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"Does Luo Yue want to use Southeast Asia as their bathtub, or do they want to trample on world peace and start World War Three? They are completely squas.h.i.+ng world peace, human rights and the development of the world!" The US representative, Peter, stood up and commented in anger.

Peter had been the consultant of the previous US President and after the change in power, not only did he not lose his status, he instead became the US representative.

Jipan's face looked bad, and he glanced at Peter. Peter was acting as though he wasn't doing his job as Head Secretary.

Jipan knew that Peter wanted to use the Union to have the whole world attack Luo Yue.

Although he detested Luo Yue's arrogance, the City Lord of Luo Yue was a madman. Just when everyone thought he wouldn't start war, he did. And by the time the Union held a meeting, he had already destroyed 90% of Indonesia's naval power.

They were so fast that Jipan wondered if Luo Yue would have already taken over Java by the time the meeting ended.

Despite knowing that that might be possible, Jipan still couldn't request the Union to have the whole world declare war on Luo Yue. He wasn't insane like Luo Yue.

Luo Yue had nukes now, so if they really took desperate measures against Luo Yue, then if Luo Yue started throwing around nukes everywhere, it wouldn't be World War Three, it would be Armageddon.

So he needed to deal with this appropriately and make Luo Yue realize that they couldn't just casually use their nuclear power to threaten people.

Peter's words started up a debate. Although most people supported attacking Luo Yue, rarely anyone dared say it. They understood Luo Yue's power. Luo Yue had a very accurate intercontinental missile guidance system as well as a very powerful interference machine. And that wasn't the most important thing. The most important thing was that they could use those two technologies to launch their nukes too.

If Luo Yue knew that someone had agreed to attacking Luo Yue and the first nuke Luo Yue sent out was against them, they would be done for. Most countries would at most vote 'Yes' but none would stand up and agree out loud.

If they did, Luo Yue would know for sure, because Luo Yue was also a part of the international community now and had a representative present. But even though the US had said that much, Luo Yue's representative only smiled and didn't say anything. Just looking at this, everyone knew that Luo Yue didn't even have a Foreign Affairs Minister.

Luo Yue's representative had been decided upon after the first battle, and it was only under the strong request of the Union that Luo Yue joined the Union and sent Mo Hai as its representative.

Mo Hai had been in the business scene for many years and knew Ye Mo since way back.

Even when he didn't talk, that didn't mean he was dumb. He knew that it Luo Yue was being a bully right now, so he had to keep a low profile and act dumb. He had to make everyone know that Luo Yue really didn't have anyone proper for his job.

"Mr Mo, Luo Yue is ignoring world peace and forcibly invading other countries, I really want to know why Luo Yue, who has always proclaimed itself an advocate of peace, would do such a thing? I don't understand, so could Mr Mo, being the representative for Luo Yue, provide us with an explanation for this?" Jipan just had to ask.

Mo Hai nodded and got up, "Luo Yue has always been peaceloving, I've said that many times here. As for the reason for the war, I'm sure everyone knows. But in order to give everyone here a satisfying answer, may I leave for a while to contact my City Lord and then answer your question, Mr Jipan?"

"Of course, Mr Mo, do as you please," Jipan agreed.

Mo Hai went to the resting area, ordered a coffee and lit up a cigarette. Other than that, he didn't do anything, making the person watching him very annoyed.

Meanwhile, the war was still going on.

There was just a mountain and a strait between Bali and Java. After Luo Yue took over Bali, their naval power gathered at that strait. By then, another carrier had led another fleet there from the Indian Ocean. They were clearly surrounding the island of Java.

At that moment, the meeting was still going on, and still no decision had been made. Indonesia was totally worried. By the time a solution appeared, who knew what state Java would be in.

The US would be too slow to rely on, and they couldn't rely on the Southeast Asian Alliance either. The only way to stop Luo Yue was to negotiate with them again.

Indonesia, who had been very on the negotiation table before, successfully begged Luo Yue for a second negotiation.

It was held on a Luo Yue s.h.i.+p.

Partic.i.p.ating in the meeting were Yu Miaodan, Luo Fei, and a few a.s.sistants on Luo Yue's side, and Dino and a few negotiation masters on the Indonesian side.

Looking at them, Yu Miaodan sneered and didn't even sit down. She just said, "I have orders that this must end in ten minutes. Ten minutes later, we will launch a full scale attack. I'll say it once again: Luo Yue loves peace, but those who provoke us should be prepared to face the consequences."

Dino looked dazedly at Yu Miaodan and thought, 'Ten minutes, what could we negotiate during that time?'

Dino thought that they could stall Luo Yue with negotiations and wait for the arrival of the Union's army, but his plan was shattered by the ten minute time limit.

"One minute has already gone by," Yu Miaodan said casually.

Dino knew that Luo Yue must've seen through their plans and wouldn't give them any chances. If Luo Yue was really set on attacking Java, however, they wouldn't have come over to negotiate.

As though seeing what Dino was thinking, Yu Miaodan smiled, "We love peace, remember? See, you requested for a negotiation, and we came."

Dino said in anger, "Since your side loves peace so much, then you should sit down and negotiate with us, and not threaten us with a ten minute time limit! I've never heard of a negotiation that can be completed in ten minutes."

Yu Miaodan glanced at Dino and sighed, "Aish, I really meant well for you with the ten minute time limit. Okay, in that case, we can decide to negotiate with you for one day - yes, one day should be enough."

Dino looked at Yu Miaodan in surprise and joy. He didn't think they would accept so easily. He was too surprised. With a few hours extra, the Union should be able to react. They wouldn't even need a day.

Dino smiled, "We thank Luo Yue for its genuine att.i.tude. Excuse my ill-mannered words before. Please have a seat."

Yu Miaodan smiled and sat down. Dino coughed and drank a cup of tea before saying slowly, "Ms Yu, to be honest, I hope for your side's retreat. As for the Luo Yue outlet incident, we express our deepest regrets, and of course-"

Dino suddenly stopped when a few loud explosions were audible. He got up subconsciously, and a bad feeling rose up from the bottom of his heart. He looked at Yu Miaodan and asked desperately, "Ms Yu what was that sound?"

Then, there were a few more explosions.

Yu Miaodan sipped some tea slowly, "That's our navy attacking Java."

Dino looked at Yu Miaodan with a pale face, an explosion sounded again, and he roared, "We're in the middle of negotiating, how can you attack Java?!"

Yu Miaodan said coldly, "What does us negotiating have got to do with attacking Java? You wanted a negotiation, and so we gave you one. Do you also want to control our army and tell us when to stop now?"

Dino finally understood why that ten minute time limit was her 'meaning well for them'. He was shaking in anger and pointed at Yu Miaodan, "You, you can't do this!"

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 653

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