Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1772 - Kill immortal king

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Chapter 1772: Kill immortal king

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Seeing Ye Mo take out the crystal ball, uncle Ji’s face went pale. He finally realised why Ye Mo was so respectful to him when he saw him and called him master, this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d had a scheme already.

The huge crystal ball released a clear scene. In the scene, Ye Mo respectfully saluted with his fists “Immortal king master may I ask why you stopped me?”

But uncle Ji sneered inside “Why don’t you keep running, do you think I don’t dare to kill you here?”

Then he attacked and the crystal ball went blurry.

Just an instant, those who wanted to see Ye Mo’s pitiful fate all looked at uncle Ji with sympathy. An immortal king was played by a great eternity immortal primary stage with his hands and cursed himself so cheerfully. Ye Mo took out the crystal ball later and asked what he said clearly wanting the immortal king to curse himself first.

Ye Mo bowed to Mi Kuan immortal emperor and said “Thank you immortal emperor master for saving my life, Ye Mo will repay you once my cultivation is successful.”

Although Mi Kuan immortal emperor didn’t come just to save him, Ye Mo was still very grateful.

Mi Kuan immortal emperor nodded, how could Ye Mo’s little tricks get pa.s.sed him. However, since Ye Mo had evidence it was easy for him now. he was an immortal emperor and didn’t expect Ye Mo to pay him back but Ye Mo’s will was good.

“Uncle Ji, do you have anything to say?” Mi Kuan immortal emperor looked coldly at uncle Ji.

Uncle Ji’s face was pale, the evidence was so clear, what could he say? If Mi Kuan immortal emperor didn’t intervene in this personally, he could say the crystal ball was fake. But everyone knew this wasn’t fake, there were too many ways to tell and plus, Ye Mo didn’t have the time to make a fake.

Ye Mo saluted with his fists to uncle Ji “uncle Ji immortal king, if you didn’t say it yourself, I wouldn’t even know you were raised by a b.i.t.c.h.”

“You…” uncle Ji was furious and spat a mouthful of blood.

Hua Ruxue’s face was cold, she knew that it was pointless to beg Mi Kuan immortal emperor for mercy. She could only walk up to Ye Mo pitifully “Brother Ye please let uncle Ji go this time, Ruxue will definitely pay you back.”

The killing intent in Ye Mo’s heart didn’t seep out at all, he would never show mercy to those who wanted to kill him.

But Ye Mo wasn’t dumb, he knew the reason Mi Kuan immortal emperor didn’t judge uncle Ji yet not because there wasn’t evidence but he was concerned with demon joy sect a little.

Ye Mo nodded to Hua Ruxue and said to Mi Kuan immortal emperor “Uncle JI immortal king bound me with immortal king domain and grabbed at me. As a great eternity immortal facing an immortal king, I’m willing to repay hatred with good will…”

Hua Ruxue’s face lit up, in her heart she already considered Ye Mo dead but she couldn’t show it now.

Mi Kuan immortal emperor nodded and seemed to realise Ye Mo’s predicament. He thought Ye Mo just wanted uncle JI to compensate some immortal crystals but then Ye Mo said “So, I want to also punch him while he’s bound. I know my punch wouldn’t even be able to move his clothes but this is fair…”

Hearing this, the atmosphere paused again. Many had seen the power of Ye Mo’s punch. With that, even if uncle Ji wasn’t dead, he would be heavily injured. Many people didn’t understand, since Ye Mo gave up on revenge, punching this would only draw more enmity.

Hua Ruxue’s face changed. She had seen Ye Mo’s punch, could uncle Ji block this?

Just when Hua Ruxue wanted to argue, Mi Kuan immortal emperor nodded “That’s fine, he can’t move now, punch him. After you’re done I will take him away and deal with him according to the rules.”

Mi Kuan immortal emperor didn’t know the power of Ye Mo’s punch, he thought Ye Mo was just finding a way down. With this said, Hua Ruxue could only shut up. Taking uncle Ji away to deal with was just letting him go.

