Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 717-718

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Chapter 717: Shock the Scene

Translator: Timothy_  Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo placed his hand on the device and sent in some chi, but there was no reaction at all.

"No talent. Unsatisfactory. Next!" the interviewer's cold voice sounded. Before Ye Mo could say anything, he was squeezed away.

Mu Xiaoyun quickly came over to him and grabbed his hand.

Ye Mo looked at the device in confusion. How could he not have spiritual root? He could cultivate. Those without spirit root couldn't cultivate, and Ye Mo didn't think he had a mutated spirit root because there was no way he would cultivate this slow in that case.

"Husband, let's go to another place. Their device must be faulty." Mu Xiaoyun's words caused some laughter.

Ye Mo smiled and didn't mind. It was normal that these simple devices were faulty. He pulled Mu Xiaoyun's hand and went to the farthest sect. He might as well go to an ungraded sect, since he couldn't enter a third grade sect.

In the end, they went to a few sects, but all the tests indicated that he had no talent. This made Ye Mo speechless. If that was the case, then he couldn't join the hidden sects at all. If he didn't join them, he wouldn't be able to get news of Taiyi sect.

Hmm- Wasn't Ice Lake a special grade sect before? Why was it just a third grade sect now? Ye Mo stared at the small sect with the name Ice Lake.

"Husband, why don't we try this sect?" Mu Xiaoyun also saw Ice Lake.

"Okay, let's go have a look at Ice Lake," Ye Mo nodded and agreed.

The man next to Ye Mo heard this and said in good will, "Brother, I suggest you not to go there. They're just a third grade sect, but do you know what kind of talent they require? Level 3 or above. If I had level 3 talent I would go to a second grade sect. Why would I bother going to a sect that can barely stay as third grade?"

Ye Mo finally understood why there were few people there. Ye Mo scanned the place - there were five people. A black level middle stage man in his 50s, a middle-aged woman who was black level and a young girl with her face covered who was also black level.

It seemed the two women were responsible for recruiting disciples.

Their power was indeed worse than a regular third grade sect. Other than them, there was also a young teenager. He looked very skinny. Ye Mo believed that these were the new disciples they had gotten. The last person was an old woman in her 60s.

Just when Ye Mo was about to take back his spirit sense, he was shook. He couldn't see the old woman's power. Before the old woman frowned, Ye Mo took back his spirit sense. He knew that such a powerful master could sense his every move.

One of the three people he hadn't been able to see through the previous night was at Ice Lake.

Why was Ice Lake a third grade sect when they had such a master? Ye Mo didn't want to join such a sect, it was too strange.

The old woman looked around as though she had sensed Ye Mo's spirit sense. He didn't dare to keep looking around. Just when he wanted to leave with Mu Xiaoyun, the middle-aged woman suddenly said to Mu Xiaoyun, "Do you want to get tested? Put your hand on the device and insert you qi."

"En." Mu Xiaoyun found herself walking up to the device. The middle-aged woman's words were very amicable.

"Husband, can I take the test?" Mu Xiaoyun looked back at Ye Mo.

Ye Mo smiled, "Sure, try it. We'll come back tomorrow."

The reason he had said this was because he knew Mu Xiaoyun's spirit root wasn't much higher than his.

Hearing this, Mu Xiaoyun joyfully placed her hand on the device. She had long wanted to test her talent.

The middle-aged woman really liked Mu Xiaoyun when she saw her. She was pretty and had this ethereal temperament to her. That's why she had offered to test her.

Mu Xiaoyun placed her hand on the device and inserted her chi. There was a bright green light.

"What?" almost everyone's attention was caught by this bright green light. Even Ye Mo dazed. He didn't think Mu Xiaoyun was a level one talent.

The old woman in Ice Lake stood up in shock and looked at Mu Xiaoyun with disbelief and joy.

"The best talent of the level 1! Good, good, good!" the old woman said in excitement.

The middle-aged woman grabbed Mu Xiaoyun's hand and said, "What's your name? You pa.s.sed! You are now Ice Lake's core disciple."

The middle-aged woman's hands were shaking.

The news of the best talent in level 1 had been found soon spread through the entire square. Almost all first grade and special grade sects knew about these news.

All of Taiyi, Kun Qian and Ci Hang Jing's Mosque people came over. It was already very hard to discover a level one talent, much less a very good one amongst them.

"Grandma." The middle-aged woman saw that more and more people coming and looked worriedly at the old woman.

