Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1879 - Finish Divine Damnation and Reach Monarch

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Chapter 1879: Finish Divine d.a.m.nation and Reach Monarch

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When Ye Mo felt his immortal essence was at the immortal monarch barrier, he didn’t hesitate at all and ate another special grade monarch will pill. The rus.h.i.+ng immortal essence swept with even greater force under the monarch will pill and smashed at the immortal monarch barrier.

“Rumble…” In the grey void, crackling sounds came. When Ye Mo’s immortal essence charged at the immortal monarch barrier for the first time, the first wave of immortal monarch divine d.a.m.nation came.

108 golden lightning arcs thicker than wooden buckets smashed down from all directions. The 108 arcs almost completely covered this dimension turning into a sea of gold.

Meanwhile, the lightning arcs and s.p.a.ce rays were long gone.

With his previous experience of lightning arc smas.h.i.+ng out from underground, Ye Mo didn’t stay on the ground and instead rose up while smas.h.i.+ng out s.p.a.ce shatter.

Ye Mo’s s.p.a.ce shatter first fused from the nine void fists.

This time, Ye Mo didn’t use any defense immortal artefact. He believed his immortal G.o.d body was enough to deal with it. His divine d.a.m.nation was absurd but his power was even more absurd. He didn’t believe that an immortal G.o.d body couldn’t withstand to a divine d.a.m.nation.

His immortal G.o.d body was theoretically as tough as extreme grade immortal artefact. With his immortal essence flowing in his body, it would be stronger than extreme grade immortal artefacts.


This time, Ye Mo’s s.p.a.ce shatter didn’t sweep up lethal force but instead was purely aimed at the lightning arcs. So this time, it attacked very fast.

Arcs of lightning were crippled and destroyed by Ye Mo. In that instance, golden rays spilled everywhere in this place.

More lightning struck on Ye Mo’s body and his skin immediately cracked open. Cracking sounds came from his bones.

The power and recovery of the immortal G.o.d body was fully showcased now. Then, with his rapid devouring of lightning source, the injuries quickly recovered while his immortal essence and spirit sense rose drastically.

What shook Ye Mo was that this time, lightning didn’t come from underground but like last time, the second wave of 108 arcs came before the first wave was even over.

Before Ye Mo could even keep using s.p.a.ce shatter, the second wave struck him. Almost at the same time, Ye Mo felt his meridians expand and a powerful immortal essence arose.

Ye Mo knew that just when the second wave came, his immortal essence broke through the immortal monarch barrier. The second wave provided him with lightning source to devour.

Knowing that he broke through, there was no more lightning arcs. Ye Mo ran the Three Birth Chant like crazy as he devoured the lightning source.

Powerful lightning source and dense immortal spirit chi was devoured by Ye Mo like crazy. Ye Mo felt like his cultivation level was sky rocketing. His immortal monarch power started to consolidate and the bones that were broken recovered perfectly.

“Rumble…” The third wave of lightning arc fell.

Ye Mo thought there wouldn’t be anything in the third wave but instead, there were still 27 bolts of golden lightning in the third wave. They were about double the size of the second wave.

But such lightning bolts really couldn’t do any damage to Ye Mo now. Ye Mo had reached immortal monarch. These lightning bolts would only help him cultivate.

But then, the fourth wave landed, the fifth… What shocked Ye Mo was that nine waves of lightning bolts fell before this s.p.a.ce of gold dissipated.

This divine d.a.m.nation was unlike before. It was a complete divine d.a.m.nation. Other than the first and second wave which had 108 bolts, the rest all had 27 bolts.

After the divine d.a.m.nation, no immortal spirit chi cloud came just as Ye Mo expected.

Ye Mo didn’t care. He was used to it now.

Feeling the immortal essence and spirit sense that was many times more powerful than immortal king tertiary stage, Ye Mo knew that he finally had a foundation.

After taking a long sigh, Ye Mo felt even more how powerful the cultivation method from the golden page world was. Its power wasn’t something that humans could fathom. If he didn’t cultivate Three Birth Chant, it would be pathetic to fight immortal emperor with immortal king and immortal monarch power. However, the Three Birth Chant did it.

Ye Mo cleansed himself and changed into a new set of clothes. Suddenly, he had this enlightenment.

Transmission G.o.d art? There were nine levels. The first level could move tens of thousands of miles. It was much more powerful than instant transmission. Instant transmission would cause huge s.p.a.ce ripples and could only move one to two thousand km. It was too short.

When Ye Mo was certain that he learned transmission G.o.d art, he was overjoyed. He didn’t expect that there would be this bonus G.o.d art after reaching immortal monarch.

This G.o.d art was the most practicable G.o.d art to him. Once he reached higher level of transmission G.o.d art, even if he was no match for the enemy, he would be able to get away.

Ye Mo suppressed his joy and put away the immortal range and formation flags before going back in the golden page world.

Ye Mo was certain now that if he encountered Wuhui immortal emperor, he would be able to kill him. If he encountered Wuhui immortal emperor outside, he wouldn’t lose with shadowless’s support.

But Ye Mo knew that Wuhui immortal emperor was the weakest amongst immortal emperor. Immortal emperor primary stage and didn’t have a powerful G.o.d art. His power was worth nothing. He might need to face Wuying immortal emperor and that purple robed immortal emperor on his way out.

These guys were immortal emperor tertiary stage or even peak stage.

So, Ye Mo went back into the golden page world for solitary cultivation immediately. If he didn’t cultivate to the maximum he couldn’t, he wouldn’t go out.

“Dustless Fruit was taken by Ji Lei immortal emperor and I saw a dragon horse. The dragon horse that appeared in the small heaven domain is in Ye Mo’s hands.” A long browed man spoke in a huge palace. This person was Li Long immortal emperor.

This palace seemed very ancient. It was as though it had been here for countless millions of years.

There were tens of cus.h.i.+on seats around the palace. Each cus.h.i.+on emitted extremely dense immortal spirit chi. Some immortal emperors were sitting on them cultivating.

But hearing this, most immortal emperors stopped cultivation and came over.

“You said you saw the dragon horse? The dragon horse most great eternity immortals saw in the small heaven domain?” One middle aged immortal emperor asked heavily.

“Yes Feng Kong grand emperor, I’m certain I saw it. In order to take the Dustless fruit, I retreated immediately. Later, I realised I was tricked by the b.a.s.t.a.r.d. There was just an useless stone in the box. The Dustless fruit is either in the hands of Ye Mo or Ji Lei immortal emperor.” Li Long immortal emperor said.

“Ye Mo, Ning Xiaoma, dragon horse…” Fong Kong grand emperor murmured and sneered “No matter who he is, I won’t let him go for playing tricks with the small heaven domain.”

Wei Feng immortal emperor immediately said “Feng Kong grand emperor is right. This person is very cunning and snuck into the small heaven domain. Since he can survive the explosion of the small heaven domain, he might have some top level rune or other secrets.”

“We’ll continue to break the formation in this palace. As long as Ye Mo is in this dimension, he wouldn’t be able to get away. No matter where he goes, he has to come here to leave.” Dragon River grand emperor said.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 1879 - Finish Divine Damnation and Reach Monarch

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