Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2178 - Void Marketplace Intervention

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Chapter 2178 Void Marketplace Intervention

Ye Mo’s punch didn’t take this dao essence’s life but Ye Mo didn’t chase. Zi Xu smashed out again and two falling mark sword runes rolled back. The two aquarius dao essences just broke free from Ye Mo’s four lightning spear and had to face Ye Mo’s falling mark sword rune again.

Luckily, even though Ye Mo was only strong, he could only heavily bind one dao essence. Blood light flashed again and essence spirit crumbled. This bound dao essence divine emperor instantly died. The other dao essence divine emperor barely stopped Ye Mo’s falling mark sword rune and protected his sea of consciousness. He retreated rapidly but didn’t dare to come up.

Ye Mo didn’t chase as well. Zi Xu flashed with purple rays again. In a short while, a few more divine emperors below dao actualisation were killed. The battle on the G.o.d rank square had become one sided.

“Pill divine Ye please stop…” a powerful spirit sense scanned over. Feeling this, Ye Mo knew it was half primordial essence Kong Han divine emperor.

He was half primordial essence and rather polite. Ye Mo had killed more than a hundred aquarius divine emperors now and got some revenge so he gave face to Kong Han divine emperor and stopped the slaughter.

Although he stopped attacking, Ye Mo didn’t take a break. He started collecting all the storage rings of the dead divine emperors.

Seeing Ye Mo stop, the human divine emperors stopped too and held those divine emperors with essence spirit left repair their body.

Kong Han finally breathed easy seeing Ye Mo stop the slaughter. Before he could speak, five more aquarius dao essences with more divine emperors. When they saw the terrifying scene at the square, their eyes were bursting out.

Those dao essence divine emperors didn’t even think. Killing intent bursted all over their body. Even those outside the square could feel it. They released magic artefact and charged at Ye Mo. They were going to get revenge. As for the dead human divine emperors, how could they even compare with the aquarius race?

“Stop, I’m already investigating the cause.” Kong Han divine emperor said with annoyance when he saw the aquarius divine emperors were still going to attack when he said stop.

The dao essence divine emperor who lost half his body still had some reason and he was recovering his body. He quickly went up to the dao essence divine emperors and said “Don’t fight now.”

He knew Ye Mo’s terror very clearly. He had a Primordial Spirit Artefact that could kill divine emperors like chickens and he was a divine body body refinement cultivator. Even if all these five dao essence divine emperors charged up together, they had very low chances of winning. Plus, the human race had two dao essence divine emperors and a red robed woman on par with dao essence.

Hearing this, the five aquarius race divine emperors calmed down a bit. They ordered the aquarius race to collect the divine emperors who were killed on the square but Ye Mo already took their storage rings.

The people watching knew that the conflict had stopped for now but this human race pill divine Ye was too terrifying. He killed more than a hundred divine emperors in less than 15 minutes. It was because of him that the human disadvantage turned to a dominating sweep.

A Void Marketplace dao essence divine emperor had investigated things clear already and quickly came up “Kong Han divine emperor master. During the battle just then, human race lost 65 divine emperors and the aquarius race lost 143 divine emperors, four of them are dao essence divine emperors.”

Kong Han heard this and frowned. He glanced at the scene and said “Although Void Marketplace don’t forbid fighting but such large scale fights are definitely forbidden. Tian Rui divine emperor and I will be waiting at the Void Marketplace guest palace. I hope the human and aquarius race representatives can sit with us and sort this thing out. since this happened, it must be dealt with fairly and swiftly.’

Kong Han divine emperor’s tone went cold and he even glanced at Ye Mo with cold eyes. When he came, he saw how terrifyingly Ye Mo slaughtered.

Ye Mo didn’t care at all. He could tell that Kong Han’s tone and expression seemed very furious but he was actually very calm. He just wanted to go through the process for the sake of it.

Luo Qinghe with heavy injuries and w.a.n.g Nanshuang came over. There was that red robed dao actualisation woman behind them. Ye Mo had a deep impression of her as she stopped an aquarius race dao essence divine emperor all alone.

Ye Mo fought that aquarius race dao essence divine emperor. He definitely wasn’t simple. He wanted to kill him by attacking with full power but he only destroyed half his body. Such injuries to dao essence divine emperors were nothing.

Seeing w.a.n.g Nanshuang with red eyes, Ye Mo immediately knew that someone from the Immortal G.o.ddess Sacred Sect was probably killed.

“Qinghe what happened? Control your injuries and tell me.” Ye Mo took out a pill and gave it to Luo Qinghe.

Ye Mo also took out a few bottles of pills to w.a.n.g Nanshuang and said “Martial sister Nanshuang, go help the injured people first.”

“Pill divine Ye, this started because of me.” The red robed woman bowed to Ye Mo and said nervously.

She had been very prideful. She didn’t even take the half way primordial essences of other races seriously much less ordinary human divine emperors. She didn’t know Ye Mo’s ident.i.ty very well yet but from how Ye Mo came so dominantly and instantly turned the tides for the human race, she respected Ye Mo a lot.

After Luo Qinghe used Ye Mo’s pills, his injuries recovered rapidly. He quickly said “martial sister Qin Xuanji, is the other human divine emperor on the G.o.d rank. She’s much higher than me, she’s ranked 46th.”

“G.o.d rank 46th?” Ye Mo studied Qin Xuanji in surprise. She didn’t look old and was dao actualisation peak stage.

Even though dao actualisation was the peak of the first step of dao vindication it was still the first step. Dao essence divine emperor was the second step. The difference was heavens apart. Even if she was ranked 46th, it was hard to stop that dao essence divine emperor for a while. Not everyone had his cultivation method and fortunes.

Qin Xuanji knew Ye Mo’s confusion and said “I’ve been adventuring in the cosmos and had some fortune. My cultivation level is higher than before so I’m guessing now that I can be ranked in G.o.d rank top ten.”

Hearing this Ye Mo nodded. G.o.d rank top ten. They can’t defeat dao essence divine emperor but they would be able to stop the aquarius race dao essence divine emperor for a while.

“Top ten?” Luo Qinghe took in a cold breath. He knew better than Ye Mo what top ten G.o.d rank meant. Every one of them were a shocking existence.

“Let’s not talk about this yet, tell me what happened.” Ye Mo was going to reason at the Void Marketplace guest palace. He needed to know the exact situation. He knew that the human race divine emperor wouldn’t be stupid enough to offend the aquarius race but he still didn’t know how they started fighting.

Qin Xuanji immediately said “Martial brother Ye, after I came to the Void Marketplace a year ago to find out about the dao fruit tower news I left. I didn’t know about martial brother Ye representing human race in dao fruit tower spot distribution. As soon as I came back, I was challenged by an aquarius race divine emperor on the G.o.d rank. He was higher ranked than me but I was stronger than him. He wanted to kill me non stop so I didn’t hold back and killed him.”

Luo Qinghe said “aquarius race dao actualisation divine emperor challenged martial sister Xuanji probably because they were unhappy with the human race. I think it might be related to the demon race.”

Ye Mo felt this conflict was very strange. Even if there was a conflict, it should be between the human and demon race.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2178 - Void Marketplace Intervention

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