Strongest Abandoned Son 1780 Stone Stool Appear

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Ye Mo lacked a defensive magic artefact and this octagonal cauldron was too perfect for him. The only pity was that it was lacking a lid but then again, if it was complete, it wouldn't be this price.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out, it was exactly the same as his damaged one. The reason this octagonal cauldron dropped to an extreme grade immortal artefact was not because its quality wasn't high enough but it was lacking a lid and the cauldron itself was damaged.

Even so, the price soon rose to 160 million. many people could see its flaws just like Ye Mo.

When the price rose to 180 million, the people bidding became less. This price was not cheap for this broken extreme grade immortal artefact.

"200 million." Ye Mo bidded. The octagonal cauldron was very good in defense, he liked it. Ye Mo would rather have octagonal cauldron than a pristine extreme grade defensive immortal artefact.

Ye Mo's price was far beyond the value of the cauldron so no one bidded again in the palace.

Ye Mo breathed easy.

"205 million."

Just when Ye Mo thought the octagonal cauldron was his, another bid sounded.

"210 million." Ye Mo sighed. If the person was going to keep bidding he wouldn't have it anymore. If he kept competing with him, it would be offending that person. now, wasn't a wise time to do so.

However, what confused Ye Mo was that no one bidded after he made that bid. It was as htough the person just wanted him to pay an extra 10 million.

As the hammer fell, Ye Mo bought this octagonal cauldron with 210 million immortal crystals.

Moments later, a female immortal carrying the octagonal cauldron came to Ye Mo's room. Ye Mo paid them and checked the octagonal cauldron before putting it back into this storage ring. At the same time, he felt a few spirit sense can on him.

Ye Mo didn't seem to notice this, he just kept watching the next item. There were so many loopholes in the spirit sense barrier formation of this room. some stronger people could easily scan in.

Later on, even a half G.o.d artefact appeared and a few top materials but Ye Mo resisted his urge to buy. He also began to worry, if the truth abyssal mud came too late, he wouldn't have time to do what he needed to.

Ye Mo really wanted the truth abyssal mud to come first before the five element stool.

However, after half a day, the great eternity immortal female immortal carried a stone stool and put it on the table.

Ye Mo almost couldn't control himself seeing but it but luckily he was prepared.

The instant he saw it, he knew it was real, not fake.

Ye Mo knew this moment he was in extreme danger, his glance turned into one that of confusion bewilderment, his spirit sense scanned around on this stone stool.

Ye Mo knew if he took back his eyes immediately or had the slightest emotions, he would be a target of heavy investigation.

Indeed, when Ye Mo was looking at the stone stool, a subtle spirit sense scanned past him and even stopped for a while. If he dind't cultivate the Three Birth Chant, he would never feel it.

This definitely wasn't immortal monarch power Ye Mo knew immediately but he didn't care about it, he kept studying the stool with interest.

Caring too much or too little about the stool would both be targets of investigation, how could Ye Mo not know this.

Unlike before, the great eternity immortal said nothing after taking the stool out.

If he didn't cultivate the Three Birth Chant, he would've been exposed. Even the slightest emotional waves wouldn't go undetected by that spirit sense.

If someone else had the stools, he would've been exposed.

No matter if people had the stools or not, they would seem more or less excited. The person behind all this would determine the degree of excitement and compare it to their att.i.tude towards the stool.

After a while, the great eternity immortal smiled "Many people don't know what this stone stool is, let me introduce now. It has another named called chaos five elements, it's a water element stone stool. Whether you have small world or truth spirit world, with the chaos five elements, your world would improve a level or even grade…"

Hearing this, the place went into rupture, who didn't want this.

With this, Ye Mo also showed excitement. At this moment, that subtle spirit sense scanned him again.

Moments later, the spirit sense disappeared. Ye Mo knew he was out of danger for now, that spirit sense wanted to find who really had the stone stool, he definitely wouldn't stop there.

"I believe many people know more about the chaos five elements than me. I can only say this much, however, this five element stool is incomplete. There is only a water element. Although this would greatly depreciate its value but if you have the power to store it, then perhaps one day you might find a second one."

The great eternity immortal then smiled "Because the five elements are incomplete this stone stool isn't very price, the bottom price is 1.5 billion and a middle grade immortal range, each increment must be no lower than 100 million immortal crystals…"

Not everyone like Ye Mo knew this was a bait. Although no one could afford this price on the immortal s.h.i.+p, people here immediately bidded. 16 immortal crystals plus a middle grade immortal range.

Ye Mo calmed his face. He knew he didn't need to keep acting. If he was still excited at such a high price, it meant he was interested in this.

As soon as Ye Mo calmed his face, that subtle spirit sense scanned him again.

Ye Mo breathed easy, this guy was definitely a psychologist.

He was lucky to have guessed the mentality of this person and had the Three Birth Chant to protect him, thus he wouldn't be suspected.

There was too many wealthy people in Qing Wei heaven. The price was soon raised to 2 billion and two middle grade immortal range.

These people weren't dumb they just didn't know the stone stool had been to many auctions.

When the price of 2 billion and one extreme grade immortal range, Ye Mo knew the owner of the stone stool intervened.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1780 Stone Stool Appear

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