Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1793 - Power increasing rapidly

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Chapter 1793: Power increasing rapidly

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Seeing small ginseng use some immortal crystals to set up things around the chaos tree and even pile up into mountains, shadowless couldn’t take it anymore and rushed to small ginseng and reproached “Little thing, did you not hear what boss said? Do you not want to live? The first thing that boss will do after coming out of solitary cultivation will be to roast you.”

Small ginseng looked feebly at shadowless and said “Big brother you seemed to have gone into a 3km radius of the chaos tree.”

“I’m teaching you a lesson, did you not hear it?” Shadowless was shook, boss said he would definitely be roasted if he went inside a 3km radius of the chaos tree but in front of his henchmen, his tone definitely couldn’t be weak.

“Oh, thanks for reminding me big brother when boss comes out, I will tell him what happened. I’ll say that I’m helping the chaos tree grow but big brother didn’t trust me and so he came next to the chaos tree…”

Hearing the latter half of the sentence, shadowless’s eyes immediately changed. He sneered “I just came to remind you otherwise I would never disobey boss’s order.”

Then shadowless turned around and murmured “No one took care of the immortal spirit herb garden, a few immortal spirit herbs died. When boss comes out, I will report what happened.”

“Of course I know that big brother has been taking of the immortal spirit herb garden for me and never came next to the chaos tree, thank you big brother.” Small ginseng immediately said.

Before he finished, shadowless already appeared at the immortal spirit herb garden. Shadowless suddenly realised that it seemed to be a long journey ahead to control this new little brother.

Time flew by and Ye Mo gradually forgot time in the time formation disk cultivation. He was planning to use void flying snow to fly but he went into a state of trance and didn’t even realise that sevn years had gone by outside.

A top grade immortal range plus a few billion immortal crystals wasn’t something a small fragmented extreme grade small ginseng could compare with. Extreme grade small ginseng had denser immortal spirit chi but once it was broken, the immortal spirit chi would disperse really quickly. The cultivation effect wouldn’t be better than a complete top grade immortal range.

When the top grade immortal range cracked and turned into nothing, Ye Mo finally woke up. He got up and realised that he had spent 700 years in the time formation disk.

A complete top grade immortal range was completely used up, the pills he had prepared before were mostly gone, even the 4 billion immortal crystals only had 2 billion remain. What shocked him even more was that the complete extreme grade immortal range was used a up little by the spirit gathering immortal formation.

Even though it was only a small portion of the extreme grade immortal range, it was still so much better than the immortal spirit chi of the top grade immortal range. Ye Mo was speechless. After using all these things in his solitary cultivation, he only just reached into great eternity immortal tertiary stage. He thought he would be able to barely reach immortal king middle stage with two immortal range but now it seemed he could only reach great eternity immortal peak stage at most.

Ye Mo felt the powerful immortal essence flowing inside his body, his spirit sense was more complete. The power made him feel safe but the resources he wasted made his head hurt.

In fact, reaching great eternity immortal tertiary stage from great eternity immortal primary stage wasn’t really fast but wasn’t slow either. Some prodigies could reach immortal king middle stage with 700 years.

The amount of resources he used up was enough to supply a small sect for a few years.

He was only at great immortal now, once he reached status immortal, just how much more resources would he need. Ye Mo’s head ached upon contemplating this.

Shadowless needed a lot of resources to progress but compared to him, it was very little.

Thinking about shadowless, Ye Mo immediately put away the time formation disk and walked out. He wondered how the two were getting along these years.

As soon as Ye Mo came out, he saw shadowless sleeping in the immortal spirit herb garden while small ginseng was doing things around the chaos tree. However, the chaos tree was 15 cms taller. It was around 30 cms tall now. the growth speed was extremely rapid.

Ye Mo was overjoyed. The chaos tree had been in his chaos world for a few years but was only 6 cms taller than before. This growth must be due to small ginseng.

“Boss your power grew quite a lot.” Shadowless immediately crawled up and ran over.

Ye Mo nodded and looked at the immortal spirit herb garden “The immortal spirit herbs didn’t disappear from the garden right?”

“No no, although small ginseng is lazy and gave the job of looking after it to me, I took care of it very well. Even the lowest level immortal spirit herb didn’t go missing and they’re growing very well.” Shadowless immediately said.

“Boss you finished solitary cultivation.” Small ginseng’s voice scared shadowless. This little thing was too fast.

Ye Mo looked satisfyingly at small ginseng and said “It’s probably due to you that the chaos tree is growing so fast right?”

The small ginseng immediately nodded “Yes, at the primary stage of the chaos tree’s growth, it doesn’t really need immortal spirit chi but chaos chi. I set up a formation to draw chaos chi over so the chaos tree grows really fast. Big brother shadowless saw I was busy so he took on helping me look after the immortal spirit herb garden. Last time big brother warned me…”

How could shadowless let small ginseng say he went near the chaos tree, he quickly interrupted and said “Yes, yes, I saw small ginseng was very hard working taking care of the chaos tree so I took care of the immortal spirit herb garden.”

Although shadowless’ words were conflicting Ye Mo didn’t care. He cared about how small ginseng could draw chaos chi over to provide to the chaos tree for growth.

Before he set up a few spirit gathering formation just so the chaos tree could grow and he used countless immortal crystals but it didn’t do much. However, small ginseng had such ability, he really got a treasure.

“Not bad, not bad.” Ye Mo repeated a few times.

Ye Mo walked up to the chaos tree, a clearer chi came making Ye Mo feel very refreshed. The bigger the chaos tree was, the more clear its effects were.

“Small ginseng, I didn’t expect you know formation to draw chaos tree, I should reward you well.” Ye Mo patted small ginseng’s head.

Small ginseng quickly said “I’ve lived at the small heaven domain for countless years, I know a lot of natural formations that many spirit items rely on to survive. I slowly created this chaos chi gathering formation.

Ye Mo nodded “Very well you can be responsible for looking after the chaos tree, as for your broken arm I’ll think of a way to cure it.”

Small ginseng quickly thanked and said “Boss, it’s not easy to reattach my arm. Unless there’s an ice ginseng king the same level as me, my arm wouldn’t be able to be repaired. I can forcefully grow out an arm but that would use up my essence chi.”

Then ice ginseng king looked at Ye Mo awkwardly “If the chaos tree can grow to three meters tall I can use it to nourish my body. If it grows to 30 meters tall, my arm can recover in half a month. If it’s 300 meters tall, my arm would recover in a few seconds.”

“It’s this powerful?” shadowless was shocked. He also snuck up next to the chaos tree but no one said naything.

Ye Mo was truly astonished too.

“Boss when the chaos tree grows to 3 meters, you can make it recognize you as master and then move it to your dan tian. Then you will live with the heavens and earth and live for all eternity.” Ice ginseng king said.

Ye Mo waved his hand “That can wait.”

If he couldn’t vindicate dao, taking the chaos tree out and spilling its chi was suicide.

“Stay in here I’m going out to see where we’re at now.” Ye Mo dashed out of the golden page world.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1793 - Power increasing rapidly

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