Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1686

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Chapter 1686: Shameless He Yi immortal king

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“This powerful?” Xuan Len G.o.ddess looked dazily as Ye Mo was near the door. She even forgot to go forward. She thought Ye Mo used a lot of effort to catch up but this guy was just strolling around.

Even Xunran G.o.ddess was dazed. She spoke to Ye Mo partly because she approved of him. regardless whether Ye Mo got first in the first round through luck or not, it was a demonstration of power. That's why she came up to flirt with Ye Mo and try to make a good impression.

Ye Mo just showed softness of his face, clearly he was moved by her beauty, why did he suddenly leave her behind.

At this moment, Guan Feijian and that bearded abstruse immortal already went inside the door. Ye Mo went in with Len Qingshan at the same time.

“You're very good.” Len Qingshan saw Ye Mo caught up to him and said. There was a sliver of surprise in his eyes.

Ye Mo smiled but said nothing.

The instant he entered the door, he couldn't sense the other three anymore.

There was a bleak dark tunnel. Just as He Yi immortal king said, at the end of the tunnel, there would be dao seeking tablet.

If it was some desperate person, he would've charged up immediately but Ye Mo felt vigilant coming in here.

He carefully took two steps forward and suddenly a terrifying pressure came. Ye Mo felt he entered a dream. Qingxue, Susu charged at him. there was a huge ravaging river before them. It was as though they would fall in if they took another step.

“No…” Ye Mo called out but after that a thin stream of coolness circulated in his essence spirit.

Ye Mo suddenly woke up. There was definitely a big trap ahead of him. he didn't keep going forward and stopped instead. He was certain his guess was right, this door was a magic artefact.

That feeling was like heart demon, if he hadn't been cultivating in front of the bitter bamboo and had no heart demon, he really would've fell for it.

Ye Mo didn't act like he was awake but instead looked very worried and kept charging forward.

Ten seonds later, Ye Mo saw a b.l.o.o.d.y river again. Ye Mo checked with his spirit sense carefully and immediately knew this was no blood river. It was a circulating illusion formation. It he went in, he would be walking around in circles endlessly.

Ye Mo jumped in the blood river and started walking around while thinking when was a good time to go. Just when Ye Mo was worried, a powerful spirit sense pressure came over. That terrifying pressure almost crippled Ye Mo.

He Yi immortal king this old b.a.s.t.a.r.d was too shameless. Ye Mo cursed but still had to pretend he lost his mind.

“This is the dao seeking door, if you want to enter the dao seeking tower, you must pa.s.s the questioning of the door. If you answer wrong, you will be forever sunken in the blood river and never to reincarnate…”

A voice sounded in the tunnel. It was as though he was being questioned by great dao.

Ye Mo cursed in his heart while his face acted dazily.

“What is your name?” that voice sounded like it was from the bottom of the abyss.

“Mo Ying.”

“Where do you come from, what secrets do you have?”

“I come from Xu Xun planet, I have a spirit seeking magic artefact, it can find any immortal spirit item below level six.”

Ye Mo answered but looked down on He Yi. This old b.a.s.t.a.r.d was so shameless. He was certain that if this guy targeted someone else, he would've spilled all his secrets. But at least this way, he didn't have to worry about exposing his golden page world.

“Why did you get 356 points in the first round?”

“I found a bunch of stones in the tower, I got 36 five colored stones.”

“Walk around the river 19000 times and you can get what you want…”

Then, the voice disappeared.

This old b.a.s.t.a.r.d not only asked for his secrets and also made him walk around the river 19000 times. By the time he was done, the second round would have nothing to do with him.

But Ye Mo had to listen to him and started spinning. After a few spins, he suddenly went violent and hacked around with Zi Xu.

Purple sword rays hacked on the tunnel wall, he hacked faster and faster until he couldn't even care about his immortal essence anymore.

He Yi immortal king sneered, he thought this guy was powerful but it turned out to be just luck. His stealth cultivation method should be quite good. His spirit seeking magic artefact was good but it could only find level six immortal spirit herb, it wasn't much use to him.

Then, He Yi couldn't be bothered with Ye Mo. He didn't believe Ye Mo could stay awake in here. Even a great eternity immortal wouldn't be able to stay unaffected by heart demon after being pressured with his spirit sense.

Ye Mo wasn't hacking Zi Xu around for no reason. When he noticed He Yi immortal king's spirit sense had left. His spirit sense hacked out. The spirit sense blades seeped out with Zi Xu sword rays.

A short time later, Ye Mo's spirit sense blades penetrated the illusion formation tunnel. Soon, Ye Mo saw the other contestants. Guan Feijian was already very far ahead. Looking at him, he was probably taught on what to do.

He also saw that Qin Wuren and Len Qingshan were running around in circles. Without a doubt, it was He Yi this b.a.s.t.a.r.d. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d was cheating so obviously.

He clearly wanted to take the top five of the second round but Ye Mo wasn't going to let them have it.

He gave Qin Wuren and Len Qingshan each a spirit sense blade. They woke up immediately. Their face changed drastically and clearly remembered what happened before. They immediately charged out of the illusion formation.

But how could Ye Mo let this Guan feijian go so easily. He released tens of spirit sense blades and set up a spirit sense blade formation before him. Ye Mo knew this couldn't slow Guan Feijian but it would slow him down and let Qin Wuren and Len Qingshan catch up.

Then, he took back his spirit sense and pretended to accidentally cut his arm, making him 'Wake up' for a brief moment. During this time, he charged out of the blood river illusion and sped ahead.

It was as htough the three woke up at the same time.

Moments later, Ye Mo surpa.s.sed Guan feijian. Even Len Qingshan and Qin Wuren were near Guan Feijian.

“Hmm…” He Yi saw this and was amazed.

Just when he wanted to do something again, he heard someone on his side say “He Yi immortal king, you've been constantly using your spirit sense in the second round, are you partic.i.p.ating in the second round oto?”

He Yi immortal king was shook, he looked back and saw Huang Ming immortal king's fierce eyes. He was shook and carefully said “Dao seeking tower is one of the dao seeking magic artefact of Yuan Le heaven. It does not belong to me, how can I partic.i.p.ate?”

He didn't dare to have conflict with this immortal king. Huang Ming immortal king was a peak immortal king of Huang Jia heaven. He was one step away from immortal monarch. Regardless if Huang Ming immortal king would reach immortal monarch or not, an immortal king peak stage wasn't someone an immortal king tertiary stage like him could offend. If it's found that he was controlling the second round, even Yuan Le heaven wouldn't be able to protect him.

Huang Ming immortal king sneered “I was afraid the dao seeking tablet would be used by someone. If something like this really happened, Huang Jia heaven won't let this go.”

He Yi immortal king sneered but didn't dare to scan his spirit sense in the dao seeking tablet again.

Ye Mo sped up, he thought He Yi's spirit sense would come back soon but after a long while it didn't come. He guessed that the dao seeking tablet wasn't He Yi immortal king's. his spirit sense wasn't able to come in here all the time.

With this, Ye Mo had no concern. He had a few more spirit sense blades out. Then he saw Qin Wuren and Len Qingshan in an illusion again.

Ye Mo was confused. Did He Yi immortal king scan his spirit sense in again? But soon, Ye Mo realized he worried too much. Guan Feijian was in trouble too.

In that case, Ye Mo didn't intervene again. Ye Mo realized that this place was a place that created heart demon. Ye Mo didn't even have heart demon at all.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1686

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