Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 675: Let It Go

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Chapter 675: Let It Go

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ying Qinyang was very embarra.s.sed. She didn't plan on seeing Ye Mo again after giving him her diary, because it was too embarra.s.sing. It was because the last part of her diary was written the day she saw Ye Mo. The reason why she gave Ye Mo that letter was because she wanted to cut all strings which tied her to anyone after she was done with her own things. She wouldn't go to Luo Yue nor see Ye Mo.

Even if she was to visit them, she wouldn't do it in front of Ye Mo. She would go secretly so that it wouldn't be that awkward.

But the world was small and a year after separating with Ye Mo, she ended up on the same boat as Ye Mo.

Ye Mo looked helplessly at Sister Yan and didn't know what to do. She was his aunty, so she should be happy to see him, and Ye Mo knew that she genuinely meant well for him, so why was she acting like that?

Ying Qinyang sniffed for a long time and saw that Ye Mo was still motionless. She suddenly got up and yelled at Ye Mo, "Look at what you're doing, you're from a famed family, yet you get along with random women on the cruise and go to bed with them! On top of that, you get along with guys as well? I'm too disappointed in you."

Ye Mo never read the last part of the diary nor had he seen the letter hidden there, so he didn't know what Sister Yan was thinking. He immediately knew that she had misunderstood him, though.

"Sister Yan, it's not what you think, let me explain-"

Before Ye Mo could finish, Ying Qinyang started pus.h.i.+ng Ye Mo out, "Go out, I don't want to see you."

Ye Mo knew that if he wanted to stay, Ying Qinyang wouldn't be able to push him out, but she was his aunty, so he could only listen to her.

"Sister Yan, I'm in the seaside room number C326," Ye Mo said and was pushed out.

Seeing people coming over from a distance, Ye Mo sighed and quickly went back to his room. He didn't want to be recognized.

Ying Qinyang touched her face and felt more and more embarra.s.sed.

"If I knew this would happen, I wouldn't have written the last part of the letter. I'm an aunty!" Ying Qinyang felt her face burning.

Ye Mo went back to his room and thought about the diary and Sister Yan's strange behaviour. He had never read it, because he could at any time, so there was no hurry. It was just a record of Sister Yan's life.

What was more important to Ye Mo was not reading the diary but repairing his meridians. He had just gotten three spirit stones, so even if Sister Yan had misunderstood him, he didn't mind. He was still rather happy.

Ye Mo closed the door and hung up the 'Do not disturb' sign as he started to repair his meridians.

A day pa.s.sed by quickly, and Ying Qinyang started getting worried. The awkwardness would just be temporary, but since Ye Mo knew already, he might as well face it. Yet a day had pa.s.sed and Ye Mo still didn't come look for her, was he really angry?

Since Ying Qinyang already felt awkward about that, it was impossible for her to go look for Ye Mo. She was also still his aunty.

The second day pa.s.sed, yet there was still no news of Ye Mo. Ying Qinyang even went to the restaurant many times but didn't see Ye Mo. She even wanted to ask the woman next to Lin Man, but thinking about how that ugly woman had slept with Ye Mo, she felt too uncomfortable to do that.

On the third day, she finally couldn't take it and went over to Ye Mo's room.

The 'Do not disturb' sign made her very angry.

Meanwhile, Ye Mo was very happy. He had just completely recovered his meridians and gone from stage five middle stage to stage five tertiary stage. Although he had used up that spirit stone from the auction, he was still very happy, because with his current progress, he would definitely be able to reach stage six with the help of his three newly acquired spirit stones.

But spirit stones were rare, so he didn't want to use them yet. He would try to have his breakthrough paying the smallest price possible.

After taking a shower, Ye Mo was about to go visit Sister Yan and perhaps eat with her before starting to repair his flying sword when suddenly, someone knocked on his door.

Ye Mo's spirit sense immediately picked up on an angry and worried Sister Yan. She had taken off her masquerade and looked just like the young girl on the picture in her diary.

If he didn't know that she was more than ten years older than him, he would've thought this pretty girl was a university student.

At this moment, Ye Mo remembered the image of Sister Yan when she fell over in the bathroom. Her perfect curves had made him lose his mind a bit.

Knock knock-

Ye Mo didn't dare keep thinking about it and quickly opened the door.

The moment Ying Qinyang saw Ye Mo, her worried face disappeared and turned into a cool one, but she had this sulking look to her that made her face not seem all that cold.

Bang- Ying Qinyang slammed the door shut and said to Ye Mo in anger, "Why haven't you gone out for a few days? Why don't you just bore yourself to death then!"

Ye Mo opened his mouth, but before he could say anything, Ying Qinyang came at him again, "What's wrong with you, how can you even want a woman like that? Also, I criticize you yet you don't come to see me for a few days - what's up with that?!"

Ye Mo looked at Sister Yan in a daze and thought that she seemed quite different compared to his impression of her.

Seeing that Ye Mo didn't talk, Ying Qinyang blushed, walked up to Ye Mo and suddenly hugged him.

A faint aroma spread to Ye Mo's nose, and he reflexively inhaled it a bit. At the same time, the softness in front of her chest pressed hard against Ye Mo's chest, making him feel hot.

Hot energy arose in Ye Mo's stomach. Ye Mo was no noob anymore, having had multiple experiences. He immediately knew what was going on and felt that it wasn't right. Sister Yan was his aunty, he shouldn't have such a reaction.

"Aunty-" Ye Mo subconsciously wanted to push her away.

Ying Qinyang hugged Ye Mo even tighter and said, "You've already read my diary and letter, are you still going to call me aunty?"

Suddenly, her voice grew louder, "Also, don't go around finding those sort of women again or just you wait and see how I'll punish you! What about Ning Qingxue, isn't she your wife?"

Then, Ying Qinyang suddenly let go off Ye Mo and pinched his ear, "Is your wife uglier than those two, hmm? I'm warning you, I will be by your side from now on, so don't even think about finding those women."

Ye Mo's face blushed, and he felt this aunty was too bold.

"What are you getting embarra.s.sed about? Even if I like you, so what? I'm not your real aunty anyway." Ying Qinyang looked at Ye Mo's embarra.s.sed state and suddenly felt happy. It was better to let go of her inhibitions, and there was no need to stay awkward.

"What, Sister Yan, you're not my real aunty?!" Ye Mo looked at her in shock.

"Indeed, apparently I was found by my master. I originally thought that my sister wasn't master's real daughter, but it turned out that I wasn't." Ying Qinyang suddenly stopped there and looked at Ye Mo worriedly, "You didn't know? Did you not read the diary?"

Ye Mo smiled bitterly and said, "I wasn't able to finish it. I never found the time to finish reading…"

Ying Qinyang's face suddenly burst red as she pushed Ye Mo away and said in a loud voice, "Give me the diary now, quick!"

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 675: Let It Go

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