Even uncle Ji signaled Hua Ruxue to stop talking. Ye Mo was strong but he wouldn’t be able to kill him with one punch especially how Ye Mo was heavily injured.

The other immortal monarchs and immortal kings tensed up. They knew that his last sentence was spoken to them. He probably wouldn’t kill uncle Ji but would be teaching him a lesson and even make demon joy sect pay greatly.

Ye Mo had recovered more than half of his immortal essence and spirit sense. If an immortal king was controlled and he couldn’t kill him, then he would be too weak.

“Do it.” Mi Kuan immortal emperor said.

Ye Mo took a breath and walked up to uncle Ji, he didn’t prepare at all and just punched.

Seeing this, everyone knew Ye Mo gave up on killing uncle Ji. Otherwise, he could use a much more powerful punch than this.

But Mi Kuan immortal emperor’s eyes narrowed, he could feel that all the invisible lethal force in the nearby s.p.a.ce being sucked away by this punch, he knew this punch was probably going to kill uncle Ji.

Despite this, he still didn’t really believe that a great eternity immortal could kill an immortal king with one punch. However, he did approve of Ye Mo to be able to punch without spilling out any lethal force. No wonder he could escape from immortal king as git.

Seeing this punch, uncle Ji breathed easy. It seemed Ye Mo knew demon joy sect wasn’t easy to mess with.

But when this punch neared his heart, there was a sudden extreme terror rising up in his chest. As an immortal king, he realised that Ye Mo secretly contained all the lethal force in the punch.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to tell at all. It seemed as though Ye Mo didn’t use full power but this punch was trying to kill him.

Uncle Ji immediately wanted to resist but he was already subjugated by Mi Kuan immortal emperor. There was despair in his eyes.

Seeing this despair, Ye Mo sneered, his void punch could be dramatic or silent like this. the terrifying lethal force swept over in uncle Ji’s meridians forming small lethal force whirlpools.

He wouldn’t do this to other people but for this uncle Ji, he must kill this guy.

The crazy lethal force rolled around in his body, uncle Ji could only feel the whirlpools expand in his body tearing all the meridians.

Seeing blood flow out of uncle Ji’s eyes and ears, Hua Ruxue immediately knew things weren’t good.

Thud, before Hua Ruxue could stop it, Ye Mo’s punch landed on uncle Ji’s chest. Uncle Ji’s despaired eyes dimmed down.

Moments later, his body turned into a b.l.o.o.d.y mist. Not even his essence spirit remained.

Other than a few immortal monarch and Mi Kuan immortal emperor who saw the premonition, everyone else was dazed. Ye Mo really was this decisive and killed an immortal king with one punch? No wonder he said not even uncle Ji’s clothes would flip, there would be no clothes after this.

That skinny immortal monarch primary stage frowned. He dealt with the business between Ye Mo and uncle Ji. He even went against the rules, not it seemed this little great eternity immortal was very vengeful.

“Very well, the demon joy sect remembers you.” Hua Ruxue stared at Ye Mo coldly.

Di Wencheng’s heart s.h.i.+vered upon seeing this. He didn’t believe Ye Mo really dared to kill immortal king. If he fell into Ye Mo’s hands, he wouldn’t need to use his sect to threaten Ye Mo. This guy didn’t care at all.

Only Yan Jiutian sneered, using an emperor sect to threaten Ye Mo was a joke. He knew very clearly what sort of a person Ye Mo was. Ye Mo didn’t even take him, a half divine, seriously, emperor sect was nothing.

Mi Kuan immortal emperor interrupted this eerie scene and said “Three months time is about to be up. Please all great eternity immortal go up and tally the void flying snow they got and wait on the side for results. Exchange of void flying snow is not allowed on the s.h.i.+p, offenders will be disqualified.”

Ye Mo just wanted to give some void flying snow to LI Kun and heard this so he immediately stopped.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1772 - Kill immortal king

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