Strongest Abandoned Son 1764 The Terror Of Immortal Emperor

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Ye Mo rejoiced he didn't go to the auction now. If he did, if he even just gave the stone stool a weird look, he might be noticed by the immortal monarch lurking on the side.

Ye Mo really wanted to ask what the immortal monarch looked like and what the stone stool looked like but he knew if he did, Mi Yun would definitely become suspicious.

Mi Yun was very excited about the jade slip, when she calmed down she would think about why he cared so much about the stone stool. Thinking about this, Ye Mo kept asking about the Yi King pill.

Mi Yun felt it was normal that Ye Mo cared so much about the Yi King pill. after all, almost everyone going to Qing Wei heaven was going for the Peng Yue immortal fruit which is the main ingredient for the Yi King pill.

Just when Ye Mo didn't want to keep talking, his restriction moved again. Ye Mo opened and found it was Li Kun and Ning Eu standing at the door.

Li Kun went in seeing Ye Mo opened the restriction but Ning Eu didn't come in and just stared at Ye Mo coldly and then looked at Mi Yun.

"Martial brother Ye, thank you, I'll be going first, we'll talk if we have time." Mi Yun greeted Ye Mo and Li Kun before getting up to leave.

Ye Mo ignored Ning Eu and closed the door again. Seeing that Ye Mo didn't even invite her in, Ning Eu's face was bad.

"Martial sister Ning Eu." Mi Yun greeted.

"Mi Yun, how dare you, do you not know what a saint should be doing? As the Ethereal Immortal Pond saint, you cast aside your guardian and often go into other men's rooms, you're not following the rules at all…"

Mi Yun's face sunk too and stared coldly at her "You're a mere core disciple and you dare to talk to me like this?"

Ning Eu's face changed and immediately remembered she was no longer saint. She was indeed way over the line to speak to Mi Yun like that.

Mi Yun said coldly again "As the saint of Ethereal Immortal Pond, I know what I should do. I don't need you to teach me. But you went so close to a man when you were a saint and you dare to criticize me about this…"

Mi Yun sneered and ignored Ning Eu as she walked off.

"Brother if you really like Mi Yun…"

Ye Mo waved his hand before Li Kun finished "Sister Xi Yue, you think too much. It's not what you think it is, I have no fetish for saints. Plus that woman doesn't look as easy to talk to as she seems, don't worry."

Li Kun nodded and said no more. she knew Ye Mo wouldn't lie to her. If she was to choose a dao partner for Ye Mo, she would rather choose Ning Eu than Mi Yun.

"Sister Xi Yue, you came to me probably because it's time for capture void flying snow right?" Ye Mo asked.

"Yes, there's one more day and the s.h.i.+p would be stopping. I'm worried that Di Wencheng would be harming you. Be careful. I also heard about what happened at the market place, I can also enter the void when we go capture void flying snow, be careful of Hua Ruxue."

Li Kun seemed very worried.

"Sister Xi Yue, don't worry I have my own way. The Spirit Will Nine Transformations is very useful in capturing void flying snow, oh and this…" Ye Mo gave a copy of how to capture void flying snow to Li Kun.

"I know, I would be entering second transformation of Spirit Will Nine Transformations soon. This is indeed a top grade spirit sense cultivation method." Li Kun said excitedly thinking about the use of the Spirit Will Nine Transformations.

Ye Mo could give such cultivation method to her meaning he didn't doubt her at all.

"Brother, we both have Spirit Will Nine Transformations, if we work together we can definitely get more void flying snow. I believe other people would be working together too. One can't reach top 1000 alone. We'll work together, I'll give all the void flying snow I get to you and you can see the immortal emperor…"

Ye Mo quickly stopped her "Sister Xi Yue, even if someone goes, it's you not me."

"Brother I'm Long Yue immortal mountain sect members, if I get the fruit, it might be taken by the sect but you're different. You will eventually become level seven immortal pill grand master, once you do you can use it to forge Yi King pill. Just give me one then." Li Kun quickly said.

Ye Mo smiled "Sister Xi Yue, I'm actually level seven immortal pill grand master already, I just need the fruit."

"Huh…" LI Kun got up in surprise and joy.

Ye Mo only used a few years to reach level seven immortal pill grand master, this meant that her brother didn't need to rely on anyone to buy pills, he could reach the peak himself.

Li Kun grabbed Ye Mo's hand in excitement "Great, this is great."

"But I don't want to go see those immortal emperor." Ye Mo said seriously. After seeing two immortal monarch primary stage masters, he felt threatened by immortal emperor. It was best not to go see immortal emperor if he wasn't immortal king yet.

"Why?" LI Kun looked at Ye Mo in confusion. Most great eternity immortal would do anything to see immortal emperor. Sometimes, one word from immortal emperor might solve a problem a great eternity immortal was troubled with his entire life.

Ye Mo said without hesitation "Sister Xi Yue, I'm too weak and my cultivation method is special, I don't want the immortal emperor to notice me."

Li Kun understood what Ye Mo meant and nodded "I understand , if I can get the Peng Yue immortal fruit, I'll leave one for you."

The two discussed some specifics of capturing void flying snow before eventually deciding Ye Mo to act alone. Li Kun would stay with the Chang Rong heaven team.

A day later, the immortal s.h.i.+p stopped and a few hundred thousand immortals went onto the deck. Ye Mo followed the Chang Rong heaven immortals.

Soon, a powerful chi came. An ordinary man in blue robes landed at the top of the deck.

Just standing there, it was as though all the chi in the world circulated around him. Ye Mo knew this was an illusion as this person's power was just too powerful to him. this was countless times stronger than an immortal monarch primary stage, Ye Mo guessed it was probably an immortal emperor.

Ye Mo immediately looked down and didn't even dare to use spirit sense to check this immortal emperor's power.

"Everyone can call me MI Kuan immortal emperor, although I just reached immortal emperor for a thousand years but I need to tell everyone that if status immortal and great immortal is the biggest milestone in the immortal realm, the difference immortal emperor and status immortals is a natural chasm. Today, capturing the flying snow is your first step towards status immortal…"

Ye Mo was shocked, this Mi Kuan immortal emperor was only an immortal emperor for a thousand years, he was definitely an immortal emperor primary stage. An immortal emperor primary stage didn't even intentionally exert his pressure and he was this powerful, then how terrifying would Feng Kong grand emperor and the other immortal emperor tertiary stages be?

If he saw those immortal emperors, there was very high possibility he would expose his golden page world. he was one in a few hundred thousand facing Mi Kuan immortal emperor. If he saw Feng Kong grand emperor, it would be one in a thousand.

"Of course some people don't need this to gain their fortune to immortal king but now, there are less and less opportunities to reach immortal emperor, the most direct way is to go to Qing Wei heaven and see immortal emperor. So I hope everyone can catch more void flying snow here. I also need to warn all immortal king and immortal monarch on the s.h.i.+p, you can go into the void too but if any status immortal dares to attack a great immortal, death!"

Mi Kuan immortal emperor's last sentence was full of cold killing intent. Some immortal king and immortal monarch even s.h.i.+vered.

Even though Mi Kuan said this, Ye Mo didn't plan to leave his life to this sentence. If an immortal king wanted to kill him, would this immortal emperor be watching on the side?

"The time limit is three months, now the s.h.i.+p restriction will open…" Mi Kuan immortal emperor said.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1764 The Terror Of Immortal Emperor

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