"Hah Grandma Feng, Ice Lake is really lucky. You found a level 1 talent on the first day. Kun Qian's Ling Wushui is very envious," an old man came over, but his voice sounded first.

Ye Mo stood on the side, staring at the old man. Just from his temperament, he knew that he was no weaker than the old woman.

"Thank you, Brother Ling, for your kind words. Miao Lian, record this disciple. She'll be Ice Lake's core disciple from now on," the old man said plainly.

The middle-aged woman heard this and replied, "Yes, grandma."

"Wait." Ling Wushui suddenly waved his hand and said, "Kun Qian is willing to give you more than 10 cities and five spots for herb collection at Five Wen Mountain as long as Ice Lake can hand over this disciple."

Taiyi and Ci Hang Jing Mosque, who had come later, didn't say anything after seeing Ling Wushui had given such an offer. This was the best they could do too. If Ice Lake agreed, they could reach 2nd grade sect in the next sect and resource division.

The old woman sneered, "Sorry, Brother Ling, our Ice Lake's has had a broken generation. It's time for us to get disciples. With this, are you trying to ruin our foundation? Although Ice Lake has declined, we can't destroy our own foundation. Brother Ling, please leave."

Ling Wushui sneered and looked at Mu Xiaoyun saying kindly, "Girl, Kun Qian is one of the big three. If you join us, not only will you have far more resources and higher status than Ice Lake, your family will also be honoured."

"Ling Wushui, what are you doing?" the old woman suddenly appeared in front of Ling Wushui.

Taiyi sect and Ci Hang Jing sect's people knew that although Ice Lake had declined, Grandma Feng's power was indeed very strong. It wasn't worth to start conflict over a disciple.

"How about this? Let's see what this girl wants to do herself. If she wants to join Kun Qian sect, then she does. If she wants to stay at Ice Lake, she can. If she wants to join Taiyi, then I will also let her become a core disciple," an old man from Taiyi quickly said.

Chapter 718: Yun Ziyi’s Suspicion

Translator: Timothy_  Editor: GlobeGlotter

Ye Mo was very calm. He knew there were at least three great heaven level masters. If he exposed himself there, he wouldn't be able to escape, and much less take Mu Xiaoyun with him.

Of course, Ye Mo knew why she had such talent but cultivated so slow. He had given her a water element cultivation method when she was a pure wood element spirit root.

Ice Lake's old grandma sneered, but she didn't say anything. She knew that Ice Lake relied purely on her and she was sick. She couldn't act tough in front of the big three sects.

Mu Xiaoyun also seemed to understand that her talent was very rare, but she just stood by Ye Mo's side closely and said, "I'm only going to stay with me husband."

Ling Wushui smiled - that man didn't deserve Mu Xiaoyun. He glanced at Ye Mo with killing intent flas.h.i.+ng across his eyes. He said calmly, "Of course, your husband can also join Kun Qian sect."

If Mu Xiaoyun joined Kun Qian, he could kill Ye Mo at any time. He would just have to find an excuse, perhaps say that his cultivation went wrong.

"Xiaoyun, if you join Ice Lake, your husband can come too," the woman with her face covered suddenly said.

Mu Xiaoyun didn't talk and looked at Ye Mo. Everyone at the scene realized that the deciding power was in the hands of that garbage of a man. So everyone looked at Ye Mo.

Although the masters there wanted to kill Ye Mo, they still had to play nice, hoping that Ye Mo would choose to join their sect.

Ye Mo sneered. He had already sen Ling Wushui's killing intent. He wasn't afraid, but he didn't want Mu Xiaoyun to join a sect full of killing intent. Taiyi was no better. Although Ye Mo didn't know CI Hang Jing Mosque, since Jie Xun was in it, they wouldn't be much better either.

Ye Mo saluted with his fist calmly, "Thanks for all your interest in me, but I have decided to join Ice Lake."

Hearing this, Ice Lake's people rejoiced and the old grandma's bleak face was full of bliss.

Ling Wushui and the few other great heaven masters immediately looked at Ye Mo with ice cold expression. Interest in you? Stop taking all the glory for yourself! If it wasn't for Mu Xiaoyun, who would you be?

"Hmpf- Blind idiot." Ling Wushui left and then all the other onlookers left too.

