeezed out of top 50, he would fight for a spot.

A few million contribution points were thrown into the jade card, Ye Mo’s jade card immediately became 14 million.

Ye Mo noticed his name, his rank rose from 53rd to 21st.

It didn’t seem he needed to challenge anyone now. he just needed to accept someone’s challenge and he would be in the top 50.

Everyone was watching the leaderboard right now. Mo Ying suddenly rose to 21st and immediately caught everyone’s attention.

“Who is this guy? How come I’ve never heard of him?”

“I saw him before, he only got on the leaderboard in these few months. A month ago, his name drastically rose up. He did it again this time, just how many immortal crystals did he spend on buying beast cores?”

“Without a doubt, he’s the disciple of a powerful being or he has a powerful sect behind him. Perhaps he’s the young master. Don’t challenge this person, even if you beat him who knows if people would come looking for trouble with you?”

“Yea, such a person isn’t ordinary. It’s 20 immortal crystals a contribution point, now it’s 80 to 100 a contribution point. Who can afford this many beast cores at such a time?”

Hearing these discussions, Ye Mo shook his head. He had no support, he got all of his beast cores from his hard work.

Just when he wanted to change places, Ye Mo heard a loud explosion. A few immortals landed on the stage.

Ye Mo looked at the abstruse immortal primary stage next to him and asked, “Who are these people, they don’t seem ordinary?”

The immortal saw Ye Mo’s cultivation level was higher than his and quickly said, “Friend, you just got to Zong Piao Heaven, right? The person wearing the grey hair tie is the number one master of Zong Piao Heaven abstruse immortals, Ouyang Yi, he’s the first of the Zong Piao Heaven abstruse rank. He can definitely get a spot in the Dao Seeking tournament.”

Ye Mo looked at Ouyang Yi’s name, seventh on the contribution ranking.

“The one standing behind him wearing blue robes is the fourth of the abstruse rank, Chu Xiangzi, the female immortal next to Ouyang Yi is the purple rain G.o.ddess. She’s not only the top beauty of Zong Piao Heaven but also second on the abstruse ranking. See that abstruse immortal with a long sword on his back? He’s Xu Ji, abstruse rank number nine…”

This abstruse immortal primary stage was clearly proud of these people and admired them.

Chu Xiangzi was contribution ranking number one, Xu Ji was originally first on the contribution ranking but now he was almost 30. Purple rain G.o.ddess was ranked ninth on the contribution ranking.

It seemed they didn’t care about the contribution ranking at all. To them, they could get whatever rank they wanted.

These abstruse immortals were at least abstruse immortal tertiary stage, most of them were peak stage. There was not a single abstruse immortal middle stage like Ye Mo.

A few more das.h.i.+ng lights came and through this abstruse immortal primary stage, Ye Mo knew that they were also ranked ahead on the abstruse ranking.

Pretty much all the people on the abstruse ranking came.

Ouyang Yi and purple rain G.o.ddess seemed prideful, Ye Mo could feel the superiority coming from the bottom of their hearts. As though standing here wasn’t their honor but the honor of the blue lightning square. Ye Mo could tell this superiority was probably due to their background, perhaps they were from status immortal sects.

Chu Xiangzi and Xu Ji seemed calm, they didn’t act like they were superior. Especially that Xu Ji, Ye Mo felt he had more potential than Ouyang Yi. That long sword hanging behind his back didn’t seem ordinary too.

People who were similar gathered together, immortals were the same too. The top ten of the abstruse immortals formed their own circle, the great unity immortals formed their own circle too. Solo cultivators like Ye Mo or the lowest abstruse immortals could only listen in to them talking. Even if you added something, people would ignore you.

Ye Mo didn’t want to partic.i.p.ate in such high talks.

Ye Mo walked around the square, there were quite some shops and stalls but not a single thing he was interested in. Despite this, he did buy quite some maps of the 11 middle heaven domains.

Half a day pa.s.sed quickly, as more and more people came, three rainbow clouds landed in the centre of the square. Ye Mo couldn’t tell their exact power but he was certain they were immortal kings. Any one of them could kill him with a finger.

This feeling made Ye Mo very annoyed, he calmed himself down and cast these thoughts aside.

The square fell silent as the three immortal kings came.

Ye Mo had seen one of them, the green robed Su Huan immortal king. The other two would probably be Kai Feng and Ping Zhou immortal king.

Standing in front of Su Huan immortal king was a white robed immortal king, his face was square and he seemed to be the head of the three immortal kings. He nodded to the immortals before waving his hand and a yellow light was released.

The yellow light instantly turned into a huge stage and the three immortal kings were on the stage now.

The white robed immortal king then said, “I believe everyone knows me, I’m Zong Piao Heaven Kai Feng immortal king. Other than the Blue Lightning Immortal Well, I came here for a more important thing and that is the Yuan Le heaven dao seeking tournament.”

Kai Feng immortal king sighed. “We from Zong Piao Heaven have always been partic.i.p.ating in Yuan Le Heaven’s dao seeking tournament, but only one person has truly gone in the dao seeking tower and that was me. Pity, I could only stay around level three at the time. I can say that the reason I could become immortal king was due to the great help from dao seeking tower. So, I believe everyone now knows just how much help the dao seeking tower has for cultivation.”

The square immediately burst into discussion. There were billions of immortals but which one of them could break through to immortal king?

Kai Feng waved his hand. “Calm down everyone…”

The scene fell silent immediately.

Kai Feng nodded. “But the dao seeking tower is the number one dao tower of Yuan Le Heaven. Even people from Yuan Le Heaven need to be selected to go in, much less us. Yuan Le Heaven gave the other middle heaven domains 500 spots. We have 50 spots. The tournament is very hard but even if one person gets in, I would be very happy…”

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1667 - Dao Seeking Tournament

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