Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2005 - Instant Kill immortal emperor

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Chapter 2005: Instant Kill immortal emperorTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Before Ye Mo could get close to them, two das.h.i.+ng lights charged over. Ye Mo knew this place was the G.o.d mountain and was very careful but these two dashed like lightning without any concern.

Moments later, these two were only ten meters from the herbs.

Ye Mo sneered, he found these herbs first, there was no way he was going to give it up easily. Just when Ye Mo was about to charge up, he saw the two people suddenly disappear.

This was the first time Ye Mo had seen such an eerie situation. They definitely didn’t have a golden page world like him and suddenly went in.

Ye Mo subconsciously stopped. An extremely terrifying time flow seemed to have brushed past him. Ye Mo subconsciously retreated ten more meters before that feeling was gone.

At the same time, he saw the two figures again. They were just 3 meters from the place they disappeared. But now, they had become white bones.

They went for a few more steps and fell to the ground.

When Ye Mo looked carefully, he noticed there were many bones around those red cloud G.o.d herbs.

Ye Mo took in a cold breath. This was too scary. 3 meter distance, a few seconds and two immortal emperor tertiary stages became bones. Even divine emperors wouldn’t be able to do this.

Ye Mo soon realised that there must be an invisible time whirlpool around the red cloud G.o.d herb.

No matter how much he wanted the herbs, Ye Mo didn’t dare to joke with his life. He called out shadowless and small ginseng and told them the situation here.

Shadowless and small ginseng shook their heads clearly didn’t know how to go past the time whirlpool.

Ye Mo’s spirit sense carefully went forward. His spirit sense went past without any problem. Ye Mo didn’t give up. He used a few spirit sense blades in the time whirlpool. As soon as he did, an extremely powerful time flow blew away his spirit sense. The feeling of losing life came up. Ye Mo quickly took back his spirit sense but found that the spirit sense the time whirlpool swept in was gone.

“Such a powerful time whirlpool.” Ye Mo murmured. It would be fortunate if he wasn’t heavily injured in front of this time whirlpool much less learn time law.

The people in the mountain were very careful, if it wasn’t for the red cloud G.o.d herbs, they wouldn’t rush like that. The time whirlpool was strange. It would only be activated with spirit sense waves.

It seemed his cultivation level was too low. He couldn’t learn the time law here. He had to collect things to increase his cultivation level.

After making this decision, Ye Mo planned to ask small ginseng to help him find treasures. Ye Mo knew that since Niu Runan had that jade slip, other powers would have them too. Perhaps those places were plowed open already.

Ye Mo gave up the red cloud G.o.d herbs.

Small ginseng had an innate talent to sense laws. He would be able to sense some subtle time whirlpools. Ye Mo followed small ginseng and soon found tens of good G.o.d herbs and a golden colored golden bell buddha fruit.

It’s value wasn’t much lower than ages fruit but it had no value to Ye Mo.

It could allow one to learn buddhist G.o.d art. To Ye Mo, if he could see Du Feng monk, he would give him this dao fruit.

“Muhua hanging valley should be ahead. We’ll go check if there’s seven star extreme well. Small ginseng followed shadowless closely, don’t go too far.” Ye Mo saw small ginseng was some distance from him and called out.

Small ginseng agreed and ran off with shadowless.

Ye Mo was helpless. Although the golden page world was now a complete five element world, small ginseng and shadowless were too lonely inside. They had no play mates. In here, there were immortal spirit beasts and G.o.d beasts.

Ye Mo had decided to get some more immortal spirit beasts in to the golden page world after he went out to prevent his golden page world from being too boring.

A sharp scream sounded that interrupted Ye Mo’s thoughts. He immediately dashed out.

The sound was made by shadowless.

In just ten seconds, Ye Mo landed next to shadowless and small ginseng. There were four people who had surrounded small ginseng and shadowless. There were two immortal emperor tertiary stages, one immortal emperor peak stage and one half divine. The immortal emperor peak stage had blue hair but his G.o.d essence was weaker than the two immortal emperor tertiary stages.

Rumble. Ye Mo smashed away the immortal emperor tertiary stage’s black stick attack on shadowless while releasing Zi Xu that hung in the air.

“Who are you? How dare you stop me grabbing immortal pet?” The immortal emperor tertiary stage said.

“Stop you grab immortal pet? small ginseng and shadowless are my friends, what right do you have to grab them?” Ye Mo’s face sunk.

“Your thing? There are all too many things in the mountain, what right do you have to say that this ice gingseng king is yours?” A woman behind the immortal emperor tertiary stage said.

“Why waste time with him. A mere immortal emperor middle stage, just kill him.” The immortal emperor peak stage said impatiently.

The two immortal emperor tertiary stage agreed immediately “Okay.”

Before they finished, two magic artefacts were released, one black one white that swept at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo released and his murderous immortal emperor domain stacked with his spirit sense domain. Ye Mo wasn’t going to show any mercy to those who wanted to kill him. While they still underestimated him, he would kill two first.

Zi Xu sliced across the air and the man and woman immediately felt a powerful s.p.a.ce binding. Their immortal emperor domains crumbled like eggs.


The white and black mag struck with Zi Xu splas.h.i.+ng rays in the void. A subtle s.p.a.ce ripple spread out.

The half divine’s face changed, his heaven shocking lamp had been released.

He chose a very good time but even so, he was still a bit slow. Zi Xu brought out two b.l.o.o.d.y mists. These two immortal emperor tertiary stages were killed in one move. They didn’t even completely release their G.o.d arts.

It’s not that they couldn’t use it but that they didn’t take Ye Mo seriously at all.

However, as soon as they clashed, they realised they were severely wrong and this cost them their lives. Two essence spirits seeped out and was gulped by shadowless who was waiting on the side.

The immortal emperor peak stage was just a bit slower than that half divine. His face changed immediately and released his wither zen dual swords.

Ye Mo wasn’t worried about that. He was worried about the heaven shocking lamp. Upon release, it formed heaven covering light that locked onto him. The endless light were like stars falling that smashed towards Ye Mo.

Ye Mo felt his essence spirit was about to cripple, he couldn’t even gather his G.o.d essence. Although the half divine didn’t stop him from killing the two immortal emperors, he chose the perfect opportunity to attack putting him at the lower hand.

Those lights spun more rapidly until it grew brighter and brigher. This reminded Ye Mo of his Heaven Flame Nine Suns. Heaven Flame Nine Suns grew more and more brighter later on.

Under the binding of the light, Ye Mo could clearly feel the terror of these lights and he could feel that the more the light spun, the stronger his domain was.

If this continued, Ye Mo wouldn’t even be able to take back Zi Xu.

Shadowless saw this and flapped his wings towards that half divine and bit down.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2005 - Instant Kill immortal emperor

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