Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1877 - Jade box being robbed

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Chapter 1877: Jade box being robbed

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Shadowless didn’t bluff, Ye Mo took more than a month to find a few top grade immortal range but shadowless found an extreme grade immortal range in three days.

After following shadowless for a few days, Ye Mo realised that not all immortal ranges were like He Chong said. There were also immortal ranges in ordinary places and usually, these immortal ranges were purer.

This day, shadowless brought Ye Mo to a new place. Ye Mo just dug an extreme grade immortal range and a das.h.i.+ng light landed before Ye Mo.

“Hmm, it’s you.” A middle aged immortal emperor appeared before Ye Mo. He immediately recognized who Ye Mo was.

The next moment, his eyes landed on shadowless. And moments later, he immediately said “so it’s you?”

These two questions made Ye Mo confused. He understood the first one as this immortal emperor was one of the immortal emperors chasing the Wu Chen fruit. But what did the second question mean?

Ye Mo wasn’t scared of this immortal emperor middle stage, his cultivation level broke through and shadowless reached immortal tao.

Seeing Ye Mo not understand him but not become scared of him either, this immortal emperor wasn’t surprised. After Ye Mo ran off, he knew from Zheng Ren immortal emperor about how Ye Mo hunted Wuhui immortal emperor. An immortal king hunting an immortal emperor, this news was way too shocking. Even in this dimension, it was very rare.

“Is your cultivation level immortal king middle stage or tertiary stage?” This immortal emperor looked at Ye Mo in shock. He felt last time Ye Mo was immortal king middle stage but now he saw Ye Mo was immortal king tertiary stage.

Ye Mo hid his power level to immortal king middle stage and said “just think I’m an immortal king middle stage.”

Seeing Ye Mo hide his cultivation level, this immortal emperor’s eyes narrowed. This was definitely the top level stealth cultivation method. This Ye Mo wasn’t an immortal king middle stage at all, he might even be immortal monarch power.

An extremely powerful immortal monarch with immortal G.o.d body could indeed hunt an ordinary immortal emperor primary stage in this place.

If Ye Mo was an immortal monarch, then how could he enter the small heaven domain last time? Thinking about this, the immortal emperor saluted with his fists “my name is Ji Lei, I come from Tan s.h.i.+ Heaven. You must be very confused about the second, so it’s you? That’s because when the small heaven domain opened up, I was there too. Many people who came out form the small heaven domain saw your dragon horse pet.”

Ye Mo realised but he didn’t care. In this place, he needed shadowless to help him, hiding shadowless wasn’t plausible. He was about to reach immortal monarch, once he did, he would use large sums of immortal range to reach immortal monarch tertiary stage. Then with shadowless’s help, he wouldn’t fear ordinary immortal emperors even outside.

Ye Mo greet, Ji Lei immortal emperor, this immortal pet is given to me by my friend Ning Xiaoma. My friend indeed went to small heaven domain, he’s in solitary cultivation to break through to immortal king so this immortal pet is following me now.” Ye Mo said.

Ji Lei immortal emperor didn’t argue and smiled “you still have some distance till immortal emperor right? Wu Chen fruit is used by immortal emperor tertiary stage or even immortal king peak stage…”

“You want my Wu Chen fruit?” Ye Mo asked plainly.

Ji Lei immortal emperor said without hesitation “that’s right, I want it indeed. If it was some ordinary person, I would’ve robbed it already but I know it’s not too practicable so name a price, I’ll see if I can afford it.”

Ye Mo smiled, any immortal emperor who saw an immortal king had a Wu Chen fruit would rob it.

To be hoenst, Ye Mo didn’t need the Wu Chen fruit that much. He took the fruit out in the golden page world, it had this ethereal dao wave that was indeed helpful in being enlightened for a new state, it was similar to bitter bamboo.

“I don’t know the price of it very well but I know that immortal emperors need this and I don’t really happen to need it. if you want it, then name a suitable price and I’ll think about it.” Ye Mo said.

Ji Lei immortal emperor said without hesitation “I’ll pay 10 extreme grade immortal range and 20 top grade immortal range.”

To be honest, this price was very high. If it was outside, even he wouldn’t be able to afford it. extreme grade immortal range, even an emperor sect only had a few. Only an divine emperor would be able to suddenly pay out 10. If the Wu Chen fruit could really help with dao vindication then it wasn’t expensive even if it was ten times higher.

Ye Mo didn’t really want Ji Lei immortal emperor to take out ten times that price but he shook his head “your price is a bit low, I don’t really care about that 30 immortal range but I need 100 level eight immortal spirit herb and two jade flow void wood.”

“You’re really an immortal king?” Hearing this, Ji Lei immortal emperor immediately asked in shock. Only an immortal king would want the jade flow void wood for the monarch will pill.

Ye Mo shook his head “whether or not I’m immortal king is not the main point. The main point is my friend is in solitary cultivation and about to reach immortal king, I need to prepare that for him. if you can afford it then we can make a deal immediately.”

Ji Lei knew that the things Ye Mo added wasn’t very expensive compared to the Wu Chen fruit but he couldn’t take out jade flow void wood now.

Seeing Ji Lei’s expression, Ye Mo knew he couldn’t take it out so Ye Mo saluted with his fists and said “In that case, I’m going first.”

“Wait…” Ji Lei quickly called.

Ye Mo’s face sunk “does brother Ji Lei want to use force?”

An immortal king calling an immortal emperor brother, probably only someone like Ye Mo could do this but Ji Lei quickly said “no, can you wait for me here for two days, I’ll come back and deal with you two days later?”

“You guys have a set location?” Ye Mo asked.

Ji Lei knew it was impossible to trick Ye Mo on this so he immediately said “that’s right, we found a palace without the dangers. People can cultivate in there, most of the immortal emperors who came in are there unless they go out to search for immortal range. Just wait for me for two days and I can help ask if anyone has the wood.”

He knew Ye Mo was definitely not going to go with him to that palce so he didn’t bother asking.

“Okay, this is my communication bead, two days later, contact me.” Ye Mo threw a communication bead to Ji Lei and left.

He wasn’t going to meet those immortal emperor no matter what unless he reached immortal monarch.

Ji Lei was more desperate than Ye Mo. He was scared that Ye Mo would encounter other immortal emperor and trade with them instead.

In less than two days, Ye Mo received JI Lei immortal emperor’s news.

“You found what I want this quickly?” Ye Mo asked in confusion. His spirit sense saw that Ji Lei came alone indeed but Ye Mo felt a strange atmosphere.

Ji Lei threw out a storage ring to Ye Mo. Ye Mo’s spirit sense scanned inside and there were 10 extreme grade immortal range, 20 top grade immortal range and 130 level eight immortal spirit herb, one jade flow void wood.

“I only found one jade flow void wood but I got 30 more level eight immortal spirit herb. Is this okay?” Ji Lei stared at Ye Mo and asked.

Ye Mo suppressed his joy and nodded “okay, I agree.”

Then, Ye Mo threw out a jade box at Ji Lei immortal emperor. But before it landed in Ji Lei’s hands, a black figure swept past and the jade box disappeared.

“Li Long you old b.a.s.t.a.r.d…” Ji Lei’s face went pale and cursed.

Ye Mo breathed easy, no wonder he felt someone watching. There really was an immortal emperor hiding on the side.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1877 - Jade box being robbed

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