Strongest Abandoned Son 1870 Xiaoyun Left Firs

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Ye Mo had come to the centre of Wuyin peak, small ginseng's voice sounded "boss, there is immortal spirit source below here, it's probably the immortal range of Wuyin peak."

Hearing this, Ye Mo thought, he needed too much cultivation resources. The reason he only reached immortal king middle stage after a few decades in the blue grey dimension was because he didn't have cultivation resources.

Thinking about this, Ye Mo immediately said "small ginseng check where the immortal range is and after you find it tell me. I'm going to look for her, before we find her we can't touch the stuff here.

"Okay." Small ginseng agreed and charged out of the golden page world and disappeared. In terms of speed, even shadowless isn't as fast as small ginseng.

Ye Mo's spirit sense domain and spirit sense blades immediately hacked out. He would hack everywhere with stealth restriction.

When Ye Mo found some immortal spirit herb gardens, he would take them without hesitation.

Ye Mo almost searched the entire Wuyin peak and still found no signs of Xiaoyun. He became desperate. He was scared Wuyin had a small world or truth spirit world, that way he would never be able to know where Xiaoyun was.

Crack. A light sound broke the restriction outside Mu Xiaoyun's room.

Mu Xiaoyun looked at Luo Biyue in shock "Luo qian bei, what is this?"

"It's definitely the guy that Wujia Sound River is hunting, he came into here. We need to leave quickly. This guy can break the restrictions here, he's no simple character. Xiaoyun do you have extra clothes, give me one set." Luo Biyue took out a rune.

Mu Xiaoyun took out a set of clothes to Luo Biyue but there was is indescribable feeling in her heart as though she just needed to wait a little.

Luo Biyue changed her clothes and said "Xiaoyun we can go now. the sect sealing formation is top level but it can't stop my rune."

"But Luo qian bei, I feel my husband isn't far." Mu Xiaoyun said.

Luo BIyue sighed "Xiaoyun, I understand your feeling, I was just like you before. Although I don't know where your husband got this primordial chaos chant from I'm certain that it's an extreme level cultivation method that steals the fortune of the world. It gives me the feeling that the better the talent, the faster you cultivate. People with weak talent can't cultivate this cultivation method at all. I don't know what your husband's talent is but I'm certain it's not better than yours."

"Qian bei, you're saying that my husband hasn't ascended yet?" Mu Xiaoyun looked at Luo Biyue in confusion.

Luo Biyue nodded "yes, I used this opportunity of Wuyin leaving in a rush to break free from the restriction with your cultivation method. I wanted to take you as my disciple but your cultivation method is too powerful, I don't dare to be your master. Don't call me qian bei anymore, call me sister Biyue.

You just ascended so I'm guessing your husband definitely hasn't ascended yet. According to what you said, you were accidentally teleported to a cultivation realm and was taken in by the top sect, that's why you had the opportunity to cultivate till immortal ascension. Your husband probably would have less chance in that small world."

"Nuan Shuyu this b.i.t.c.h set me up and robbed my path of dao vindication but still can't vindicate dao. I don't have the power to get revenge now so I can only go into hiding. Xiaoyun you have the top cultivation method but I can tell you're a very kind soul and you care about your husband a lot. Before you find him, even if I take you away from Wujia sound river, it would be very hard for you to survive alone in the cultivation realm.

With your talent, it's not hard for you to join a big sect but if Wuyin that b.i.t.c.h comes back she definitely wouldn't let you go. Offending Wuyin for you, I don't think there's such a sect in the entire immortal realm. so eventually you might still get taken away by her."

"Sister Biyue, I…" Mu Xiaoyun was nervous. Luo Biyue was right, even if she escaped from Wujia Sound River where could she go?

Luo Biyue said seriously "I'm going to hide and go into solitary cultivation, if you're willing come with me. although my cultivation method isn't as good as yours, my knowledge of cultivation is far stronger than you, I can give you a few pointers. If you can become an immortal emperor in the future, you can search the entire 33 heavens or you can even tear open the void and look at the magical continent."

Seeing Mu Xiaoyun not talk, Luo Biyue sighed "in reality, I don't know if your husband would still be alive when you have the ability to tear open the void but even if he isn't he's lucky to be able to find someone as loyal as you."

"Sister Biyue why don't' you think I'm dumb. When I joined a sect in the cultivation realm, many people said I was dumb to long for a cultivator who wasn't even foundation establishment state." Mu Xiaoyun looked up at Luo Biyue.

Luo Biyue sneered "dumb? Although I haven't seen your husband I can tell he treats you very well."

"Mhm, my husband treats me very very well…" There was a sliver of softness in Mu Xiaoyun's eyes.

"Those who call you dumb do so because they havne't found someone who treats them very well. So, they're jealous and angry and want to break apart all lovers and laugh hysterically…" Luo Biyue clenched her teeth.

"Sister Biyue?" Mu Xiaoyun said worriedly.

Luo Biyue waved her hand "I'll you about this in the future, let's go first. We shouldn't stay here for long."

Then, Luo Biyue spat out a rune and spat some essence blood on it before saying to Mu Xiaoyun "Xiaoyun, come over quickly and hold on to me tightly."

Mu Xiaoyun knew she had no choice but to follow this sister Biyue.

The transmission rune activated bright light, Mu Xiaoyun couldn't even see what was before her.

Just a few seconds later, white light smashed out of the transmission rune and the two disappeared in the light.

The instant their rune left Wuyin peak, Wuhui immortal emperor noticed it and sneered "there's a transmission rune that can break our sect sealing formation, you're indeed no ordinary immortal king. I want to see how many good things you have."

"He has gone, I'll immediately chase." Wuhui immortal emperor said and then disappeared.

Ye Mo immediately noticed the huge commotion caused by Luo Biyue's rune, he soon came to Mu Xiaoyun's rune. The s.p.a.ce ripples were still there, Ye Mo could immediately tell that it was caused by top level transmission rune.

Who would be here to use such high level rune? Xiaoyun just ascended, she definitely didn't have the ability to use such rune.

A familiar sensation came up his head, Ye Mo frowned and suddenly took out formation flags setting up formation.

He was endlessly close to level seven immortal formation grand master, as long as the people in this room didn't leave for too long, he could recove the image.

Five minutes later, Ye Mo had a crystal ball in his hand.

Seeing the familiar face, Ye Mo's heart raced with overwhelming excitement.

Xiaoyun told her cultivation method to Luo Biyue, Luo Biyue took away Luo Biyue. Ye Mo could tell Luo Biyue was very powerful.

Ye Mo put away the crystal ball and let out a long sigh of relief. Xiaoyun was fine, he didn't know who Luo Biyue was but he could tell she meant no harm at all.

With Mu Xiaoyun gone, Ye Mo didn't want to stay here anymore. Just when he wanted to call small ginseng, small ginseng sent a message. It had found the immortal range, there was two extreme grade immortal range.

Ye Mo immediately came to where small ginseng was and indeed, there were two extreme grade immortal range.

"Boss, let's take away both." Small ginseng said.

Ye Mo hesitated for a moment and said "never mind, let's take one first and we need to make it subtle. When I reach immortal emperor, I will come back and take all the Immortal ranges away."

With Mo Yue immortal sect behind him, Ye Mo had to be careful.

Strongest Abandoned Son 1870 Xiaoyun Left Firs

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