Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2023 - I Shall Vindicate Dao

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Chapter 2023: I Shall Vindicate DaoTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After this, Ye Mo searched the divine estate for a few more days and didn’t find any way out. He did find some formation flag marks left behind by Taba feiyang.

A few days later, Ye Mo could only return to the golden page world helplessly.

Coming in again this time, Ye Mo was ready to vindicate dao. He had never come in contact with dao vindication divine emperor cultivation method nor knew anything about dao vindication. There was no predecessor experience he could borrow. He had no cultivation resources nor anything to do now, so he could only seek dao vindication.

Other people might not have a high level world spirit item for dao vindication but Ye Mo had plenty. He had the newly opened chaos world as well as the bitter bamboo and chaos tree.

Ye Mo looked at the bitter bamboo and chaos tree. He didn’t hesitate and chose to be enlightened under the chaos tree. They were unique things in the world but the chaos tree contained dao chi while bitter bamboo only had spirit item chi.

Ever since the beginning, Ye Mo spent all his time either finding cultivation resources or cultivating after finding cultivation resources. He had never really had the time to sit down quietly and meditate. Now, he really had nothing to do so he sat down below the chaos tree to learn his dao.

As soon Ye Mo sat down, he didn’t need to calm down and was immersed in the vast chi of the chaos tree.

He seemed to have entered an endless scroll of existence. From the underworld to the mortal realm then the cultivation realm, immortal realm and then to the divine dao realm…

The clearly separated realms appeared in front of his eyes like a beautiful landscape scroll painting. He saw the clear divisions of the stars and the prosperity in the universe…

But as time went on, the beautiful cosmos became obscure. Resources were depleted and compet.i.tion grew more intense. There was battle raging in the mortal realms, there was fighting everywhere in the cultivation realm and immortal realm.

A chi of destruction emanated in the realms.

At this moment, a small seed blossomed in the void and grew. The small seed grew into the chaos tree that stretched across many realms. The dense life force emitted from the tree went back to nourish the endless cosmos.

The obscure and desolate realms returned to their original state and flourished more.

But the tree that crossed many realms was eventually found. These powerful beings started to fight over this huge tree of life.

Battles, carnage, destruction, wither…

All sorts of chi filled the universe. The chaos tree with dense life force was attacked by all sorts of things and started to wither. Despite this, no one stopped the fight. everyone wanted to own the chaos tree for themselves. Everyone wanted to be the ruler of the cosmos.

Powerful beings were killed, sects were annihilated. Planets were spirit controlled, heaven domains were crumbled…

The highest sacred land in this universe, the divine dao realm finally cracked open from such terrifying battles. The beautiful landscape became devastated.

Some powerful beings fled the divine dao realm and went to foreign lands. When a few top powerful beings left, the remaining people didn’t have the power to fight for the chaos tree.

But at this moment, the big tree started to wither. It’s essence turned into a drop of tear and the tear transformed into a small seed.

Without the nourishment of the tree, the void became pale. The abyssal realm was broken. There were souls calling everywhere. The cultivation realm was deprived of resources and the immortal realm was crippled.

In the golden page world, the chaos tree was blossoming green and the dense green chi completely enveloped Ye Mo.

“I shall vindicate dao…”

Ye Mo woke up from that scene and slowly spat these words. He was still feeling the vast dao chi under the chaos tree emotionlessly.

“The world fragmented, divine dao broken, immortal realm crippled, laws incomplete, how to vindicate dao…”

A voice sounded in Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness. This voice cycled over again and again as though it would never stop. What confused Ye Mo was that this voice sounded a bit like his.

Ye Mo’s consciousness was long connected with the chaos tree now. He suddenly felt unjust. How come other people could vindicate dao but he couldn’t. there were dao vindicators in the G.o.d Necropolis Domain and immortal realm. There were even some dao essence divine emperors. How come he was extra to dao vindication?

“I shall vindicate dao!” Ye Mo said without hesitation and firmly. He didn’t know the rules to dao vindication. If he did, he would’ve long vindicated his dao.

“The world is incomplete, instant second daos are small daos.” The voice seemed to know what Ye Mo thought and said.

Was there a difference between dao? Ye Mo didn’t completely understand. Did he have to wait till the G.o.d Necropolis Domain was repaired to divine dao realm before he could vindicate great dao? Or wait till the immortal realm was repaired? He didn’t have such capability now.

Suddenly, Ye Mo gained this enlightenment. This was making him promise to repair the G.o.d Necropolis Domain and bring together the 33 heavens of the immortal realm.

There was a subtle voice calling in his voice that if he was willing to promise to do all this, his dao would come together and he would be vindicating the highest dao.

When I vindicate dao, I shall do my best to repair the G.o.d Necropolis Domain, when I vindicate dao, I shall do my best to repair the divine dao realm, when I vindicate, I shall do my best to close together the immortal realm…

Ye Mo suddenly felt that if he said these words loudly he would succeed in dao vindication and vindicate the highest dao.

Ye Mo cultivated the Three Birth Chant and knew his heart very well. At this moment, there was this extreme discomfort rising from the bottom of his heart. He didn’t like this feeling of being threatened. This was like making him promise to do things and then he could vindicate dao.

Whether or not he did those things was his choice, it was irrelevant to dao vindication.

In his past life and this life, he did things based on his heart. Regardless if the threat was good or bad for him, he had this feeling from the depth of his heart that he didn’t want to be forced. Even if he could never vindicate dao in his life, he didn’t want to be forced by this foreign will.

Ye Mo suddenly stopped his meditation and opened his eyes as he got up and yelled “The golden page world is mine, I planted the chaos tree, I shall vindicate my own dao. I do everything on my own will. Nothing in the world, no one in the world shall control my dao. If there’s any foreign will, sever…”

Ye Mo said and sliced down with Zi Xu in the void. A grey light seeped out from the chaos tree and was sliced to pieces.

Ye Mo took a long breath and this feeling of comfort rose up. This feeling was indescribable. This was the feeling of freedom.

At the same time, he felt the heavy and serious chaos tree become light and joyful. It was like an old man turned to a playful kid.

The next moment, a green light fused into Ye Mo’s dan tian. Ye Mo shook and truly woke up.

The world seemed to have become clear to him. Even the nearby s.p.a.ce became very meticulous. He felt he found a way to improve his G.o.d art.

Ye Mo knew he didn’t vindicate dao but he became a half divine. The power of law became clearer to him.

“hmm, where is the chaos tree?” Ye Mo immediately found that the chaos tree next to him disappeared.

Before he could ask small ginseng and shadowless, there was this joyful emotion coming from his dan tian. He soon a green tree happily waving in his dan tian.

“I understand.” Ye Mo said. He severed the will planted in the chaos tree. With this, the chaos tree immediately recognized him as master.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2023 - I Shall Vindicate Dao

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