Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1694 - Immortal king Conflict

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Chapter 1694: Immortal king Conflict

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Sha’s magic artifact was a golden scaled fire rune mirror, it was probably made from some G.o.d beast scale. Ye Mo had seen it in action before, it could release countless fire runes that could bind opponents.

It was sort of like the Jiu Yao star wheel that Ye Mo robbed, it shot out white rays while this mirror shot out fire runes and was much stronger.

This time, it didn’t shoot out fire runes to attack Guan Feijian, instead it formed a fire circle around Mu Sha.

Ye Mo had spirit sense blades and his spirit sense clearly saw that Guan Feijian’s terrifying sound waves were stopped by the fire ring.

Ye Mo finally realized where Mu Sha got his confidence from. he already knew Guan Feijian had sound domain attacks and his fire mirror could counter this.

Even so, Ye Mo didn’t look favourably of Mu Sha. Guan Feijian used his sword when he killed Zhuang Tao. That strike was very brief but Ye Mo could tell that Guan Feijian’s sword art was very powerful too.

Mu Sha released five swords. Ye Mo’s spirit sense was watching their actions and when Mu Sha released the five swords, Ye Mo knew he had lost.

Mu Sha overestimated himself and underestimated Guan Feijian. His five swords were probably a low level G.o.d art but he couldn’t use it with full power. His spirit sense and immortal essence were limited and he had to use them against Guan Feijian’s drum. His sword shadows couldn’t be fully used.

Mu Sha’s face changed when he noticed this as well. He realized he underestimated Guan Feijian’s drum and his immortal essence and spirit sense. the sound domain of that drum was shocking. If he relaxed a little that sound could penetrate his mirror and injure his sea of consciousness. That way, he would certainly die.

He really wanted to admit defeat but that sound made immortal formation unable to open his mouth.

A white light flashed by, just when Mu Sha released his swords, another sword ray shot out from Guan Feijian. It was much faster than Mu Sha’s five blades.


Mu Sha’s fire mirror was swept away and cracked like an egg.

The drum sound broke into the mirror, Mu Sha’s face dazed. His five blades also paused. The next moment, the white sword light penetrated his waist without resistance. The sword light turned around and Mu Sha’s essence spirit was also killed. Then, Mu Sha’s body split into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

The square fell into silence. The two seemed to be evenly matched, Mu Sha even had a slight upper hand, but he was instantly killed by Guan Feijian.

“First match is Yuan Le Heaven’s Guan Feijian’s victory.”

The great eternity immortal spoke and Ye Mo’s heart shook. He realized that He Yi immortal king’s tournament rules weren’t targeted at him, it was also set up for Yuan Le Heaven.

Yuan Le Heaven had a higher skill level. Unless necessary, two people from Yuan Le Heaven wouldn’t be on the same stage. Although in the end, there would still be two Yuan Le Heaven contestants on the same stage, that would be because Yuan Le Heaven had more than 5 reaching top 8.

Ye Mo scanned the top 16, Yuan Le Heaven had half indeed. This was after he killed Jian Sha as well.

Ye Mo subconsciously glanced at He Yi immortal king. That He Yi immortal king seemed to know Ye Mo was looking at him and glanced over fiercely with intense killing intent.

Ye Mo suddenly thought of a move from earth. He smiled and raised his middle finger at He Yi immortal king, his eyes were full of contempt.

Since they were already enemies, he didn’t need to worry about offending him.

He Yi didn’t know what this action was but he could see from Ye Mo’s contempt that this was probably not good. A mere abstruse immortal dared to challenge an immortal king. It was a pity this was the Dao Seeking Square and he didn’t dare to do anything to Ye Mo.

Len Qingshan, Qing Wuren, Zhang Kuang all won. This time, Qin Wuren didn’t kill his opponent but it’s not that he didn’t want to kill, just when he wanted to kill, his opponent jumped off the stage.

It was Xiao Mang Heaven’s Liao Lingxuan fighting him. He couldn’t beat Qin Wuren but Qin Wuren could only make him heavily injured.

It was Yuan Le Heaven’s Fu Lingtian fighting Len Qingshan. Ye Mo could tell that this time Len Qingshan really wanted to kill Fu Lingtian, but he could only barely defeat Fu LIngtian, he couldn’t even heavily injure him.

The fourth battle was Ye Mo again. This time he fought Jing Duan Heaven’s Feng Fengyue. This was the second time he fought someone from Duan Jing Heaven. Feng Fengyu got tenth in the second round and always had a smile.

Eventually, they fought nearly two hours before Ye Mo ‘barely’ won.

Seeing Ye Mo win again, Zong Piao Heaven’s immortal kings were very excited. This meant that Ye Mo was in top eight and they had a Dao Seeking Tower heaven immortal spot.

Other than Mu Sha, no one was killed. Wen Chong Heaven’s Tie Zongfei was beaten into heavy injury by Meng Qian. Tie Zongfei had always wanted to kill Meng Qian but he wasn’t strong enough and was almost killed instead. If he didn’t have a very powerful one time use defense rune, he would’ve been dead.

The great eternity immortal landed on the stage again “The top eight have been decided, they are: Yuan Le Heaven’s Guan Feijian, Kong Sheng Heaven’s Len Qingshan, Huang Jia Heaven’s Qin Wuren, Zong Piao Heaven’s Mo Ying, Yuan Le Heaven’s Zhang Kuang, Yuan Le Heaven’s Ning Xunran, Yuan Le Heaven’s Yan Xuanlen, Yuan Le Heaven’s Meng Qian.”

Ye Mo sneered, Yuan Le Heaven had five of the top eight. Clearly He Yi immortal king was behind this.

“The battle to reach top four will be decided based on drawing your opponent. May the 8 abstruse immortal contestants come up to draw your opponent.” The great eternity immortal said and waved eight b.a.l.l.s of light. They floated before the eight people and seemed to be very organized. There was one before each person.

Ye Mo sneered and before anyone went up he waved his hand and the eight b.a.l.l.s were spun around together.

“What do you want to do?” the great eternity immortal suddenly sneered and shot out a ray at Ye Mo, wanting to kill him.

“Hmph!” Ping Zhou immortal king waved his hand smas.h.i.+ng the ray back. That ray flew back and struck the great eternity immortal. He was great eternity immortal peak stage, but compared to a status immortal he was nothing.

The great eternity immortal flew back and spat a mouthful of blood in the air without any resistance.

“Ping Zhou immortal king, you want to ruin the dao seeking tournament. How dare you injure the announcer of the tournament?” He Yi immortal king roared and his power rose.

Kai feng immortal king waved his hand and a powerful force rose too. The two forces clashed together and split the main altar in half. The s.p.a.ce rustled before the two even fought.

Kai Feng immortal king sneered. “Ruin the tournament? The announcer dares to kill my Zong Piao Heaven member! I want to ask He Yi immortal king who is ruining the tournament?”

He Yi immortal king said coldly, “Mo Ying dares to touch the drawing orbs, such a person who disrespects the tournament laws needs to be killed.”

Kai Feng said calmly, “Since it’s a draw, then is it the announcer who draws or the contestants?”

“Of course he’s a contestant?” He Yi immortal king knew what Kai Feng was going to say but he had to answer.

“Those eight orbs were sent to the contestants, is that called drawing? It should be called sending them an opponent. Drawing should be choosing one from a mix. My Zong Piao Heaven’s Mo Ying helped mix up the orbs, the announcer not only doesn’t appreciate this but instead tries to kill him – is Yuan Le Heaven going to cheat publicly?” Kai Feng immortal king asked furiously.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1694 - Immortal king Conflict

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