Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1868 - Whole Sect Capture Ye Mo

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Chapter 1868: Whole Sect Capture Ye Mo

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“b.a.s.t.a.r.d.” Ding Jie cursed outside the sect.

Yi Yi asked desperately “Ding Jie what do we do now?”

As soon as she said this, there was a rumbling sound. The Wujia Sound River they could see with their spirit sense was now gone.

“Wuhui that old b.a.s.t.a.r.d sealed the sect because he doesn’t want Ye Mo out. We’re too weak now, it’s pointless worrying.” Ding Jie felt helpless.

Yi Yi had calmed down now, she was also thinking desperately for a way.

Ding Jie suddenly said “Zhan Taiyi, we’re friends with Ye Mo right?”

“Of course, without brother Ye, I wouldn’t be able to create my G.o.d art no matter what and I wouldn’t be able to get out of the t.i.tle status tower and reach the top to write my name.” Yi Yi said without hesitation.

“Good.” Ding Jie said and continued “it’s useless even if we charge in with our current power, plus we can’t even get in. The only thing we can do is ask our sect for help.”

There was a sliver of disappointment in Yi Yi’s eyes “martial brother Ding, I’m afraid this is very hard. Although I’m the saint of Jiu Fan Immortal Pond, it’s not because how strong I am but because my talent is high. Although my master is very nice to me, she might not be able to persuade the immortal emperor in the sect to help brother Ye against Wujia Sound River. Your sect would probably be the same too.”

There was a sliver of absolution in Ding Jie’s eyes “Yi Yi, even if you don’t say it I know. There’s a 90% chance that the immortal emperor in the sect wouldn’t come help Ye Mo. If Wuhui kept us two there, it would be easier but Wujia Sound River dind’t touch us at all. Our sect has no reason to intervene.”

“Martial brother Ding, what do you mean?” Yi Yi looked at Ding Jie in confusion.

Ding Jie said heavily “that Wuhui wouldn’t attack Ye Mo for no reason. The only reason is that he feels Ye Mo’s cultivation speed is really fast and could easily beat Ji Xue immortal monarch. That’s why he wanted to check Ye Mo’s secrets. If I’m not wrong, Ye Mo is very dangerous in that formation.”

“Then what do we do?” Yi Yi was also very desperate.

Ding Jie said coldly “it’s never late to get revenge. If I can’t get my sect to help, then I will go to Mo Yue Immortal Sect and protect the sect first. No matter if Wujia Sound River would attack Ye Mo’s sect I must go help. When I’m strong enough, I will help Ye Mo get revenge.”

“If I can’t get help too, I will go with you.” Yi Yi said.

The difference in power was too great, it made them both feel helpless.

The reason Ye Mo could break out of this palace was just as Wuhui immortal emperor guessed, he saw the formation clearly and used immortal G.o.d body to his advantage.

In the first fight with Wuhui immortal emperor, he knew he was completely no match for him. The difference between immortal emperor and immortal monarch was even greater than immortal king and great eternity immortal. If he stayed to fight, it would be certain death.

When Ye Mo broke out of the palace, he used instant transmission immediately but not towards outside but the inside.

Since Wuhui immortal emperor was attacking him, the formation must be sealed. Even if he was an immortal formation grand master, he wouldn’t be able to break open the formation quickly. Of course, Ye Mo knew that no matter which direction he used instant transmission in, the s.p.a.ce ripples would be noticed.

So after one instant transmission, Ye Mo immediately hid himself and used instant transmission to go back before changing direction.

Ye Mo knew clearly that no matter which direction he went, he wouldn’t be able to hide it from Wuhui immortal emperor.

Wuhui was only an immortal emperor primary stage and he was this terrifying. If he encountered immortal emperor middle stage or even tertiary stage, he would be certainly dead.

Ye Mo could only rest his hopes on his power stealth cultivation method.

Wuhui immediately caught the s.p.a.ce ripples from Ye Mo’s instant transmission and sneered “he has some power indeed, a mere immortal king can instant transmission such a distance, no wonder he dares to come here.”

As he spoke, Wuhui immortal emperor took a step and arrived at where Ye Mo was before.

His smirk froze on his face. He couldn’t feel the next s.p.a.ce ripple.

There was no way Wuhui immortal emperor would believe a small immortal king could get away right under his eyes but five minutes later, he realised he lost his target.

“Ji Sheng…” Wuhui yelled coldly.

Ji Sheng immediately came up and said “Ji Sheng greet martial uncle.”

“Tell everyone in the sect about immortal king to search for this person, he’s definitely still in Wujia Sound River and he has a powerful stealth cultivation method. Even I can’t see through it.”

Hearing this Ji Sheng’s face changed. He feared the most that Ye Mo would get away.

“What are you scared of? I don’t believe a mere immortal king would be able to escape from my hands when he’s in the formation of the sect.” Wuhui immortal emperor was very unhappy with Ji Sheng’s reaction and reproached.

“Yes, Ji Sheng will immediately arrange it.” Ji Sheng immortal monarch was annoyed but had to agree.

Wuhui immortal emperor was the weakest immortal emperor in the Wujia Sound River and didn’t reach immortal emperor for long but his talent was very powerful.

As an infinitely near level seven immortal formation grand master master, how could he not know that stealthing himself in the formation was dangerous. As soon as he got back to the guest palace, he carefully moved.

Ye Mo just wanted to find a place to hide. It was impossible to leave Wujia Sound River now, even if he could, he wouldn’t leave. Xiaoyun was still here.

Wuhui stayed at where Ye Mo first went for five minutes, this time gave Ye Mo great help. He used this time to leave the guest palace and carefully move along another direction.

Four hours later, Wuhui immortal emperor finally realised something was wrong. Four hours had gone by and the entire sect was searching. Wujia Sound River seemed big but it really was nothing when the entire sect was searching.

“I understand.” Wuhui came back to the guest palace and started searching carefully. He finally realised why Ye Mo was completely gone after the first instant transmission. Ye Mo definitely instant transmissioned back immediately.

However, when he realised this, four hours had gone.

“Such a cunning b.a.s.t.a.r.d.” Wuhui immortal emperor cursed and pointed at the few immortal formation grand master and said “watch the sect formation closely, if there’s any signs tell me immediately.”

“Yes.” The immortal formation masters bowed.

Ye Mo was far from the guest palace now, he carefully controlled his chi not daring to release it at all. He didn’t even dare to go into the golden page world. although the golden page world could turn into a speck of dust, it wasn’t safer than him stealthing himself.

Against an immortal emperor, even the smallest speck of dust can be exposed.

Luckily Wuyin and Wuhua immortal emperors weren’t in the sect or it would be really hard to say if he would be caught or not.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1868 - Whole Sect Capture Ye Mo

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