Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1784 - Enter Small Heaven Domain

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Chapter 1784: Enter small heaven domain

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Dragon River grand emperor scanned the 1100 great eternity immortals and said plainly "Please those who brought pocket dimension worlds hand out your pocket dimension and walk under the G.o.d artefact heart door…"

Before Dragon River grand emperor finished, 8 great eternity immortal went off the stage and gave their small world to people.

No one didn't know about the heart door in the grand heaven domain. It was a low grade G.o.d artefact. It was just a door but anyone standing below it who lied would be detected. Perhaps only someone liky Ye Mo who cultivated the Three Birth Chant could go try.

Because of this, those who tried to cheat handed out their pocket dimensions. Otherwise, they would be detected by the heart door. Dragon River grand emperor already gave you a way down, only an idiot wouldn't take it.

After the people lined up again, they all pa.s.sed threw the heart door. Every one standing below it would be ask "Did you bring anyone else?"

Mi Yun felt lucky that Ye Mo didn't listen to her. Otherwise, things would be bad.

Even with the heart door there, one great eternity immortal was still caught cheating. This great eternity immortal was very wronged, he didn't cheat himself, his sect forged a small world into a defensive bracelet telling him to wear it. they didn't tell him about him.

He didn't even know but the immortal emperor noticed it. it was instantly taken away and more than ten people were scanned out of it.

Eventually, this sect was kicked out of the city. They not only lost the right to go in but even lost the right to partic.i.p.ate in the auction.

Mi Yun carefully stood at the heart door and when she was asked she replied without hesitation "No."

The heart door showed no signs of lie, then she was scanned by a female immortal monarch. No problem was found and she pa.s.sed.

Ye Mo didn't know he had pa.s.sed, he was still stealthed in the truth abyssal mud.

When everyone had pa.s.sed the heart door, Wei Feng immortal emperor got up and said "The teleportation formation will open now, everyone will be teleported to a set location. Then, ten of us immortal emperors will tear open the dimension to the small heaven domain and send everyone in. As for the guests at the square, you can watch the process with surveillance formation."

The great eternity immortals got on the teleportation formation and piles of immortal crystals were lit up. Five minutes later, a white barrier surrounded them all.

Most of the people in Hong Yu immortal city were at the square watching the small heaven domain open but there were exceptions. In a cultivation home with extremely dense immortal spirit chi, a purple robed man had a sunken face as he sat next to a huge immortal spirit chi fountain. The fountain water splashed on the jade and on the nearby immortal spirit herb and was rapidly devoured.

But the puruple robed man didn't feel it was a waste at all, he still frowned.

After a long while, the purple robed man raised his head and said "Come in."

A servant dressed man came in, it was Ji Liang.

"Are there any clues?" the purple robed man asked.

Ji Liang bowed "Master, the great eternity immortal wasn't found. This person probably had a masquerade on, he might be out of the city."

The purple robed man nodded.

"He spent many times the price of truth abyssal mud to buy it meaning he has a big origin. Which ordinary person would have this many immortal crystals to buy truth abyssal mud…"

Before Ji Liang finished, the purple robed man's face suddenly changed, he palmed down and the fake mountains and rocks were immediately pulverized. Even the water in the fountain splashed out.

Ji Liang stood there calmly.

"I was wrong, I was wrong from the beginning." The purple robed man frowned.

"Master?" Ji Liang asked.

The purple robed man waved his hand "We shouldn't even be investigating that great eternity immortal, we should be investigating the truth abyssal mud."

Ji Liang was extremely smart and dazed for a moment and realised. They were too smart and instead made such low level mistake.

Anyone who spent this much to buy the truth abyssal mud would have a major purpose, they wouldn't be spending immortal crystals for no reason.

"I know, this person must be thinking of using the truth abyssal mud to forge a small s.p.a.ce and let someone bring him into the small heaven domain…" Ji Liang suddenly said.

He felt his guess was very right, only the enticement of the small heaven domain would make a great eternity immortal spend that much to buy truth abyssal mud.

"Master, this person definitely appeared, Ji Liang is certain he isn't going to get in. There's the heart door this time, no one can evade it. if we go to Hong Yu square now we can find this person." Ji Liang said with certainty.

"Let's go." The purple robed man said and swept up Ji Liang disappearing.

When the purple robed man arrived, the teleportation formation already activated. A thousand people disappeared in the white light.

At this moment, the surveillance formation screen showed a huge asteroid platform. The asteroid platform was clearly stabilized there. Before the platform was a faint grey mist.

Some people guessed already that what was surrounded by the mist was the small heaven domain.

The purple robed man wasn't worried. He just landed on the stage and asked where the people who cheated were.

The immortal emperor who stayed on the stage clearly knew who this purple robed man was and quickly gave him a list of those who cheated.

At the asteroid platform, chaos s.p.a.ce flow blew past. Even with formation protection, the great eternity immortals standing on the platform felt discomfort. But they had great hopes as they knew this definitely wasn't void that was in between heaven domains, this was outside.

Feng Kong immortal emperor suddenly got up and said "We're about to open the entrance to the small heaven domain. what you get in there, you get to keep 10%. If you hand up chaos item, you can keep extra 10% and receive other rewards from us."

Suddenly, Feng Kong grand emperor's voice went cold "You only have three days to stay in there, if anyone dares to use an spirit fruit or herbs inside, he will die."

The last words made everyone s.h.i.+ver here, no one would be able to use the spirit herb within three days and not be caught.

"Now I will be handing out flying snow pill." Wei Feng grand emperor took out jade bottles and gave everyone a bottle.

Then Wei Feng immortal emperor continued "Each flying snow pill will protect your spirit root for 24 hours. Three pills will last three days, crush the jade card and come out in three days or pay the consequences yourself."

Then, the ten immortal emperors flew into the void together and held their own formation flags.

When the formations formed, ten immortal emperor rushed their immortal essence and waves of terrifying chi came. It split the mist apart and an obscure s.p.a.ce appeared before them.

As the immortal emperors released more and more terrifying power, the void finally opened up until it was 10 meters wide.

"Everyone go in immediately we can't last very long. Three days later crush the jade card to come back."

Dragon River grand emperor roared and the 1000 or so great eternity immortals flew into the void fissure. Everyone flew in as fast as possible, the first person in would get the most things.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1784 - Enter Small Heaven Domain

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