Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1760 - Immortal King Ambush

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Chapter 1760: Immortal King Ambush

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

A white dressed woman appeared before Ye Mo, she seemed very formal giving Ye Mo a feeling like she was a lily rising out of the water.

Such a pretty woman, Ye Mo thought of Susu and Zhen Bingyu. They were on par with her but this woman seemed to have a royal temperament.

Ye Mo didn't believe those seductive words were said by this woman, but when Ye Mo looked at the old man behind her he immediately stopped using his spirit sense. Although the old man hid his power, he was at least immortal king peak stage or even an immortal monarch.

"Brother Ye, can you sell this pill cauldron to me?" The same voice came out of her mouth but it didn't have the seduction like before.

Ye Mo dazed, he couldn't match that seductive voice to this formal looking woman.

Seeing Ye Mo daze, the woman laughed. There was innocence and naivety in her laugh as though she was a little girl.

"You know me?" Ye Mo asked heavily.

This woman saw Ye Mo's look suddenly turn serious and said with some unhappiness as she groaned, "Brother Ye, do you hate me that much? You said you liked me before…"

"I like you?" Ye Mo laughed. "I don't even know who you are, why would I like you?"

Even though there was an immortal monarch behind her, Ye Mo wasn't scared. Immortal monarchs wouldn't dare to attack a great eternity immortal here. If it was in the void, Ye Mo would be alert.

"So you tricked me." The woman suddenly seemed like she was about to cry. "You told Xiang Changyong you really like me, so you lied to me…"

Ye Mo suddenly woke up, he couldn't believe that this woman was Demon Joy Sect's Hua Ruxue. Sister Xiyue said Demon Joy Sect's women were the most shameless. They went around seducing men, they would sleep with them whenever and wherever they could.

But this Hua Ruxue seemed to naïve and innocent. Without that, she would be a formal looking G.o.ddess. Ye Mo really couldn't connect her to her Demon Joy Sect ident.i.ty.

Ye Mo couldn't help being amazed at how quick she received news of it. But it was no wonder Xiang Changyong would tell her, she was indeed too attractive.

"There are countless people called Hua Ruxue, I might not be talking about you. If you have to think that I am, then I lied to you." Ye Mo nodded.

"Huh…" Hua Ruxue was at a loss for words.

But she quickly reacted and lowered her head as though in disappointment and used a very crisp sound voice. "I heard brother Ye wanted to sell your pill cauldron, will I be able to buy it?"

"Of course, as long as you can afford it," Ye Mo said.

"I don't have an immortal range, I only have immortal crystals. Name a price, I'll convert it to immortal crystals to you." Hua Ruxue changed into a holy G.o.ddess manner.

Ye Mo smiled. "Sorry, I don't want immortal crystals."

Immortal crystals were much worse than immortal range, and an extreme grade immortal range would be very helpful to the Golden Page World too.

The look of disappointment on her face would make ordinary men want to give everything to her to make her happy. Some immortals on the side cursed Ye Mo for being so vulgar. They would've given the pill cauldron to her already.

"Brother Chu, martial sister Lijin, I took the pill cauldron, I will pay for it," Ye Mo said to Chu Chi and Ren Lijin.

Chu Chi quickly said, "It's right of us to give the pill cauldron to brother Ye. If you say anymore, I'll be ashamed."

Seeing Ye Mo about to go, Hua Ruxue quickly stopped Ye Mo. "Brother Ye, if you really want an immortal range, that's fine. Two nights later, there will be an auction at the top level of the s.h.i.+p.

Only wealthy immortals can go there, one must have at least a one billion net worth to go. If you want to go, I can lend you one billion immortal crystals to partic.i.p.ate there. If you sell your pill cauldron there you might be able to get an extreme grade immortal range.

"I don't have immortal crystals and I don't want to go to some auction." Ye Mo rejected without hesitation. He wanted to go but he definitely couldn't let people know.

