Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1771 - Who is lying

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Chapter 1771: Who is lying

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Ye Mo used this opportunity to ignite his immortal essence and punched out trying to stop this grab.


Immortal essence exploded and the nearby void shook, Ye Mo was struck flying out splas.h.i.+ng blood in the void.

Immortal essence and spirit sense disappeared from Ye Mo’s body, even with his immortal spirit body his chest bones cracked. His immortal spirit body saved his life again.

Ye Mo’s heart sunk, he just took back the world rock and was full of weakness. He couldn’t release it again. Now, an ordinary foundation establishment state could kill him much less an immortal king peak stage.

Uncle Ji’s heart sunk, he thought that his grab would kill Ye Mo for certain. Even a great eternity immortal peak stage wouldn’t be able to escape under his immortal king domain.

Yet a great eternity immortal primary stage could open a sliver in his immortal king domain and stop this grab and then burn his immortal essence to break out. This was beyond insane.

His heart sunk not because Ye Mo could escape, he knew Ye Mo wouldn’t be able to live after that but he didn’t expect killing a great eternity immortal primary stage would cause this much commotion.

If this startled the immortal emperor master, he would have no place to bury himself. Thinking about this, uncle Ji sweated cold and charged forward wanting to pulverize Ye Mo.

Seeing this, Ye Mo sighed. He had used his spirit sense blades to stir up the immortal s.h.i.+p restriction, why was there still no news now? Just when he was thinking if he should hide into the golden page world when he heard a sneer. Ye Mo rejoiced and didn’t move. It seemed his action was useful.

Ye Mo could tell that Mi Kuan immortal emperor made this sneer, he didn’t believe Mi Kuan immortal emperor would let an immortal king kill before him.

Uncle Ji heard this too because this sneer was targeted at him. his immortal essence backlashed and blood spilled out of the corner of his mouth immediately. There was terror in his eyes, he didn’t dare to keep attacking Ye Mo and said “Uncle Ji greet Mi Kuan immortal emperor.”

A great hand grabbed uncle Ji and brought up Ye Mo taking them back to the immortal s.h.i.+p deck in just a few steps.

The deck was filled with immortals who had returned, Ye Mo’s heart felt a little easy. As long as he was in public view, he wouldn’t be threatened with death.

When Ye Mo was thrown onto the deck, Li Kun screamed and immediately charged over holding Ye Mo while putting pills into Ye Mo’s mouth.

“Brother what happened to you?” Li Kun asked in fury and worry.

Everyone saw Ye Mo was beaten this heavily and all tuned in wanting to know who did this.

Some people saw uncle Ji who was thrown onto the deck by Mi Kuan immortal emperor and immediately released what happened. Many people still didn’t believe that Ye Mo was beaten by an immortal king. If immortal king attacked, how could Ye Mo live till now? Immortal king didn’t kill a great eternity immortal primary stage in one strike, this was too astonis.h.i.+ng.

Ji Shu and Qi Beicang quickly came over, Li Kun realised that it was uncle Ji who beat Ye Mo. He got up and stared at uncle Ji saying furiously “You’re an immortal king and you attack a great eternity immortal, do you not know the immortal s.h.i.+p laws of Mi Kuan immortal emperor master?”

A few immortal monarch and Mi Kuan immortal emperor were here but Li Kun didn’t dare to curse uncle Ji.

Mi Kuan immortal emperor was already annoyed that uncle Ji dared to attack Ye Mo and near the s.h.i.+p. This was not taking his words seriously. Li Kun’s reproach meant that his words had no authority at all and his made him more uncomfortable.

Jiu Ruyan quickly pulled Li Kun over “Sister Xi Yue, don’t worry, Mi Kuan immortal emperor master will get justice for brother Ye.”

Jiu Ruyan’s words were soft but all the nearby great eternity immortal heard. How could Mi Kuan immortal emperor not know what Jiu Ruyan wanted. He ignored the two girls and just stared coldly at uncle Ji “You’re an immortal king, yet you ignore the immortal s.h.i.+p rules to kill a great eternity immortal. Do you think my words are meaningless or are you divine emperor master?”

Hearing this, Hua Ruxue quickly went up and bowed “Immortal emperor master, there must be a reason for uncle Ji to attack Ye Mo. Please have mercy immortal emperor master, even if Ye Mo was rude first, I will order uncle Ji to apologise…”

Ye Mo heard this and sneered but he didn’t argue. He knew this woman was better than an Oscar winner in acting.

