Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1763 - Dangerous Auction

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Chapter 1763: Dangerous auction

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Di Wencheng was thinking if he should challenge Ye Mo when he suddenly felt Ye Mo's eyes glance past him. His eyes were very placid and there was not a sliver of killing intent but Di Wencheng felt his body go cold. He had the feeling that Ye Mo was waiting for him to challenge him.

Di Wencheng clenched his fist and gave up on the thought. He had to investigate this great eternity immortal primary stage clearly before killing him. This was his habit, he didn't like doing things he didn't have confidence for. The best thing was to kill Ye Mo in the void.

Seeing Di Wencheng not planning to come up, Ye Mo was a little disapppinted. He didn't release any killing intent so he could kill Di Wencheng. Since he already offended Di Wencheng, he didn't need to be scared. Di Wencheng's sect might be very powerful but so what? He was on the immortal s.h.i.+p now, no matter how powerful that sect was they couldn't immediately come to this immortal s.h.i.+p in the void right?

If that uncle Ji wanted to kill him in the void, perhaps he could only run away. If he killed Di Wencheng before running away, there would be a less powerful opponent to challenge Li Kun and them.

Seeing Ye Mo instantly kill Ge Ya, no one dared to go up the stage and challenge him. There was only sighs of amazement and congratulations. Qi Beicang and them went up immediately to congratulate Ye Mo.

"Ning Eu, do you know where this Ye Mo came from?" Fang Chen stared at Ye Mo and asked Ning Eu.

Ye Mo used him once and he felt a little uncomfortable. He was planning to teach Ye Mo a lesson if he saw Ye Mo alone. When he realised he might not be a match for this great eternity immortal primary stage, he was very shocked.

Ning Eu frowned "I don't know, Xi Yue brought Ye Mo over and said he was her brother. I thought Ye Mo was her dao partner but later, I realiesd Ye Mo really was her brother. I didn't ask how her brother came to be, he seemed to have appeared out of nowhere."

"Then can you help me ask martial sister Xi Yue who this Ye Mo is? He's too mysterious. Such terrifying power and he seems so young, he's definitely not an solo cultivator. If this person is an solo cultivator, then the emperor sect people really lack eyes. I believe no emperor sect would let go such a prodigy." Fang Chen said again.

Ning Eu nodded "I'll ask Xi Yue when I have time but she seems to be very protective of him, she might not tell me."

Fang Chen nodded and said "I heard Mi Yun seemed to have sat in Ye Mo's room for a long while, what did she do?"

"What?" Ning Eu called out in shock "I'll go ask her." Then she quickly turned to run.

Fang Chen didn't leave with Ning Eu and just looked at Ye Mo in contemplation.

Ye Mo didn't go celebrate with Qi Beicang and them. He chose to go into solitary cultivation. He promised LI Kun that he would come out in half a month. He wanted to ask LI Kun to go check the auction for him but then he was afraid it would affect her after he ran through the void. He had decided to find little immortal king Lu Mang when they were searching for void flying snow.

Ye Mo collected his things and found that including Ge Ya's 1 billion immortal crystals he had 6 billion immortal crystals. He didn't even dare to think about this figure before but now he reached it.

Even if he was a level seven immortal pill great master, it wasn't easy to get this amount by selling pills. Plus, ordinary immortal pill masters have a success rate of pill concoction.

Seeing some of the forgery journals in Ge Ya's storage ring, Ye Mo realised that Ge ya was an immortal forgery great master. no wonder the guy could recognize the pill cauldron was a low grade G.o.d artefact.

After organizing his immortal crystals, Ye Mo took out that rusty pill cauldron.

The rust were all just restrictions, only those experienced in formation and restriction could see something. As for Hua Ruxue, it was probably due to her aunty.

Ye Mo was an immortal formation great master who could barely set up level five immortal formation.

Ten days later, Ye Mo completely refined the restriction outside. When the rest fell, an ancient pill cauldron appeared on his hands. The pill cauldron even emitted a faint herbal aroma. One could see that this pill cauldron had concocted countless pills before.

It had much less restriction than the replica s.p.a.ce time boat but even so, Ye Mo estimated he would need half a month to refine all these restrictions.

In the next few days, Ye Mo found a random stealth cultivation method and used the Three Birth Chant to change it. he was planning to give it to Mi Yun saint.

After doing these, Ye Mo opened his room restriction and saw Mi Yun walking around his door. Seeing Ye Mo's room open, she immediately greeted up.

Ye Mo knew what she wanted and smiled "Martial sister Mi Yun please come in."

Mi Yun quickly entered and helped Ye Mo put on the restriction before saying awkwardly "Mi Yun congratulate martial brother Ye showing your power and instantly killed a shameless person…"

Ye Mo just took out a jade slip and gave it to her "This stealth cultivation method is slightly different to what I use but it's rather good."

Seeing this, there was surprise and joy but when she heard what Ye Mo said, the joy turned to a sliver of disappointment. Clearly, Ye Mo dind't give her the jaed slip she wanted.

Ye Mo knew why she was disappointed but couldn't be bothered explaining. He wasn't familiar with her, giving her a jade slip he had derived for five days was enough to repay what she did. If she still wasn't satisfied, then sorry.

Her disappointment quickly disappeared and she took the jade slip, she forced a happy look and said "Thank you martial brother Ye…"

Then she scanned her spirit sense in, soon her face showed real surprise and joy. This was definitely what she wanted, even if immortal monarch didn't use spirit sense to specifically check, they might not be able to see her real power.

"Mi Yun thank martial brother Ye…" Mi Yun put away the jade slip and genuinely thanked Ye Mo.

Ye Mo just smiled and casually asked "Martial sister Mi Yun, did anything important happen on the s.h.i.+p during my solitary cultivation?"

Mi Yun shook her head "No, the s.h.i.+p is about to stop in a day, we're at the place to catch void flying snow. More importantly, the hottest topic for discussion is your one punch killing Ge Ya. Many people from Miao Cheng heaven want to challenge you but was suppressed by Di Wencheng…"

Then, she thought of something and quickly said "By the way, after you went into solitary cultivation, the top deck of the s.h.i.+p help a high level auction…"

"High level auction?" Ye Mo asked in confusion but his heart was overjoyed.

"Yea, I went into that auction. Many high level things came, there were three extreme grade immortal artefact, one extreme grade immortal artefact flying s.h.i.+p that can cross the void. On top of that, a level eight immortal spirit beast core came out too…"Mi Yun said.

"There was also a level seven immortal pill, Yi King pill and a five element stool, it's said an immortal monarch was auctioning that…"

Mi Yun continued to talk but Ye Mo's heart was overwhelmed, he almost couldn't control himself. That five element stool might be the one he wanted. If he obtains it then his golden page world would be complete and become a true chaos world.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo was excited but Mi Yun stopped there.

Ye Mo quickly asked "Martial sister Mi Yun what is that five element stool for? What price was it sold for?"

Mi Yun said "the starting big was too high and didn't get sold. The immortal monarch asked for 1.5 billion immortal crystals and a middle grade immortal range. No one could even afford the starting price. It's said that the immortal monarch wanted to sell this and went to many auctions but never succeed."

Hearing this, Ye Mo's heart went cold. He was 70% certain that this immortal monarch was fis.h.i.+ng, fis.h.i.+ng for those idiots who had stools too and wanted to complete it.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1763 - Dangerous Auction

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