Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1788 - Formation break

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Chapter 1788: Formation break

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Just when Ye Mo wanted to ask Ye Mo how he knew, he felt something was wrong. Ye Mo subconsciously looked around and saw most people were looking at him and shadowless.

Ye Mo instantly realised and slapped shadowless’s head “If you don’t know how to sound transmission then don’t, idiot, now everyone knows what you said.”

Shadowless reached heaven tao but his heritage wasn’t perfected. He studied sound transmission himself and thus was very coa.r.s.e method. Most people heard what he said. This was like saying in front of everyone, I know there’s lot’s of good things here, boss and I won’t take you guys.

Shadowless didn’t feel embarra.s.sed at all and said pitifully “Boss I just figured it out myself, I wanted to test it.”

Li Kun, Mi Yun and a few female immortal couldn’t hold it anymore and laughed out.

Ye Mo quickly taught shadowless a few chants and told him to study it himself.

Yuan Sha laughed and saluted with his fists “Everyone work together and brother Han command us, what do you think brother Ning?”

He felt secured, due to this beast’s sound transmission, Ye Mo can’t go find the treasure alone or everyone will gang up on him.

Ye Mo knew this power of this defense formation, shadowless and him together wouldn’t be able to break it for a few days so they had to cooperate.

“Of course, my opinion is the same as immortal friend Yuan, everyone work together…”

Suddenly, Ye Mo got shadowless’s sound transmission again “Boss, I can break the mist outside, it’s good nutrition.”

Ye Mo looked around and made sure shadowless really learned sound transmission this time. He breathed easy a little.

The mist around the mountain has dense spirit crippling demonic chi, tens of times than when they first entered this place. If they attacked it, it would disperse everywhere.

Now that shadowless could devour it, it meant he had an extra trump card. Thinking about this, Ye Mo said “Immortal friend Yuan, there’s large amounts of spirit crippling demonic chi in the mist. If we attack it by force, it will disperse and exacerbate the spirit root crippling and lengthen the attack on the mountain. We only have one day later, one day later, we will be teleported out. I think reducing the time is very necessary.

“Yes, my suggestion to break the formation from a certain place is to prevent the demonic chi from spilling.” Han Xiaofu quickly said.

“Brother Ning, do you have a good way then?” Yuan Sha asked.

Ye Mo gave a confident face “Indeed, immortal friend Yuan if I can break this mist in a short time and let everyone break the formation, how many shares would I get?”

Yuan Sha dazed and immediately asked in joy “Brother Ning, you can really break the mist?”

Yuan Sha immediately woke up and said “How many shares do you want brother Ning?”

Ye Mo knew there were a lot of people here, 87 in total, he couldn’t take too much but he must have the distribution right and get the spirit item that ran inside.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo said “I don’t want too much, I’ll take 20% of the things here but the condition is that I have the distribution rights.”

“I agree.” Yuan Sha said without hesitation, he then looked at everyone else “Immortal friends, immortal friend Ning will break the demonic mist chi alone. He will have 20% of the things and the distribution right, I have agreed, what do you think?”

“I agree too.” Han Xiaofu said.


The rest of the people all agreed, even the two Ye Mo slapped away. If it was some other place, they would be unhappy that Ye Mo took 20% when there was 87 people here but their time here was limited, if they could open here quickly, they would have more time to search other places.

“Attack.” Seeing everyone agreed, Ye Mo said to shadowless.

Shadowless was waiting to perform and hearing this, he charged into the mist and sucked.

The mist that tightly surrounded the mountain rolled around. Everyone saw clearly that the dragon horse devoured the mist into its mouth. Such terrifying spirit crippling demonic chi was eaten by this immortal spirit beast.

Everyone was shocked, just what immortal spirit beast was this? This was too absurd. Some great eternity immortals were thinking, a immortal spirit beast that could ignore this demonic chi would be able to stay here however he wanted.

Yuan Sha’s face changed, he didn’t expect Ye Mo’s immortal spirit beast was this powerful. With this ability, this immortal spirit beast would be able to get everything when they were teleported out.

In five muntes, the mist completely disappeared revealing the formation behind it.

A few great eternity immortal saw the mist was gone and wanted to charge up and attack but shadowless spewed a stream of mist like a smoke pipe. Those few great eternity immortal immediately retreated in terror.

Shadowless pridefully sucked the smoke back as though warning people he could spew it at anytime.

Ye Mo was speechless, he knew that shadowless could only spew the smoke he hadn’t digested yet. A day or so later, it would be all gone.

Yuan Sha said calmly to the shocked Han Xiaofu “Brother Han, come over and arrange the attack.”

Yuan Sha calmed down but in his heart, he considered Ye Mo’s shadowless something he must have. This immortal spirit beast was not ordinary, it might even be G.o.d beast but in here, there was nothing he could do against Ye Mo. But he had made up his mind to report this immortal spirit beast to his sect.

Han Xiaofu was also thinking about this immortal spirit beast and decided to report to his master no matter what. as for how to deal with Ning Xiaoma, it wasn’t his problem.

Seeing everyone’s dodgy eyes, how could Ye Mo not know what they thought.

The immortals didn’t dare to get near shadowless seeing he could spew the smoke back out.

Han Xiaofu was a level five immortal formation great master and thus could still find a place to attack. It wasn’t the weakest spot but with 87 people attacking at the same time, even the most stable natural immortal formation would be grinded down.

Half a day later, the immortal formation cracked and everyone became excited. They knew the immortal formation was about to be broken.

A dense immortal spirit chi came pouring into their face, a hundred meter tall ancient tree appeared before them. Hundreds of red fruit hung on the branches seeming very beautiful.

“Peng yue immortal fruit?” almost everyone called out in shock.

Before they could rejoice, a black figure dashed into the formation and stood before the Peng Yue immortal fruit and spewed out demonic chi. Then he said “Boss the formation is broken now you can distribute them. Those little guys near the formation move aside, the further away you are, the more priority boss will give you.”

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1788 - Formation break

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