Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2200 - Encountering Primordial Essence Again

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Chapter 2200 Encountering Primordial Essence Again

Ye Mo took out a storage ring and gave it to Chi Wanqing, “Wanqing, your cultivation level is a bit behind. Xiaoyun will help you to cultivate in the future. I’ve already prepared your cultivation method. If you’re lacking pills…”

Ye Mo suddenly called “Small ginseng come over.”

Small ginseng ran over and said “Boss, I_m here.”

“What ever pills Wanqing need for cultivation you need to give it to her in time. It must be pills without impurity.” Ye Mo said.

Before small ginseng spoke, Chi Wanqing said “Brother Ye, I feel the spirit chi here is dense to a new extreme. It’s many times better than spirit stones. I don’t even need pills to break through. I’ll ask small ginseng when I need pills.”

The three chatted. Chi Wanqing had completely recovered so Ye Mo didn’t keep the news of her mother’s death from her. He also gave her what her mother left behind.

Although Chi Wanqing knew that after all this time, her parents definitely wouldn’t be around but when she heard the news and got the things, her tears still rained down.

A day later, Ye Mo left the Golden Page World. Chi Wanqing stayed inside the Golden Page World to cultivate with Mu Xiaoyun helping on the side.

Ye Mo was very happy that he didn’t have to go to the abyssal realm to find Chi Wanqing. He didn’t plan to go to the abyssal realm anymore despite wanting to kill that bleak Cao Ze.

Returning to Luo Yue continent was the main thing for him.

But when Ye Mo wanted to find a way back, he frowned. He was lost.

The abyssal and nether realm were next to each other. There were no powerful beings in the nether realm but powerful beings were everywhere in the abyssal realm.

Ye Mo didn’t desperately go find a way out. he went back inside the Golden Page World. This time, he was going to completely spirit control the 36 lightning orbs and the seven Golden Arrow of Divine Extermination.

He was about to find a way out. if he went into the wrong place and entered the abyssal realm, he might encounter primordial essence divine emperor at anytime.

Primordial essence divine emperor was third step dao vindication. The monk he met before was quite possibly a primordial essence divine emperor. Although Ye Mo believed that if he encountered that monk again, even if he couldn’t beat the monk he wouldn’t be killed. But in the depth of his heart, Ye Mo felt he was a little weaker than the monk.

He had to be careful. One small mistake might mean life or death. With the Golden Arrow of Divine Extermination he would be able to protect himself.

The Golden Arrow of Divine Extermination that he couldn’t spirit control for a few years inside the time formation disk was now easily spirit controlled.

A year later, Ye Mo spirit controlled all the restrictions of the bow and arrow as well as the 36 lightning orbs. A few other magic artefacts he didn’t often use were completely spirit controlled too which included the Adamantium Great Vehicle Painting and Hao Heaven Drum.

Ye Mo planned to give the 36 lightning orbs to Yimo so Ye Mo didn’t test its power but when Ye Mo held the Golden Bow and Arrow of Divine Extermination, he felt this unprecedented killing intent.

Before the seven arrows even shot out, the destructive killing intent already circulated the arrows. It was like an ancient monstrosity opened its mouth ready to kill.

“So powerful,” Ye Mo murmured. He didn’t know what bones the arrows were made of. It was this terrifying.

When he came back into the nether realm Ye Mo felt very confident. Even if he faced abyssal race primordial essence divine emperor, he would be able to defend himself.

On top of that, his third Great Primordial G.o.d Rune had completed and the fourth one was about to come. The Great Primordial G.o.d Rune was already grown in his head. As his power grew stronger, the G.o.d art would be gradually perfected.

Ye Mo just wanted to test the Great Primordial G.o.d Rune and then use s.p.a.ce time boat to find the tear in s.p.a.ce when two explosions happened at the border of his sea of consciousness. The explosion was so scary that even his sea of consciousness was rumbling. s.p.a.ce seemed to have collapsed at where the explosion was.

The next moment, two das.h.i.+ng lights appeared in his sea of consciousness. They were extremely fast and in just a few seconds they would be before him.

It was two people fighting? What people fighting would create such terrifying commotion?

When Ye Mo saw that the one behind was a monk with faint light, Ye Mo released s.p.a.ce time boat and disappeared from the spot without hesitation.

He wouldn’t be scared if there was just one primordial essence divine emperor but now there was two.

“Hmm, this kid knows how to run. You came to the nether realm. Bad luck. Kid you’re dead.” This monk saw Ye Mo and chased without hesitation.

The man hunting the monk saw the monk chase Ye Mo and followed without hesitation.

The three das.h.i.+ng lights were invisible. People could only feel s.p.a.ce itself being sliced open by them.

Ye Mo felt annoyed when the monk chased him again. Was this guy crazy? He didn’t break the planet before. The person who broke it was killed by this guy already, why was he still chasing him? Why was the guy chasing the monk so slow? If the two kept fighting he would be able to get away.

“Jiao Dan, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d. How dare you run towards my abyssal realm. Stop.” The man behind was extremely furious.

The monk laughed “Green hat, when did I go to your abyssal realm? I’m chasing this kid, can’t you see? he broke my house making me have no clothes to wear. If I don’t kill him, how can I satisfy myself.”

The green hat primordial essence divine emperor didn’t know that the monk really wanted Ye Mo’s Zi Xu. Even though he was a primordial essence divine emperor he had no Primordial Spirit Artefact. But wasn’t this kid dao actualisation? How come he appears to be dao essence divine emperor?

Regardless, the monk didn’t care.

More than ten days later, Ye Mo still couldn’t get away from the monk’s spirit sense range. Not only so, the two behind were getting closer and closer.

He couldn’t continue like this. Ye Mo used a transmission and tore open the s.p.a.ce in front of him and went into another realm. He didn’t need Zi Xu to tear open these low realms.

“Hehe, transmission, useless.” The monk sneered and didn’t use transmission. He came to where Ye Mo disappeared from in just a few seconds and tore open s.p.a.ce.

Transmission wasn’t very useful at primordial essence level but this depended on the level of the transmission. Ye Mo didn’t spend much effort on transmission. By the time he finished the transmission, the enemy would’ve flown over already.

Ye Mo knew this too. His transmission was to tear open s.p.a.ce.

The primordial essence divine emperor behind saw both Ye Mo and the monk tore open s.p.a.ce so he chased without hesitation.

Primordial essence masters’ spirit sense could indeed cross these realms. Ye Mo felt helpless but he had to keep running just to pull the distance apart.

Ye Mo didn’t know how many s.p.a.ce he tore open but the two chasing him were getting closer and closer.

When Ye Mo’s hands could no longer tear open s.p.a.ce and could only use Zi Xu to hack, he knew there was no point in running.

s.p.a.ce that even his hand couldn’t tear meant that this was the top realm s.p.a.ce. This place was filled with G.o.d spirit chi.

The chi here was very bleak and mixed with all sorts of yin dao laws. This quite possibly was the s.p.a.ce of the abyssal realm. However, the suppression of the abyssal realm was gone with the slight use of Three Birth Chant.

“Little worm, why don’t you keep running? Keep running…” The monk came to Ye Mo as soon as Ye Mo stopped. At the same time, the person behind also came.

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 2200 - Encountering Primordial Essence Again

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