Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1792 - Authority of big brother

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Chapter 1792: Authority of big brother

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“My original form is ice ginseng, this place is about to be destroyed due to outsiders coming. I have nowhere to run to.” The baby said in terror.

“You’re ice ginseng king?” Ye Mo asked in shock but then added “How do you know this place is about to be destroyed?”

The ice ginseng king shook its head “I don’t know how I know but I feel this place is about to be destroyed. Perhaps I’ve stayed here for too long.”

Ye Mo extended his spirit sense out, his premonition had usually been very strong but this time he didn’t feel it at all. The small heaven domain would be destroyed? Why would it be destroyed? But after a while, he really felt some uneasiness. Ye Mo didn’t know if it was the placebo effect.

“Boss, I seem to have this feeling too, I thought I thought too much before, it’s real.” Shadowless added on the side.

“Boss can you take me away from here?” The ice ginseng king asked fearfully.

Ye Mo nodded “Yes but I have to go find some immortal spirit items, I’m not leaving now.”

Ye Mo looked at the ice ginseng king, he knew it was the top grade thing. Even if he didn’t use it for pill concoction and just ate it straight up, he would be able to reach immortal king without any damage to foundation.

But this ice ginseng king already had its own intelligence and even morphed into human. Eating it was like eating a human. Ye Mo really couldn’t take it. everything in the world had a spirit.

Hearing this, the ice ginseng king was worried but then it saw Ye Mo’s eyes and suddenly’s eyes, it looked like they were going to eat it and it immediately began shaking.

“Boss are you going to eat this small ice ginseng?” Shadowless asked shamelessly on the side.

Ye Mo sighed and waved his hand “No need, everything has spirit, ice ginseng king already formed into human, eating it is too ruthless. And, it told me this news, regardless if it’s real or not, at least I’m prepared now.”

‘Thank you boss.” The ice ginseng king was very grateful.

“You can follow me but you can only stay inside my world, without my order you can’t come out.” Ye Mo said very seriously.

Ye Mo wasn’t going to let ice ginseng king leave after it went inside the golden page world. If it was caught by some other immortal, even his golden page world would be exposed. Not everyone wouldn’t eat the ice ginseng king.

The ice ginseng king hesitated and said “I’m willing.”

Although he had to stay inside Ye Mo’s golden page world, it was better than dying.

Ye Mo nodded “Okay, I’ll give you a name…”

“Boss, just call him small ginseng, it doesn’t sound as cool as my name but it suits this small ice ginseng.” Shadowless quickly said.

“Okay, small ginseng is good.” Ye Mo immediately agreed.

The ice ginseng king wasn’t satisfied but it had no choice but to agree. It existed much longer than shadowless but was called small ginseng.

“Boss, there’s an extreme grade small ginseng here.” The ice ginseng king said without Ye Mo asking.

Hearing this, shadowless quickly said “Boss, I’ll help you break formation.”

For shadowless, he could come out completely because he could find spirit items. How could he let the ice ginseng king rob his job. What if boss felt he was useless and threw him back into the golden page world then he wouldn’t be able to eat freely.

“Hit this position and then hit 50 cms left, 80 cms right ten times each. Leave one second in between and for the last time leave 7 seconds in between and you can break the formation quickly.” Ice ginseng king said innocently.

“What do you know.” Shadowless didn’t bite where small ginseng pointed but its bite only shook the formation a little.

Ye Mo released world rock and smashed at where small ginseng said.

Crack, this formation was broken.

Ye Mo dazed. The easier formation before took half a day with 80 or so people to attack but now this harder formation was so easily broken with the help of small ginseng.

Shadowless stood awkwardly on the side while Ye Mo looked at ice ginseng king in confusion “Small ginseng you’re experienced in formation?”

Small ginseng shook its head “I’ve been living here for countless years, I know this natural formation already.”

The dense immortal spirit chi came into his face, before Ye Mo moved, shadowless already dug open the earth.

“It’s extreme grade immortal range indeed.” Ye Mo was overjoyed.

With this, if he spent some time in the time formation disk, his progression won’t be slower than Yan Jiutian.

Ye Mo then waved shadowless and small ginseng into the golden page world. He told them that he would be putting this extreme grade immortal range in.

When they went in, Ye Mo started setting up formation. This was harder than putting in top grade small ginseng, Ye Mo had to ensure the immortal range wouldn’t be damaged.

“This place is chaos world?” Ice ginseng king stood in the golden page world completely dumbfounded. He thought Ye Mo’s world was only going to be a small world, he didn’t expect this was a chaos world. if he knew it was, he wouldn’t leave even if he was asked to.

“There’s also bitter bamboo of the ten great spirit items?” The ice ginseng king was in amazement. Comparatively, he didn’t care that much about the yellow middle plum branch.

“Hillbilly.” Shadowless said in contempt.

Shadowless then pointed at the bitter bamboo and warned “Let me warn you, you must not go in within a thousand centimere radius of the bitter bamboo or the boss will roast you and so will I. You understand?”

“I understand.” Ice ginseng king quickly answered.

“Call big brother.” Shadowless reproached.

Ice ginseng king quickly called big brother. Shadowless was very happy with this and nodded

“Don’t call boss brother Ye or he will skin you. I had to think for a long while before figuring out calling him boss. I gave you this benefit. Never mind, follow me first.”

Ice ginseng king nodded and followed shadowless to the other side of the golden page world. shadowless pointed at that place surrounded with restriction “You can’t go in a 6km radius of that place, even I can only stay outside of 3km radius.”

Ice ginseng king didn’t ask why shadowless could go closer. It was completely dumbfounded, it murmured to itself “I actually saw chaos tree, chaos world, chaos tree, boss is too amazing.”

Shadowless sneered “So you have some knowledge. Of course boss is great, but your compliments are too bad. You’re not allowed to suck up to boss, you understand?”

“I want to go up and see the chaos tree.” The ice ginseng king continued to say.

“Do you not want to live? did you not hear what I said? Even I can only stay outside 3km radius but you want to go up. If the boss comes back you will definitely be roasted and eaten.” Shadowless threatened.

Small ginseng s.h.i.+vered and eventually didn’t go up.

Seeing small ginseng being scared, shadowless pointed at the immortal spirit herb happily “This immortal spirit herb garden is yours, I will be sleeping under the bitter bamboo you can sleep in the immortal spirit herb garden.”

“These immortal spirit herb are all for me?” ice ginseng king didn’t care about these low level immortal spirit herb but he felt very happy to be taken seriously as soon as he came.

“Keep dreaming, last time I ate a few level three, no, no it seemed to be very lwo level immortal spirit herb and boss almost roasted and ate me. You dare to touch the immortal spirit herb here?” shadowless reproached.

“I don’t dare to but you said it’s for me?” Ice ginseng king asked nervously.

“I was taking care of it before, now it’s up to you. You need to take care of their growth, if problems arises, boss will roast you and eat you.”

Small ginseng’s face was green from hearing all these roastings and eatings.

After a long while small ginseng asked softly “Big brother you gave the immortal spirit herb garden to me to take care of what are you going to do?”

Shadowless walked towards the bitter bamboo a few steps and said “Do you not see a bitter bamboo here? And the chaos tree over there, they need to be taken care of by me. You’re so clumsy, what if you damage it?”

“Didn’t you say you can’t enter a 3km radius of the chaos tree?” Small ginseng looked at shadowless in confusion.

“….” Shadowless was lost for words. He could only stern his face up “I’m looking after it from afar, I would take a few glances at it once in a while.”

Small ginseng was lost for words, it suddenly felt this big brother didn’t seem to be very reliable.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1792 - Authority of big brother

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