Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1768 - Then write a debt bill

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Chapter 1768: Then write a debt bill

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yan Jiutian’s face was pale like snow, his chest was full of blood, his eyes were blood shot. He waved his hand and the black mist formed a s.h.i.+eld in a rush to block the lightning sand that was filtered by the silver dragon.

Crack. The remaining lightning sand landed all on Yan Jiutian’s s.h.i.+eld. The s.h.i.+eld split apart and Yan Jiutian howled in pain and was smashed away a few hundred km. When he got up, his body was completely charred, he was disfigured.

Ye Mo really wanted to give Yan Jiutian another lightning sand. He knew that one more and Yan Jiutian would be dead for sure. Yan Jiutian progressed much faster than him, if he didn’t kill Yan Jiutian, it would be more dangerous for him the longer he dragged it on.

However, although he seemed to be in a much better state than Yan Jiutian, he exhausted himself just as much as Yan Jiutian. He couldn’t even use Illusion Cloud much less lightning sand.

Using the Hao Heaven drum made Ye Mo’s immortal essence in an extremely weakened state, Tang Mengrao and lightning sand only made things worse. Ye Mo just ate a few pills trying to recover his power as quickly as possible.

Yan Jiutian ate a few pills and put away the silver dragon that only had one breath left. He looked hatefully at Ye Mo’s Hao Heaven drum. Although he didn’t want to say anything, he was very shocked inside. He didn’t expect Ye Mo’s luck to be this absurd, he even got Hao Heaven grand emperor’s drum.

None of them spoke nor did they have the time to speak. They were both trying desperately to recover their immortal essence and spirit sense. once their spirit sense and immortal essence recovered to a certain state, it would be the beginning of the next wave of battle.

Ten seconds later, Yan Jiutian suddenly growled and a fiery red barrier rose up around him. His mist net and mist mountain gathered together as though going to give Ye Mo a final strike.

Ye Mo knew Yan Jiutian still had a lot more cards, much more than him. Even if Yan Jiutian was no match for him, it was probably impossible to kill Yan Jiutian. This was an old monster who had lived countless years, he definitely had the best of the best escape means. Luckily, he had escape means too.


The black mist formed a ten meter long spear this time, it hummed before even being released as though keen to devour blood.

Ye Mo caressed Zi Xu, waves of killing intent rose out of the air. The more he fought the more experienced he would become, especially if he fought people like Yan Jiutian.

Yan Jiutian’s barrier was definitely to prevent his Hao Heaven drum, the following battle would only be more arduous for him. However, he didn’t have Yan Jiutian’s luck, he didn’t have a defense magic artefact to stop the bell.

Even though Ye Mo made up his mind to get a top grade defense magic artefact no matter what he had to face Yan Jiutian now.

When the two was about to clash, Ye Mo’s face suddenly changed. The next moment, he put away everything and instant transmissioned, disappearing completely.

Yan Jiutian dazed, he didn’t know why Ye Mo suddenly ran. He didn’t even have the thought of chasing Ye Mo when Ye Mo ran. Whether or not he could kill Ye Mo was one thing, but just this speed was something that even he might not be able to catch up to.

But he felt Ye Mo wasn’t scared of him? Why did Ye Mo run away, he didn’t understand? After just hesitating for a second, Yan Jiutians face also changed and took back his bell in less than half a second and also disappeared. However, he went the opposite direction to Ye Mo.

Yan Jiutian just left for a few seconds and an old man appeared where they fought, it was clearly that immortal king uncle Ji.

Uncle Ji frowned and looked at the direction Ye Mo ran off to as well as the direction Yan Jiutian ran off to. He hesitated for a moment and chased after Yan Jiutian.

Feeling an immortal king was getting closer and closer, Yan Jiutian was about to spit blood out of rage for his misfortune. Ye Mo was a great eternity immortal primary stage but he was this cunning. This immortal king was quite possibly coming after Ye Mo. He was going to kill this Ye Mo no matter what.