Then Hua Ruxue showed extreme disappointment. "Then brother Ye do you want to have a sit at my place? I'm willing to talk the entire night away with you."

"No need, starting from today I'm going into solitary cultivation. I need to spirit control this pill cauldron. I'm an immortal pill master, this pill cauldron is very important to me," Ye Mo said.

Just when Ye Mo didn't know what to do, the great eternity immortal stopped Ye Mo. "Because of your rudeness to Ruxue G.o.ddess, I, Miao Cheng Heaven's Yan Chong Sect's Ya Ge officially challenge you to a duel."

Ye Mo knew that this guy wanted to use the challenge to rob the G.o.d artifact but he didn't have time to challenge this guy. He had 2.5 billion immortal crystals, he could go into the auction.

Before Ye Mo answered, Ge Ya said again, "Of course, if you're willing to accept defeat, I won't humiliate you."

Ye Mo sneered, this guy just wanted the pill cauldron, of course he wouldn't humiliate him.

"If you want to fight I'm down, but I don't have time to play with you now. I need to go back for solitary cultivation, see you half a month later on the battle stage." Ye Mo turned to leave, ignoring Hua Ruxue who was waiting for him on the side.

Ge Ya sneered. "You probably don't know, the challenged can't delay the battle for more than five days. You want to delay it by half a month, do you want to lose?"

Ye Mo really didn't know this rule. If he had to come out and fight Ge Ya, this would be against his plan. Ye Mo was thinking about how to convert his immortal essence to a fake great eternity immortal tertiary stage. He believed he would be able to do it with the Three Birth Chant. As long as he changed his cultivation level, he could forge a mask.

Only then would he dare to go to the auction.

Ye Mo slowly looked at Ge Ya and said, "In that case, I accept your challenge the time is now."

"You really want to go to the battle stage now?" Ge Ya looked at Ye Mo in disbelief. A great eternity immortal primary stage didn't even fear death for the pill cauldron?

Just when Ye Mo wanted to talk, a powerful spirit sense subtly charged into his sea of consciousness. Ye Mo's sea of consciousness was different than others, he would even immortal emperor spirit sense checking inside.

Ye Mo's face went pale, he immediately hacked out tens of spirit sense blades and used a spirit sense net to stop that spirit sense. The spirit sense clashed with Ye Mo and Ye Mo spat a few mouthfuls of blood and flew back tens of meters into a shop.

"Top grade spirit sense cultivation method?" The old man called out in shock.

Ye Mo got up slowly, if he didn't use spirit sense blade, this old thing almost invaded into the depth of his sea of consciousness. This way, not only would be turned into an idiot, the Golden Page World would be exposed.

This old b.a.s.t.a.r.d didn't consider the immortal s.h.i.+p rules and attacked him.

Hua Ruxue frowned at the old man. "Who let you attack?"

The old man quickly bowed. "This person disrespected mistress, I'm teaching him a lesson."

Hua Ruxue ignored him and walked up to Ye Mo bowing. "Sorry, my subordinate was very rude. I apologise to you genuinely." Her tone was genuine and had a sliver of pity making people unable to get angry.

Ye Mo nodded. "Okay, I know."

Hua Ruxue felt relaxed but Ye Mo didn't even wipe the blood from his body and said to a great eternity immortal not far ahead, "How do I report status immortal ambus.h.i.+ng a great immortal?"

"Ring the drum at the marketplace entrance." That great eternity immortal saw a status immortal ambush Ye Mo and also felt annoyed, but he didn't dare to talk before.

"Didn't I apologise to you before?" Hua Ruxue called out in shock.

"I already said I know, do I have to say it again?" Ye Mo then walked up to the drum and smashed the stick onto the drum. His sea of consciousness was almost crippled, could one sorry be enough?

The deep drum sound rang through the entire immortal s.h.i.+p.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1760 - Immortal King Ambush

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