Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2123 - 2123 Yimo meet with Bingyu

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2123 Yimo meet with Bingyu

Golden immortal primary stage. Yimo opened her eyes in joy. She put away her immortal carnage tower and formation disk before walking out of a distant valley. Ever since she was scared by that nine headed void devouring bug, she didn’t dare to go out. She had been hiding in distant places.

Yimo like Ye Mo grew up from all kinds of fights. She knew the hards.h.i.+p of cultivation and knew survival was hard. If it wasn’t that 100km dark red beam that drove away the nine headed void devouring bug, she would probably be dead. Feeling the danger of the immortal realm, she chose to go into solitary cultivation immediately.

She collected more than 100 storage ring in the Bing Qiong immortal city. She got large amounts of immortal crystals and immortal artefact from inside as well as all sorts of immortal pill, due to these things, she was able to reach golden immortal primary stage in such a short time. The things she collected were far from being used up.

Yimo released a low grade flying immortal artefact and was ready to find a place with people to ask about Ye Mo. She had never seen an immortal she could talk to after all these years of immortal ascension.

A few days later, a huge immortal city appeared in Yimo’s spirit sense again. Yimo had never seen such a grand city.

The four words Bi Yi immortal city hung high in the clouds. Many immortals were going in and out of the city.

This name was really good, Yimo thought as she landed at the city gates.

When she got to the door, she was dazed. At the city gates, there was a purple gold statue that was taller than the city and the statue was her father Ye Mo.

Next to the statue were some immortal essence words. Ye Mo grand emperor’s immortal ascension city. There was a very precise introduction. After Ye Mo ascended from the cultivation realm, the first city he came to was the Biyi immortal city. There was even his old residence. It was written by the Wen Ju heaven lord Ge Baiwen.

Although in her heart, her dad was the strongest person in the world but she knew that was just what her thought, in fact, she knew her father was much stronger than many people.

When she saw this statue, she knew that if her dad wasn’t strong, there was no way he would be made into a statue here.

Yimo became excited, if dad’s statue was here, then it wouldn’t be hard to find him.

“You know him?” A voice suddenly appeared next to Yimo.

“Of course.” Yimo subconsciously answered.

Then she realised things weren’t right. She knew no one here. She subconsciously turned around and saw a blue robed woman who was slightly taller than her.

She wore a blue veil on her face but Yimo was shocked. Even though she hadn’t seen this woman’s beauty, she felt amazed from the bottom of her heart.

Yimo was extremely pretty looking herself but she knew she wasn’t as good looking as Susu and aunty Qingxue. This woman made her feel that just in terms of looks, even aunty Susu was not as beautiful as her. Yet, she hadn’t even seen how this woman looked.

But then she shook her head, it must be a wrong feeling.

The blue robed woman frowned and sighed at the bottom of her heart “Why does every pretty woman know him?”

“Qian bei, I’ll be going in the city first.” Yimo said. She felt this blue robed G.o.ddess was countless times stronger than her. Even if she was to ask for her dad’s whereabouts she wouldn’t ask this qian bei.

The blue robed woman smiled “Let’s go in the city together. I’m Zhen Bingyu. Don’t call me qian bei anymore, just call me sister.”

Yimo dazed but she quickly reacted and said “yes, sister Bingyue, I’m Ye Yimo.”

Ye Yimo? Your surname is Ye?” Zhen Bingyu subconsciously looked at Ye Mo’s statue and asked “Yimo, what relations.h.i.+p are you with brother Ye?”

Brother Ye? Yimo immediately realised that this qian bei knew her dad. She was speechless. She thought the same. Why did every pretty woman she meet knew her dad?

“Yes, sister Bingyu, Ye Mo is my dad. I just ascended to the immortal realm and I’m planning to find my dad.” Yimo said. “What? You’re Ye Mo’s daughter?” Zhen Bingyu looked at Yimo in disbelief.

But she soon calmed down. This was normal. If Ye Mo was willing to be with her at the time, maybe their daughter would be this old. Perhaps she would have a sun with Ye Mo?

“Sister Bingyu, do you know my father?” Yimo asked. She then saw Zhen Bingyu blush a little and immediately knew that she must have some special relations.h.i.+p with her dad.

“Oh… Yes, I’m brother Ye’s friend. Is your mum Su Jingwen?” Zhen Bingyu asked.

Yimo immediately asked in joy “Sister Bingyu, you know aunty Jingwen? Where is she?”

Hearing this, Zhen Bingyu immediately knew that Yimo wasn’t Su Jingwen’s daughter. This meant that Ye Mo had other wives.

Zhen Bingyu felt a little bitter and pulled Yimo’s hand “Yimo, let’s go find a place to stay in the city and talk.”

“Sister Bingyu, no wonder my dad is friends with you.” Yimo felt that Zhen Bingyu didn’t have any condescension.

Zhen Bingyu smiled and didn’t explain. She wasn’t like this when she first met Ye Mo.

She changed due to Ye Mo. Everytime she felt lonely, she would think of the times she was with Ye Mo. That was the happiest moments of her life.

If time could flow back she would rather stay with Ye Mo or get carried by him. She searched for higher states and been to many places over the years but she had never met someone like Ye Mo. Perhaps there were but Ye Mo was unique to her now.

In an immortal rest tower, Yimo saw Zhen Bingyu’s looks and was amazed “Sister Bingyu, you’re really pretty.”

Zhen Bingyu smiled “Yimo, you’re very pretty too. To me, looks is just a skin bag, I don’t care about it much.”

Zhen Bingyu then started to tell Yimo about Ye Mo and Mo Yue Immortal Sect. She told Yimo everything she knew.

“Sister Bingyu, you’re saying that Beiwei and aunty Jingwen are all at Mo Yue Immortal Sect? My dad went to the G.o.d Necropolis Domain?” Yimo felt sad. She didn’t get to see her dad.

“yes, your dad went to the G.o.d Necropolis Domain but it’s not easy to get there. Only immortal emperors can get to the G.o.d Necropolis Domain. The G.o.d Necropolis Domain is much more dangerous than the immortal realm. It’s boundless and even immortal emperors are insects there.”

These words made Yimo gasp. She wasn’t just a newly ascended noob anymore. From the jade slips in the storage rings, she knew the cultivation levels of the immortal realm. She even derived her own cultivation method to golden immortal.

Immortal emperor was the highest status immortal being but in sister Bingyu’s words, they were insects in the G.o.d Necropolis Domain. Wouldn’t dad be in danger to go to the G.o.d Necropolis Domain?

“Sister Bingyu, my dad is only immortal emperor cultivation level. Wouldn’t it be dangerous for him to go to G.o.d Necropolis Domain?” Yimo asked.

Zhen Bingyu smiled “Yimo, don’t worry. He’s different to ordinary people, I know him.”

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2123 - 2123 Yimo meet with Bingyu

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