The reason Ye Mo could notice uncle Ji was coming wasn’t because his spirit sense was better than Yan Jiutian but he was more careful when he was heavily injured. He released his spirit sense domain to the max and watched the nearby area at all time. He wasn’t afraid of Yan Jiutian, even if he can’t beat him he can always run but if that uncle Ji came, he would be over.

He was lucky, uncle Ji’s spirit sense was expanded to the max. although Ye Mo’s spirit sense didn’t touch uncle Ji’s spirit sense but Ye Mo felt it so he instantly took everything and used instant transmission to get away.

From some degree, uncle Ji was indeed attracted over by Ye Mo. Uncle Ji felt there were people here, he wasn’t sure who it was but he came to check it out.

Uncle Ji immediately knew there was a huge battle here and the two parties were quite strong.

Ye Mo was very lucky, he was the first to leave and left the disaster to Yan Jiutian. Even if Yan Jiutian doesn’t, die, he would be suffering quite a lot.

Ye Mo used the instant transmission another ten time and kept using mobility technique. The immortal essence he barely gathered up before was depleted again.

But now, Ye Mo felt secure. He knew he completely escaped the hunting range of uncle Ji.

Even though he knew he was safe, Ye Mo released the s.p.a.ce time boat and flew around for half a day before finding an asteroid and going into the golden page world there.

Although Yan Jiutian could find the trace left behind by G.o.d artefact flying in the void but Yan Jiutian was a half divine. Ye Mo didn’t believe uncle Ji would be able to do it.

Ye Mo immediately started recovering his immortal essence in the golden page world. A few days later, Ye Mo had completely recovered. Then, he left the golden page world. he took out the void location disc to confirm his location. He could still sense the direction of the immortal s.h.i.+p.

In the next month, Ye Mo kept changing places to catch void flying snow. Ye Mo didn’t find another place where the void flying snow grouped up but in the almost two months time, he caught tens of void flying snow.

He had nearly 200 void flying snow. Ye Mo estimated this was enough to get ranked very ahead so he released Blue Moon to get back.

Three days later, Ye Mo stopped, he felt immortal essence wave in the void. There must be a battle. there was also spirit sense barrier formation, clearly it didn’t allow other people’s spirit sense to scan over.

Just when Ye Mo was wondering if he should go over to see, two das.h.i.+ng lights came, it was two great eternity immortal tertiary stage. Ye Mo didn’t move, these two weren’t enough to worry him.

“Haha, we stopped another fat one, this person is definitely not bad to be able to appear here…”

The two great eternity immortal appeared on the two sides of Ye Mo.

Hearing their words, Ye Mo realised they were robbers. They were probably waiting on some route to return to the immortal s.h.i.+p.

“Hand over your void flying snow, I’ll let you…” The great eternity immortal was suddenly stuck for words.

He looked at Ye Mo worriedly and didn’t dare to keep talking, he recognized who Ye Mo was. It was that great eternity immortal primary stage who killed a great eternity immortal tertiary stage with one punch. He was someone not even Di Wencheng dared to challenge.

“Give what to you? And you will let me go over?” Ye Mo asked.

“So it’s immortal friend Ye, please go as you please, we’re just earning a small fortune here, we don’t dare to stop you…” The great eternity immortal quickly said.

Ye Mo didn’t go over but asked “How come I heard you talk about void flying snow? Do you have a lot of void flying snow?”

The great eternity immortal’s face went bitter and sour, he quickly bowed “We just came here, we gave all the void flying snow to the captain. We really have nothing.”

Ye Mo’s face sunk and his force expanded over, killing intent showed just like when he killed Ge Ya on the stage.

The great eternity immortal quickly said “We really don’t have anything, our captain is stopping there. Usually we would draw them to our captain and…”

“And let your capatain attack right?” Ye Mo asked coldly.

“This…” The great eternity immortal couldn’t even speak.

“I only have one…” The other great eternity immortal quickly took out one void flying snow and gave it to Ye Mo.

Ye Mo took it without hesitation and asked “How many can you get each time?”

“Five.” The great eternity immortal quickly answered.

“Then write a debt bill, you two owe me ten, take me to your captain.” Ye Mo said.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1768 - Then write a debt bill

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