Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 726: Many Suspicious Points

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Chapter 726: Many Suspicious Points

Translator: Timothy_ Editor: GlobeGlotter

Due to Liu Lei's words, the scene was in an uproar once again. That Sima Ping from Shang Qing Mountain had been all talk.

Even the Shu Mountain disciples themselves had to view Liu Lei in a different light. Although Liu Lei used one quick move to kill Sima Ping and it was sort of a sneak attack, he did kill Sima Ping in one go and then kicked him into the sea.

Now that Liu Lei challenged Pan Cheng, everyone looked at Pan Cheng. The cheers were always for the victor. No one remembered that Sima Ping anymore.

Pan Cheng looked at Liu Lei with a pale face. He felt his legs shake, he saw everyone look at him, and he suddenly yelled, "Liu Lei, you sneak attacked him, what are you feeling heroic about? If you hadn't sneak attacked him, how could you have beaten Martial Brother Sima?"

Liu Lei laughed, "That's right, I made a surprise attack, so what will you do about it? Sue me for going against the rules? Bite me? Anyway, isn't it time for our deathmatch already? I'll give you a chance to sneak attack me, so come on and stop clenching your b.a.l.l.s."

Liu Lei's words immediately caused a wave of laughter and scorn. On the stage, no matter what means you used, as long as you could kill your opponent, you won. There was no such thing as sneak attacking being wrong. This Pan Cheng was clearly scared.

"No b.a.l.l.s! P*ss off!"


Scorn and curses came rolling, while Pan Cheng's face was very pale as he knew that even if he sneak attacked Liu Lei, he would be dead for sure.

Liu Lei definitely wasn't merely at the yellow level middle stage.

"Pan Cheng, if you don't dare come up then don't blame me for coming down and killing you!" Liu Lei sneered, scaring Pan Cheng sh*tless.

If you agreed to a life and death battle, then you had to fight unless the other side let you go.

He just told everyone that he would have a life and death battle with Liu Lei, and everyone knew by now. Even if he didn't dare to go up, Liu Lei could come down and kill him and no one would be allowed to intervene.

Even the Shang Qing Mountain members felt embarra.s.sed at Pan Cheng's actions and moved away from him.

Pan Cheng, who could no longer take it, hence charged on the stage like a madman, but his attack was truly messy.

Liu Lei shook his head as he moved aside easily and swung his sword in return. Pan Cheng collapsed on the stage in relief. Liu Lei felt like both battles had really not been challenging, If he had known it would be like that, he wouldn't have sneak attacked Sima Ping. At least he would have tried to see what power he now had.

No one would've thought the battle would end that quickly, and even Ye Mo didn't think that Sima Ping would be that useless.

In one corner, a middle-aged man murmured to himself, "When I brought Liu Lei in, he was clearly at the yellow level middle stage, how can he suddenly have black level inner qi? Did he hide his power before, or did he gain some special stroke of fortune on the s.h.i.+p?"

Liu Lei won the match and secretly also won a huge sum of gold coins, so he felt very satisfied. Just when he wanted to find Ye Mo, he was stopped by a Martial Brother from Shu Mountain who said an elder wanted to see him.

Ye Mo saw this and knew that Liu Lei would surely become an inner sect member now. That was quite a high status to have.

"What? Liu Lei won?! Sima Ping at the yellow peak lost to that yellow level middle stage Liu Lei? How did he win?" Yun Ziyi stood up in shock.

"Not only did Liu Lei win, he killed Sima Ping with one move. Sima Ping couldn't even resist," the green-dressed girl said.

Yun Ziyi frowned, "Was our intel wrong? Was Liu Lei not yellow level but black level?"

But how was that possible? Yun Ziyi had a record of all black level warriors under 30. If Liu Lei was such a person, she would've long since tried to get in touch with him.

Wait, that Mo Ying went to Liu Lei's room yesterday before coming to her. Was this related to that Mo Ying? There was no way he could make Liu Lei that strong in a few hours, right?

Yun Ziyi shook her head and said, "Go find out more about Liu Lei, see what his situation is like."

Liu Lei soon announced that he had gotten a Blue Liu Carrot which had two flowers on it. He said he had been planning on using one flower at yellow peak to reach the black level and one at black level peak to reach the earth level, but due to the challenge he was forced to eat both at the same time.

Due to him reaching black level before 30, he became an inner sect member of the Shu Mountain Sword Sect.

"It was the Blue Liu Carrot, no wonder he could reach black level. That's a herb useful even for reaching the earth level, what a pity. But he sure is lucky," Yun Ziyi murmured to herself.

Meanwhile, the heads of the big hidden sects had gathered.

They weren't discussing Liu Lei, but the clash between the Gemini Sword Sect and the Forgery Hall.

Both sects had many other allies after all.

Gemini Sword Sect had many pretty female members, and since they knew some dual cultivation techniques that would boost the cultivation speed of both sides when the members of other sects married the Gemini Sword Sect female members, the sect had many allies.

Forgery Hall had the support of even more sects because they forged the best weapons on the continent, and most sects would buy their weapons from them.

Due to this, many sects were trying to work out a peaceful solution.

And so the sect leaders of both parties were still able to control themselves and didn't have any big fights after so many days. Of course, that was mainly due to them having found many points worthy of suspicion.

However, thinking about his son's pitiful death, Qi Youxin almost couldn't control himself as he looked at the Vice Sect Leaders of Forgery Hall, Xia Chongyan and Wan Houde, in anger.

Before they could fight, though, a skinny old man from Taiyi stood up and said, "Sect Leader Qi, please calm down. Brother Ling and I a.n.a.lysed this over and over again, and even Martial Sister Jie Xian from Ci Hang Jing Mosque believes this incident is suspicious. It is due to this that we called everyone together again."

This old man was Zhang Changwen, a great heaven elder of Taiyi. Everyone paid him respect when he spoke.

The old man continued, "There are five major points of suspicion. Firstly, that big-bearded man knew that people would be after him after he bought all those things, yet he still waltzed out for the world to see, taking his cart and everything - this was clearly him leading people on a chase. Secondly, that man and his companion somehow disappeared afterwards. Thirdly, Wei Wu should have run away without delay, why would he go buy a set of clothes outside Hang Shui City first? This was intentionally leaving behind a trail.

Fourthly, if Vice Sect Leader Xia really was behind it and got all that precious loot, then he wouldn't have come back to Hang Shui when he was injured, letting Wei Wu do as he pleases in the meantime. The most suspicious point is the last point - although Elder Ming Zhifeng's wound was inflicted by that curved sword, he died to a wound inflicted by a long sword first and only then was the curved sword pierced into the original wound. I think that unless Wei Wu was an idiot, he wouldn't intentionally fake the scene to make it seem like he killed Ming Zhifeng, right?"

Strongest Abandoned Son Chapter 726: Many Suspicious Points

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