Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1685 - Bleak second round

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Chapter 1685: Bleak second round

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

There were just 152 people in second round but only 150 people came. Two people went missing from Zong Piao heaven, as for why, He Yi immortal king couldn’t be bothered asking.

Seeing the 150 people come, He Yi immortal king said “The second round is to leave a mark on the dao seeking tablet. This second round is prepared for the third round. The first 64 people will proceed to the third round, the rest of you will be disqualified.

The second round only awards five people, the first would get a status immortal spot, the second would get a great immortal spot, the third to fifth would each get a heaven immortal spot.”

Ye Mo was confused what that dao seeking mark was when He Yi immortal king and the four immortal kings next to him each shot out a light. Soon, five light veils formed a pentagon in the centre of the square. There was a rumbling sound inside as though something was about to explode.

5 minutes later, an empty void door appeared in the centre of the light. This door appeared suddenly. Other than this door, there was no stone tablet nor anything. The barrier slowly expanded from the side until it was only a few meters from the contestants before stopping.

Not only was Ye Mo confused but so was everyone else. How could they leave a mark if there was no tablet?

“This huge void door is the dao seeking door to the second round. Contestants only need to go through this door and walk to the end. Then they will see a stoen tablet. Leave your name on there.” He Yi explained simply.

“It’s that simple?” some contestants asked.

He Yi immortal king smiled “Perhaps it’s simpler than you had thought. Good luck everyone, now all the contestants can go in.”

Ye Mo frowned, he felt this door wasn’t that easy. Did the second round get delayed by three days just so they could set up this simple challenge? Theoretically, they should be setting up a test that would benefit them more.

From how Yuan Le heaven had twice as many contestants as other heaven domains, Ye Mo could tell that this landlord was a bit shameless. He didn’t believe they wouldn’t play tricks at the second round.

Ye Mo thought so and many thought so as well. However, people started going in the door.

The earlier they went in, the earlier they would see the dao seeking tablet.

But when those people charged in, they just walked a few steps and was pushed back by a power. More than ten abstruse immortal were swept outside the light veil.

Before they could get back in, He Yi immortal king said “Those who went in and get sweep out are disqualified.”

With this, those abstruse immortals were dumbfounded. They didn’t even partic.i.p.ate and was disqualified.

This was bleak indeed, Ye Mo sneered. This He Yi immortal king was very shameless, he doesn’t even explain the rules of the tournament. He didn’t even say that the ring had a pus.h.i.+ng force. As expected, those abstruse immortals swept back weren’t from Yuan Le heaven. Every Yuan Le heaven contestant had a serious face and walked step by step. Clearly, they knew that they had to slowly walk and not charge into the door.

Ye Mo saw everyone walk step by step forward and so he stepped inside the light too.

As soon as he did, a powerful force came. Ye Mo finally understood what happened. If one wasn’t expecting this, they might really be swept out.

Ye Mo’s immortal essence and spirit sense was far beyond ordinary abstruse immortal. The resistance in the light was powerful but if he wanted to be the first to go in the door, it wasn’t hard. However, he didn’t do this. he just moved slowly in the crowd.

He already got a spot in the dao seeking tower. Although he agreed he would try his best but he didn’t want to be the leading goat in some unknown situation. Ye Mo suspected this dao seeking tower seemed like a magic artefact. If this was an immortal king’s magic artefact and he went in, wouldn’t all his secrets be exposed?

As Ye Mo walked, he was also frustrated.

Ye Mo still wanted to help Kai Feng immortal king. The immortal kings gave him good materials and didn’t even mention about him hiding his power. Nor did they ask about his secrets. Kai Feng immortal king even gave him that jade slip. Jin Shang heaven was a grand heaven domain, who knows if there were good thigns there?

Of course, another reason was that Zhen Bingyu was still at Zong Piao heaven. If he gave a spot to Su Huan immortal king, she would definitely take care of Zhen Bingyu.

The person at the front now was Guan Feijian. His power was strong indeed. He even scanned back at Ye Mo and the contempt was obvious in his eyes. Clearly, he felt Ye Mo got first in the first round because he was lucky.

Clearly, blood robed immortal didn’t say he lost to him.

Following closely behind Guan Feijian was a bearded abstruse immortal. He seemed to be from Yuan Le heaven judging by his clothes. Next after was a blue s.h.i.+rted abstruse immortal. This was Len Qingshan from Kong Sheng heaven domain.

If those three were the first bunch, then behind them was the second bunch. Behind Len Qingshan was a male and two female. The male was Huang Jia heaven Qin Wuren, his team got third in the first round. The two females were Xuan Len and Xun Ran G.o.ddess.

Then, it was Jiang You heaven Wu Wanlin, Mu Sha. Xiao Mang heaven domain, Liao Lingxuan, Wen Chong heaven Tie Zongfei and a few Ye Mo didn’t know. However, Ye Mo was confused that blood robed immortal actually wasn’t eliminated in the first round. He was also in the second round.

Purple rain G.o.ddess, Yu Lai and them were at the fourth bunch. As for Mang Yong, he was at the fifth bunch.

This Mang Yong was strange, he was still preserving strength at the second round. Ye Mo was certain he could reach the second bunch or even the first.

Seeing that Guan feijian was near the dao seeking tower but Ye Mo was still dragging behind, Xu Ji was confused. He looked back at Ye Mo in confusion. he knew Ye Mo’s abilities Ye Mo must be conserving strength again.

Seeing even Xu Ji look at him, Ye Mo knew that if he didn’t hurry, even the three Immortal king would suspect him.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo sped up and instantly surpa.s.sed Mang Yang and them nearing Xu Ji and them. Even if this dao seeking door was an immortal king magic artefact, unless this immortal king dared to shatter his sea of consciousness, he wouldn’t be able to see his golden page world.

Intentionally shattering the sea of consciousness of a contestant in the dao seeking tournament would star a war between heaven domains. Even Yuan Le heaven didn’t dare to do this. They were strong but they wouldn’t be able to challenge the other ten heaven domains at the same time.

“Brother Mo, you go first. We’ll try to get to top 64.” Xu Ji nodded. He though Ye Mo was taking care of their face.

Ye Mo smiled while putting a dual spirit pill in his mouth. He sped up. 5 minutes later, when Guan Feijian was about to enter the dao, Ye Mo came to the second bunch.

“Brother Mo h.e.l.lo, I’m Ning Xunran, I’ve admired you for a few days. It’s great to know you today.” An aromatic breath came next to Ye Mo, a soft voice sounded by Ye Mo’s ear.

Ye Mo looked back and saw a yellow flowery dressed female immortal move next to him and smile.

She seemed innocent and her extremely beautiful face gave people an immediate good impression. Even compared to Zhen Bingyu, she was only a little lesser.

Ye Mo dind’t expect her to come talk to him.

“I was just lucky. Xunran G.o.ddess is fourth on the Yuan Le heaven heaven immortal rank, you can definitely take back your glory in this round.” Ye Mo said politely. He had a good impression of her because her surname was Ning, making him think of Ning Qingxue.

Seeing softness on Ye Mo’s face, Xunran smiled but didn’t take it seriously. Who wasn’t attracted by her looks? However there was a sneer on the side. Ye Mo didn’t need to turn back to know it was Xuan Len G.o.ddess. A G.o.ddess who was on par in beauty with her.

Ye Mo knew the two had conflicts and didn’t want to be caught in the middle. He smiled and sped up and in a few seconds, Ye Mo caught up to Len QIngshan.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1685 - Bleak second round

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