Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1693 - Low Key Mang Yong

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Chapter 1693: Low Key Mang Yong

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Xu Ji and purple rain G.o.ddess instantly realized that Ye Mo won. They clenched their fists in joy. Their hearts finally rested. Jian Sha wasn’t someone the Blood Robed Immortal could compare with.

Blood Robed Immortal smirked, he knew Ye Mo was going to win for sure and he knew Ye Mo didn’t show his full power at all.

“Fourth battle, Zong Piao Heaven’s Mo Ying’s victory.”

He Yi suddenly shot out two rays from his eyes looking at Ye Mo. Even Ye Mo felt someone scan him with spirit sense, spirit sense filled with bleak killing intent. He didn’t look back. He knew that it was He Yi immortal king, but no matter how this old b.a.s.t.a.r.d was, he wouldn’t dare to kill him now. The most dangerous moment wasn’t now but when he came out of the Dao Seeking Tower.

Guan Feijian frowned and looked at Ye Mo seriously. It was clearly Jian Sha who was going to kill Ye Mo, how did it become Jian Sha being killed? When Jian Sha called out ‘kill’, even he would have had to use his drum to counter it. Why was this Ye Mo unaffected? He was a little wary of Ye Mo now.

The Zong Piao Heaven immortal kings finally breathed easy. They heard purple rain G.o.ddess say that Ye Mo could scare away the Blood Robed Immortal. Theoretically, even if he couldn’t beat Jian Sha, he wouldn’t be beaten like that. Now, Ye Mo indeed killed Jian Sha. To them, Ye Mo was acting weak intentionally to give Jian Sha a surprise attack.

Most of the people thought so as well.

The tournament continued, as Ye Mo expected, the winners were pretty much the guardians of the stage. Only a rare few challengers beat the guardians and they were all from Yuan Le Heaven.

There were nine people killed on the stage. Tie Zongfei killed one, Jiang You heaven Mu Sha killed one, Yuan Le Heaven killed four. Ye Mo didn’t know the other two.

After the 31 battles, Zong Piao Heaven also had a Mang Yong who reached the top 32. Ye Mo watched that battle, Mang Yong challenged a Jiang You heaven abstruse immortal, after a fierce battle Mang Yong won.

But Ye Mo could tell that Mang Yong put on an act. With Mang Yong’s power, he could easily instant kill his opponent but he put on an intense battle act and finally won after taking some injuries.

Ye Mo couldn’t even be bothered looking down on this guy anymore.

The battle for the top 16 begun. The first battle was still Guan Feijian, no one challenged him this time. Ye Mo was in the top 16 so he couldn’t challenge him.

Guan Feijian saw no one challenge him and suddenly pointed at Mang Yong “Zong Piao Heaven’s Mang Yong come up, I want to see how powerful Zong Piao Heaven is.”

When no one challenged a guardian, the guardian could select a challenger to go up.

Everyone knew Guan Feijian was going to start taking out Zong Piao Heaven’s people. If Mang Yong went up, he would be killed for certain.

Ye Mo’s eyes lit up, he wanted to see Mang Yong’s power. Just when he was going to ask Mang Yong to help kill Guan Feijian, Mang Yong saluted with his fists with a sunken face. “I admit defeat, I’m no match for brother Guan.”

Ye Mo was dazed, this kid admitted defeat? Did he not want to go in the Dao Seeking Tower? He felt Mang Yong might not lose to Guan Feijian; if he used spirit sense blades to help him at a crucial moment, Mang Yong would be able to win.

Although Ye Mo felt angry and confused at why Mang Yong surrendered, other people felt it was normal.

Restraint was fine, but to take it to this degree, Ye Mo didn’t feel Mang Yong would have much accomplishment in the future. He didn’t even want the Dao Seeking Tower spot. At least he couldn’t do it.

Competing for resources was a necessary process, no resources came freely. Yet Mang Yong gave up on this, how could he become a pinnacle power like this?

Ye Mo didn’t watch Mang Yong anymore, this person wasn’t worth his attention.

Unexpectedly, Mang Yong walked up to Ye Mo and greeted him. This time, Ye Mo completely lost the interest to talk to him.

The second and third round, Len Qingshan and Qin Wuren won easily. As soon as Ye Mo landed on the stage, someone came up. Although he killed Jian Sha, he didn’t strike fear like Guan Feijian.

“Duan Jing Heaven’s Shangguan Yufeng comes to challenge.” A sporty looking female immortal came up. Ye Mo didn’t even need to use any effort.

Five minutes later, his sword struck her back and she smashed into the restrictions before falling down a bloodied person.

Ye Mo didn’t kill her. Although she wanted to win, she didn’t have killing intent. In that case, he didn’t need to kill her. The strike on her back was intentional, otherwise it would be enough to hack her chest open.

The latter matches were quite calm, only Wen Chong Heaven’s Tie Zongfei killed his opponent, and Yuan Le Heaven killed three. Xue Chengxuan killed his opponents in both battles. Another was Yuan Le Heaven Zhang Kuang.

Ye Mo knew Zhang Kuang was second on the heaven immortal ranking but unlike Guan Feijian he acted very calm and steady.

He saw the two battles Zhang Kuang fought, the two abstruse immortals wanted to kill him immediately. Even Ye Mo would kill them if he encountered such opponents.

After 16 battles, more than half of the top 16 remained. Two challengers were successful, both of them from Yuan Le Heaven. Blood Robed Immortal was amongst them.

The Yuan Le Heaven great eternity immortal landed on the stage expressionlessly and announced, “The top 16 have been decided, now the top eight will be defending and the latter eight can challenge.”

The first to defend was Guan Feijian, he landed on the stage as soon as the great eternity immortal left.

A huge drum hung above his head, that look in his eyes was like he would kill whoever dared to challenge him.

However this time, he was challenged. All those who could reach the top 16 were the elites of the heaven domains, how could they be scared?

“Jiang You Heaven’s Mu Sha challenges!” A figure landed on the stage.

Ye Mo nodded, he knew this Mu Sha, he got eighth in the first round and 16th in the second round. He already had a heaven immortal spot but he still dared to challenge Guan Feijian, clearly he didn’t come for the Dao Seeking Tower spot.

“You have b.a.l.l.s!” Mu Sha was good but Guan Feijian didn’t take his opponent seriously. Then his drum released a loud sound piercing people’s eardrums.

The audience instantly realized that this sound was like Jian Sha’s kill sound. However this drum sound continued incessantly. How could one fight against this?

Ye Mo shook his head, even he felt Mu Sha was good but not a match for Guan Feijian.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1693 - Low Key Mang Yong

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