Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2001 - Open Up Chaos World

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Chapter 2001: Open Up Chaos WorldTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Crack. The thin membrane on the blue bead cracked under Ye Mo’s spirit control and everything in the blue bead cleared up to Ye Mo.

The endless green lush world almost made Ye Mo exclaim. He had been running his golden page world for many years but compared to this world, it was like a small hay house.

This wasn’t a matter of high level or low level. in terms of level, Ye Mo was certain that his golden page world was countless times higher than this blue bead world but the purple robed man has been operating the blue bead world to better completion. Rivers appeared in Ye Mo’s spirit sense. there were some immortal spirit beasts running around on mountain peaks. There were plenty of level nine immortal spirit herbs in the immortal spirit herb gardens and even more below level nine.

Immortal crystals and immortal ranges came in piles and piles. Top level magic artefact stacked up in mountains. There was this huge flag that gave Ye Mo a familiar feeling. Ye Mo immediately came to this flag. It was a flag that didn’t have a pole but emitted a powerful ferocious chi.

Ye Mo’s spirit sense fell on this huge flag and soon knew where it came from. The grey robed immortal emperor’s blue lightning pike had the exact same chi as this flag.

At this moment, Ye Mo finally realised why the purple robed man was going to fight the grey robed immortal emperor. The flag and the pike were definitely a set. Once combined it would be a top G.o.d artefact.

That purple robed immortal emperor thought that he could definitely beat the grey robed immortal emperor after watching a few battles but he didn’t expect that the grey robed immortal emperor was far stronger than he had thought. He had dominated the immortal realm but now died to a fighting stage in the G.o.d Necropolis Domain.

As Ye Mo moved his eyes away from the flag, he saw an ordinary stool. The moment he saw the stone stool, Ye Mo’s heart started beating rapidly because he had searched for this fifth stone all too long.

Now that it was right before his eyes, he almost couldn’t believe it. In this boundless universe, how hard would it be to find this stone stool. But he got the stone stool and gathered all five. One needed great fortune and luck for this.

Ye Mo looked at the stone stool and saw the word water. There was also some small worlds, five element united, world complete.

Ye Mo breathed easy. He realised what the purple robed man wanted. His blue bead world was going beyond truth spirit world. if he found the five element stone stools, his blue bead world would go a level higher. He could use it to vindicate dao and enter divine emperor sate.

But now that Ye Mo gathered the five stone stools, of course he wasn’t going to use it to perfect the blue bead world.

Ye Mo immediately grabbed the stone stool out of the blue bead world and came into his golden page world.

As soon as he came here, the entire golden page world rumbled. Before Ye Mo realised what was going on, his water element stone stool flew out.

The other four stone stools suddenly flew out too. They spiraled in the golden page world and sped up into a blur. Soon, even spirit sense couldn’t see them clearly.

The golden page world was rumbling louder and louder as lightning even exploded. Shadowless and small ginseng were scared and hid under the bitter bamboo not daring to move. Ye Mo wanted to check what was going on in the golden page world and felt his essence spirit hum. At this instant, his essence spirit seemed to about to leave his body and fuse with the golden page world.

The rumbling continued and Ye Mo’s consciousness gradually separated from his body. Before Ye Mo could do anything, an extremely clear world appeared in his consciousness. This world seemed to be a blank sheet that needed him to complete.

Ye Mo subconsciously imagined the world he wanted. He imagined a river and an endless river appeared in this world.

At this moment Ye Mo realised what was going on. In his spirit sense and will, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers, seas and snow peaks erupted into existence.

As his consciousness expanded out, the universe, stars, moons… gradually formed around the golden page world.

Pieces of dao laws sprung into existence. The universe chi, law chi filled the s.p.a.ce.

There was lightning, rain, ice and snow, there was night and day…

There was the four seasons, ice, wind, lightning and light…

All these formed with Ye Mo’s will and there was no pause.

Those law power and the law of the heavens gave Ye Mo more understanding. Ye Mo expanded his consciousness out wanting to expand his world larger but when his spirit sense touched that obscure chaos at the border of his golden page world, his spirit sense felt a wave of pain. The next moment, he couldn’t hold on anymore and fell unconscious on the ground.

Small ginseng and shadowless who had seen the entire process of the golden page world form were completely dazed. They clearly saw the golden page world go from a grayish dull world into world full of essence chi with a red sun hanging in the east.

Rivers flowed everywhere, fishes sprung out of the waves as though rejoicing for becoming alive.

“Boss opened up primordial world?” shadowless took in a cold breath and murmured “We’re primordial spirits.”

Small ginseng reacted and still reminisced the process of this world forming. He knew that after witnessing this chaos world forming, they were not only primordial spirits but could also have a world creation G.o.d art.

But soon he thought of Ye Mo and said “Shadowless, boss seems to be unconscious. His body doesn’t seem to be right.”

Shadowless realised and quickly came up to Ye Mo with small ginseng. Ye Mo’s face was dimming, his skin was withering. Even his life force was dissipating.

“Small ginseng, what’s going on?” Shadowless asked desperately. He had always been following Ye Mo and now that something happened to Ye Mo, he was really worried.

Small ginseng frowned and said after a long while “I remembered a legend of our universe’s beginning. There was a powerful being called Pan Gu. After he opened up the universe, he died. Boss seemed to have done the same thing. Opening a chaos world. Boss’s power seems much weaker than that Pan Gu. The world he opened isn’t even complete.”

“What do we do? Small ginseng, think of a way. I’m so worried. What if something happens to boss what do we do?” Shadowless spun around but couldn’t think of a way. If it’s acting cool and cursing at people, he would have all sorts of ideas but for this situation there was nothing he could do.

Small ginseng immediately said “We have to hurry and save boss. Once his life force completely disappears, even the best dao fruit can’t save him.”

“What?” Shadowless asked.

Small ginseng answered “Do you feel that the world law suddenly became complete? Not only that, the universe law is starting to become complete. If I’m not wrong, boss isn’t strong enough and therefore he has to fuse with the heaven laws to make it more complete.”

Then, small ginseng sliced open his arm and dripped a milky white liquid on Ye Mo but Ye Mo’s life force was still slowly dissipating. It slowed down a lot but it didn’t sotp.

“Small ginseng, this doesn’t seem to work.”Shadowless said.

Small ginseng’s face was pale and stopped his wound “Indeed, but I thought of something that can definitely save boss.”

“What is it?” Shadowless asked desperately.

“Chaos tree. It’s also called tree of life and world tree. There’s only one of this in the universe and boss happens to have found it. it’s in here too and it’s almost 3 meters tall.” Small ginseng then lifted up Ye Mo’s arm and said to shadowless “Hurry up and help me lift boss to below the chaos tree.”

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2001 - Open Up Chaos World

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