Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1689 - Third round of tournament

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Chapter 1689: Third round of tournament

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The top 64 names were shown and Ye Mo saw that a little under half were from Yuan Le heaven..

Even so, He Yi immortal king’s face was bad. This was far from what he had expected.

He was unhappy but as the announcer he couldn’t show it, plus people were suspicious of him already.

“Second round ZOng Piao heaven s.h.i.+nes again, getting two of the top five. Mo Ying got fifth after getting first in the first round. He obtained a heaven immortal spot. he might be the first of this dao seeking tournament, or he is already the first…”

Many people didn’t understand this, clearly Xu Ji got the first of the second round, why did he praise Mo Ying?

Ye Mo was expressionless. Even though he didn’t get first, clearly that old guy remembered him. He meant that he wasn’t going to let him go in the third round. This was the second time this old guy was drawing hate to him.

Even some abstruse immortal could tell that He Yi wasn’t just praising Mo Ying much less those immortal kings.

Len Qingshan was expressionless but Qin Wuren and Wu Wanlin looked coldly at Ye Mo, they seemed prideful. It was as though if they beat Ye Mo in the next round they would be the number one.

Looking at their faces He Yi immortal king sneered. He had more in stall too.

“In order to show the high standard of this tournament, after the three rounds, one person will be crowned first. Whoever can get first will get a pill concoction chance from a Yuan Le heaven level six immortal pill great master. He would also get a forgery opportunity from a level seven immortal forgery grand master…”

This was a huge benefit.

Some people who didn’t know things thought He Yi set this just for Ye Mo as he performed very well in both rounds. If he didn’t do too bad on the third round, he would be first. These people started to admire Ye Mo.

Those who knew what He Yi thought sighed at how sinister He Yi immortal king was. The third round could be said to be death battle, you could use any means to win.

If you wanted to be first, not only do you have to be first in the third round but you had to beat Ye Mo.

Before all this, the contestants would just beat Ye Mo at most. But now, they would use all means necessary to kill Ye Mo prove themselves.

The faces of the three Zong Piao heaven immortal king’s were green. Su Huan immortal king was about to rage but Ping Zhou immortal king stopped her. He Yi immortal king didn’t point names and he spoke in a fair manner.

Ye Mo sneered, he was a level six immortal pill great master and a level six immortal forgery great master. he wans’t interested in asking people for help with that. He knew this was He Yi immortal king targeting him but he didn’t care. Even for Guan Feijian, he was confident in killing him.

He Yi immortal king continued like nothing had happened “There’s 64 people in the final round. We will use elimination matches. The first to the 32rd will be guarding their stage, the 33rd to 64th will go up and challenge. The first 32 must and only need to accept one challenge, the winner stays and the loser is disqualified…”

“He Yi immortal king master, Zong Piao heaven Xu Ji will forfeit the third round…” Xu Ji said loudly.

Everyone looked at hollow immortal, not understanding why he would suddenly leave.

“Someone’s scared.” One Yuan Le heaven abstruse immortal sneered.

Xu Ji looked back at that abstruse immortal, if it wasn’t that Mo Ying told him to leave, he would stay just for that.

But when Xu Ji saw that next to this abstruse immortal stood a pale faced abstruse immortal who looked down, he subconsciously looked at the rankings for the second round. He immediately understood what Ye Mo meant and his back even began sweating.

Ye Mo didn’t care about Yuan Le heaven heaven immortal ranking but he did. That pale faced abstruse immortal is called Jian Sha, ranked 6thon the heaven immortal ranking. Xu Ji looked at his information and knew he wasn’t originally called Jian Sha, he had a special feature, he would kill all his enemies.

Unlike blood robed immortal, he only kills those who fights him, regardless friend or enemy. Those who fought him were all killed. He wouldn’t kill the friends and families of the dead, he seemed to kill just for battle.

Everytime before he killed, he would say kill. Usually when he said kill, no one can escape his next magic. Basically when he said that word, his opponent is already half dead. With time, people forgot what his name was, they just called him Jian Sha.

Such a person was ranked at 39th. Clearly Yuan Le heaven did this intentionally. If he didn’t leave the tournament, Jian Sha would challenge him first. Xu Ji was prideful but he didn’t think he could escape from Jian Sha. He was probably no match for blood robed immortal, Jian Sha was ranked higher than blood robed immortal.

Soon, Xu Ji saw blood robed immortal. He was ranked below 32 too. Clearly, this was ranked intentionally so. Yuan Le heaven was shameless indeed, they cheated so overtly but there was nothing other people could say.

He looked at the names below 32, they were all on the heaven immortal ranking. He immediately knew that Mo Ying saved him again. He just dind’t understand how Mo Ying knew Yuan Le heaven would use such means.

“You’re going to forfeit?” He Yi looked at Xu Ji in confusion, he cursed in his mind. If Xu Ji forfeits how can he be killed.

Even the three immortal kings of Zong Piao heaven looked at Xu Ji in confusion.

Xu Ji said “my sea of consciousness was damaged in the second round, I can’t partic.i.p.ate in the third round.”

Ping Zhou immortal king said “Since you’re injured, you don’t need to compete in the third round, stay behind and rest, prepare to go into the dao seeking tower.”

“Yes.” Xu Ji quickly answered and pa.s.sed a jade slip he carved on the spot to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo scanned, his guess was right. Yuan Le heaven indeed used this tactic, they set up a lot of powerful people in the latter half.

Luckily, the only people from Zong Piao heaven in top 32 was Xu Ji and him. now, people could only challenge him.

People were scared of Jian sha but he wasn’t.

Seeing this, there was nothing He Yi immortal king could do. Luckily that Mo Ying was still there, he would kill this Mo Ying no matter what.

“Now that someone left, the tournament will progress in the same way, the 33rd will replace Xu Ji to guarde the stage. One person in the guarding 32 will not be challenged and will progress into the next round. After the top 32 are decided, the tournament will progress into the same way until the top 8 are decided.”

He Yi immortal king regretted no setting the rule that if you abandon the third round you lose your progress from the second round. But he didn’t say this before and if he said it now, it would cause public outrage.

Ye Mo sneered, he was fifth, as long as he wasn’t killed he would be challenged non stop by Yuan Le heaven people. This rule was set up to target him.

He Yi iky really did set this up against Ye Mo. He didn’t believe with all these Yuan Le heaven masters, an abstruse immortal middle stage couldn’t be killed.

He Yi immortal king casually scanned Ye Mo and continued “Every tournament, the top 8 of the third round will be rewarded, this time will be so as well.”

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1689 - Third round of tournament

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