He didn’t care about Hua Ruxue, he cared that Yan Jiutian was fine. He saw Yan Jiutian in the middle of the crowd. His face was very bad, seemingly due to loss of blood.

When Ye Mo stared at him, Yan Jiutian stared back with great killing intent.

Ye Mo sighed, Yan Jiutian was quite amazing. He was only this far from the s.h.i.+p but didn’t get away. If it wasn’t for Mi Kuan immortal emperor, he would almost be disintegrated. Yan Jiutian was chased by Uncle Ji but came back alive. This guy was a running away specialist.

Seeing the degree of Ye Mo’s injuries, his sea of consciousness was probably injured too. Yan Jiutian felt a little satisfied seeing this. but thinking about how Ye Mo almost made him die to uncle Ji, his teeth itched with hatred. He was in no better state than Ye Mo before, if he didn’t use blood sacrifice, he wouldn’t be able to stand here.

Mi Kuan immortal emperor really wanted to kill uncle Ji straight up but he knew Hua Ruxue’s background. He wasn’t afraid of demon joy sect but it wasn’t smart to offend a sect like that.

How could uncle JI not know what Hua Ruxue meant, he bowed “Mi Kuan immortal emperor master, I saw Ye Mo on the way back alone so I asked out of good will but instead he insulted me and used all sorts of foul language. As an immortal king, I was cursed by a great eternity immortal like this, I really couldn’t take it so I wanted to teach him a lesson.”

Mi Kuan’s face eased, he didn’t believe Ye Mo would be stupid enough to curse an immortal king but this was an appropriate excuse. Uncle Ji wasn’t completely disregarding the rules here so he had a little face. After all, offending someone with a higher cultivation level was taboo in the immortal realm, they could be killed at any time.

“My brother would definitely not curse you, you have no evidence…” Li Kun said in desperation.

Ye Mo waved his hand signaling her to stop talking and then took out a few pills to eat before bowing to Mi Kuan immortal emperor “Mi Kuan immortal emperor master, wan bei was definitely very respectful to uncle Ji immortal king, cursing him is completely false…”

Uncle Ji interrupted “Of course you wouldn’t admit it now, you already forgot how you cursed me?”

“Oh, what did I say?” Ye Mo asked.

Seeing uncle Ji’s face paused, Hua Ruxue immediately said “Ye Mo, uncle Ji is much older than you, you cursed him and he feels uncomfortable, is he to repeat it?”

Ye Mo said calmly “Since he can’t say it, it means that I didn’t curse him. If he says what I said and I don’t have evidence then he’s right and I can stop chasing this up.”

“Hmph, you don’t have the right to chase it up. Now, we’re going to chase up with you. Uncle Ji, say what Ye Mo cursed you with.” Hua Ruxue immediately said.

Mi Kuan immortal emperor’s face was bleak but said nothing, clearly he wanted both sides to take out evidence.

Uncle Ji immediately said furious “He’s a great eternity immortal but he calls me garbage animal, he says I’m raised by a b.i.t.c.h. Hearing this, I really couldn’t handle it so I attacked immediately…”

All the immortals fell silent now, what Ye Mo said was enough for death sentence.

Mi Kuan immortal emperor didn’t believe this but in the logic of the immortal realm, if both parties didn’t have evidence, then whom ever was stronger had the reason to his side.

He looked at Ye Mo coldly “Ye Mo, you’re a mere great eternity immortal and you dare to curse an immortal king like this, you deserve to die.”

Ye Mo bowed “Immortal emperor master, I didn’t curse him at all and I was very polite to him. However, he said “Keep running, do you think I won’t dare to kill you just because you ran here?” Then he immediately attacked to kill me.”

“Immortal emperor master, I never said this, Ye Mo didn’t say anything respectful to me.” Uncle ji argued.

Ye Mo bowed again “Immortal emperor master, wan bei has evidence.”

“Oh…” Mi Kuan immortal emperor looked at Ye Mo in confusion “If you have evidence why don’t you take it out earlier?”

“Yes, wan bei was wronged, in my worry I forgot.” Then Ye Mo took out a crystal ball and released it into the air. At the same time, he sneered to himself, if I took it out earlier, I wouldn’t be able to hear this old thing curse himself

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1771 - Who is lying

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