Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1659

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Chapter 1659: Ferocious Dao Will

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In the Golden Page World Ye Mo slowly opened his eyes and stopped the time formation disk.

He had cultivated an entire 40 decades in the time formation disk before recovering.

Compared to before Ye Mo was much darker and skinnier. If Zhen Bingyu didn't wake him up before, he would probably burn himself out eventually.

That cultivation method was too ferocious. When he started cultivating it, he only had the primordial instinct to keep cultivating and using Heaven Flame Nine Suns. Ye Mo knew that the reason he could last a month was because the Three Birth Chant kept nouris.h.i.+ng him and supplying him with life force. Otherwise in a few days he would completely turn into a layer of dried skin.

Ye Mo took out the jade slip of Spirit Will Nine Transformations and burned it to pieces immediately.

He knew that the problem wasn't with the Spirit Will Nine Transformations but there was a sliver of dao will in the jade slip. It was even hidden in every word. When he looked at the jade slip and wanted to cultivate it, the sliver of dao will formed a bridge with his consciousness.

The dao will then planted itself in his will and grew.

The dao will wasn't intended to kill the cultivator but turn the cultivator into a puppet. If someone's spirit sense grew to a certain extent cultivating from the jade slip, the dao will would be able to affect the cultivator. However, the person behind this didn't expect someone would be able to cultivate and battle at the same time.

The Three Birth Chant allowed Ye Mo to release Heaven Flame Nine Suns while cultivating Spirit Will Nine Transformations. The growing spirit sense couldn't last the use of Heaven Flame Nine Suns and thus couldn't control Ye Mo's soul and will. It could only give Ye Mo the message to keep cultivating to survive.

Even so, Ye Mo used a few decades to completely burn away that dao will and recover his lost essence under the Bitter Bamboo.

The Spirit Will Nine Transformations was an extremely high level spirit sense cultivation method, Ye Mo was certain the cultivation method was right but the problem was with the person who left it.

Ye Mo definitely needed to cultivate the Spirit Will Nine Transformations but he wasn't going to use this cultivation method. He would derive his own Spirit Will Nine Transformations.

As for the person who left the jade slip behind, without a doubt it was the person who left behind the voice in the palace. That guy was definitely a powerful being. He not only had a terrifying cultivation method like the Spirit Will Nine Transformations but could also form a palace with s.p.a.ce law.

Originally, what that guy left behind had nothing to do with him but this Spirit Will Nine Transformations jade slip annoyed him. If it wasn't for Zhen Bingyu, even if he woke up he would die to demonic immortal spirit beast.

How could he not get revenge for this? Even if he couldn't get it now, he would eventually get it.

Ye Mo sealed the sky mobility gold and the blue platform in the Golden Page World. They came with the jade slip, no matter if there were something wrong with them or not he had to be careful. He didn't have time to look at them now.

“You're fine now.” Zhen Bingyu got up in joy. she had been really worried about Ye Mo. Ye Mo seemed skinnier and darker but he should be fine.

Ye Mo nodded. “Thank you a lot this time. If it wasn't for you I would be dead.”

“You saved me countless times, this is nothing. But who is that b.a.s.t.a.r.d you said?” Zhen Bingyu asked.

“If I'm not wrong, it's the guy who wanted us to kneel in the palace and accept his heritage,” Ye Mo said.

Hearing this, Zhen Bingyu's face flashed with horror. If it wasn't for Ye Mo she would've knelt down and accepted the heritage.

“What are you doing?” Ye Mo saw the jade card in Zhen Bingyu's hand.

Zhen Bingyu got up and waved it saying, “Before I didn't have time to put the beast cores in the jade card, I could only throw them in the storage ring. I'm sending the beast cores in now to increase contribution points.”

“How many contribution points?” Ye Mo asked and then remembered why he even came here. “How long till the opening of the immortal well?”

“11 million points now, there's still a month before the place opens. I was thinking if you still didn't come out we wouldn't have time,” Zhen Bingyu said.

Ye Mo nodded. “Okay, let's go back immediately. 11 million should be enough, don't insert anymore inside, we don't want attention. By the way, how many contribution points are left in the storage ring?”

Zhen Bingyu gave the jade card to Ye Mo and said, “There's about 6 million, I'll give the storage ring to you. I have 100k in my card.”

Ye Mo waved his hand. “No need, keep it in the storage ring. If we don't have enough we'll add more.”

Although he was ambushed this time, he didn't lose completely. He got 10 million contribution points from killing demonic immortal spirit beasts with Heaven Flame Nine Suns for a month. From this, it was clear that the demonic immortal spirit beasts there were countless. It was only a matter of time before they overtook Zong Piao Heaven.

On top of that, Ye Mo's spirit sense rose drastically. After he burned the dao will, his spirit sense was almost on par with great extreme immortal tertiary stage.

Half a month later, a man and woman came to the Gu Lan City teleportation formation. It was Ye Mo and Zhen Bingyu. After the two came out, they immediately got on Blue Moon and bolted out of the Ping Piao Plains.

There were some demonic immortal spirit beasts stopping them on the way but it didn't affect them much.

They immediately went on teleportation formation from the Ping Piao Town to this Gu Lan City and then took the teleportation formation from there to Qing Mo Immortal City.

The teleportation formation was very busy and they had to line up. It had been six hours and it still wasn't their turn.

Just when it was about to be Ye Mo's turn, a harsh voice sounded, “Let me go on first, I have an emergency.”

A red figure landed on the teleportation formation and moments later another green figure landed next to her.

There were many people lining up but these two female immortals suddenly cut in line. People were immediately unhappy but no one said anything. The green robed female immortal was at least great extreme immortal, everyone lining up was mostly below great unity immortal.

Seeing this green robed female immortal, Ye Mo's eyes narrowed and quickly slowed his immortal essence.

To others, she may seem like a great extreme immortal, but Ye Mo immediately knew she was an immortal king.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1659

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