Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1677

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Chapter 1677: p.i.s.s out of seven refine tower

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Before Xue Chengxuan said anything he was about to release his golden mace.

Xue Chengxuan sneered and waved his hand signaling the eagle eyed to stop for now. The eagle eyed was furious but he listened to the blood robed immortal. He knew there must be a reason Xue Chengxuan hadn't killed Ye Mo yet. Otherwise, with his personality, Ye Mo would be completely vanished now.

Ye Mo felt things were boring that the eagle eye went back. He was waiting for him to attack and kill this guy first.

These guys were Yuan Le heaven elite, he was by himself. If he didn't have a good reason, it wasn't good to kill a prodigy abstruse immortal of Yuan Le heaven.

Everyone looked at Ye Mo. They all wanted to hear what Ye Mo wanted and know why blood robed immortal was so nice today.

“I spent most of my time in here collecting immortal spirit herb, I didn't get a lot of seven refine stones, you have four people here, just give me tens each.”

When Ye Mo finished, the remaining people completely dazed. Was Ye Mo an idiot or just insolent? Did he not know it was blood robed immortal Xue Chengxuan he was talking to?

Purple rain G.o.ddess and Xu Ji glanced at each other, there was shock and confusion in their eyes. They didn't know where this Mo Ying got his confidence from daring to scam seven refine stones from blood robed immortal.

“You've insulted me beyond the limit…” Fire was spewing out of blood robed immortal's eyes. His hand shook and the silver color crackled on his spear.

Hearing this, how could the eagle eyed abstruse immortal take it. He couldn't control his golden mace anymore and smashed down at Ye Mo with golden light.

The heaven covering golden light completely enveloped Ye Mo. The Zong Piao heaven four people's face changed. They immediately retreated in the wake of that fierce golden light. This was just a henchman of blood robed immortal and he was this terrifying already. What would happen if blood robed immortal attacked?

Yuan Le heaven was indeed far superior than Zong Piao heaven. Any one of them was on par or even better than Ouyang Yi.

Ye Mo didn't wait for Xue Chengxuan to attack. He needed to finish the battle fast. If the four attacked him together, it would be a little troublesome.

Seeing the golden mace land, Ye Mo released world rock before the golden light was fully activated.

The world rock was much faster than that golden mace.

The golden mace looked fierce and full of killing intent but the master of the mace's sea of consciousness was surrounded by Ye Mo's spirit sense blades.

The eagle eyed abstruse immortal sneered seeing Ye Mo being eneveloped by the killing intent. He didn't understand why Xue Chengxuan woas so polite to an abstruse immortal middle stage insect. Why not kill such arrogant fool quickly.

But in less than half a second, he was shocked. He felt countless invisible blades attack the border of his sea of consciousness making him lose control of the golden mace. The golden light was rendered useless.

Wait, this was a spirit sense attack. Before the eagle eye could react, a terrifying explosion sounded in his sea of consciousness.

When the world rock smashed the golden mace, the countless blades hacked into his sea of consciousness. The terrifying backlash overturned his sea of consciousness before he could react from the chaos, a huge black mountain smashed over.

Splurge. The eagle eyed abstruse immortal was smashed to nothing in just one blow.

Meanwhile, Xue Chengxuan just released his lightning spear. Seeing the eagle eye getting smashed, he immediately stopped his spear. He knew that if he released the spear, that guy would hunt him until he left the tower.

The two abstruse immortals behind Xue Chengxuan never intended to attack. Ye Mo was a mere abstruse immortal middle stage, how could he be a match for the eagle eye.

Yet how long had it been, one second or two seconds? Eagle eye was killed.

They all came from mountains of corpse, with how Ye Mo killed eagle eyed dominantly in one move, the two immediately realized why Xue Chengxuan was so concerned with Ye Mo and didn't attack. The blood robed immortal was no match for Ye Mo at all. Where did this maniac come from, he was this terrifying.

Realizing this, the two immediately came to the blood robed immortal's side. Their magic artefact was releasing light, clearly they were ready to fight Ye Mo.

Purple rain G.o.ddess, Xu Ji and them were completely dumbfounded. Only now did they realise how absurd this Mo Ying was. He killed Xue Chengxuan's team mate but the blood robed immortal didn't even dare to say anything, he was too powerful.

Xu Ji sighed, and he thought this Mo Ying got top 50 by cheating.

Purple rain G.o.ddess and the other two Zong Piao heaven abstruse immortal looked at Ye Mo in shock. Only now did they realise how ridiculous it was to look down on this person. With such power, even Ouyang Yi would be killed.

So the abstruse ranking wasn't reliable too, that was the only thought purple rain G.o.ddess had. To be honest, she didn't consider any abstruse immortal of Zong Piao heaven highly. Even Ouyang Yi was so so to her. But now, she realized how ridiculous her sense of superiority was.

Ye Mo put the storage ring he got into his storage ring and then looked coldly at blood robed immortal but said nothing.

The blood robed immortal gritted his teeth and took out a few seven refine stones to Ye Mo “Those I haven't put into the jade card are all here.”

Ye Mo looked at the stones, they were all three and four colored. He threw them into his jade card and his points rose to 24 immediately. The two next to Xue Chengxuan took out a few stones and threw it to Ye Mo without hesitation.

With all this, Ye Mo's points rose to 61.

Seeing Ye Mo's shameless act, they were furious but didn't dare to talk.

“Is that fine now?” blood robed immortal said word by word. If he could beat Ye Mo he would've ate Ye Mo piece by piece already.

“I said tens, you only gave a few. Do you think I'm an idiot like you?” Ye Mo said contemptuously. The world rock floated in the air again and that terrifying pressure fell.

They had seen the power of the world rock and became nervous clutching their jade slips in their hands tightly.

Blood robed immortal almost spat blood out of fury. Ye Mo didn't say it wans't enough when he took it, now that he took it he said it wasn't enough. He might as well just crush his jade card.

“We have no enmity, don't you think you're a bit too domineering?” Blood robed immortal just said this and felt it was quite familiar.

Purple rain G.o.ddess and Xu Ji were speechless. This was too satisfying.

“Then p.i.s.s off.” Ye Mo said. He knew he couldn't kill them and they probably only had this much seven refine stones.

“Wait, I meant to p.i.s.s out of seven refine tower not somewhere else.” Ye Mo said coldly.

Who knows if this guy will keep looking for trouble with Zong Piao heaven people.

“You…” Blood robed immortal almost spat blood again out of anger. He took out the stones so he could stay here, not to be kicked out.

Ye Mo sneered “If you don't go, you can try my weighting stone. If I can't smash you out of the tower, I will go out myself.”

“Very well, I, blood robed immortal Xue Chengxuan, will remember you. I hope your always lucky like this.” Xue Chengxuan took out his jade card and crushed it.

The other two saw this and could only crush their jade cards too. In the blink of an eye, there was just Ye Mo and four completely dumbfounded Zong Piao heaven abstruse immortals.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1677

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