Strongest Abandoned Son 1785 Shadowless Mutation

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Rumble, before those great eternity immortal have completely gone into the small heaven domain, the tear rapidly decreased as though about to close at anytime.

Flashes of lightning fell from the void, a few great eternity immortal who fell behind were blasted to dust without any resistance.

"Abandon the formation, this is heaven restriction lightning. We forcefully opened the stealth heaven domain of another realm causing top grade resources to be revealed. This start heaven restriction lightning. If we continue, there will be more people killed by lightning." One immortal emperor yelled.

The other immortal emperors knew this too. They took back their immortal essence and the tear closed up.

With this, heaven path couldn't sense the resources again and the lightning disappeared.

The a thousand great eternity immortals sunk into the endless mist, their spirit sense couldn't spread out, nor did they have any sense of direction. This was far from their expectation. They should they should be landing on a new continent filled with immortal wells and immortal spirit herbs.

But they've been in the mist for 15 minutes and were still rolling inside. There was also frequent void chaos flow, some of which were very powerful and one could be swept away.

When they sensed the decline in their spirit root, these great eternity immortals immediately ate a flying snow pill.

Even so, no one was willing to crush the jade slip to go out.

Ye Mo didn't know if he was in the small heaven domain so he still didn't dare to let his spirit sense out.

Mi Yun didn't know Ye Mo was in her card and just rolled around in the mist like everyone else.

The void seemed endless, after four hours, she couldn't see anyone around her but she was still rolling.

Ye Mo felt it was about time they were in the void so he sent his spirit sense out carefully.

Rolling mist appeared in his spirit sense, even with spirit sense blades, he couldn't send his spirit sense further.

Ye Mo knew he wasn't in the watch of immortal emperor and used instant transmission immediately.

Mi Yun frowned, she felt there was some s.p.a.ce ripples around her but when she checked with her spirit sense there was nothing.

Ye Mo breathed easy, he finally went in the small heaven domain. he changed his look and became a beardless middle aged man.

In this mist, Ye Mo felt his immortal essence slow, he knew this was spirit root dissipating so he immediately ate a flying snow pill.

Void chaos flows struck him but Ye Mo didn't seem to feel it at all.

These chaos flows might be able to sweep away ordinary great eternity immortal but it would at most leave a few red marks on his body.

When he stopped, he released spirit sense blades. Other people wouldn't be able to extend their spirit sense for more than 100 metesr but his spirit sense broke out to more than one km.

Soon, Ye Mo decided the direction he was going in and sped up. In just two hours, Ye Mo was completely free from the mist void and saw the atmosphere.

At the same time, he saw a few other great eternity immortal also appeared in the atmosphere. He wanted to cross the atmosphere and land on the ground as quickly as possible just like the rest of them.

At the same time, Ye Mo felt slivers of invisible chi invade his body that had the effect of corroding spirit root and immortal essence but that chi was immediately melted by the effect of the flying snow pill. They were probably the spirit corroding demonic chi.

Ye Mo saw that he was the first to be here but suddenly a figure appeared not far ahead.

Ye Mo recognized this guy immediately, it was Yan Jiutian.

Yan Jiutian looked at Ye Mo in surprise. It was unknown if he recognized Ye Mo but he didn't look for trouble and just disappeared.

There were too many good things here, no one would waste time here. Ye Mo chose an opposite direction to Yan Jiutian and left.

He wasn't afraid of Yan Jiutian but it was smarter to use the time here to find cultivation resource.

In just five minutes, Ye Mo found a patch for level seven immortal spirit herb, they were very high quality and aged.

Ye Mo just took the entire place and threw it into the golden page world.

The deeper Ye Mo went the more he was amazed, this trip was too worth. This was just as he imagined, level five to level seven immortal spirit herb in piles and even level eight immortal spirit herb. However, Ye Mo hadn't seen any level nine immortal spirit herb nor any chaos spirit item yet.

Half a day later, the immortal spirit herb garden in the golden page world was a few km radius. There weren't a lot of top grade immortal spirit herb but there were plenty of ordinary immortal spirit herbs.

What shocked Ye Mo was that there was no dangers here other than the demonic chi, there weren't immortal spirit beast.

There were waves of s.p.a.ce ripples from the distance, Ye Mo knew this was the other great eternity immortals crossing pa.s.sed the atmosphere.

This small heaven domain was vast and there weren't many people here so no one fought over cultivation resources.

Just when Ye Mo wanted to go deeper and find more things, he felt there was changes in his golden page world. Ye Mo looked in and found that a little less than half of what he threw in just then was ruined.

A huge horse like beast was ravaging the immortal spirit herb garden. Ye Mo was shocked, this horse was completely black but had a pair of golden wings. However it's head looked more that of a dragon. It was happily devouring and expanding his wings.

Ye Mo was furious, he didn't know when such strange immortal spirit beast appeared in his golden page world. luckily he noticed this early, if it was later, his bitter bamboo, chaos tree would all be eaten by this b.a.s.t.a.r.d.

Ye Mo went straight inside the golden page world and punched.


In his own chaos world, this punch was more than ten times stronger than outside. As soon as this punch came out, endless lethal force gathered and formed a lethal force whirlpool.

"Brother Ye don't attack, I'm shadowless…"

What shocked Ye Mo more was that this horse actually spoke but luckily Ye Mo heard it and stopped his attack. He looked below the bitter bamboo.

The big ball like shadowless was gone, Ye Mo realised, this shadowless went from a pea sized thing to a huge mutated dragon horse with wings.

"What is this?" Ye Mo looked at the ravaged immortal spirit herb garden and almost raised his fist.

"Brother Ye…"

"Stop, that sounds disgusting."

Ye Mo reproached ruthlessly. However, he was very bewildered why shadowless changed into this state.

Didn't those pretty martial sister call you brother Ye? Shadowless's eyes were very innocent but thought, why could pretty girls call him brother Ye but he couldn't?

"Boss, I mutated after devouring the emperor dao crystal so I became like this. If I wasn't under the bitter bamboo and this was the chaos world, I would've turned to dust." Shadowless said pitifully.

"Mutated?" Ye Mo frowned. He knew that the top G.o.d beasts would mutate.

"What level are you now?" Ye Mo asked. According to Zhen Bingyu, shadowless's second state was called heaven tao.

Shadowless said carefully "I'm heaven tao tertiary stage stage now. The emperor dao crystal is too powerful, I need immortal spirit herb to stabilize my power after the mutation. I didn't dare to touch other things but I saw you bring in some immortal spirit herb so I ate some none important herbs…"

Strongest Abandoned Son 1785 Shadowless Mutation

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