Seeing this, Yun Ziyi frowned. After a while, the green-dressed girl ran over to her, "Young Miss, I've found out that the guy is called Mo Ying and the girl is called Mu Xiaoyun. They come from Lian Hua City, Ci Xi Town, Huang Ping Village."

Yun Ziyi nodded, "Xiao Ling, investigate what they did at Huang Ping Village."

After Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun joined Ice Lake, Grandma Feng really liked Mu Xiaoyun. Although Ye Mo was tested again and told to have no talent, it didn't cause any dissatisfaction because everyone could tell Mu Xiaoyun's heart was tied to her husband.

Everyone thought that guy, Mo Ying, was too lucky to be loved that much by such a genius.

After the middle-aged woman's introduction, Ye Mo found out that she was called Miao Lian, and that the young girl with her face covered was called Ji Yilan. The 50-year-old man was called Fu Guans.h.i.+. The oldest woman was called Grandma Feng. Everyone in Ice Lake called her grandma. The yellow-haired young man was called Fei Qing. He was a level two talent.

Ye Mo and Mu Xiaoyun had to move to Ice Lake's place to stay. This was expected because anything could happen if they stayed at the old hotel.

Perhaps due to Mu Xiaoyun joining, Ice Lake got two other level 3 talents. A guy and a girl. The guy was called Zhang Yan and the girl was called Qi Shuoya.

On the third day, the last day of the hidden sects recruitment, Yun Ziyi sat in the biggest room of the Magical Merchant a.s.sociation, looking at the intelligence Xiao Ling had gathered.

Yun Ziyi put down the intel and said after a long while, "Xiao Ling, invite Yu Yuyan to come."

Yun Ziyi was very suspicious of Mo Ying and Mu Xiaoyun now. They didn't care about the Liao family's hunt and came to Hang Shui City. Why was that Mo Ying so special that Mu Xiaoyun loved him that much? Was that big-bearded man related to Mo Ying? If he was, did Mo Ying really have no talent?

Yu Yuyan had never imagined that G.o.ddess Zihua would invite her to the Magical Merchant a.s.sociation. It was like the heavens were favoring her.

"Shang Qing Mountain Yu Yuan greets G.o.ddess Zihua," Yu Yuyan greeted.

Yun Ziyi studied Yu Yuyan and suddenly smiled, "Miss Yu, I'm really sorry for suddenly inviting you here. Please have a seat."

"What are you talking about, G.o.ddess? It's my honour to be invited by you," Yu Yuyan quickly replied.

Yun Ziyi was straightforward, "Yuyan, I heard you know Mo Ying of Huang Ping Village, is that true?"

Yu Yuan was shook. She wouldn't have thought that G.o.ddess Zihua knew Mo Ying, a n.o.body.

But she didn't dare not to reply to her, "Yes, I found Mo Ying heavily injured on the way to Ci Xi Town and I pitied him, so I took him back to the Yu Estate."

"I heard you were seen on the same bed with Mo Ying, is that true?" Yun Ziyi smiled and asked.

Yu Yuyan knew that if G.o.ddess Zihua really wanted to find out about this, it would be quite easy.

So she just said, "Yes, I felt he was a good person and he knew quite a lot, so I had a good impression of him. That night I drank with him and then we slept with eachother. I gave him my first time, but I didn't know him well. He put all the blame on me in front of everyone, saying that I'm- I'm-"

Yu Yuyan sniffed, as though she was too sad to keep talking.

"So that's the case! It must've been really hard on you. Xiao Ling, send Miss Yuyan out and give her a bottle of qi improving pills."

"Yes, Miss." The green-dressed girl took Yu Yuyan out while she rejoiced. She didn't think she would get a bottle of qi improving pills that easily. That pill was an important pill for yellow level warriors.

In a while, Xiao Ling came back and said unhappily, "Young Miss, Mo Ying really is a bad person. Mu Xiaoyun is really dumb. Why does she follow that sort of guy so loyally?"

Yun Ziyi smiled, "I don't know if Mo Ying is a bad person, but he's definitely no simple person."

"Why is that?" Xiao Ling asked strangely.

Yun Ziyi sneered, "Because Yu Yuyan lied. She said she gave her first time to Mo Ying, but she's clearly a virgin."

"Huh!" Xiao Ling was dazed and continued, "But why would she frame herself like that?"

Yun Ziyi shook her head, "Mo Ying clearly didn't touch her, but he still admitted it and even exaggerated, saying that she had had an abortion. Hence, Mo Ying is not ordinary at all."

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 717-718

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