Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2192 - How Time Have Passed

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Chapter 2192 How Time Have Pa.s.sed

Three years later, Ye Mo stopped. He didn’t know how many voids he had tom but he knew he was at the lowest level realm right now.

Ye Mo knew that if he went around randomly like this then he would get nowhere even in three thousand years. Qiao He’s Guang Yuan palace location bead was powerful but it couldn’t locate it through countless realms.

For such low level realm void, Ye Mo believed that when his sea of consciousness completely recovered, his spirit sense would be able to easily pierce the realms.

He would recover his sea of consciousness first. Ye Mo chose another asteroid and controlled the Golden Page World to go in.

What Ye Mo didn’t expect was that when he tried to use dark weed to repair his sea of consciousness directly, it was better than using corner soul weed pill. Ye Mo rejoiced like crazy. His sea of consciousness rarely had sustained such injuries before. Usually, it would recover with some pills.

But this time, his sea of consciousness was injured so heavily not due to the half primordial essence but because he used Zi Xu to use a G.o.d art beyond his capabilities.

The dark weed started to repair his sea of consciousness. Ye Mo felt the chaos tree emit endless life force to support the dark weed in the reparation process. Ye Mo felt that as his sea of consciousness was repaired, there was significant change. His sea of consciousness seemed to be forming a new world.

Ye Mo suddenly started to use the spirit will nine transformations.

His sea of consciousness was covered and a whole new world appeared in Ye Mo’s will. The chaos tree suddenly moved to the sea of consciousness.

His spirit sense multiplied like crazy. His sea of consciousness world rapidly completed. When the last crevice was filled, Ye Mo could sense this extremely powerful joyful feeling. His spirit sense was even easier to use.

“spirit will nine transformations went through nirvana?” Ye Mo murmured to himself.

A year later, Ye Mo’s sea of consciousness completely recovered and his spirit will nine transformations reached sixth transformation nirvana. His sea of consciousness expanded like crazy and his spirit sense became stronger. Ye Mo then greeted Mu Xiaoyun and left the Golden Page World confidently.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out in the void. He wanted to know if his powerful spirit sense could yet penetrate low level void realms.

When his spirit sense saw things his eyes couldn’t see, Ye Mo knew that his spirit sense could barely penetrate a realm here.

If it was before he saw the golden monk, Ye Mo would be joyful but now Ye Mo knew this was nothing. There were many people stronger than him in the vast universe.

And, he knew that his spirit sense was penetrating the weakest realm. This void was countless times weaker than even the void realm of the cultivation realm.

“Cosmos?” when Ye Mo saw cosmos in his spirit sense, he immediately rejoiced. Cosmos was different to void. There were countless planets in the cosmos and this meant the existence of life.

Ye Mo immediately tore open this void realm and appeared in the cosmos. Countless planets appeared in his sea of consciousness. Most of them were lifeless planets.

In this cosmos, there was no G.o.d spirit chi nor immortal spirit chi. Even spirit chi was extremely scarce.

Ye Mo scanned his spirit sense out slowly and when he saw the Moon, he became very excited. The next moment, he saw Earth. Ye Mo didn’t expect that after tearing through countless voids, he didn’t find the abyssal realm but came back to Earth.

This was Earth a few hundred years later, it had undergone huge change.

Ye Mo immediately called out Xiaoyun. Xiaoyun had never been to Earth. He was going to take her to see. Even though it had changed, it was still where he once lived.

“Husband, we’re in the cosmos? The spirit chi is so scarce here.” Mu Xiaoyun asked in surprise.

Ye Mo sighed “I’ll take you to see where I lived before. A few hundred years pa.s.sed. I’ve really never expected I could come back here.”

Mu Xiaoyun reacted and asked in surprise and joy “Husband, we’re at Earth?”

Ye Mo nodded “Not yet but soon.”

A few hundred years.

Ning Hai city still had its name but the entire city was much prettier than before. Ye Mo took Mu Xiaoyun to the house he lived in before. It had become a square and the house he lived at before became a tourist spot.

There were some tourists taking photos inside and eating at the stalls outside.

“Husband, you used to live here?” Mu Xiaoyun looked at this small house and asked.

Ye Mo nodded “Yes, this place left me with many memories.”

He thought of Qingxue and then Susu. Since he was here, it would be very easy to go back to Luo Yue. Then, he would take Qingxue, Luo Ying and everyone to the immortal realm.

But soon, his eyes dimmed down and sighed.

“What’s wrong husband?” Mu Xiaoyun asked.

“The place is still here but the people are not.” Ye Mo exclaimed.

Mu Xiaoyun held Ye Mo’s hands and said softly “Husband, sister Qingxue and Luo Ying are all at Mo Yue city. Don’t worry. Perhaps they have ascended to the immortal realm already.”

Ye Mo shook his head “I’m not talking about them. Let’s go. I’ll take you to Luo Yue city.”

Ye Mo’s spirit sense scanned to Luo Yue city. It was still extremely pretty but Ye Mo saw no familiar person. When he left Luo City city, he set up large spirit gathering formation and left behind many pills and spirit stones. But today, there was no one there. They either left the city or had pa.s.sed away.

It was due to this that Ye Mo felt extremely sad. No matter how powerful he was and how powerful his fortunes were, it would eventually turn to dust in the wake of time. One day, once he grasped time law in his hands would he be truly eternal.

Ye Mo finally realised now why time law was the strongest law.

“Hmm…” Ye Mo said in surprise.

“What did you see?” Mu Xiaoyun asked.

Ye Mo smiled “Someone familiar, let’s go see.”

“Perhaps I really am going.” A middle aged woman stood at the peak of a snowy mountain and murmured.

She had spent a few hundred years in the Mei Nei snow mountains here. Compared to other places, this place had more spirit chi. But despite this, she knew she had to leave.

If Ning Sishuang didn’t leave her some spirit stones despite their conflict, she would definitely not be able to reach nascent soul state. But in this place, she was the only nascent soul cultivator. She couldn’t even find someone to talk to. She couldn’t even go back to the Chu family. The family would think she’s a monster.

“Sigh…” The woman felt she was too shameless when she did those things to Ye Mo for cultivation.

As her cultivation level progressed, her life views were changing. She had lived a few hundred years and seen many changes and ages but so what? She was still alone here.

Ning Sishuang told her to go Luo Yue city but she didn’t have the face to go.

“Chudan, I didn’t expect you could reach nascent soul in such a spirit chi arid place.” Ye Mo’s voice sounded behind her.

The woman suddenly turned around and looked with extreme shock. She even forgot to use spirit sense. Even though she was just nascent soul primary stage, who on Earth could appear behind her without her noticing.

“Brother Ye…” This woman knelt down without hesitation. If it was before, she would definitely think she was stronger than Ye Mo but now she knew that even if she cultivated for a few lifetimes, she wouldn’t be able to catch up to Ye Mo.

This woman was Chu Dan, the one who used Chu family’s dragon gate disk to get cultivation resources from Ye Mo.

To be honest, Ye Mo looked down on her. But Ye Mo didn’t want to bring this up anymore. After all, she was the only familiar person on Earth now.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2192 - How Time Have Passed

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